VP Fly Debate Cold Open - SNL

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Saturday Night Live

11 days ago

Susan Page (Kate McKinnon) moderates a debate between Senator Kamala Harris (Maya Rudolph) and Vice President Mike Pence (Beck Bennett).
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jimmyunderbite 23 minutes ago
joshua traman
joshua traman 31 minute ago
AH...... ALL THESE ......CCP-VIRUS ............. IMMUNE......... ''WOKE''.......ANTIFA................... EVERY WEEK............,
Rowan Clark
Rowan Clark 31 minute ago
Was it just me who was waiting for the main star to come buzzing in?
Jo Reven
Jo Reven 31 minute ago
Well, that explains the fly.
Maria Cristina Silva
Maria Cristina Silva Hour ago
Love love love! Thanks SNL :)
Via Mayo
Via Mayo Hour ago
Mocha Milan
Mocha Milan Hour ago
She acted out Kamala so well it’s amazing
Luke Hour ago
I’m assuming they are all democrats
Jonathan Clowers
Jonathan Clowers Hour ago
Pence dominated that debate
Rob Balint
Rob Balint Hour ago
Not cool im not try to be lame but its funny but they all hate trump all the time its not funny anymore welcome back snl
éclair Hour ago
Wait did he actually spit out foam from his mouth at the end? No wonder Kenan looked shocked.
Afro Jenkins
Afro Jenkins 2 hours ago
11C 2 hours ago
PCruler 2 hours ago
I like how they roasted everyone equally. So now audience member would be left bored. Regardless of political alignment.
Altai Aurelius
Altai Aurelius 2 hours ago
They lost the election when they refused to answer “will you pack the court?”
Erick Rivera
Erick Rivera 2 hours ago
This skit is GOLD!!!! LOVED IT!!!!!
Jasmine Mullen
Jasmine Mullen 2 hours ago
Claire Huxtable side eye took me out.
Laxhoop 2525
Laxhoop 2525 3 hours ago
Are there *really* 200,000+ people who are willing to ignore what are essentially human rights abuses Kamala has committed, just to scream “YAAAAS QUEEN SLAY!” at their TV’s and computers?
Karin Lynne Kucak
Karin Lynne Kucak 3 hours ago
I got to say, you guys were quite Fair on the skit. I appreciate it, because a lot of times, you know, they can be one-sided or the other. This is really good. Keep it up!
Weeb Idk
Weeb Idk 3 hours ago
Are we just going to ignore she did a Jojo pose 3:51
Ian Badolato
Ian Badolato 3 hours ago
This is funny af
big chungus
big chungus 4 hours ago
TRUMP 2020
giang GIANG
giang GIANG 4 hours ago
Justin Allen
Justin Allen 5 hours ago
Did she do a jojo pose?
Matteo Bianchi
Matteo Bianchi 5 hours ago
Why is this so realistic ? Is this some black magic or some shit plz expalin
Isaac Ponze
Isaac Ponze 6 hours ago
"Now Mr. Vice President, I have to ask this, what is the current health of President Trump?" "Thank you for asking, Susan." "Oh, I wasn't asking out of sympathy, Mike, I was asking with a simmering rage for his incompetence in a sadistic hope that he is not well." Every democratic citizen in 2020 is thinking exactly like Susan is here.
Gladys Esther
Gladys Esther 6 hours ago
Can’t get over this video 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Janet Pabon
Janet Pabon 6 hours ago
Rachael Young
Rachael Young 6 hours ago
Well I thought this skit was quite funny and entertaining until they used Herman Cain's death as a prop. That is just wrong, would SNL use Joe Biden's dead son in a scene as well and if so I would also think that is in poor taste.
Neyla Tosic
Neyla Tosic 7 hours ago
Let me ask u this reader.... We’re u angry when you ran out of toilet paper!
Neyla Tosic
Neyla Tosic 7 hours ago
But I am speaking...But I am SPEAKING!
Joe Urban
Joe Urban 7 hours ago
Very Interesting. I Wonder how many Dems outside California know about all this? ** Lets Pass It Around and Make Sure They Know!"I watched an interview with her. She is attractive, animated and absurd. She stated that she never had children; yet was a “Mother to her husband’s children.” And she “loved being a Mother.” She said the children called her “Momela”. Anyway, she led her audience to believe that she mothered these kids. I looked her up. She married her husband when the son was in his 3rd year of college and the daughter was in 10th grade and they actually lived with their biological Mother, except for normal visits with their father-so much for Motherhood. Right after hearing that, I discovered she was an opportunistic liar.I do remember Kamala Harris. I had just been elected to the State Assembly in 1994 and, at that time, the ultimate “power broker” that controlled every aspect of California’s state government was the Speaker of the House, Willie Brown. He ran Sacramento like it was his own personal fiefdom and handed out jobs to loyalists and fired people who were disloyal. He broke every ethical law in the book, but was never held to account by anyone. He was married, but openly had mistresses which he showed off by bringing them to public events.At the time I arrived in Sacramento, Willie was seeing a young girl who was in her late 20’s. He was in his 60’s. She was his mistress and he showered her with gifts and appointed her to a number of State government jobs. Her name was Kamala Harris. Willie launched her political career because she was having sex with him. The idea that she is an “independent” woman who worked her way up the political ladder because she worked hard is baloney. It is common knowledge in California that Kamala slept her way into powerful political jobs.And now she is running for VP with a man who will be unable to govern due to his lack of mental clarity. In essence, she will function as the President of the United States should the Biden/Harris ticket prevail this November. Her views on guns, taxes, immigration, energy, etc. are far to the left of the average America, but you watch the media ignore these positions.For example, she believes illegal aliens are eligible to ALL government services, including education, welfare benefits, health care, you name it. In other words, she does NOT believe there is a difference between a citizen and a non-citizen. That view alone will cost us billions of dollars if acted upon. Her view of the constitution is frankly bizarre and dangerous and she is willing to enact laws restricting our 2nd Amendment rights even if such laws violate our constitution.She will be the most radical person to run for VP in American history, but you won’t see any of this on the news. You will soon witness a massive campaign by the media to deceive you about who she is and what she believes. Don’t fall for it."Steve Baldwin… former California State Assemblyman, State of California 1 Comment LikeComment Share
admonster11 7 hours ago
All good SNL writers are dead.
