Kendrick Lamar - The Beauty in the Patience (Full EP)

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Will On The Soul.

4 months ago

FANTASY EP by Kendrick Lamar prod. by Will On The Soul.
0:00 | Intro
1:15 | M.A.A.D City 2 ft. 2Pac
4:37 | Reminiscing ft. Pusha T
8:37 | Saviour Interlude
9:18 | Roots ft. J. Cole
12:41 | Bars
13:36 | Ghetto Boy ft. Nipsey Hussle & 2Pac
17:17 | Soul Outro
IG: willmnce
Kendrick Lamar - The Beauty in the Patience (Full EP)
Beats and Blends Prod. by Will

Will On The Soul.
Will On The Soul. 4 months ago
Tyrone Robinson
Tyrone Robinson Month ago
Gangster Boogie Vcc Bmt Real Talk
Kams tv
Kams tv 2 months ago
Let me get a like for this comment, right there bub. 👇
Kams tv
Kams tv 2 months ago
Let me get a like for this comment right there bub. 👇
TL 28 zee
TL 28 zee 2 months ago
suicide socity
suicide socity 22 hours ago
Suicide society out
suicide socity
suicide socity 22 hours ago
When will he go away
Black Kyle
Black Kyle Day ago
amazing damn job on the production bro... may I ask where you got those samples from for the Roots track? Reminds me of my dads music from Mali
Simakov Day ago
It's Fire!!!!!
Dashin-opps-baller4lcfc Ngolo
Dashin-opps-baller4lcfc Ngolo Day ago
Will ... what a masterpiece 🏅 now we waiting on Kendricks response
L'ôbscure MÄz
L'ôbscure MÄz 2 days ago
TREASURE ! ✨✨ Tha Sample at 9:18 can send You somewhere out this earth.
Thabo Mahlaba
Thabo Mahlaba 2 days ago
9:18, Golden joint right here.
Jesus Acosta
Jesus Acosta 2 days ago
K-Dot ma boa 💯 See I was brought up different
Jesus Acosta
Jesus Acosta 2 days ago
Love it Will it's Awesome
Zeïdy DOUCOURE 3 days ago
Bruce Mvubele
Bruce Mvubele 3 days ago
What you did on Roots can never be undone 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🔥🔥
King dave
King dave 3 days ago
man this shit is legendary
Fargo 3 days ago
I am literally begging you for m.a.a.d. City 2 instrumental please
Orlando House
Orlando House 5 days ago
Phat Cat Playlist
Phat Cat Playlist 5 days ago
Cytheur 6 days ago
Why does this shit make me emotional.
Joseph Ochoa
Joseph Ochoa 6 days ago
Round of Appluse for this, Thanks Will
Pike 7 days ago
Anyone know the beat to mass city 2
Joe Reese
Joe Reese 8 days ago
vote for kendrick...\
Lorenia Smith
Lorenia Smith 9 days ago
Elnora Summers
Elnora Summers 10 days ago
4 some reason anger & joy is exactly what I needed. 🙇🏿‍♀️
F C 10 days ago
This shit bonkers 🔥 reminds me back in the day when Djs would mix tapes.. dope bro! Morelife
THISISCHRIS 10 days ago
M.a.a.d city 2 is 🔥
Provida Eyaggelia
Provida Eyaggelia 11 days ago
Polla lefta fatsa de ksero de thimamai
Provida Eyaggelia
Provida Eyaggelia 11 days ago
Mpouka xasiklis polla malakas kammeno teleios mi xairetas
Provida Eyaggelia
Provida Eyaggelia 11 days ago
Konteiner lano sto vouno adilota ola klevoun reuma wna domatio makrosteno me to poun vgaineis deksia mikro mpanio k sthn Alli plera me kanape domatio krevati ekso opos pas deksia h mama kalliopi teleio mwlitzana me skrordo to trine sa vodia teleia mageiruki eklepsa stoixeia koitousa k apothikeyso ton tropo oxi it elegan
Provida Eyaggelia
Provida Eyaggelia 11 days ago
