Star Wars - How To Kill A Franchise

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The Closer Look

3 months ago

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0:00 - Introduction
4:45 - Part 1 - The Whole Trilogy is a Bad Sequel
21:52 - Part 2 - A Boring World
54:11 - Part 3 - A Confused Vision
1:06:40 - Part 4 - A Better Story
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The Closer Look
The Closer Look 3 months ago
Hey guys, I hope you like this video. I'm not joking when I say this took over a month to make. I don't think I even took a day off in that month. All I did was make this, but I hope you appreciate the work I put into it :D I'd like to quickly mention that I'd love it if you could join my discord server. I'm always active on it, and it's where viewers of this channel meet to discuss writing related issues and have a lot of interesting conversations. If you're interested in joining my community or just saying hi to me, feel free to click the link below. Join my discord:
Charly III
Charly III 21 hour ago
I still think Kylo Ren should be the child of Leia and Han.
Rie M.S.
Rie M.S. 2 days ago
@Zyborggian who said what? maybe you're from the future where Terminators have destroyed the Disney Studios! LOL
Zyborggian 4 days ago
BRO HOW DID I KNOW YOU WERE GONNA SAY TERMINATOR 2 WTF In fairness I saw T1 on tv yesterday Also do you REALLY think Obi Wan was as solid in Phantom Menace as he was in the following 2?
BC VC 4 days ago
Bravo 👏 thank you for putting all my feelings into words
SAMZIRRA 5 days ago
@Rie M.S. I am thoroughly enjoying The Mandalorian though.
Princeps Regem
Princeps Regem 2 hours ago
I think they should’ve explained the first orders rise by showing that it infiltrated the new republics government. It could’ve been a different type of conflict from the other movies. It wouldn’t be a big force facing a small force or a small force facing a big force. The protagonists wouldn’t know who the enemy is and it would make them paranoid. It could explain Luke getting jaded and could fit a few raids on he only regular forces of the first order.
Heather Lambent
Heather Lambent 3 hours ago
Kill a franchise, make a Mary Sue. I mean Ray defeated a Sith warrior trained by Jedi and Sith Masters with barely any training in the first movie. Like WTF!?
Elladan 3 hours ago
to your question in 39:36 there is an answer. The new Republic thought the New Oreder were not a threat to it and the Resistance was not from the New Republic instead the Resistance just were the Rebels in a bit older
Robert Zverina
Robert Zverina 4 hours ago
John Carpenter’s Dark Star (1974) offers a hint of the fx that made Star Wars so breathtaking at the time, partly bc some of the same people worked on both. Dark Star also laid the groundwork for Alien. Check it out, y’all!
Yasmin 6 hours ago
Here are my two cents: i think they thought they could go on and go on like marvel as an extended universe. but they forgot to learn a very necessary lesson from marvel. you don't disrespect your original characters' arc. this is unforgivable. imagine if they made captain marvel the main character of infinity war and end game instead of tony/ steve/ thor. how would that feel? captain marvel will have her time in mcu but before that they ensured to complete original characters' arc. For me as an audience, Han was the key to hold my attention throughout original trilogy. his character arc was being improved as a honorable fighter from a criminal smuggler. you can't only bring him back to erase the character development he had and make him a smuggler again (mind that he has lost his family, youth, ship ) to only make him vanish by killing him at the hands of his own son. that takes away the satisfaction return of the jedi ending gave to the audience of the franchise. i understand the point was to hand over the torch to a new trio but that doesn't give the right to disrespect entire character development of a main character of original trilogy. han could die like a hero to save leia or luke which would make his death worthy as a hero. they should have either never shown the original trio or should have given them proper respect instead of using them to attract their audiences. this is betrayal. han and leia's death to save their son is ok. what did luke get in life? luke should have been kept alive as a respectful jedi master as the only representative member of original trio. rey.....rey......rey....rey..... i don't want to hate daisy ridley but i think i will always be sick of her face even if it's not her fault. why the hell leia hugged her instead of chewbacca after han's death? she knew han for 2 days lol. they tried to pull so much feminism through her character it ruined almost all other new character's potential. she could be shown as one of luke's long time student. she could be shown as han's adopted daughter figure who looked after han when he left his family. but what happened ? nobody knows who she is .....but hey she is the new hero who gets focus by default.....then she is the granddaughter of space nazi and then she steals skywalker legacy after their bloodline being vanished. wow. and don't say the shit star wars wasn't about skywalker blah blah blah. it was about skywalkers. but they thought killing every single skywalker and then giving their name to a girlie who knew them for one week was a brilliant idea. this is how you absolutely ruin a franchise.
SkyborneVeggies 6 hours ago
What I love about your retelling is how it expands on the theme that the Jedi were wrong in their approach towards the force, and that the universe requires balance between both the "light" and "dark" to thrive.
wolverine96 6 hours ago
The original characters of course should have been removed, allowing the story to move on. But it should have been done in a more respectable and honorable way. Han's death is just ridiculous. The way I would have liked to see Han Solo taken out would be in a heroic suicide mission in the Millenium Falcon. Han, Chewie, and the Falcon would all die together, by choice, and for a sacrificial purpose.
