D&D Stories: funny moments from my campaign

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Puffin Forest

Year ago

This is a series of stories from my previous longer video along the Malikar storyline. They couldn't make the original cut due to time constraints, so I bundled them up and released them here. I tell the story of Bitey the spider, the Blacksmith's hand, escaping from the Illithid, and killing in the kitchen. Hope you guys enjoy!
Previous video: usshow.info/watch/XM96lCbhC3o/video.html
End music credits: "Et Viola" by Chris Haugen from the USshow Audio Library

Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 3 days ago
i waaaaaaaarned you!!!
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 3 days ago
swords of warning
YayapLives 3 days ago
*He's such a flappy boy.*
Steven Rice
Steven Rice 4 days ago
i need this in my life! where did the name come from?
Demonos208 5 days ago
Lol that must’ve been A LOT of exp
Mats Jedi
Mats Jedi 6 days ago
bro, you need to give us that story
Rokusho 66
Rokusho 66 8 days ago
“It involves a fireball.” Somewhere jocat is yelling approval while Zee facepalms.
sos el peor master de la historia solo miro tus partidas para no hacer las cagadas que te mandas
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access 11 days ago
I'm imagining an ealy quest requiring the transport of some large turtles. And someone saw something. And got the wrong idea...
maggoli67 15 days ago
The boshack voice is great...
Caden Vitagliano
Caden Vitagliano 16 days ago
Idk how they got that name, but master oogway is looking kinda thicc ngl
jakstrieder 17 days ago
I really... really.. really wanna know how they got that name. can you at lest tell us?
Roaring Thunder115
Roaring Thunder115 25 days ago
The stabbing part made me happy
TheAs& Ys
TheAs& Ys 27 days ago
I think I saw a post about someone rolling low on both seduction and deception and it caused some necrophilia, sidelining, and then a game being split into a regular quest story and a story about a necrophiliac in a castle full of horny guards.
CoffinKidHxC 28 days ago
Animate the goddamn story you coward! Ps. Love your work.
Godzilla Traveler
Godzilla Traveler 28 days ago
So many dead guards. Lol.
jesternario Month ago
I'm guessing the story of how they came to be known as the "turtle molesters" was simply them not caring and him giving them name as punishment.
Desterii DelQuonomonna
Desterii DelQuonomonna Month ago
feed the illithid POISONED brain!
Christopher Mason
Christopher Mason Month ago
I Am vErY FaMiLiAr wItH F**kInG TuRtUeS
Braden Neucks (student)
Braden Neucks (student) Month ago
How did they get that name?
Joshua Blankenship
Joshua Blankenship Month ago
Petition to get the f*cking turtles animation
Sean Jordan
Sean Jordan Month ago
But what about the turtle f***ers?
street N' Dirt fighters
street N' Dirt fighters Month ago
Gojira Jokes?????
JXEditor Month ago
Did the two in the kitchen get XP for all those guards?
Just Your Evereday Senpai
Just Your Evereday Senpai Month ago
"it involves a fireball" lol
Jo Ed
Jo Ed 2 months ago
What is the story around that odd name?
Robert Vailes
Robert Vailes 2 months ago
I know Im a bit late but, you dont HAVE to animate the Turtle"friends" origin. Have something like your first Deadlands.
Daxter D
Daxter D 2 months ago
This reminds me of when my friends had the group name Leviathan's taint
Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi
Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi 2 months ago
Why didn't they just called the cleric to heal the blacksmith??
HarleyRoseMarie 2 months ago
I want to KNOW how you got that name..... the turtle ******
SkywalkerAni 2 months ago
1:28 Fireball is the perfect spell for every situation.
Irish Animation
Irish Animation 2 months ago
Mate, this campaign time line is confusing
Wyatt Easter
Wyatt Easter 2 months ago
The cycle of life
OrelYosif 2 months ago
Oh, "Insignia of Unbroken" from Tyranny in your campaign. I get it)
Francisco Alejandro
Francisco Alejandro 2 months ago
Great video, I took the liberty to add some spanish translations to it, so I can share it with my friends. I'll be adding them to as many of your videos as I can, so it would be really cool if you aproved them.
