Justin Bieber & benny blanco - Lonely (Official Music Video)

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15 days ago

Lonely is out now: smarturl.it/imsolonely
Starring Jacob Tremblay and directed by Jake Schreier

If you're feeling Lonely or know someone who is struggling, you can find resources and more at activeminds.org/lonely

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Produced by Park Pictures
Executive Producer Jackie Kelman Bisbee
Producer Cody Ryder
DP - Jason McCormick
Steadicam - Dana Morris
Production Designer - Scott Falconer
VFX - Chris Buongiorno
Color Grading - Michael Rossiter @ The Mill

#Lonely #ImSoLonely #JustinBieber #bennyblanco
Music video by Justin Bieber, benny blanco performing Lonely. © 2020 Friends Keep Secrets/Interscope Records

lata agrawal
lata agrawal 4 hours ago
This song looks like my own story totally. Every sentence is like my past and now..😔
kennyG 4 hours ago
bexey said in letters to peep , “Never seen so many strangers crowded in a tiny place Everyone offerin' drugs, takin' pictures of your face No one offerin' love or wonderin' 'bout your day” this hits home, I couldn’t imagine the pain you feel from growing up the way you did. Thank you No one is alone EST
Manisha Basumatary
Manisha Basumatary 4 hours ago
I am listening to this on repeat and now I feel depressed.
Scholasticah Mbindyo
Scholasticah Mbindyo 4 hours ago
Elsi Badillo
Elsi Badillo 4 hours ago
I love the video
Sam Peli
Sam Peli 4 hours ago
Things happened to this guy, and he's trying to tell us. Protect this man at all costs. Stay woke
Isaac Eldred
Isaac Eldred 4 hours ago
He went so method that he became a Canadian - someone else, But he's already Canadian Exactly
Capacitaciones ALO TAXI
Capacitaciones ALO TAXI 4 hours ago
El lo tuvo todo.. absolutamente todo..y sin embargo se sentía solooo, talvez cuando se enfermaba la gente que trabajaba con el No le importaba, y le obligaban trabajar estando enfermooo para que no perdiera las presentaciones, aparte de los heiters que tenía por todo el mundo, y la denuncia judicial de una adolescente mal educada , y gente que lo odiaba, en el mundo del entretenimiento, existen mucha gente hipócrita, y el no tenía a nadie con quien contar.. por eso empezó a cometer errores, y gente cercana vendía a la prensa lo que el confiaba a esa persona, y ha sido traicionado muchas veces, ... es el precio de la fama.. u.u
Ezequiel Macareno
Ezequiel Macareno 4 hours ago
Benny blanco 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮
Светлана i
Светлана i 4 hours ago
Beatiful song!!!
Game On
Game On 4 hours ago
Is it just me or did anyone else call him Justin Beiver💀
db happiness
db happiness 4 hours ago
Get a Dog
Miahdonna Pivott
Miahdonna Pivott 4 hours ago
Love this
x yz
x yz 4 hours ago
😭😭I feel everything his saying
Effie 4 hours ago
civicracn 4 hours ago
This broke my heart😔 This kid/man has been amazing and will forever be an icon in the music industry!
NK Trần
NK Trần 4 hours ago
Kunchhok Lama
Kunchhok Lama 4 hours ago
All I want in my life is to hug you my brother justin and sing you a tribute song and thats my dream big love 💯❤ Thank you so much for your music Always a big fan never enough
josiah keen
josiah keen 4 hours ago
You can hear the heart ache in his voice . famous or not poor kid sounds like he really needs a hug . :(
josiah keen
josiah keen 4 hours ago
Naida Damcha
Naida Damcha 4 hours ago
So sad😢
m s
m s 4 hours ago
i loved justin as a younger preteen. i never realized how damaged he became over the years. he had everything and all the fans but still got hated on. he was lonely. im sorry justin.
Lata Udapure
Lata Udapure 4 hours ago
In this world all are lonely. But the thing is they don't wanna show it. And still stay lonely♥️
Irene Klariti
Irene Klariti 4 hours ago
We love you JB
Lata Udapure
Lata Udapure 4 hours ago
Sound of pain & Love hit really Hard.
J Chan
J Chan 4 hours ago
Tluanga Chhakchhuak
Tluanga Chhakchhuak 4 hours ago
nengnong mpi
nengnong mpi 4 hours ago
So deep.
Kristel Kay Moreno
Kristel Kay Moreno 4 hours ago
I love you Justin!
Sonia darlene
Sonia darlene 4 hours ago