Cliff Vandercave
Cliff Vandercave 6 hours ago
All this "hatred" can be summarized in one sentence: The core fanbase is not open to new ideas. Who has the time to even think about things like: "why haven't they done this before?" Who has the time to revolt about an all-powerful and almighty character who saves them all? You also can ask yourself, how Anakin Skywalker brought balance to the force (he actually didn't, the real savior character is Rey) But there was indignation from the very beginning, just because of Disney and because the "Alternate Universe" is now not canon anymore. And everybody seems to forget, that Star Wars had no concept from the very beginning... the story developed within the movies. Guys, grow up, we have much worse problems in the world we live in...
John Anderson
John Anderson 8 hours ago
Honestly i want redone prequels and sequels, both are dumb in very different ways, but hidden within them have potential🤷🏻‍♂️
Time Teen Productions
Time Teen Productions 9 hours ago
Is it weird that your vision of good and evil needing to team up to take on a species from across the galaxy sounds just like the Star Wars fan fiction I made as a kid? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Stephen Lofton
Stephen Lofton 9 hours ago
"What makes a good story is subjective" Hard disagree. There are objective measurements for good fiction. You discuss them yourself here. It doesn't require preexisting fan love it just requires logical consistency and the unique ability to make personal relationships that are not emotionally manipulative.
Time Teen Productions
Time Teen Productions 9 hours ago
Proof both directors had different visions Abrams: A Jedi's weapon should be treated with more respect Johnson: throws light sabre of a cliff
smonyboy 10 hours ago
terminator 2 is probably the only sequel better than the original. Even alien 2 doesn't come close, and it is itself a great film
Time Teen Productions
Time Teen Productions 10 hours ago
In the sequel trilogy there are many little details that made the three movies feel disconnected with each other, for example at the end of The Last Jedi, Poe and Rey are shown to have chemistry, but that isn't followed up on, that's just one example but it's something that makes the three films feel disconnected from each other
Erryn Jones
Erryn Jones 13 hours ago
I love you, get yourself a job in this please.
NOWfear 15 hours ago
The people who enjoyed this were those casuals who enjoy ANYTHING thrown at their feet
Avik Avilash Playz
Avik Avilash Playz 16 hours ago
i usually skip boring parts of a movie and i comepleted the sequel trilogy in 1 and a half hours cuz i wanted a stretch
TVStatic417 16 hours ago
I liked the movies as movies, but not as how they tried to tie in with the canon.
Dennis Merced
Dennis Merced 16 hours ago
Good prequel reference that we could have had, First Order Battle Droids
BoiEatsnack 18 hours ago
btw palpatine in the rise of skywalker looks more like a male Valac the nun...
Michael Markowsky
Michael Markowsky 19 hours ago
So awesome that you shout out SWT and EL. Great channels!
purpandorange 21 hour ago
Critique is good but can people please stop giving their fan fiction for how the sequel "should have went" they did this for Game of Thrones to and most of what I hear is garbage
BoiEatsnack 21 hour ago
45:53 lol not related to anything but i just wondered why that thing in the left looks like the stern of a carnival cruise ship lmao
PersianImm0rtal Day ago
I am angry, frustrated, and disapointed. This is not Star Wars.
Dawnerst Day ago
Okay what character is this? “Rey!” “Rey?” “RAY!!!”
Lord Jiraiya
Lord Jiraiya Day ago
I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to write the next 3 movies as well. Before disney inevitably fucks them up too.
Sarkozuhus Day ago
PT - good atmosphere OT - good story "ST" - good... morning?
Zark Fuckerberg
Zark Fuckerberg Day ago
your pitch for a nother story was incredible, id watch that over and over. so sad the sequels couldnt have been something grand like that
fincarosa Day ago
Great job! Loved how you really thought this through and created new storyline dynamics while incorporating the previous films well also.
benry007 Day ago
My maim problem with your rewrite is its too good and it makes me sad that I'll never see those films😥
Senpai Alarick
Senpai Alarick Day ago
Why everbody avoid to talk about that the new trilogy only a Feminist propaganda movie.. Just see how all the Characters died? Luke got a littlebit of attention,but all the others just meh,Except Leai.. Look at the characters,Admiral Akbar didn't even worth 3sec in the playtime to show his death,but the much more "talented and smarter"Purple haired "Admiral" got a lot of time for what she done..What a heroic moment..and i'm not even gonna talk about Ray and her powers.. Please do Mindtricks without knowing what are you doing... please become the most powerful force user with 2-3weeks of training.. When Luke first learned how to lift a bloody rock,this girl floating lots of them while just meditating... A joke if you ask me...
thiseful Day ago
The last part of the video gave me that was amazing...
