Black Excellist: Top 10 American Black Billionaires (+ Up&Comings)

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Black Excellence Excellist

4 months ago

Top 10 American Black Billionaires (+ Up&Comings)
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In late 2017, we published a video featuring the 10 Richest Black Billionaires in the World. But today we will highlight the 10 Richest Black Entrepreneurs *here in America*. At the time, there were only 3 Black American Billionaires but that number has since doubled. Therefore we want to take the opportunity to provide an update to celebrate the new members of the Three-Comma-Club. It’s not easy for anyone to become a billionaire in America, but it’s tremendously more challenging if you’re black. This can be proven by the fact that only 6 of the 607 billionaires on the Forbes List are African Americans. So we want to take some time to commemorate these fascinating entrepreneurs who are currently on the list but we also want to acknowledge the 4 incredible individuals who we expect to hit the big milestone in the next few years.
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Black Excellence Excellist
Black Excellence Excellist 4 months ago
Who do you predict will be the next to enter the Black Billionaire's Club or the first to fall from it?
Sagatuppercut SF2
Sagatuppercut SF2 6 days ago
Ice Cube will become a billionaire.
Jupiter Ba
Jupiter Ba 13 days ago
Annie Jones
Annie Jones 13 days ago
V o
Al McDaniel
Al McDaniel 19 days ago
Daymond John (FUBU)
GrowYour Garden 007
GrowYour Garden 007 22 days ago
Mr.Frank Beard from B-lo.A street smart brother fighting the struggles...
K D 2 days ago
Jordan is arrogant & nasty so... wgaf
splicka 2 days ago
Man get Kanye off this list. His clothing company isn’t liquid not could he sell it if he wanted to. He will be an actual billionaire in a few years
Nikita Pamela
Nikita Pamela Day ago
he is my dear its a fact if you like die but it wont change the fact idiot
Yawz 3 days ago
'' whoever knows his ego will know his creator '' that is the problem of humanity whether you are small in power or have great power your ego don't want to share it with humanity! these people don't want to die either they want to live eternally with their luxurious life, don't want to meet their creator they don't love him they love the world. their ego greed will destroy this earth. know your enemy and be prepared to share with people and make them happy. may GOD forgive us for our avarice and arogance.
Princess Dixon
Princess Dixon 4 days ago
After watching the South African documentary on the woman born to Dutch parents but reverted to Melanin because they were living in Africa I now no what we are up against. That woman was pulled out of school and her brother allowed to stay because he was lighter. That woman had to go live with Melanin people of South Africa because her own blood parents could not risk identifying with her. Everyone need to watch this video year 2000. Billionaire or. Not look where Cosby and RKelly landed. To see why we need to stop trying to mainstream please watch this video. EXODUS today.🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🐴🐱 Self contained communities for a start.🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐎🐎🐎🐴
Sylvia Bibbs
Sylvia Bibbs 5 days ago
no thank you the way these got their billions im not spending any of money to help them make it either unscrupulous ugh! not envious of evil doers. .. enuff said you if you dont know you will
Olive Garwood
Olive Garwood 5 days ago
Yes money is not all how many poor people have they help money will be burned the most important thing is make Jesus number one in your lifes
reginald brown
reginald brown 8 days ago
Could solve the black economic crisis this evening!! Let’s get to the business at hand ; link up with Africa continent for it’s gigantic resources & rid ourselves of the poverty in the black community!! Can be done without an election of any sort!
Maurice Jenkins
Maurice Jenkins 12 days ago
Thank god.
FlowIn Binary
FlowIn Binary 12 days ago
Please do a video on black billionaires of the world. We have lot of black billionaires in Africa
Monique Bell
Monique Bell 14 days ago
Just more occult members
Charmell Lee
Charmell Lee 14 days ago
Robert Smith impressed me the most. He has a high humanitarian trait like myself. Plus he cares about the environment. Robert Smith is ❤HighPowered !
