Daddy Daughter Duet - Come What May - From Moulin Rouge!

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Mat and Savanna Shaw

10 days ago

Trials are an ever present part of this human experience. But if endured with love - love for your family, love for humanity, love for yourself - then the heavy load we carry will seem lighter. And we will emerge to see the beautiful rainbow after the storm filling us with hope for a brighter tomorrow. So if life feels heavy, focus on what matters most, focus on love.
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Gina Dodds
Gina Dodds 51 minute ago
Such a beautiful performance. Brought tears to my eyes. Gina Dodds, Bellmmore, NY
VFN556 Hour ago
THERE ARE NO WORDS! Mat's voice is beautiful.....just beautiful!!! and Savanna has inherited Dad's beautiful voice. Their vibrato is synchronous. The gold medal for ice dancing in the 2018 Winter Olympics was won by Canadian ice dancers Tessa Virtue & Scott Moyer. They skated to "Come What May" and it was beautiful to see. If only they could now skate to Mat and Savanna singing!
Michele Walker
Michele Walker 3 hours ago
I just love them. I could listen to them all day. Angelic voices.
Linda Gail
Linda Gail 4 hours ago
I wish I could describe what your voices do for my soul! I’m in the midst of a difficult time emotionally and your voices, your beautiful melodies and harmonies, soothe my soul. Thank you.
Janine J
Janine J 4 hours ago
BRAVI! BRAVI!!!! Oh Savanna, your high notes!!
Taylor Andrews
Taylor Andrews 7 hours ago
This might be my favorite one yet!!
Aletta Booysen
Aletta Booysen 8 hours ago
Hi there i love music but these two can go on singing its beautiful thankyou for playing it
Paola Meinhold
Paola Meinhold 19 hours ago
Do acapela!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Hells Fury
Hells Fury 20 hours ago
Beautiful as always!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Alyssa Rodriguez
Alyssa Rodriguez 20 hours ago
You are so wonderful 😭❤️😭❤️😭❤️😭❤️
Martha Ezepchuk
Martha Ezepchuk 21 hour ago
You are a joy to listen too
Patricia Hunter
Patricia Hunter 21 hour ago
Okay you do realize that you two will have to sing a duet at her wedding, right?
KATHY THEESFELD 22 hours ago
Love love this one 💗 your voices are so beautiful!
Ruth Canterbury
Ruth Canterbury Day ago
Mat, the music is a little loud and kind of drowns out the voices on this one.
Sally-Ann Lyddon
Sally-Ann Lyddon Day ago
Absolutely God given. Has me in tears every time I hear ir. God bless you x
Saqqara Day ago
The sound is a bit too clear for a living room hall acoustic (like that in the background)... it has been recorded in a studio, was it?
Brad K
Brad K 21 hour ago
They have been recording in Mat`s walk in closet and lip-sync their video's.
eurogamer6098 Day ago
Nice lipsync Or very good skills with autotune. Why you never sing accapella ?
eurogamer6098 Day ago
But it doesn't matter. I have seen you on tiktok and I celebrate your videos. And as an argument as I come to the assumption that you have a perfect entry into the part but your lips go too fast into the next part or close too fast
Amy Handaly
Amy Handaly Day ago
I love this song. I really need this cause of the stress I'm under.
Foong Ping
Foong Ping Day ago
Another beautiful it. Tqvm for yr effort to share your harmonious voices. 🥰
Honoka Killer
Honoka Killer Day ago
I love this song so much l
Graham Biggs
Graham Biggs Day ago
Absolutely love you two, but have a feeling you are not singing this one live. You guys are brilliant and certainly don’t need to mime. Apologies if I am barking up the wrong tree.
Brad K
Brad K 21 hour ago
They haven't recorded a live performance yet.
Greg Tanner
Greg Tanner Day ago
Excellent. I hope you guys don’t stop performing. I think if you put out an album of these songs you might hit album of the year!
Jennifer Williamson
Jennifer Williamson Day ago
Wow!!! Made me cry! I just love your story and your voices. God bless you!
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Day ago
This has to be one of the best ones you’ve made.
Sara Hulme
Sara Hulme Day ago
So beautiful. Would love a songwriter, write a song for them. They would smash the charts out of the water. X
Matt Dill
Matt Dill Day ago
Wow! Amazing!
John Pimentel
John Pimentel Day ago
Blessings from California
Anna White
Anna White Day ago
Anointed :) God bless you both
Julie Mounts
Julie Mounts Day ago
This is one of my favorite songs...and this is a reeeeeally lovely cover. Thank you for singing this one.