Vic Day ago
Man you should have directed the sequels lmao
Andrei Dzhunkovsky
Andrei Dzhunkovsky Day ago
Andrew Zeilbeck
Andrew Zeilbeck Day ago
To my knowledge, I've never commented on any video on USshow...ever. But, this is literally how i'me going to remember how the saga ends (or rather, doesn't end). So, yeah, this is now cannon.....for me. THANKS!!!
AK-draws06 Day ago
Disney: the movies will be bad and that’s all the fans really care about Also Disney: but hay, the shows, the parks, the rides, those are gonna be really fuqing amazing
Jacopo Lando
Jacopo Lando Day ago
I put this playing in the background while doing stuff and as soon as I heard that Mandalor was a target I swear I turned to the pc screaming in rage This is a plot
subster 2 days ago
What i think about your trilogie idear? I find it absolutly fantastic, i had goosebumps just from just hearing about that idears, I would absolutly love to see that idear in the cinema
m n
m n 2 days ago
weelll your story is not that good, but stillll betteeeeer thean Disney :D
Capman 2 days ago
I have never watched the Last Jedi, so when you said Luke tried to kill Kylo I thought it was becuase Kylo murderd all the other students, like it kinda would have made sense. xD
mkl rqfewgrqeswa
mkl rqfewgrqeswa 2 days ago
duku did see yuhshan vong :O love it
First Lego League
First Lego League 2 days ago
"Beg" - chills, literal chills
KoleMotosport 2 days ago
Holy shit your trilogy explanation is so good. I got the mass effect feels like in the mass effect the reapers are a myth and they were advanced and destroyed many planets. So just like in your story (very well sad and I didnt watch star wars that much but your world building is very good) the whole galaxy needs to unite to fight the common enemy and you have those unitings of two races that hate each other but bcs of the common treat they need to fight together. Just like u sad those two big armies also need to unite to beat those enemies that u sad were very advanced. And you get many things from that. You get the whole galaxy like united you know and you still have them explained that this galaxy in star wars is worth fighting for. Maybe this is long but I liked mass effect bcs it has many races and worlds that are really interesting. Maybe I will try to watch star wars movies once. Bcs the main thing that turned me off in those movies is world building and I didnt understand anything, so it was kinda boring and I stopped watching. But I will try to give it a try once more.
Tollestrup Music
Tollestrup Music 2 days ago
55:22 why did that happen
Black Blade
Black Blade 2 days ago
Impressive! Very well done! They better should have taken you as director, as you clearly thought the story trough and understand what it needs to create a compelling and convincing world/story!
Lemartes 94
Lemartes 94 2 days ago
errrr no how to kill a franchise is give it to Disney
Lagronion 2 days ago
1:26:40 that would actually be amazing to see on cinema,
Whisper the Wolf
Whisper the Wolf 2 days ago
Disney fails at Star Wars and live action remakes of old films but is successful with animated films and Marvel.
Scott Keane
Scott Keane 2 days ago
RIP Luke Skywalker
Rs Radio
Rs Radio 2 days ago
Count Dooku v Khajiits
fexbio 2 days ago
This is the first video I watched on your channel, I gotta say: all the prequel praising took away a LOT of your credibility. Even more so when you're talking about objectivity a lot of the time. I stopped at the part when you said world building in the prequels is better than the original trilogy. What world building did you see there? By your own standard, what did you feel was happening outside the main plot of Darth Vader coming to be? Come on, it was like the entire universe revolved around a single badly constructed character. There's nothing of substance there, just a bunch of CGI and awful dialogue. Now I'm guessing you're kinda easily awed by graphics bs.
Anonymous 2 days ago
I think they should’ve gone down a more KOTOR theme and had a huge sith vs Jedi plot. But this may also shit on the achievements of Luke in the OG trilogy. They should’ve left it alone and done more TV series or done a KOTOR stand alone film.