Carletta Goodrich-Mann
Carletta Goodrich-Mann 14 days ago
Black ENTREPRENURS have forged forward creating revenues that are internationally recognized. Every MJ pioneer seems to RISE to the TOP. WOMEN IN BUSINESS have carefully crafted simmering homemade products goods and services . The $$$$$ bling operates on successful formulas. THE OPERATIVE WORDS. Dynamic block buster catering began the Continuity for TIters wealth initiatives.
Carletta Goodrich-Mann
Carletta Goodrich-Mann 14 days ago
Brown and Black excellence are internationally recognized. Millionaires cross the global margins with sponsorships from endorsement deals and other major marketing brands. Entrepreneurial leadership blazes the trials with design results necessary to create new infrastructures.
ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ 16 days ago
All these dark skin men have white and light skin women on ther arms.
HAITI pap dòmi. HT
HAITI pap dòmi. HT 16 days ago
Tiget Wood always says he is not Black.
Roland Makele
Roland Makele 17 days ago
Black 💪💪💪
Alice Abbley
Alice Abbley 18 days ago
You forgot BYRON ALLEN!!
DOJA FOX 18 days ago
Did you notice that there is only one Black female Billionaire, I once live in Atlanta and all black females claim that all black men is poor and white men love black females but love black women, and only black women have money, all these Black female saying that every penny they make they stick up a black men and rob them of there money.
T1Oracle 19 days ago
Is Kanye Slavery-Was-A-Choice MAGA-Kardashian-West really in this video? I'm going to skip this one...
Yung Faness
Yung Faness 20 days ago
Sounded Like Somebody On The Radiostation Said Oprah Winfrey Made 1 MiLLion DoLLarS From Tweeting 1 Tweet On Twitter SoundS Like He WAS Saying That 1 MiLLion DoLLarS WaS For Free
Yung Faness
Yung Faness 20 days ago
1 BiLLion DoLLarS An ALL 10 Of Them PeopLe On That List iS Some Where Around Here in The United States Of America An Be Them 10 PeopLe On That List iS Richer Than Rich
Aaron Parker
Aaron Parker 20 days ago
All these black billionaires ... and none of their money went into building a city or community for their people
Shafiq Shabazz
Shafiq Shabazz 20 days ago
Happy to see you people comments. You are not being sucker punched
Grammar Police -
Grammar Police - 20 days ago
If they aren't married to black women then it's not black excellence. Just call it black billionaires. That money is being sewed back to improving other races and not their own. I would rather black excellence focus on black men making a contribution to develop black communities not just because of their skin colour even if it means those with lesser money. I would pick Lebron James over kanye west or michael jordan any day when talking about black excellence.
Omi Nai
Omi Nai 20 days ago
Olumide Gbadamosi
Olumide Gbadamosi 22 days ago
JAMES OTIENO 22 days ago
why do people use the name "black" we are NOT black we are brown
Joseph Cooper
Joseph Cooper 21 day ago
It's on my racist birth certificate too.
Phil Tay
Phil Tay 23 days ago
Rich people buy assets..things that make money
v j
v j 23 days ago
These are Millionaires not Billionaires.
v j
v j 23 days ago
Why are they not on Forbes?
floyd jones
floyd jones 24 days ago
God bless those that help others, Amend.
I'm honest
I'm honest 25 days ago
Message to black people complaining that these people don't own banks!! If your credit isn't good do you think they'll give you a loan just because you're black 🤔 stop complaining and get your credit together and walk your ass down to the bank! It never stopped other black people i know who had great credit and got amazing loans from Banks 🏦 y'all just looking for a handout!
I'm honest
I'm honest 25 days ago
Black people would say they all sold their souls to the devil or something because we are the only race to put our own people down. I hate when Black people believe you can't be Black and smart so the only way to achieve is selling their souls.