The way loneliness hits hard🥺it's such a bad feeling when you feel nobody real cares and your real on your on😭
salina adhikari
salina adhikari 4 hours ago
its sounds like he is expessing about his past great words lots of love
Bilashi Rahman
Bilashi Rahman 4 hours ago
usshow.info/watch/979jjqhT0RM/video.html for remix of this song
JmLanda 4 hours ago
Minute 2:27 @LoganPaul what are you doing here WTF xD 🤣
Wizard indian gamer
Wizard indian gamer 4 hours ago
Justine your voice is so amazing but your voice is not for sad song your voice is for party music
Moses Miranda
Moses Miranda 4 hours ago
Paula Parham
Paula Parham 4 hours ago
I hear you Justin❤
Ana Karen Magaña
Ana Karen Magaña 4 hours ago
Beautiful song Justin
Ibrahim isfahani
Ibrahim isfahani 4 hours ago
This make me remember my best friend,Who now in knowhere i don't know where,not in heaven or hell but,i can't find him
piericrop 4 hours ago
felicitaciones excelente video
sathnidu athauda
sathnidu athauda 5 hours ago
Enjoy life, having a lot of money doesnt mean you're happy.....
Aqsha Muzaki
Aqsha Muzaki 5 hours ago
His voice has always been really good
Rage Apple
Rage Apple 5 hours ago
Such a beautiful song justin love to listen to it you have come such along way keep making amazing music
Inn's Vocals
Inn's Vocals 5 hours ago
If selena was still with you then this song won't exist
Gameryusic 825
Gameryusic 825 5 hours ago
This is a amazing one shot video. I have no idea why you received alot of hate just because your famous? Fuck the haters.
Naaah I’m_Gud
Naaah I’m_Gud 5 hours ago
I come from TikTok 😂
MANEY YT 5 hours ago
I have nothing to do ....I ve just made a youtube channel few days ago to motivate myself and get in a new way ..so supporters can get in and help me out❤️
Vesna.M. S.
Vesna.M. S. 5 hours ago
This is a sad song, and I truly believe that this song will make so many more people depressed in this 2020 year I honestly believe that we need uplift each other and start making happy music and start changing something about mental illness, this year was too hard on all of us, may god give us strength and power🙏🏻❤️
mjclarke Heady
mjclarke Heady 5 hours ago
The heart wants what is wants collab 😭🙏
amritpal kaur
amritpal kaur 5 hours ago
*holy to lonely* You okay???
Isaiah Smith
Isaiah Smith 5 hours ago
honestly I felt when we were kids it was stereotypical that we hate Justin Bieber, but deep down we all love him :)
The_sharkfam Shark
The_sharkfam Shark 5 hours ago
Lonely oOooOooOo PERFECTOO!!!
April Gomez
April Gomez 5 hours ago
i was hurt and then killed when Justin appear.
Karla A. García
Karla A. García 5 hours ago
Me dolió :(
funnypants on the go
funnypants on the go 5 hours ago
i hope justin knows that there's a good section of ppl who love him for his truth, take care beiber❤️
Luiza M
Luiza M 5 hours ago
eu te amo muito
funnypants on the go
funnypants on the go 5 hours ago
this song just breaks my heart, it's honestly so shivering to imagine celebs giving up on their lives and still being criticized bcz apparently they had it all, so fucking imp to acknowledge the the battles of mental health and stability, we should all always be kind to everyone of us bcz all battles are the hardest for those who are fighting them
fateme rahbarzare
fateme rahbarzare 5 hours ago
I was sure that one day justin will sing a song like this,cause most rich people when they get to their dreams they feel lonely cause they donot know the meaning of life
Eduardo Ardevino
Eduardo Ardevino 5 hours ago
É arrepiar 💕💕🌻🌻🌻☀️❤️
Gaming And unboxing
Gaming And unboxing 5 hours ago
What if you had it all but know body to call, that is so true.
Mariana Souza
Mariana Souza 5 hours ago
Te amo TE AMO❤️❤️🇧🇷🇧🇷
Louis Lathrop
Louis Lathrop 5 hours ago
Love him or hate him, You gotta agree, This song hits hard
Deanna Kurt
Deanna Kurt 5 hours ago
espn first take
Vesna Stojcevska
Vesna Stojcevska 5 hours ago
nmj_ rockzzz
nmj_ rockzzz 5 hours ago
This songs was too short...I think 😊
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 5 hours ago
I wanna cry ☹️
Purvi 5 hours ago
People here forgetting he was an abuser and frequently lip syncs which is equivalent to cheating his fans who pay him for live concerts~