Cobra Cinema
Cobra Cinema 2 days ago
1977 - 2019
Edrich Burnop
Edrich Burnop 2 days ago
You could have named this video "what if the sequel trilogy was more like the prequels" since that seems to be the subtext throughout much of your analysis. But fans of the original series hated those prequels when they came out even more than people seem to hate this new trilogy. It's only over the course of the last 20 years that they have benefited from some revisionist history and I think it's the younger generation driving that re-evaluation who grew up with the prequels and maybe even prefer them to the original three. Taken on their own as adventure movies for a younger audience they're decent enough movies. I do think they've warped the perception of what Star Wars is though. Your story is fine, I wouldn't call it objectively better or worse it's just different. But by focusing so much on the plot I think you're making the same mistake that the prequels made. So there's a bunch of space wizards and actors in goofy costumes running around the galaxy trying to keep the peace. That alone isn't anything new. The "bog standard" hero's journey is what gave weight to Luke Skywalker's story. The hero who rises up from inauspicious beginnings to face down their own inner demons and grow into a beacon of light for their community has roots in human consciousness that go back to ancient mythology. And yes that story on the surface is very simple and (mainly because of the success of Star Wars) we've now seen it retold dozens if not hundreds of times in the cinema. But it works for one very important reason -- it is a story that is focused on character rather than plot. You can swap out the specific events of the plot with different scenarios -- a monster in a cave here, a bottomless chasm to cross there, followed by a daring escape from an army of soldiers and/or space ships -- but as long as those events occur at the same places within the story structure, the emotional journey would remain the same. Contrast that to the prequels where our protagonist appears to be either Obi-Wan Kenobi or Qui-Gon in Episode I, is almost certainly Obi-Wan in Episode II though Anakin gets a lot of time on screen doing almost nothing. By Episode III Anakin has come more into focus as a character but do we learn anything about his inner life at all? There's a plot through line connecting everything together -- a lot of business about the Senate and separatists and a trade federation -- and if you're interested in that kind of thing you can really dig into the history which has been written around those movies but the movies are pretty inert on an emotional character-driven level. And visually? Ugh. Every time a shot from one of the prequels came on the screen here the contrast was striking -- every costume looks like a costume, every set looks like a set. We get the same flat lighting whether they're on a space ship, trekking across a desert planet, or in the middle of a land battle. I got excited when I first saw Force Awakens because it was the first sequel since the original trilogy that got the gritty lived-in look of Star Wars right. That excitement carried up until it became clear that we just had another Death Star to blow up at the end. So I was satisfied on a visual level but it left almost all of the heavy lifting of developing those new characters to the next movie. Now I will grant that the one thing those prequels have going for them that this new sequel trilogy did not is that they know exactly what they're trying to be. George Lucas wanted to tell the story of Anakin Skywalker's fall and transformation into Darth Vader over the course of three movies and we can argue about how elegantly he accomplished that, but there is one consistent vision throughout all three movies because of it. What killed this sequel trilogy is that Disney didn't seem to know what they wanted. JJ Abrams came in and created a new set of characters based on some of the old archetypes (Rey=Luke, Poe=Han, Kylo=Darth Vader) and one new one (Finn=former storm trooper who develops a conscience) then Rian Johnson took those characters and developed them in what I thought were some pretty interesting ways. So far so good. Then Episode IX came along and completely walked back everything that happened in Episode VIII. I wish they'd just let Colin Trevorrow make his movie "Duel of the Fates" instead of what we got. It's clear the executives freaked out when they saw the reaction to The Last Jedi and Solo and decided the only way to rescue their cash cow was to trawl the internet and then give us everything the loudest critics of Episode VIII seemed to be asking for. And it was a total train wreck. If the franchise is dead, it seems pretty obvious to me that crowd sourcing and trying to play into audience expectation is what killed it.
Edrich Burnop
Edrich Burnop 2 days ago
So what about that Luke Skywalker character transformation then? It's objectively bad right? It's very obvious that Mark Hamill hates what Rian Johnson did with the character. And I genuinely feel bad about that because Mark seems like a great guy and he loves that character. In the context of the movie though, I didn't mind it. My understanding with these three sequels is that they were not a continuation of Return of the Jedi. They waited too long for that type of sequel to be possible unless they recast the original roles and I don't think anyone really wants to see that happen (I may be wrong). So instead it was a reboot with Luke, Han and Leia along for the ride as side characters passing the torch to a new cast of heroes. And The Last Jedi really works on a character level. What do we know about Rey from Episode VII? She is obsessed with her heritage. She is looking for surrogate parents everywhere and she still has a very naive understanding of how the galaxy works. Luke exists in this movie as a foil for her character to bounce off of. He challenges nearly all of her preconceptions in nearly the same way that Yoda challenged Luke. But Rey is not Luke. She's not living in the shadow of a famous father, she's not desperate to escape her desert wasteland home she's desperate to get back to it for most of The Force Awakens. She came to that island looking for a Jedi Master to save the galaxy and he said naw, I've done my part, go do it yourself. Here's the thing though, if Luke Skywalker is the hero she wants him to be the movie doesn't work. It's not Luke Skywalker's story it's Rey's. She is the one who