Do Masks Work Or Not?? Proving Whether Masks Stop Covid-19 Transmission with Uncle Rob

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Uncle Rob

13 days ago

Testing surgical masks against the spread of cover-19. Will they work to stop the spread or not?
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matt2244 3 hours ago
Yup works with the correct mask.. now try a cloth mask, a bra, pantie's, shirt and all the other dumb stuff CNN tell's us work just as well as a N95 mask.
shadowman45810 3 hours ago
I guess if I spit while breathing out your right, but if I exhale like a normal human,you're wrong
Tomorrow Incorporated
Tomorrow Incorporated 31 minute ago
You...think the water vapor from your exhalations travel...further than you spitting...? Like, you REALLY think that the CO2 you exhale somehow travels further than you hauling back and spitting at full force...? Like, that's a thing that you truly believe...?
Rahn Abbott
Rahn Abbott 3 hours ago
Ok, so he used a parlor trick to prove a point. But we all know that these can virus' can hang in the air for a while. We also know we can become infected through our eyes. I wonder if you'd be willing to strap up with your favorite mask and take a shot of pepper spray from 6 feet. Might be more believable.
Victoria Victrix
Victoria Victrix 3 hours ago
Dude, I love you. So much.
Aaron 3 hours ago
The king has returned
TriniCrew 4 hours ago
i guess you have to break it down for the many slow Americans could understand! and now to the comment section where ever Walmart worker, warehouse worker, toilet bowl cleaner is a fucking doctor!
Sequoyah Lomax
Sequoyah Lomax 4 hours ago
Just the government controlling you
Ryan Gallant
Ryan Gallant 5 hours ago
hahaha this video is funny
LAZ ONE 5 hours ago
Mask are designed to keep things in not out
Jeffrey Bockser
Jeffrey Bockser 5 hours ago
I love your video! Thank you so much for making it!
Brayden Albarado
Brayden Albarado 6 hours ago
The return of the king
Marc Thibodeau
Marc Thibodeau 6 hours ago
Thank you uncle Rob! That was surely a lot of fun to watch and the message is very clear. The mask is very effective in short quarter. If you are able to keep your distance then drinking a beer without a mask is surely more enjoyable. I though that your attempt to drink a beer with the mask on was hilarious. Well done.
TheRayoo1 6 hours ago
so glad your back
Coater 31
Coater 31 7 hours ago
That old man should stay at home if he is worried about catching something. Don't remove my right just because he's at risk.
LerreL ReLLeR
LerreL ReLLeR 7 hours ago
if you cough straight at people like that you are an animal and deserve to be put down anyway. No one coughs at people like that. straw man comparison from the start.
Borsole Borsole
Borsole Borsole 8 hours ago
You surely have demonstrated that a fabric can stop a liquid. Genius.
Derek Edmondson
Derek Edmondson 6 hours ago
There seem to be a lot of obdurate and indolent people who require demonstrability.
nokmuay1970 8 hours ago
Shame the particles are like 10 times larger then the virus and therefore stopped by the mask. Try 1.25 micron droplets and call me back.Those spray droplets are no smaller then 10 microns
QuincySapien 7 hours ago
You are not coughing, sneezing or breathing out single viruses but droplets in which they swim. If you have a flu and sneeze into your handkerchief, are there Billions of single viruses or is there just one thick blob of sticky stuff? Is that small enough to gut though a mask? I think not.
Edward Savoy
Edward Savoy 8 hours ago
Fotostudio Gezett am Schöneberger Rathaus/Berlin
Fotostudio Gezett am Schöneberger Rathaus/Berlin 8 hours ago
one of the most stupid video of all time.
THAT1EPSY 4 hours ago
Found the anti-masker
James Gordon
James Gordon 8 hours ago
Awesome video and I always wear a mask!
Denis Karda
Denis Karda 9 hours ago
Ummm. Coronavirus is .125 microns. Your test fails miserably. Not apples to apples. Be FREE. Know your rights.