XaXa 7 hours ago
Gabe Itch
Gabe Itch 8 hours ago
cody collins
cody collins 9 hours ago
Where is the funny?
Christian 9 hours ago
So why don't SNL actors have to wear a mask?
wood 210
wood 210 10 hours ago
I grew up watching SNL as a Saturday night tradition in my family and I LOVED it! I would look forward to it all week but around the time Alec Baldwin came on and started doing his famous(ly not funny) Trump impression I noticed a change in the writing and even the acting of the comedians. They went from making fun of everybody to only making fun of Trump and his cabinet and out went the funny. It seems that the SNL cast are all Die Hard Dems and they want the fans to know it. It is much funnier when you poke fun at both sides and just sleazy when you poke fun at only one side. Hey Lorne Michaels, we get it, you hate Trump. Leave it out of your show and you might get a few viewers back!
jagolfwoared 007
jagolfwoared 007 10 hours ago
jagolfwoared 007
jagolfwoared 007 10 hours ago
Funny how before it became a meme, I took a picture and put it on snow
Sahas Iyer
Sahas Iyer 11 hours ago
LMFAOOO I LOST IT AT "go wiggles"
Jaja -
Jaja - 11 hours ago
Where’s the funny?
Rick Farris
Rick Farris 12 hours ago
Kerry is brilliant, I want Biden to win just to see more of this duo on SNL.
Pete Kondolios
Pete Kondolios 13 hours ago
Thanks for the laptop Hunter. We appreciate the emails Bevan. Hopefully they will commute your sentence. We salute your service and cooperation LT Bobulinski. Someone said that he who is without sin may cast the first rock.... And l shall smoketh it.....Hunter
mohammed algburi
mohammed algburi 14 hours ago
a macho man randy savage amount of steriods lol
Justin 15 hours ago
#Trump2020 🖕
Jason Conrad
Jason Conrad 16 hours ago
Her PA accent impression is fantastic.
Melvenia Myles
Melvenia Myles 16 hours ago
Kamala Harris is not black she's Indian make Indian jokes when you're talkin about her not black women of black American jokes
Tikibird79 17 hours ago
The YTPs I’ve seen blow this spoof out of the water... This is just cringe.
Rogelio Gomez
Rogelio Gomez 17 hours ago
Remember a vote for Biden is a vote for Jim Carrey 🤣
Kull 1339
Kull 1339 18 hours ago
As a PA resident, that joke was painful but true
John Mausteller
John Mausteller 18 hours ago
Dr Handsome liar 😂😂😂😂
Nicholas Garcia
Nicholas Garcia 18 hours ago
“I pledge allegiance, to the uNITED states of America... one nation, indivi- under god _FORREAL_ ”
TiShari Hardnett
TiShari Hardnett 18 hours ago
Dr. Handsome Liar!😂😂😂
Simone Casillas
Simone Casillas 18 hours ago
One of the best skits I've seen in a long while....
Victor Ezeh
Victor Ezeh 19 hours ago
Bran dino
Bran dino 19 hours ago
Lmao quote of the year, "I'm speaking, I'm speaking."
Mel Ohlinger
Mel Ohlinger 19 hours ago
Is this a sketch from The Girly Show?