needs to find her inner strength and rise to lead the resistance. That's why Luke is a bitter hermit who is convinced that the Jedi line needs to end. He is the last Jedi the title refers to, not Rey. And if that movie says anything at all it says that the Force is bigger than the Jedi and the Sith. It's bigger than the Skywalkers. It's bigger than all of these characters and storylines because it is internal. And that idea is at the very center of the original Star Wars, it was just forgotten about for the majority of the 5 movies that came after. Is that unfair to the character of Luke Skywalker to use him as a foil for Rey's character transformation? Perhaps, but that is a failing of Episode VII for making him a MacGuffin and setting the whole story on a course where he is irrelevant. You can trace a similar journey for all of the other main characters in Episode VIII. Kylo Ren fully becomes Ben Solo in The Last Jedi and I would posit that the only reason anyone cares about that character at all is because Rian Johnson ditched the Vader mask and humanized him. Poe as the cocky hotshot pilot has no character arc in Episodes VII or IX, he just is. In The Last Jedi he learns that a true leader watches out for the well-being of their squad not just their mission objective. Finn as a fugitive from the First Order is only interested in his own survival throughout most of Episode VII and that's where we find him when Episode VIII begins. In his side adventure with Rose and his encounter with DJ (Benicio Del Toro) he's presented with two alternatives - join the resistance or strike out on his own - and ultimately he decides that he is willing to sacrifice his own well-being for the continued survival of the resistance because he comes to see their struggle as an extension of his own. The Last Order will eventually track him down wherever he goes unless he helps to destroy them. One of the best parts of the unproduced script for Episode IX is the conclusion of his story arc where he gets to lead an uprising of Storm Troopers in the ruins of Coruscant. I can't even remember what happens to him in The Rise of Skywalker. Is he even in that movie? So while I would agree that overall the sequel trilogy is bad and it may have killed my enthusiasm for more Star Wars movies, I really don't see Episode VIII as the problem. That's the only one of these movies that even bothers to develop it's characters instead of throwing a bunch of TIE fighters and Star Destroyers and brown robes and lightsabers on the screen and asking: "Is this not why you are here? Are you not entertained?" One last note: I had to double-take when you started to describe your idea for a perfect sequel and settled on Terminator 2 as the gold standard. T2 is a fun action movie but I don't think it broke new ground for the series so much as it just punched up everything that people liked about the original. The Godfather Part II is the gold standard for what a sequel can be. It continues the story of Michael Corleone where the first film left off but it runs that story parallel to the coming of age story of his father Vito Corleone which gives new weight to the tragedy of the Corleone family in America and re-contextualizes the characters we already know in a way that ultimately makes them more sympathetic. No longer is it just the story of a powerful criminal empire consolidating power by reuniting around the unlikeliest of heirs, it is also the story of America and why a family like the Corleones could rise to that level of power in the first place. Sequels cannot simply give the audience what they want, that's a recipe for stagnation. If a filmmaker isn't consistently challenging the audience, challenging themselves, and stretching and tugging at their characters to take them somewhere new there's no reason for the franchise to go on. That's what I hope the Star Wars fans will grow to realize. If you truly love something you have to allow it to grow and change.
Silver Sisu
Silver Sisu 2 days ago
Star Wars franchise is dead. Episode 7 Betrayed it. Episode 8 Murdered it Episode 9 Buried it RIP Star Wars (1977-2015)
Payador Perseguido
Payador Perseguido 2 days ago
It all summons down to this - Money. G. Lucas was moved by the passion to flesh out his creation. Disney is moved by the sole goal of money making. Its a cash formula. They invest 250 million on a movie and profit around 800 million. Thus justifying not taking unnecessary risks, relying totally on nostalgia feel and new generations hype around It. Reasonable fans had their beloved universe screwed on the process. Too bad for us
tbonestillz 3 days ago
Why don't they make kamikaze missions a part of regular warfare? Maybe because it's incredibly inefficient and a waste of manpower and resources? There are many plot holes in these films, but "why don't they ALWAYS just ram ships into each other" is not one of them.
End-Gamer 3 days ago
I have 1 issue with your video. Why are you calling Scout Troopers / Biker Scouts .....Stormtroopers.... @34:18
End-Gamer 3 days ago
Revenge of the Sith left a mark on me like not many other movies did or could have. We all knew what was going to happen to every character before we sat down to watch them, but watching Anakin fall floored me. I was so mad at him for making the choices he made, I felt those feelings for months after the movie and still do but have controlled them today.
End-Gamer 3 days ago
As soon as Luke threw his dad's light saber over his shoulder I new 8 was going to be shit.
End-Gamer 3 days ago
The best answer hey gave for the star ship ramming was the experimental shields on the Raddis is the reason for the event.
End-Gamer 3 days ago
All the main points in all 3 new movies played out like a You Tube comments page.
End-Gamer 3 days ago
The first and worst mistake they made was not having a road map planed for all 3 movies. They should have had a story for all 3 movies before they started 7.
Micheal Martin
Micheal Martin 3 days ago
The creators of South Park were asked how they managed to keep the show fresh so long. They said something along the line of they follow the “There for” rule. When you tell a story when a character does something or something happens you have to look at the event in terms of there for, which leads to the next sequence of events. Bad writing operates on the “and then” structure. It’s like the run on sentence of story telling. Star Wars now can be summed up as “STAR WARS!!! And then, and then, and then.” It’s just bad story telling.