Tim M
Tim M 2 months ago
,,Spider Laws'' Sounds like a Rick and Morty Reference
Elaine Hloderwski
Elaine Hloderwski 2 months ago
You should make a Patreon story version of why they’re called the turtlef***ers
Iron chan fan lars
Iron chan fan lars 2 months ago
the name had something to do with oogway and a bard
ericb31 2 months ago
oh, I just remembered a silly scene in a book: two wizards, part of the Harpell family, used a modified "polymorph" spell to re-arrange their internal organs...so when Illithids tried to eat their brains...they apparently got a mouthful of SHIT! this sickened them, allowing the wizards to recover from their mind-control and kill them.
Emily Roos
Emily Roos 2 months ago
Wait the turtle f****** and oogway 😳
Artemis Byrne
Artemis Byrne 2 months ago
The hell is this turtlefucker story everyone is talking about?
Artemis Byrne
Artemis Byrne 2 months ago
I realized what it was approximately 20 seconds after making this comment
Megan B.
Megan B. 2 months ago
Okay, I don't know what that flying whale is, but wow it's adorable.
Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson 2 months ago
How did this group not die about a million times?
sjgraham010 2 months ago
It's 5e, death is mostly an inconvenience.
David Clark
David Clark 2 months ago
Ok you dont have to animate the story but you at least got to tell it. Do it or we boycott Puffin Forest! Lol
Killer Orca
Killer Orca 2 months ago
Im gonna look up the previous video in this just to find why they're riding a whale.
Connor Prince
Connor Prince 2 months ago
Can you put all your dnd games in one playlist all the animated ones
Guardsman Pius
Guardsman Pius 2 months ago
If you won't animate it, PLEASE tell it.
tim lilley
tim lilley 2 months ago
Eddie Inscore
Eddie Inscore 3 months ago
I want you to do an eppsode of south park
StarforceSF 3 months ago
@Puffin Forest just a question what WAS the actual name of the turtle guy?
Gooey Go
Gooey Go 3 months ago
oh no... oogway!
N T 3 months ago
Did he talk about the origin of the party name in any of his vids? If so link pls?
Shangori 3 months ago
You know.. You could always animate it and upload it to bitchute. Hell, I'd pay for it
tangol8 3 months ago
Please animate it
Gami The Mighty
Gami The Mighty 4 months ago
not gonna lie. I kind of want to hear the story of how the party got "That" Name. it's gotta be an interesting or disturbing tale of valor wit and Drastic actions. ORRRRRR it could just be a story of how they managed to fuck a turtle for some reason when they all got drunk...
Dylan Feetz Muir
Dylan Feetz Muir 4 months ago
8:01 How is no one talking about Bitey? "That sounds like fun" I'm dead lmfao.
Yeet Meister323
Yeet Meister323 4 months ago
I want to know the story behind the turtle f***ers
Pikabrook 4 months ago
Splatninja 4 months ago
Why is a warforged wearing armor?
Chris Leonard
Chris Leonard 4 months ago
Anyone else rewatch THE FUCK out of these stories??
sticky frames
sticky frames 4 months ago
he said HE wasn't going to animate it doesn't mean someone else won't
mr. potato
mr. potato 4 months ago
Who is bernard the flying whale
Javier Villarruel
Javier Villarruel 4 months ago
"Don't worry. I gave Bernard a dagger."
Mark Dowse
Mark Dowse 4 months ago
I totally love the animation. Thank you. 👍😁😎 But, the, ahhh, thinking of some of the players seems to be a little wonky...... 🤪🤪🤔😂
Erin Cahill
Erin Cahill 4 months ago
we love the turtle molesters 😂 one of the best parts of dnd is that in a serious adventure, a single chaotic party member turns a simple fight into something you cant talk about on youtube
Exploding Vortex
Exploding Vortex 4 months ago
Make a module for this or something
social3ngin33rin 4 months ago
...the end...NOT MASTER OOGWAY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!! :O!!!!!!