Kizito Lukanga Ndawula
Kizito Lukanga Ndawula 25 days ago
Truth is in the person of Jesus Christ and therefore, in order to have eternal life, it is imperative to say this prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, today I have decided to receive you as my Lord and savior. O Lord, I have made this great decision to repent and follow you for the rest of my life. I believe you died for me on the cross of Calvary so that I may have eternal life. O Lamb of God wash me in the cleansing flow of your blood for the remission of sins. Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, write my name in the Lamb's book of life. Now get a bible, preferably the KJV and read it. Obey all the commandments of Jesus Christ. Your eternal security depends on this. You must confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe that God raised him from the dead and then you will be saved. Romans 10:9-10. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. If you do not receive him in your heart, you will remain in darkness and you will not have everlasting life according to the gospel. Jesus is life and He will give everlasting life to all that have put their trust in him. No one else can give the gift of everlasting life but Jesus Christ can. He is also your protection against all forms of evils spiritual powers, entities, alien forces, stronghold and principalities.
Play Dog
Play Dog 26 days ago
All of them are poor compared to the wife's of African presidents. In my country alone, I can easily name at least 10 wife's or concubines or even one or two daughters or sons who have billions of US DOLLARS to their disposal.
Michael Bryant
Michael Bryant 26 days ago
Looking forward to Black founded and co-founded Tech companies spawning black billionaires here in Silicon Valley and elsewhere would be refreshing and inspirational.
Skyjack 24 days ago
The Valley is evil.
Skyjack 26 days ago
1 billion ppl in the world, please send me a dollar so I can be on the list. Thanks I love you all.
Lois Gibbs-Reid
Lois Gibbs-Reid 27 days ago
I know there's more black billionaires to come!!
Lois Gibbs-Reid
Lois Gibbs-Reid 27 days ago
I'm just happy that there's black billionaires period!!! May they all continue to receive God's blessings!!
Thabo Ngwepe
Thabo Ngwepe 28 days ago
Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me.
Thabo Ngwepe
Thabo Ngwepe 26 days ago
@Skyjack Remember that Jesus Christ of the seed of David was raised from the dead according to my gospel:
Skyjack 26 days ago
He's dead. That don't count no more.
Phyllis Evers
Phyllis Evers 28 days ago
Maybe I 'm not correct. It is very disheartening when the media can only point out this type of life style as acceptable for black Americans. Maybe that's why our race can't see past the hardships we face. We are looking and walking in the wrong direction. We are more than entertainers. It is great that some of you made your way in that manner. And you can do what you like with that. But it would be nice and most rewarding to see and hear that black children will be and are attending broadcasting summer camps, journalism summer camps, science, music, math, tennis, engineering camps, swimming camps to train to be olympic containers and champions. We do have the intellect to accomplish such heights. To all the people that Have not found it to be robbery to share and make the difference. Thank you. But now think out of the box and help to uplift those who are waiting to catch the next wave. Do something different unexpected with your God given wealth. Thank you.
Walter Slocum
Walter Slocum 28 days ago
Phyllis Evers
Phyllis Evers 28 days ago
I thought Woods said he was not black. Didn't he?
Leejack Mills
Leejack Mills 29 days ago
Neither would jump in three feet of water to save your tot
Bettie Clayton
Bettie Clayton Month ago
Zoltan Krekacs
Zoltan Krekacs Month ago
They should all get together and open up grocery stores in black cities and neighborhoods hiring black employees and mentoring all employees. Plus pay them 20 bucks an hour to help lift up all black neighborhoods and buy and close 95 percent of all the liquor stores in those cities and neighborhoods. None need the grocery stores to make a profit but reinvest all profits into the neighborhoods. By opening gyms and start tutoring kids and youth to stay in school and let them know collage is a viable option for black youth in poor cities and neighborhoods. I have more good ideas that people like oprah JZ..... ect. Could easily implement the stores then start building affordable homes and affordable apartments so people can live with dignity. JUST DO ITPERIOD BLACK LIVES MATTER I'm just an old white Canadian man who is poor and disabled but thats ok with me
Gmt Group
Gmt Group Month ago
It's very good all these wealth. There are so many opportunities in Africa into which they can invest and change things for good. God bless Africa
Skyjack 26 days ago
I thought it was America.