kj gj
kj gj 3 days ago
Dude, you probably don't read my comments but jesus, you just squeeze arguments out of me. Don't make up plot holes. If north korea is like the first order, the countries they'd decide to nuke would exactly be China, the UK, France, the USA and such countries. The first order didn't blow up that system just like that. They chose it, because it's the most dangerous for them, and the republic was probably still an unstable system, due to the uncontrolled rise of the first order and the resistance. You're making me take the side of a movie i hate to defend
kj gj
kj gj 3 days ago
One thing i'll argue about concerning the force awakens, which is a movie i don't really like. The rise of the first order, technically, historically and thematically, makes a huge amount of fucking sense. There are probably a lot of people that benefited from the empire, because it kept hiring and hiring soldiers, and the empire needs resources for weapons and food, that they have to buy. When the empire ends and the probably much more democratic republic arrives, people had settled in the empire, and the past republic had fallen for a reason, and people chose the empire in ROTS. Many people, citizens, had no interest in seeing the empire fall, because it's a safe and ordered system. It only pushes back opposition, it deosn't go around to kill everybody. The first order, by definition, had the idea of going back to the original order given by the empire, the first order. I'm guessing most of the people determined enough for that were rich people, in a lot of deals with the empire, so they had territory, for mining, exploiting to get money and buy stuff from the profiteers that we get a glance at in the last jedi, it had political personalities, children of imperials to raise as officers (Hux), and it had snoke. Before TROS, Snoke could have been like an old friend of sidious, or plagueis, who witnessed their plan from far away, and when it ultimately failed mainly because of Luke, he decided to take it upon himself to rebuild it, and he wasn't alone, as i tried to explain. Except it's worse the second time around, right ? Many wanted the empire back, many didn't too, because they weren't free, as we see in the OT too. So they can't really hire troops, they can only kidnap them. In places the republic doesn't yet reach because it's an unstable system. Snoke and his first order decided to do what they thought was the empire's main power, strike hard against opponents to get order, yet the idea was to manipulate and twist everything, then strike if needed, to get order. That kind of stuff, in an obviously more grounded way, happened for example in France. The second empire came as a rescue for the people and then turned out to be a bad copy of the first one, which people learnt to understand, was already rotten to the core. So it was badly received despite the people at first praising the first empire. It's MUCH more complicated than that but you get the idea, whoever read this way too long thing
kj gj
kj gj 3 days ago
You say repeating the empire/rebellion thing with the first order and the resistance is bad (which i agree with) but then still ask for Finn to be one of the main protagonist of the trilogy, which is impossible if you have no first order. Finn doesn't exist if you don't have the empire reborn
kj gj
kj gj 3 days ago
Luke in The Last Jedi is the best part of the entire trilogy, and it's not even close. From my point of view
M. Antonio Monsivais
M. Antonio Monsivais 3 days ago
One Idea I would have liked is that capitol Planets like Coruscant still hated the idea of the Jedi after the fall of Palpatine, due to the fact of all the indoctrination and their apparent coup of the senate after the Clone Wars and on the other end the people that didn't like Palpatine still disliked the Jedi because Anakin was a Jedi an became a genocidal lackey, so an anti-force faction would still be hunting down force sensitives to prevent ANY user of the force to become a new Palpatine, and thus Luke's new Jedi and Force sensitive people still have to hide waiting for the chance to prove that they can be the Heroes the galaxy needs
David Meyer
David Meyer 3 days ago
Han Solos character was respected by Abrams? Are you kidding? His arc in the original trilogy was going from smuggler/scoundrel to a hero, General, and family man. Abrams brought him back to worse than how he started, as a deadbeat dad, and a smuggler again, ruining his character arc and completely disrespecting the character.
Darran Sykes
Darran Sykes 3 days ago
One thing...... Disney did not make the sequel trilogy, it was Lucasfilm that did it. Disney owned the rights but didn't have any creative input. So all these salty crying fan boys need tog et their facts stright first.....
Shrimp Soup
Shrimp Soup 3 days ago
Bruhhh you haven't check out the full legends story
Der Poltergeist
Der Poltergeist 3 days ago
God, I wished you wrote these movies...
A ctionMS
A ctionMS 3 days ago
This needs to be made. Your story has everything: Character development, epic wars, meaningful relationships, unexpected twists. Just wow.
dave ortwine
dave ortwine 3 days ago
The m1 abrams tank can go almost 70 mph while weighing over 60 tons
domingo palao
domingo palao 3 days ago
My theory about why the armada showed up. Those are the people Lando owns money to. He did a galaxy tour pissing them off, they followed him to kill him, and when they got there, they only could fight their way through. As stupid as it is, makes much more sense
George Tanev
George Tanev 4 days ago
The author sounds remarkably similar to John Oliver
Sean Wickett
Sean Wickett 4 days ago
What Disney ignored: Star Wars: The Adventures of Luke Skywalker.
averagejoe455 4 days ago
I fully support Evil Sith Milf.
William Tear
William Tear 4 days ago
As a movie fan, I loved your version of the story. I guess that some hardcore fans would yet dislike but many more would love it. I loved the story as an author too. I would kill to write it. It's a shame we can do this story.
Bill 4 days ago
Haven't watched it I know it sucks.... Will not give support to disneywoodsatan.