Apple The king
Apple The king 4 months ago
Why does the munk mega man
Abnormal Duck
Abnormal Duck 4 months ago
What is with the whale
Benjamin Berger
Benjamin Berger 4 months ago
Iwas surprised that the cleric and sorcerer still got outnumbered while the rogue was playing butcher with those guards :D
Daniel Nunya Bidnezz
Daniel Nunya Bidnezz 4 months ago
Must know... story... about how... oogway got... baaaanged.
strider04 4 months ago
Can you animate it for 1mil
nathan higgins
nathan higgins 5 months ago
I literally couldn't stop laughing from the absolute shitshow that is that kitchen
Alejandro Bravo
Alejandro Bravo 5 months ago
Please please do it. Tell us the story... Of the mighty turtle f***ers
Antiquity -
Antiquity - 5 months ago
I'm wondering what happend to malakar?
Cici Anonymous
Cici Anonymous 5 months ago
The reason that guy didn’t want to confront the mind flayer is because he’s the only one with more than three brain cells, and thus the only one that would be a target.
Xan Andreess
Xan Andreess 5 months ago
What's with the flying blue whale thingy?
XxWeirdoFromSpacexX 5 months ago
But you don’t need to *animate* it, you can just *tell* it. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please.
Ninja Crobat
Ninja Crobat 5 months ago
Still waiting for the turtle story.
the epikamander
the epikamander 5 months ago
everyone : turtle fuckers me: how much xp did they get from killing the quards in the kitchin
Thegrimmeater 5 months ago
Even after a year he still hasnt told us why
Alpha 222
Alpha 222 5 months ago
Jake Miller
Jake Miller 6 months ago
Animate the turtle f**kers
Poped Bubble
Poped Bubble 6 months ago
They Fricked oogway
Aaron Facey
Aaron Facey 6 months ago
The more he says he won't animate it the more I want it
Adam Davenport
Adam Davenport 6 months ago
Did I miss something? When did Mega Man become a Turtle... Friend?
ZemikianUchiha 6 months ago
I NEED to know the Turtle f***ing story.
Miles 7 months ago
Yay turtle orgi
Giratina 7 months ago
0:35 it's mega man!!!!
Umbrio games And more
Umbrio games And more 7 months ago
Alexanders 7 months ago
and to this i still don't know how that name came to be.......
Michael Matherne
Michael Matherne 7 months ago
1:49 such adorable art for a scene of pure "Event Horizon" level horror.
Roaring Thunder115
Roaring Thunder115 7 months ago
Those poor guards
weesh 7 months ago
Ben's PAX presentation includes backstory for the Turtle Molester's videos: how his friends convinced him to make the series: usshow.info/watch/73OAFbxIHYA/video.html how they got their name in the first place: usshow.info/watch/73OAFbxIHYA/video.html TLDR: 1) the group had a bunch of turtles as pets, so it wasn't about Oogway at all! 2) in battles, they had a strategy where they used sexual touch and speech to distract enemies. 3) They never gave themselves a name, so the name a local village gave them stuck
Gray Wolf
Gray Wolf 8 months ago
I need the origin of the name but In stop motion
Xartan Cebaldus
Xartan Cebaldus 8 months ago
And we still don't know how they got their name
Guardsman Pius
Guardsman Pius 8 months ago
animate it, and for the bits you don't want to, fade to black.
graycard668 8 months ago
Ben. It's been a year. Why the Turtle *Bleep*
CthulhuFhtagn 8 months ago
5:53 Ogre howdah? Edit: I was right! Huzzah!
Rea Kirk
Rea Kirk 8 months ago
I'm curious... what IS the name of the elderly tortle mentor? I know it's not Oogway.
Jonathan Griffin
Jonathan Griffin 8 months ago
What is the story behind the name the “ Turtle friends”
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