Xeri pli kloa pera akolos magio I'll mesa k xeri den efeyge apo kei mit den koitaksa aytin eixa apenanti o malakasa
Provida Eyaggelia
Provida Eyaggelia 11 days ago
Mpoxer mple me aspro mprosta thleorasi xarit ugeias panta domatio k kleismeno mesa me TV oloi thn ora ekei h mama den akouge e
Provida Eyaggelia
Provida Eyaggelia 11 days ago
Blakeia karo
Provida Eyaggelia
Provida Eyaggelia 11 days ago
K lee de tha to katala vei exei apira k leo ok siga mode to gnorisei ektos a n exei 509
Provida Eyaggelia
Provida Eyaggelia 11 days ago
Ola ta soutien mama tou
Provida Eyaggelia
Provida Eyaggelia 11 days ago
Gigi de ta pores nonletta pigainame parts way tha ta xarise
Provida Eyaggelia
Provida Eyaggelia 11 days ago
Provida Eyaggelia
Provida Eyaggelia 11 days ago
Tha katharisoume meta maxi an mporesoume an oxi de peirazei as kanei strava matia exei apeira soutien k ksexasa to diko mou mia mera spiti t leo to broke mou leei oxi ayto forao tora teleio strosimo k apo kato stigkaki gia tzo mono me mama ta psonisa 50euro gamta magio erka litsa htela to set t agiou basili na you kano sir k wixe100gyrakua ksenerosa den eixa na ta park kaltoules ola set fantastiko allos
Provida Eyaggelia
Provida Eyaggelia 11 days ago
Troufes pantou ego pantou tha troo siga mi leo mi leroso kato mi ta dei h mama
Provida Eyaggelia
Provida Eyaggelia 11 days ago
Sokolata it exete lioste se moen
Provida Eyaggelia
Provida Eyaggelia 11 days ago
Suntagei vandeia oraia zesta ta paidia ta efagan ola alla deite eikona epaggelmaties eikona ola na valei ntomata k oles foto mou makes
Provida Eyaggelia
Provida Eyaggelia 11 days ago
Htan maxi pili giayto
monrabeatz 11 days ago
Lizile Xulu
Lizile Xulu 11 days ago
Another level of consciousness 😳🌪️😎
Darius Xn
Darius Xn 12 days ago
1:15 so 🔥
Reggie Ojoh
Reggie Ojoh 13 days ago
Is this an official EP?
T D 13 days ago
Sounds nice to that classic UGK beat
Pla Awa
Pla Awa 13 days ago
Guitar sample in Track 3, Reminiscing, I believe is from Skingshape's Rubber Gloves.
Sonny 13 days ago
What's the sample playing in Roots 10:00 ? Reminiscent of some GTA San Andreas tune
Sonny 13 days ago
Is it Hood Took Me Under - Compton's Most Wanted?
Brian Scholefield
Brian Scholefield 14 days ago
Wow see now you know you do know
Kasandi Mulaa
Kasandi Mulaa 14 days ago
The spiritual RESONANCE. Thank you Kendrick for always providing the inner alignment 😭🙏🏿🗣
tebogo mokgethi
tebogo mokgethi 14 days ago
Pusha T I'm Reminiscing. Africa we Approve!!!
Johnny Longmire IV
Johnny Longmire IV 14 days ago
your missed pac
Sueño Parisino
Sueño Parisino 14 days ago
Joseph Ochoa
Joseph Ochoa 15 days ago
Greatness in my ears
Cudder str8 legend
Cudder str8 legend 15 days ago
one of the goats in my top 5 of all time. always painting that perfect picture in your brain on every song and it always fire. We are lucky we have Kdot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hendrik Raudleht
Hendrik Raudleht 16 days ago
This mix super smooth
King Marcell
King Marcell 18 days ago
Up brah stay woke
Tawnja Radke
Tawnja Radke 19 days ago
Truth speaks love of patience, above all God is all3... Live you Kendrick, brother. ✌
Chris Da Crisis
Chris Da Crisis 20 days ago
How did I not find this until now?