MrMrToYouThough 4 days ago
What a amazing story you just told that should be the one we got
Genildo Miranda
Genildo Miranda 4 days ago
Vanilla ice cream is underappreciated...
Yaw Djin
Yaw Djin 4 days ago
My one challenge with your pitch is that the enemy from Episodes 1 and 2 will be handled as any army made up of creatures that aren't distinct would be: A CGI army that no one cares for. The inter personal conflict would make up for it, somewhat. The same way it did in Avengers, The clone wars etc. But it would still be a faceless CGI army. A better company would handle it like the oruqai in Lord of the Rings, raising up special classes and individuals in the enemy force, but Disney is bereft of risk-taking and original thought. It's already a hypothetical that they would create such an original idea as yours, let alone add depth to it. Remember Narnia? Compare that with LoTR. With regard to the sides of the forces working together, that part is brilliant, because the dichotomy between the dark side and the light side of the force have always come across as dangerously brittle, with deception being needed to keep people from going dark. Now, if Disney wasnt a company that needed endless sequels, they would create a conclusion like you have, to find a true balance in the force, where Sith logic and Jedi logic come together for something more pragmatic, that doesnt base itself on lies, but which gives the dark side no room to steal talent. It would conclude the entire struggle, and make the republic something with a true happy ever after. Disney can create as many stories between the eras of kid Anaakin, post-republic, and the New Order prior to this trilogy. But the timeline would finally end at this trilogy. IF Disney wasnt Disney... But alas. I just feel so sad that such a perfect trilogy as the Original Star Wars trilogy has to be saddled with such messy prequels. Mostly because the story in them is good, but their execution is like a first draft, And to be saddled with such hatefully horrible second trilogy, because they are made by people so cynical about what Star Wars is all about. I watched videos of Mark Hamill and Lucas talk about Star wars, and it genuinely hurts me to see the pain their voice and eyes as they talk about it, less because I'm a fan of the original trilogy. I am, but I am also a Trekkie. and Ideologically, while I was raised on the kind of comic books that came out in the 80s which mirrored the kinds of worlds Star wars bore, I'm also a fan of the vision of a hopeful future Roddenberry captured in Star Trek TOS. I feel sad for them, because I am a creative, writer and graphic designer, and I know how painful it is, to create something so encompassing as Star Wars, see its creative spirit so potently flood and transform science fictional mythology, the film industry and storytelling as a whole, only to have such a clueless, soulles jugganaught as Disney completely take and kill its essence in a way that cannot be fixed, because A. They still own it and will continue to necromance it into oblivion, and B. Because of just how incredibly badly they've handled it over the past 3 movies. Solo and Rogue ONe are unsung heroes in not continuing the trend, but they are such a low bar, since Solo doesnt develop Han Solo, and how he got the name was so stupid, and Rogue One lacks its own creative voice outside of the original trilogy's mythology. They were opportunies to kill the mythology even that much worse, and they didnt. So at least thank goodness. But alas, Star Wars, not unlike Apple, is dead. Death by creator's absence. All I can do is watch the original and pretend the sequels dont exist, even if Disney merchandizes the crap out of the terrible sequels, so that I never forget they exist.
BC VC 4 days ago
Lucas has said that the Star Wars movies are a soap opera about family relationships. I like your version because there is a new family that is highlighted: Rey, her mother, and her father. Very interesting indeed.
Knox Harrington
Knox Harrington 4 days ago
Maybe the Return of the Jedi speeders were very expensive, hence the continued reliance upon cheaper, more reliable ground-contact speeders in certain locales as in the sequel trilogy....