Sebastian Loh
Sebastian Loh 5 hours ago
THA MUSIK BAYOU 5 hours ago
Bhumi Paul
Bhumi Paul 5 hours ago
This is what I feel right now🙂💔
Leidiane Alves
Leidiane Alves 5 hours ago
This is deep
Betty Mohammad
Betty Mohammad 6 hours ago
Nice song ❤️currently fvrte
Tdizzle 6 hours ago
What if you didnt have it all and still no one to call..🤷‍♂️ #alotofpeople
Bernilo 6 hours ago
Justin need a lot of hug and understanding. I feel bad for him🤷‍♀️
Tushar Vispute
Tushar Vispute 6 hours ago
This song touches heart!
ASALI Online Tv
ASALI Online Tv 6 hours ago
Justin's voice can heal and relaxing your soul
Victor Bryan
Victor Bryan 6 hours ago
Been a fan of him for some time now. If you can't admit he's talented ur kidding urself
WAR Gaming
WAR Gaming 6 hours ago
Bruh you can peel the pain in his voice
Independentsoul 6 hours ago
Hope he's not trying to get selena back she's finally over him.... :(
Reymar Valerio
Reymar Valerio 6 hours ago
Amanda 6 hours ago
toda vez que eu escuto, eu choro, é automático ja
Juanenrique Torreschipana
Juanenrique Torreschipana 6 hours ago
When I listen to this song, I feel justin bieber depression and I also go into depression
Alex Luffy Lemus
Alex Luffy Lemus 6 hours ago
I hated you till this song tbh ....
Butterfish Gaming
Butterfish Gaming 6 hours ago
I want to be a USshowr is my dream but nobody subscribes to me. Everybody supports the big USshowrs but they don't support the small USshowrs😭😭
viviana moreno
viviana moreno 6 hours ago
I literally grew up listening to his songs and being honest I didn’t know too much about his life and stuff I mean I didn’t pay attention to that, after listening to that song and reading the comments my heart is broken... An apology won’t be enough for him
Tai S.
Tai S. 6 hours ago
Da pra ver o sofrimento nessa musica ..
Cata Lina
Cata Lina 6 hours ago
Made me really sad. 😭 I listened to his music since day 1, and witnessed how messed up his life had been back then. I just hope and pray his happy and contented now.
Damiem J. Beynon
Damiem J. Beynon 6 hours ago
So trash
Patricio Morales
Patricio Morales 6 hours ago
I love that song
Creative hub
Creative hub 6 hours ago
He made me cry
It’s Just JuJu
It’s Just JuJu 6 hours ago
this song is immaculate ✨
Bella Mendoza
Bella Mendoza 6 hours ago
I love the meaning of the song. He’s been through so much and was so pressured ever since he was a kid in the music business. But it feels one sided. I know things were hard for him and sometimes the fame can get to you, but his mom reached out to him and he didn’t want that help. I’m so impressed of the man he’s become but as a Christian who walked that path and feeling this lonely, it could have been avoided. We all go through a phase where we don’t want help and we think we know what we’re doing and we would rather do it our way than doing it the right way and listening to our peers than listening to those who care about us. He was once in that phase which is why he had a hard time and he’s grown a lot. 💗
Phuc Kim
Phuc Kim 6 hours ago
If you are still hating him for no particular reasons, you’re so pathetic. Do something else
Ann Isabelle
Ann Isabelle 6 hours ago
I'm a belieber since his debut 😭❤ the lyrics of this song mirrors his life as a super star and a human in this cruel world I love you Justin ❤❤❤
Yovanela Pinto
Yovanela Pinto 6 hours ago
I love this song, it is very beautiful, it made me cry and calmly, someone will listen to you one day, here we are, your fans, we always listen to you I am barbara of venezuela
Aron Hines
Aron Hines 6 hours ago
You should of cooked this up in the stu a long time ago, but big respects to you
Megan davette
Megan davette 6 hours ago
Merinding 😭👍🏻
Khôi Nguyên Ông
Khôi Nguyên Ông 6 hours ago
GOOD - GOD = 0 0 + GOD = GOOD
Jesus Candanoza
Jesus Candanoza 6 hours ago
A vicky le toca cantarla :v ppvt justin por que la creaste >:v
Isaías Mateo
Isaías Mateo 6 hours ago
That’s deep 👏🏿. May god bless you.
Emily Klatt
Emily Klatt 6 hours ago
So good
I really miss you... Chill vibes
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