Spc Murdock
Spc Murdock Month ago
Do a movie for our people soul!!! Please!! Shalom all praises.. Get together..
Celeste Hurst
Celeste Hurst Month ago
Can I get a few dollars from anyone thank God 🙏 and you not everyone get up at one time🤗
Kristina Kirimi
Kristina Kirimi Month ago
I didn't know kanye is rich lol
Michael Z
Michael Z Month ago
Lol. Whatever.
IMSPECIAL2 Month ago
All that excellist, power and money is great. But where are the BLACK own businesses banks, pharmaceutical and etc...Why not help build up these BLACKS communities. Ijs 🤔
Abena Jones
Abena Jones Month ago
What about Tyler Perry isn't he on this list yet
Isaac Ojukwu
Isaac Ojukwu Month ago
He just recently became a billionaire after this video.
robelto burrows
robelto burrows Month ago
They're all paper billionaires?
Vincent Watty
Vincent Watty Month ago
You all need to go to Africa build school to educate African that Africa and African are the riches in the world
Lydia Annan
Lydia Annan Month ago
Essence Smith
Essence Smith Month ago
All cellouts
Evon Toussaint
Evon Toussaint Month ago
Beauitful great
Prestige Guedegbe
Prestige Guedegbe Month ago
This like a copy of Alux 😂😂😂 but i fks w it
Ryan Sparfven
Ryan Sparfven Month ago
Kayne ain’t no fucking billionaire
Vitor Alencar
Vitor Alencar Month ago
You forgot Floyd Mayweather!!!
clifton moore
clifton moore Month ago
Tiger is not one of the best, he is in fact the number 1 best golf player in the history of Golf, in my Opinion.
Roosevelt Green
Roosevelt Green Month ago
i'm just waiting for them to form a BLACK CONGLOMERATE
April McCReary
April McCReary Month ago
And none have started a bank for us🤦‍♀️
Coco Lyndon
Coco Lyndon Month ago
Tiger said he is not black.
Shaddie Cherrih
Shaddie Cherrih Month ago
You all talking of what 'they'should or ought to do. It ain't good. Question is, What are we all doing on a personal level to bring the level of impact?. Thanks for the video. Love all the way from Kenya to Kanye
Rafiq M
Rafiq M Month ago
Hmmmm had they not bombed Black Wall Street I think there would be more than 10.
Joyce Cummings
Joyce Cummings Month ago
Where is tyler perry
Joyce Cummings
Joyce Cummings Month ago
Whydid sheila sell b.e.t they dont want black people owning anything but money is the root of all evil
Dr. M-Beenzu namwiinga m-Hecker
Dr. M-Beenzu namwiinga m-Hecker Month ago
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Tony Cook
Tony Cook Month ago
if im not mistaken, the newest member is Tyler Perry.. I think he just made it to billionaire status..
The Black Diasporic 'Back to Africa' Repatriation Society
The Black Diasporic 'Back to Africa' Repatriation Society Month ago
Now make a list with the morally upright, the vituous and clean character LOL lets see if the same people will make that list?????
Elizabeth Raji
Elizabeth Raji Month ago
Good for you guys, keep shinning the light
Fizzy warrior
Fizzy warrior Month ago
I loved u diddy & J-Z from way back when i was young mid 90s, u guys duin rapidly beautiful. Empower me too, love u from central Africa, Zambia.