Denis Karda
Denis Karda 6 hours ago
This comedy act proves nothing and misleads individuals who lack knowledge to find reliable scientific research to get the TRUTH.
Denis Karda
Denis Karda 6 hours ago
Yes, fully aware. If someone is symptomatic, coughing and sneezing, spewing droplets, of course they should NOT be in public. Masks are supposedly worn in case someone is asymptomatic an carrier. A mask has scientifically been proven to hold no benefits of reducing the spread. It goes straight through the mask droplets or not. People are not listening to science. Only Randomized Controlled Trials should be trusted. Find me ONE RCT to prove yourself correct. I can give you several that say MASK HOLD NO EFFICACY in reducing the transmission of viruses as tiny as COVID. BRING IT.
QuincySapien 8 hours ago
You do know that the the Virus is inside of water droplets when spread and not just Single viruses are coughed out right? Right?
Grumpy 10 hours ago
Please don’t wait another two years....
Paul Sessel
Paul Sessel 10 hours ago
We have all missed you!
DaddingIt 10 hours ago
Good to see you back Rob ✌️✌️✌️✌️
sandy morgan
sandy morgan 10 hours ago
Not a true test. The covid germs are do much smaller than anything you threw at that virus. I'm surprised you all fell for that
THAT1EPSY 4 hours ago
This comment doesn't even make sense, wear your mask like professionals tell you, they know what they're doing more than you
M1648 11 hours ago
Still not going to wear one most of the time as it’s common sense. Only a very small minority of people cough that close to people. I also have fantastic sneezes which I sneeze open away from everyone and a small percentage of times accidentally into people. Masks are of course very useful in certain places such as care homes hospitals but for things such as shops and theatres etc you are only in for a few short moments. You can’t get rid of germs the only way is to live with them and when you get ill then you try your best to fight it. Just think how many germs are on your hands when opening and closing doors etc. I also believe I already had covid I had a awful cough and temperature within March time for at least 4 or 5 weeks but of course covid was only getting popular then. The world has sadly turned into the mother from the Cramp Twins and we need to stop worrying about germs and start worrying about other things again such as the economy and children’s education. These are just my opinions and was a great informative video
QuincySapien 7 hours ago
Hey, if you might already have had it, do an antibody test and if you have antibodies go and donate your blood plasma to actually help perplex. If not? Wer that damn mask, it is not only sneezing but breathing that spreads that sh**.
Oliver Sommer
Oliver Sommer 11 hours ago
they only men that can defeat thanos (even with the infinity gauntlet) is uncle rob
Channel Dad Bryon Lape
Channel Dad Bryon Lape 11 hours ago's satire...I completely missed it the first time. Masks are useless. That's the science.
THAT1EPSY 4 hours ago
Found another Karen guys, yep, this one here
Channel Dad Bryon Lape
Channel Dad Bryon Lape 11 hours ago
They only "work" up close and not that much for a virus. These masks are designed to halt bacteria spreading.
THAT1EPSY 4 hours ago
They're designed to stop droplets that contain the virus
Rena Cyvas
Rena Cyvas 12 hours ago
Can you do this with cloth masks?
drdischord 13 hours ago
Thanks for standing up for science, Uncle Rob!
Roddy MacChlerich
Roddy MacChlerich 13 hours ago
Or you could simply refer to the packaging your mask comes in Which tells you it will not prevent the transmission of coronavirus Or? you could do all types of unnecessary experiments and post them on USshow I’d rather put my faith in the manufacturer But that’s just me...😐 #MAGA
THAT1EPSY 4 hours ago
Because medics all around the world are just retarded and have been wearing masks for so long for no reason. You've opened my third eye champ, please seek help
Bruh 13 hours ago
Like, if they work at like 6 inches, why do we have to social distance? Honest question, don’t get why wearing mask isn’t the only thing we have to do
D4rk51d332 12 hours ago
It's an extra precaution, especially when you have people who won't cover their nose with the mask, completely defeating the purpose.
