Angela Changes What Michael Gets In Her Will | 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

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Month ago

Angela follows her daughter's idea and goes to a lawyer to draw a will that protects her granddaughters but that changes what Michael is left with.
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Bling By Anna
Bling By Anna 2 hours ago
Well I thought that she was never married 🤣🤣🤣
Pretty Cee
Pretty Cee 19 hours ago
Julia Petersen
Julia Petersen Day ago
Question; What does Angela do for a living in the US ? Curiousity 🤔
Customer Fuckin Service
Customer Fuckin Service Day ago
How much money does she have? 5k?
mary olie
mary olie Day ago
The whole thing is so silly! Her daughter has sense, and her mum clearly is wondering how stupid Angela is!
michael andrea
michael andrea Day ago
All this bullshit talks, how much is she worth self? 100 billion dollars?? I really don't care about the money, once I love you I will do anything to take care of you period. Some comments here are really annoying about Michael getting only green card but if it was the other way round it won't be so. Women only care most times about themselves stupid thing.
MiZZz0La Day ago
What does she own???
Jonathan Larkotey
Jonathan Larkotey 2 days ago
Lawyer: While you love with your heat, think with your head.
Malú Ladron
Malú Ladron 2 days ago
I would show up to my mothers weeding no matter who she decides to marry. Period
petergorm 2 days ago
WOW, what a pretty woman.
Courtney Smith
Courtney Smith 2 days ago
This is one thing I respect about white ppl they set up their younger generations .... This is the smartest thing she has done
HIM Tours Ghana
HIM Tours Ghana 2 days ago
J Adam
J Adam 2 days ago
She owns nothing, cheap earnings from dollar store, a case of cigarette , Donald trump underwear, and cancer. Micheal actually is the first Nigerian to be scammed by an american
Gbonjubola Ronke
Gbonjubola Ronke 2 days ago
Michael is a lucky man he is very patient and full of perseverance I wish him more patience with Lady Angela the drama queen
Melissa 2 days ago
What will? Her piss bucket?
mabel adutwumwah Francis
mabel adutwumwah Francis 3 days ago
Michael is too desperate, I don't trust him. I feel sorry for him. He is a very humble boy. I pray he meets some one to help him to reach his goal. Poor Michael 😭😭😭😭
Cindi Morgan
Cindi Morgan 3 days ago
My ex step mom married a Nigeria black man and gave him and his family money for yrs before she could get him to America. Hes here now and they are married.
ano nymous
ano nymous 3 days ago
Why the hell would you give your 50% of the house to Michael????
A Miyir
A Miyir 5 days ago
Michael will get 50% of nothing
Simone Sexy
Simone Sexy 5 days ago
don't worry Michael don't want anything but that green card 🤣🤣
Arling Ampuero
Arling Ampuero 6 days ago
Y’all are trashing Michael but Angela is fucking crazy he’s an angel, for the visa or whatever he’s patient and respects her
Lone wulf mo
Lone wulf mo 6 days ago
I'm a black man. I seen black guys who loveD white women this black guy didn't love this woman
m 6 days ago
"I know you can't afford to take off work, but idc you have to come witness my wedding that you don't agree with because I said so"
Mercy Nakalanzi
Mercy Nakalanzi 6 days ago
Angela you can't give Michael 50% you got kids and grandkids and how i know Nigerians and how i see Michael is Just after your money nothing else be kind to your blood
David Johnson
David Johnson 6 days ago
I am praying Michael is just using her for an American VISA, then this would make a lot of sense.
Eliza Mboya
Eliza Mboya 6 days ago
Angela’s Daughter has brains
Chantal Dietz
Chantal Dietz 7 days ago
Why does her face strangely remind me of a certain someone, working as a US president
Purple &Blue
Purple &Blue 4 days ago
She's his long lost sister.😜
cora and her nice bangs
cora and her nice bangs 7 days ago
Angela might be obnoxious and stuff, but she really takes good care of her family.
Selvie Chetty
Selvie Chetty 7 days ago
With her big body
Selvie Chetty
Selvie Chetty 7 days ago
Selvie Chetty
Selvie Chetty 7 days ago
If l was Rachael l will throw her in the river
Jeannette Hunter
Jeannette Hunter 7 days ago
what I don't understand what Angela she know at some point this man may want a baby and then from the day he met her she knew she was too old to have babies and she knew that she had no right to tell him that she could and again with her daughter you not you want to feel certain way about him but when he gets over here and you don't want to go somewhere and leaving all them children Angela going to be screaming and hollering him about them children everyday you already know you can have no babies you didn't have that you don't have no respect for his mama you don't have no respect for his culture you keep talking about American women's act this way all American women don't act that way so don't don't be looping us into with you
you are what you eat
you are what you eat 8 days ago
50% is too much Angela
Jeanita Ellington
Jeanita Ellington 8 days ago
Seriously!!! Lmao! What does she have to leave him???!!!! A mobile home and 2 dollars?? I can’t stop lmao! Best thing she can do for him is get him permanent residency in the US... girl please lol
Troy Yeagley
Troy Yeagley 8 days ago
Do you want him to babysit your herd if you die...
Oscar Leon
Oscar Leon 9 days ago
Leave me half skanky
Kim Moreels
Kim Moreels 9 days ago
oh yeah she needs a will to keep her house safe and her 900 dollars
Cherry loid
Cherry loid 9 days ago
"So you wanna cut Michael out" what professional would EVER say this??? No she wants to spread her assets fairly between everyone so her kids and grandkids arent left with nothing.
Solomon IGBINOBA 9 days ago
Angela is still fighting for love.
Solomon IGBINOBA 9 days ago
When is she going to die hahahahhahahahhaaaa