Milo Grant Papas
Milo Grant Papas Day ago
Ow wow amazing voice
Ida Hays
Ida Hays Day ago
Mat and Brooke, Tell Pennie Jean that everyone on facebook has been sending her well wishes, and Congrats to you two on 17 years together. God Bless,
Flavia Everman
Flavia Everman Day ago
Thank you Savannah for getting your dad to sing with you. Both of your voices are such a delight. When he opens his mouth and sings, I think I should be seeing him on a stage somewhere. May God continue to bless you both.
ATMAtim Day ago
I love watching and hearing you two sing. This is a pretty touching song. The Hummingbird at the window at 1:37 is great! I bet you didn't expect that during the recording! Ah, not really but I made you look. Thanks for the nice song.
Michael sova
Michael sova Day ago
There is no way I can express how much I love listening to you guys sing. I really hope everyone gets the chance to hear your voices. You are my hero’s.
Corie DePola
Corie DePola Day ago
You guys are seriously my favorite. I listen to your music almost everyday over and over. I showed my husband one of your songs and you he said you were lipsinging to a Josh Groban song. You are incredible. I also live in Utah. My question is, who is doing your accompaniment? I would love a copy of "you're the reason" that one is my very favorite. B
Angela Baird
Angela Baird 2 days ago
Wow this is amazing 😍
kolim jone
kolim jone 2 days ago
Matt, when the theatres reopen in NYC, I want you to try out for a play. I'm sure you'll land a lead role and makes big money. You're awesome! You'll have a big following.
Racheal Clark
Racheal Clark 2 days ago
Having a really bad day. When I do, I go to your channel and find that I am lifted in so many ways. Keep doing what you are doing. You are helping more people then you may know.
Munkhtur L
Munkhtur L 2 days ago
great job!!! perfect harmony!!!
kolim jone
kolim jone 2 days ago
Mat, Would you put on your song list What a Wonderful World? I bet you could sing it Beautifully!
Kelsey Mason
Kelsey Mason 2 days ago
Holy cow. Your voices blend perfectly! Some of the most perfect harmonies I have ever heard!
Luis Othón
Luis Othón 2 days ago
You are just AMAZING!!!
Beryl Theron
Beryl Theron 2 days ago
The best!!!! It is absolutely beautiful.😚
Janine Clarke
Janine Clarke 2 days ago
How wonderful love you guys stay safe from Australia 🇦🇺
Raina Cook
Raina Cook 2 days ago
Just Beautiful!
Juna Griffiths
Juna Griffiths 2 days ago
The state of Utah should be very proud of you two! I live in Draper and I know you make me very proud!
Wendy Sorensen
Wendy Sorensen 2 days ago
When I think you can't get any better all I gotta say is Wow!!!! Keep it up. We need you guys singing with those beautiful voices in this time of life. God bless you both and your family.
Jesse Johnson
Jesse Johnson 2 days ago
So awesome. So inspiring--keep them coming.
MNslotguy 2 days ago
That was the best lip sync ever! Dad you were a half second early on a few starts. The girl acts like she’s playing the piano, but never looks down at the keys. Bravo to you two. Nothing to see here folks just smoke and mirrors. Didn’t Ashley Simpson lip sync. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Tom Weaver
Tom Weaver Day ago
The piano track is sent to them by a friend. She's probably looking down at the lyric. Good Morning America did a segment on them - they prerecord the audio; when they started Samantha was quite shy even though their first song was supposed to just be for classmates (that didn't work out :) ). Their studio is a walk-in linen closet; they prerecord the audio , mix it on an iPad propped up with pajamas then sing to it in the video. :)
Kathy Ahmed
Kathy Ahmed 2 days ago
Absolutely Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love hearing you both sing sooooo much💕💕💕
Marcia Acevedo
Marcia Acevedo 2 days ago
So so beautiful❤️ please sing How Great Thou Art.
Okie family johnson
Okie family johnson 2 days ago
I am amazed I love that song so much can I request a song? Savannah it would be great if you could cover the song from Carrie Underwood called “look at me”
Un_Embalmed 2 days ago
The most beautiful thing I ever heard since I have been here 52 years.
Carol Smith
Carol Smith 2 days ago
Charles L. Brown
Charles L. Brown 2 days ago
Had to listen to it again so beautiful you both are so inspirational love your whole family, God bless you all 🙏.
Ida Hays
Ida Hays 2 days ago
Mat, Would you put on your song list What a Wonderful World? I bet you could sing it Beautifully!