Paw-za-tive Pooch
Paw-za-tive Pooch Month ago
Stanley Scott
Stanley Scott Month ago
A Boule Cognitive Dissonance article with no real value proposition to African Americans equality of outcome. I have a profound love for any African Americans achieving legal riches in America. Their have alway been rich African American in America long before numerous black Wallstreets existed after Slavery until the Depression. As the Managing Director of the African American Economic Recovery Think Tank, LLC, history shows after the Civil War African American had a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of one half percent of 1 percent. Today, we are still at one half percent of one percent of the GDP with a 1.5 tilllion consumer economy. Why? The Talented Tenth of the AA race embraced party politics, classism and ignorance as their master. We are broken people holistically and collectively because of the lack of applied economic knowledge and cognitive dissonance disease among the African American elitists. Nothing is wrong with living among Causacians but never give your intellectual capital to another race for bling-bling (folly). We don't control one market in America. Research shows as a people we are slaves in 2020. We should at least own 30 percent of the music entertainment business, health and hair products, 15 percent of the Automobile business and a major partners in sports. If only for 10 years AA elitists would invest in AA entrpreneurship and STEM Technology collectively we could move the needle by 15 percent of the GDP. This is real power , collectively. @aaertt
Gregoire Kennedy
Gregoire Kennedy Month ago
To be billionaire ,it’s so good and is blessing of God but I need one hundred dollar in your billions !! Thanks,merci,murakoze🇺🇸🇧🇮
Bfoots1952 Month ago
Forbes magazine has now declared Tyler Perry as the lastest black billionaire. CongratulationsTyler!!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Clifton Young
Clifton Young Month ago
You need to take Kanye West off of there he's not a real billionaire
Michelle Rose-Keaton
Michelle Rose-Keaton Month ago
Femz A
Femz A Month ago
A Nigerian woman is the richest black women in the world. CORRECTION
Shae K
Shae K Month ago
IRIE AC Month ago
Respect.. live dis fi real.. Irie AC
Melinda Ann Kennebrew
Melinda Ann Kennebrew Month ago
Congratulations Too All The Black billionaires!!
Janette Spence-Martin
Janette Spence-Martin Month ago
Now Tyler Perry has joined the list. You did not even mention him in your up and coming. Wow!
Dont watch my video Ace
Dont watch my video Ace Month ago
It cool tyler perry became one.
Angelo Zue
Angelo Zue Month ago
Wht have these people done for their community? This is the question you should rather ask.
Black Excellence Excellist
Black Excellence Excellist Month ago
Better question: What have you done for your community?
Omecca Day
Omecca Day Month ago
Uhhh... Tiger not black. He's Cablinasian.
Financial Coach
Financial Coach Month ago
Shouldn't Tyler Perry be included in this list? I do believe he is a billionaire. Thanks for the information, I learned about African American individuals I didn't know of and certainly didn't know they were billionaires. This should be put out into the media instead of media showing every African American they can find who has committed a crime.
David Cameron
David Cameron Month ago
Thank you. Very informative and well narrated.
Julie Carmichael
Julie Carmichael Month ago
Hello American billionaires. If you are black then you know we have a racist President in the White House (he claims to belong to your billionaire club too) He represents the white supremacists not you. Please donate to the Biden/Harris campaign to get rid of him and all the racists he’s hired. Americans who want fairness, justice and equality for us all thank you.
Pebbles 2020
Pebbles 2020 Month ago
Really, Kanye West?
Doctor Jayden
Doctor Jayden Month ago
Hi 👋 Pebble😍, you seem shocked just like me; I was about commenting on this video after watching it now, and then I got caught up with your comment, I know it isn't right doing this here, but then where would have been the perfect place; My name is Jayden, do you mind if we connect and get to know more about ourselves and see where it takes us?
Sharon Mack
Sharon Mack Month ago
These people dont owe black people a dam thing. Get off your lazy butts and earn your own dam money through hard work and unique ideas.
C. Win4Fie4lds4z
C. Win4Fie4lds4z 2 months ago
Magic Johnson
Magic Johnson 2 months ago
Ma Bro
Ma Bro 2 months ago
Ma Bro
Ma Bro 2 months ago
Wayne Arrington
Wayne Arrington 2 months ago
Just because they are billionaires don't make them great
Henry Martinez
Henry Martinez 2 months ago
If I had riches, I'd teach others to make better choices and learn how to make more money in their lifetime. But with God, I'm happy and life is okay. Take care. Be safe.
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