CORN STAR 21 day ago
Oh fUk
Miguel Fletcher
Miguel Fletcher 21 day ago
Track 3, the best one no doubt 4:37
La Voce Della Lava
La Voce Della Lava 21 day ago
Kudakwashe Gwenzi
Kudakwashe Gwenzi 22 days ago
this is dope
Old Account
Old Account 22 days ago
Because✌️is not enough
Mothei Seroalo
Mothei Seroalo 22 days ago
👊🤝🤴🤴🤴 for the three kings in one place
Kyle West
Kyle West 23 days ago
yup the beauty in the patience
The Lost Cowboy
The Lost Cowboy 25 days ago
What are the verses from song 2 pulled from??
The Observer's Fulcrum
The Observer's Fulcrum 25 days ago
Bro! That Donny Hathaway loop tho!
Erica Mendez
Erica Mendez 25 days ago
KENDRICK FOR PRES!!!!!! #2024 HE got my vote!
sick boy xxx
sick boy xxx 25 days ago
why this is not available in spotify? :(
Kierra da Brat
Kierra da Brat 26 days ago
King shit 😩 why is this not on Apple Music
King Shaady
King Shaady 26 days ago
I wish this was on iTunes and Spotify smh
Pacman 26 days ago
This is a fucking masterpiece. This is the best fucking shit I have found this year. Sir, you are extremely talented at what you do. Keep em comin !
Ava Sun
Ava Sun 27 days ago
What are they saying at the beginning of Roots??
Nicole 28 days ago
my religion lists patience as one of the six main components of sainthood...there is SO much beauty in the patience xo
Michele Lombardo
Michele Lombardo 28 days ago
That Roots joint is simply nuts..
Lufuno Maboho
Lufuno Maboho 29 days ago
Will - All love from South Africa🙌. The first track 🔥🔥🔥
Top bro
zachary baird
zachary baird 29 days ago
This was the first good thing to happen in 2020. Absolutely flawless
Surin Lights
Surin Lights 29 days ago
Ali I
Ali I Month ago
Bro you a straight genius for this one!
Douglas Da Arnold
Douglas Da Arnold Month ago
Drake Beuyet
Drake Beuyet Month ago
Kendrick is living Legend
Simeon Granada
Simeon Granada Month ago
Not even through the whole thing yet cause I heard the vibrato guitar in Reminiscing. It's a pitched-up sample from Skinshape's song Rubber Gloves. Outstanding, outstanding choice. Elevated the fuck outta that sound. Thanks for all of this, Kendrick, Will; love to the listeners
Robins Month ago
You and Azzerz should come together and make a full on album, it would be hilariously phenomenal 😂
Krazy 80’s
Krazy 80’s Month ago
Kendrick needs to go back to the way he used to rap lyrically
Roan Maye
Roan Maye Month ago
@noah mukiri Damn, u right
noah mukiri
noah mukiri Month ago
my dude...rap is about growing...can't keep doing the same thing, its all learning and exploring....past him n present him is a beast on the mic
Devin Saritson
Devin Saritson Month ago
This should be on Apple Music, Just mind-blowing.
Auzgy Month ago
bro idk where this came form but its like a remix ep idk but it goes hard asf def gonna sub
Alex Franco
Alex Franco Month ago
That intro was.. amazing
Dedrick Daughtridge
Dedrick Daughtridge Month ago
Bro this is so crazy 🔥🤦🏽‍♂️well done
Robust Productions 0423
Robust Productions 0423 Month ago
Yo you got a download link for this ep?
Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez Month ago
Will, one of the best on USshow for mashups. Great great work 👍
Nikki Hill
Nikki Hill Month ago
Whewwww!!! this is fire kid!
arabspal Month ago
this is not getting enough credit sub to the man
evchamo2 Month ago
Is this an actual EP or is it a sample/remix type shiiii?? thanks. - big ev yall
Zachery Combs
Zachery Combs Month ago
Osmin Leiva
Osmin Leiva Month ago
thiago ftz
thiago ftz Month ago
this is fire
Helios Guerrero
Helios Guerrero Month ago
9:18 Damn Intro.
Azmier Abu Bakar
Azmier Abu Bakar Month ago
Bless you, sir.
Helios Guerrero
Helios Guerrero Month ago
12:41 Kendrick, Genuinely a Genius, a Master Mind.
Paul Gaudet
Paul Gaudet Month ago
This guy sounds like k dot
Angelo Avino
Angelo Avino Month ago
kendrick goat
Wizdom Tha Soldier
Wizdom Tha Soldier Month ago
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