tjdesignzable 14 hours ago
dont be a dick wear a mask(while standing 1 foot next to someone not wearing mask)
Bicross Barbazan
Bicross Barbazan 14 hours ago
conclusive :-)
Ginger Pete
Ginger Pete 14 hours ago
It is the people directly behind the mask wearer that have to watch out ! That polluted air has to go somewhere........
tony hansen
tony hansen 14 hours ago
Thanks Uncle Rob u returned
Jon Gefaell
Jon Gefaell 15 hours ago
Your message is muted when you end your video not wearing masks. What point were you making there?
calllumda boss
calllumda boss 16 hours ago
The king has returned
Mark Fowler
Mark Fowler 17 hours ago
What a load of crap !
man of the woods
man of the woods 18 hours ago
Would be great if these measures could be translated into something the rest of the world understands instead of having to Google 😌
QOS Quality of Speed
QOS Quality of Speed 20 hours ago
I have shared this video with all my friends and family. I think it is the most concise way of proving why a mask is needed and when it would be effective and when it would not be effective. Bravo absolutely even the pyrotechnics makes it fun but it really drives the point home my wife mouth fell open she couldn't believe it and the most shocking points is that when you're right in front of the face if you're wearing when you're right in front of the face if the person is wearing a mask you probably wouldn't get it, especially if you also had a mask on even if they coughed in your face accidentally or sneezed in your face right accidentally you probably would have a good chance of not getting it
Ken Forsberg
Ken Forsberg 22 hours ago
We seem to think alike.
Gabriel Patrom
Gabriel Patrom 23 hours ago
How about testing to see wtf covid is and .. think it would be a better video ... and why in the hell were we doing the same thing for the flu or any other disease????????
Filip Day ago
Guess whos bacc, bacc again?
Benoit Tremblay
Benoit Tremblay Day ago
For anyone still doubting, look up "infectious dose" and "viral load". It's not enough to come in mere contact with the virus. The dose needs to be enough to make you sick. Wearing a mask greatly reduces the quantity of virus in the air around someone who's sick. However, being in the presence of someone who's sick for a long time can be problematic even though they're wearing a mask.
Madeline Highland
Madeline Highland Day ago
CeNedra Lea Heldra
CeNedra Lea Heldra Day ago
Thank you.
Dan Day ago
Did I miss something? Doesn't this just show that a surgical mask stops a flammable spray? I did not see covid used during the test 🤷‍♂️
Dan 14 hours ago
The issue i have with the test is that aerosol spray is 100 microns or more (per internet) covid is about .12 microns. Depending on type of surgical mask, they stop 95-98% of 3 microns and no protection to 98% protection of .1 micron. Covid is about .12 microns, which to me seems pretty close to .1 micron. So, to me, it seems depending on the type of surgical mask there would be little protection to good protection. But, back to an aerosol spray of 100 microns or more, a surgical mask which stops 3 microns should be able to handle stopping 100% of the aerosol spray.
jedimaster69nyc 15 hours ago
One of the ways covid-19 spreads is via droplets from an infected person. If a mask can stop droplets from a pressurized spray, it should stop covid-19 droplets from an infected person
He’s still alive!!!
hogberry Day ago
Nothing blew up 🤨
cody leight
cody leight Day ago
Your back!!!!
Roy Trolinger
Roy Trolinger Day ago
The argument isn't whether mask prevent an infected person from spreading it. It's whether or not it prevents the wearer from getting infected. In your test, the mannequin would rebreathe it's own infected air.
QuincySapien 7 hours ago
I know it is hard to understand for an American, but it is not about you, but about the community. If you don't spread it, no one else gets sich, yes you breath your own breath (or a very small Part of it) again, but everybody else is safe. If you were Part of everybody else, would you not be glad that the sick person breaths it again and not you? Or is this also communism?
ar47yrr4p Day ago
the manufacturers themselves mark on their packaging of their masks that "this mask will not protect you from corona virus or any virus..." and there isn't a single scientific study that shows that masks work...but there are quite a few studies that show they don't! So this experiment is completely ludicrous!