BC VC 4 days ago
Truly Beta
Truly Beta 4 days ago
I actually thought Luke's character arc between Episodes 6 & 8 was great, though its execution wasn't ideal. The idea of Luke Skywalker temporarily acting on impulse when he felt Kylo falling to the darkside, is very human; and it falls perfectly in line with Luke's character that was presented as far back as Episode 4. Luke Skywalker was never as upbeat & optimistic in the original trilogy as people like to think he was. His entire character arc in that trilogy carried him from being a farm boy on a desert planet, who hated where he was and wanted something better, to wanting to follow in the footsteps of Obi-Wan by learning the ways of the Jedi, to wanting to save his father from the grips of the darkside of the force. Throughout all of this, Luke is a flawed human being. In The Empire Strikes Back, he does force-training with Yoda; but cuts it short before he's finished when he feels his friends are in trouble on Bespin. He thinks he is more prepared to face off against Darth Vader than he actually is, and the result is that he loses against his father and gets his hand cut off; his lightsaber is lost, Vader reveals himself, and Luke is almost tempted to join his father on the darkside. He's faced with a choice here: Either succumb to his father's wishes, or die. Luke chose the ladder, not knowing he'd survive the fall. Fast-forward to Episode 6, and it's clear that Luke Skywalker has honed his skills as a force-wielder. He's constructed a new lightsaber for himself, and his proficiency in the ways of the Jedi are heavily improved from the previous movie. Though he asks Yoda about the truth behind who Darth Vader is, it's clear that he knew the answer deep down when it was revealed. Thus: "Search your feelings, you know it to be true." With that being the case, it's only now that we see Luke's optimism on full display. He believes in the light side of the force, and is convinced that there is good in Vader. This climaxes at the end of the film, where Vader and Luke face off in the Emperor's chamber. Luke bests him when he gives into his anger, and cuts his lightsaber-wielding hand off in a fit of irony. At that moment, Luke is tempted to kill his father, thus turning to the darkside; but he refuses, for he is a Jedi like his father before him. Next thing we know, the Emperor tries to kill Luke, and Vader redeems himself by killing the Emperor (Uh oh ROS). Luke's faith in both his father and the light side of the force, is what saved the Rebellion and Darth Vader. Thus, Luke's character arc reaches its logical peak. Fast forward to Episode 8. Prior to the rise of the First Order, Luke Skywalker, a decorated hero of the Rebellion & a true Jedi, attempted to resurrect the Jedi Order. When Luke felt his most powerful student, Kylo Ren, begin to turn to the dark side of the force, he had a lapse of judgment and thought that killing Kylo could save everybody. He wielded his lightsaber, but hesitated; realizing that what he was doing was in direct opposition to the principles of the Jedi. But the damage had already been done. Kylo saw Luke holding his saber, realized that he thought about killing him, and was pushed over to the dark side. Through his actions, Luke Skywalker did the exact opposite with Kylo, what he did with Vader. Kylo destroyed the Jedi temple, and killed most of Luke's students. Luke Skywalker created a monster; a monster that would go on to end lives and help resurrect the Empire. Responsible for the creation of Kylo Ren, Luke Skywalker felt as though he had betrayed the Republic and everybody he loved; and as such, disappeared. He rejected the ways of the Jedi, and isolated himself from everyone in the galaxy. Thus, his character arc has come full circle to where he started. I don't think The Last Jedi was a great movie by any stretch; but I also didn't attack it the same way others did. It was a movie that certainly broke tradition, and gave characters with great potential useless character syndrome. But if there's one redeeming quality to the film, it's that it truly lays to bare the idea that nobody is invincible from their humanity. People who wanted Luke Skywalker to be the end-all-be-all beacon of light and hope that could do no wrong, didn't understand his character in the original trilogy.
tomusmc1993 4 days ago
Your pitch is much better because its a story and not scenes stitched together.
HaWeBe 70
HaWeBe 70 4 days ago
If I could, I'd give (insert astronomically high number here) likes. This essay cuts through the sequels like a lightsaber through butter. Your example on how to spin the whole trilogy in a much better way makes me just sad. Sad because it didn't happen this way. The whole Count Dooku scene was just brilliant, from Luke opening the door to Dooku confessing his fear. I may have some reservations about the prequels, but mainly because of a certain alien and a few lines here and there (as also said in this essay), but they still captured me. We know from the start that Anakin will fall to the dark side, that the Jedi will be eradicated, and so. But it was the HOW, that glued me to the seat. As for the sequel...I didn't even watch the last one, it didn't interest me at all. I wasn't eager to see, where the characters went, who's fighting who on a random Planet with essentially no indigenous life. I can't blame 4-6 for that, because it , well, financially would have been monstrous. 1-3 showed us, that battles are fought on worlds with natives. But then back to uninhabited worlds? That felt to me like "What the hell are they fighting about? There's nothing here!". End of rant.
rameyrez 5 days ago
yeah i cant beilive people are happy!
Tristan Thorne
Tristan Thorne 5 days ago
3 months late but love the new story
Loony Lu
Loony Lu 5 days ago
I literally have a year in my eye. Can you please write the legends version. I mean Legends already has a sequel story line, but Finn, Rey and Poe we're setup to be such compelling charachters, that's an injustice the games Disney played with our beloved Star Wars.
Nara Grace
Nara Grace 5 days ago
I’m just an average theater goer who only saw the last three Star Wars movies, and when my dad wanted me to be Rey for a Halloween party, I hated it and opted to be that one katana character from suicide squad🤣 sooo yeah, I was like “why do my parents like Star Wars when it’s just meh and kinda boring??” Well, guess there were better movies that came out decades before my time!
Alexander Hufnagel
Alexander Hufnagel 5 days ago
i paused at 38:00 and honestly it is funnier than the entire sequal trilogy
Nate The Great
Nate The Great 5 days ago
I teared up hearing your version of the movie when obi wan comes back and retells the story of Anakin and Darth Vader. You can shit on the prequels all you want but you have to admit the plot is so strong and compelling it's so sad
M S 5 days ago
I went to the dentist yesterday and had extensive root canal work done, and even THAT was better than the Disney Trilogy.
John B
John B 5 days ago
John B
John B 5 days ago
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