BassMasterBruce 2 days ago
Step aside Josh Groban, here comes Mat Shaw :-)
linda st pier
linda st pier 3 days ago
Just when you think it couldn't get any better, it just did! Absolutely incredible. Savanna I have watched your confidence grow and grow each time you perform. You and daddy are a breath of fresh air, especially during these dreadful times. You are my go to music first thing in the morning, it just lifts me up for the day ahead. In fact, here I am at 8.45pm and tuning in again . How can you not feel joy in your heart whatever else is going on. Please continue making more of these videos and making so many people happy. Thank you
Krissie 3 days ago
CHILLS 🥺🥶🥶🥶 So beautiful ♥️
M Purple Haze
M Purple Haze 3 days ago
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 3 days ago
Please sing a song called million years ago by Adele
Tania Chung
Tania Chung 3 days ago
Another beautiful song sung by 2 amazing people with great vocals! 👏👏🥰
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 3 days ago
That song is highly underrated! What a great film! My all time favourite. Great family!
Jo In Melbourne
Jo In Melbourne 3 days ago
Beautiful, simply beautiful. Thank you for the joy to you bring to the whole world. Thank you for all you give so sincerely to all the world. I am in complete awe. Australia.
Danielle Gosha
Danielle Gosha 3 days ago
I love that you are both so pure and humble.❤️❤️ just magical
K KNICK 3 days ago
Guys. Be safe. Times are changing fast. Hold on to what you have and what’s important. Jesus will come back... He promised....keep the faith and keep looking up.
Robin Privett
Robin Privett 3 days ago
So beautiful!!!!
Dianne Reichel
Dianne Reichel 3 days ago
Please sing ---- You are Loved. (Don't Give Up). I listen to you your beautiful voices❣️
Ruth Sheane
Ruth Sheane 3 days ago
Oh, that was just beautiful Mat & Savanna, I was just transported by the beautiful harmonies and lyrics and by the unique way that you both sang it with such feeling and love for each other! God has really given you both an extraordinary gift and you must keep using it!!
My World as a Mummy
My World as a Mummy 3 days ago
Wow, this was just beautiful. It suited you both so much and when singing together it was just stunning. Fantastic ♥ x
Pamela Warnstadt
Pamela Warnstadt 3 days ago
This is amazing. Many thanks
Brooks Cline
Brooks Cline 3 days ago
Ok this father daughter duo is fantastic. Out of ignorance I have a question. The production is definitely studio quality. I’m just wondering where they record because obviously it’s not in their living room. They need an agent because they are wonderful!
Tom Weaver
Tom Weaver Day ago
They have started working with a professional studio due to the success of these songs - either right before or after this video; to me this one sounds professionally mixed. All of the earlier ones (and maybe this one?) were recorded as racheal says.
Racheal Clark
Racheal Clark 2 days ago
They record in Mat's closet!! Seriously then play the track and sing in the background for the videos. Watch their Q&A. It is fantastic!! Love these two so darn much!
Kimberly LaCoste
Kimberly LaCoste 3 days ago
I cried through the whole song! Thank you for reminding me of the unconditional love of THE FATHER!
Dorothy McCuaig
Dorothy McCuaig 3 days ago
Both have amazing voices; Savanna's voice is maturing and coming into her own. I absolutely love to listen to them both.; a great start to my day. I hope that you both will get record contracts both together and separately.
Amy Eason
Amy Eason 3 days ago
Beautiful! 💕
Clare Bray
Clare Bray 3 days ago
You are both goose bumpingly brilliant. Thankyou ♥️
Ebony Pegasus
Ebony Pegasus 3 days ago
Who are the 126 tone deaf idiots who disliked?
Anja C
Anja C 3 days ago
That song is highly underrated! What a great film! My all time favourite. Great family!
rasto balazs
rasto balazs 3 days ago
Please sing a song called million years ago by Adele
Rudy van Solinge
Rudy van Solinge 3 days ago
Todd Feller
Todd Feller 3 days ago
Dad you take too much of the song, Iove to hear your beautiful daughters voice, isnt she who your trying to promote
Tom Weaver
Tom Weaver Day ago
It varies depending on the song. Sometimes she sings more. She has a few more solo tracks in this channel than he does. I don't know what kind of promotion is going on now, but certainly before their first song went viral, it was Savannah making a song to show her choir friends during COVID.
Ashlyn Bueno
Ashlyn Bueno 3 days ago
Just a request can u guys sing lady by Brett young
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 3 days ago
Mat shone on this one. Gorgeous together, of course, but he hit this one outta the ballpark.
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