Oscar Perez
Oscar Perez 19 hours ago
FireTiger941 19 hours ago
6:11 I spit out my drink when she spit out hers! Hahaha
T E G 20 hours ago
Holy cow! She played Kamala to a T!
italian tommy
italian tommy 20 hours ago
Whoever is playing as kamala is hot
Ascended Dickh0le
Ascended Dickh0le 20 hours ago
I don't think the media actually watched this debate
Ren Michael
Ren Michael 20 hours ago
She forgot about,that little girl was me
Ren Michael
Ren Michael 20 hours ago
Like Maya better
M Viera
M Viera 20 hours ago
John 3:16
John 20 hours ago
THATS THE DEMOCRAT PLAN, bankrupt this country into socialism, victim this , victim that, more dependacy programs, so many angles they are working but NEVER EVER make the dependents pay for it, because if they had a flat tax and had to pay for every program OH NO THATS NOT FAIR, they are robbing my and your paychecks ,yours and mine, like goldfish in a tank , NO BRAINS, JUST FEED THEM EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE. without the programs, there wouldn't be a DEMOCRAT/dependency PARTY ,A relentless barrage of you precious victim/voters. its the successfuls fault. THEY HAVE NEVER ,NOR WILL THEY EVER. HAVE A PROFITABLE PLAN. SAY FLAT TAXES IN A DEMOCRAT environment, and watch there's eyes burn straight through you, YOU SEXIST, RACIST,whatever they can pull out of there ass. MEANWHILE the rest of the worlds getting more and more of our jobs. tick tock tick tock . every four years. THE NO accountability PARTY , robbing everyone every paycheck, every town, no escape, no plan whatsoever for self accountability.
Shabaka-Ra Imani
Shabaka-Ra Imani 21 hour ago
OMG he's an excellent Pence Lol
I’m A Great GUY
I’m A Great GUY 21 hour ago
Am I the only one that doesn’t give a crap about tp
M D 21 hour ago
Voted yesterday along with my wife. She is a Dem so she voted Biden/Harris. I'm a John McCain Independent and also voted Biden/Harris, Mark Kelly, Hiral Tiperneni. Time to get rid of the corruption in today's Rep party. Once Rep party starts nominating people similar to John McCain who represent AZ instead of their party and they stop putting such corrupt, lying, con artists in positions of power then I will start voting Rep again. Also they need to stop electing celebrities (i.e. Ron Regan, Arnold, Jessie Ventura, Trump). Celebrities have no place in government.
That's what she Says
That's what she Says 21 hour ago
Biden had 47 years and did nothing good, he voted for a 3 strikes your out bill. Biden/harris together put more blacks in chain's ⛓🚔 than any other person since slaverydays. #WalkAway from the Dems
Melvin Spearman
Melvin Spearman 14 hours ago
Completely false.
Lisa Brys
Lisa Brys 21 hour ago
SNL is so one sided democrats all the way so very biased and anti Trump. Hate SNL!
Cobbnaustic 22 hours ago
Trump 2020
Adi Greenberg
Adi Greenberg 22 hours ago
Quote on quote from Hamilton: Mr. Vice President, I am not the reason no one trusts you.... But here are the reasons: dude you act so serious and there’s a bug on your head So no one can trust you to notice
Darleen Perry
Darleen Perry 23 hours ago
The fly has more brains than heels up sleep her way up the ladder Kamala.
Danny Cox
Danny Cox 23 hours ago
Simple u use Honey not vinegar to catch a fly😀
Nuke Terrorist Israel!!!
Nuke Terrorist Israel!!! Day ago
Snl has never been funny this shows lame!!!!
J Free
J Free Day ago
She did a South Philly Italian accent lol.
Donna Kay Morgese
Donna Kay Morgese Day ago
Elba Valdez
Elba Valdez Day ago
She’s is great
Last in line
Last in line Day ago
Seriously just cancel SNL
Ronnie M
Ronnie M Day ago
You lost me at CNN, sorry
Action Jackson
Action Jackson Day ago
James as Jeff Goldblum as brundle fly.
Gia Solanki
Gia Solanki Day ago
"Susan" sounds like Siri.
Sir. Fender
Sir. Fender Day ago
There was an ad for Tampons before this video.
Sage's Show!
Sage's Show! Day ago
The person who did the imation of Kamala was so precise it was amazing
Rageshroud Day ago
Still not as funny as the actual debate.
yodo Day ago
Maya looks so much like kamala I thought they actually got her on the show
DJ Harris
DJ Harris Day ago
Love Mya Rudolph's impression of Kamala Harris 👌❤
Marcus Flores
Marcus Flores Day ago
was Kamala referencing JOJO?
Squad Bankz
Squad Bankz Day ago
Who knows trump is gonna win again and thinks it's HILARIOUS THESE MORON LIBTARDS STILL DONT UNDERSTAND WHY?!
Destiny Rios
Destiny Rios Day ago
MRgreen Day ago
biden needs to step down. abusing children is unacceptable. i dont care what your politics are. the hard drives show so many disgusting abuses. any of the people defending this are sick.
Trinity James
Trinity James Day ago
not Clair Huxtable lmao
Sage's Show!
Sage's Show! Day ago
Biden the fly....best thing I have seen in a couple of years BOOO TRUMP YAY BIDEN
Micah Milot
Micah Milot Day ago
So lame.
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson Day ago
BIDEN HARRIS 2020 💙💙💙💙💙
Operation FUBAR
Operation FUBAR Day ago
Jim Carrey has probably been waiting his whole life to play this exact role; Joe Biden as a fly as Jeff Goldblum.
Antionette Cole
Antionette Cole Day ago
4:22 is that what we sound like? Philadelphians what you think? Also yes to WaWa! 🤣🤣🤣
chris rl
chris rl Day ago
Where did they find the Lysol and why are they just wasting it like that?
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