FlipperMuffin75 official
FlipperMuffin75 official Day ago
Well guess we have to wait 3 years later
Southern_Biscuits Day ago
You can not compare liquid from an aerosol can to the COVID virus or any virus for that matter. Anything that comes out of that can is thicker and larger than the spores of a virus. Put that mask on and sniff the gas, tell me if it prevents the smell? We have thousands of pores all over our bodies that is open to the virus. When we wear a mask, our eyes are open to the virus. The experiment is fake news. The mask gives us comfort but it doesnt do anything else.
Chad Day ago
Actually in my city. After forcing a mask mandate. The virus went from 334 cases a week to about 140
Steven Bastian
Steven Bastian Day ago
Puff the Magic Dragon gets Covid. WhoDaThunk?
Mary Heard
Mary Heard Day ago
Wow. Where have you been since time began! Such a simple test that proves zero. If you take care of your immune system you don’t have to worry about someone sneezing a foot away from your face. You wear the stupid masks and go along to get along. That’s what fools do. In the meantime, I’m doing just fine at 63 and enjoy getting as much oxygen as I can. If you are not taking care of yourself, why is it my duty to harm myself in order to reduce the stress load on your immune system. Grow up and take responsibility for your life - the way it should always have been.
Jodi Spencer
Jodi Spencer 19 hours ago
Mary Heard thank you! I feel like I'm reading something I wrote👍👍👍
Penny Thatcher
Penny Thatcher Day ago
Thanks for the excellent visual dude ✌
GramPapnedrac Day ago
You all should be wearing goggles too because it can be picked up through the eyes.
QuincySapien 7 hours ago
I don't know about you, but I very rarely spread tears over a distance of 6 feet (masks are mot about catching but spreading covid)
Son of God
Son of God Day ago
Forget this , just fart, only then you'll know if your mask works .
林杏藤 Day ago
So we cough flames now?
Armand Kabanga
Armand Kabanga Day ago
M B Day ago
Can u do this with the cloth masks most are wearing?
ray Day ago
I thought this guy was dead. Some more fake news huh. Guess that just shows that you can't believe anything that someone says unless it's coming from the horse's mouth it's self.
jedimaster69nyc 15 hours ago
How is this video fake news?
Lia Macirowski
Lia Macirowski Day ago
Can you do the same with a cloth mask?
Spencer Parris
Spencer Parris Day ago
*The Return of the King*
John lim
John lim Day ago
Great video but now can you this same test with cloth masks??
DLN1 Day ago
That made me cry laughing. From a frontline healthcare provider - THANK YOU!!
M B Day ago
So the masks "reduce" but don't protect against transmission. THEREFORE, the masks don't work. All it takes is a tiny particle of corona for one to get infected. And not even that, every time you wear a mask, your oxygen levels shoot down. I dare anyone to say the transfer of oxygen would be the same with or without mask-wearing. Please read up on Hypoxia.
Chad 16 hours ago
@M B oh here is a article on fox: Just do a little research, it isn't that hard. Mask don't take your right aways. A business has a right to remove anyone for any reason. Where you up in arms over "no shirt, no shoes, no service"? Did the government take your rights away forcing seat belts. Do you cover your mouth when you sneeze? The whole argument is ridiculous and honestly, childish. You aren't childish, so stop please. Thank you
Chad 17 hours ago
@M B sure, here: You aren't a doctor. Stop believing what Facebook is telling you. Stop lying and spreading misinformation. Otherwise you should be lumped with "Anti-Vaxxers" and flat earthers
M B Day ago
@Chad please name them. Legitimate ones. You will not find one, who indicates this is so.
Chad Day ago
There has been numerous videos of doctors testing your Blood Oxygen levels after wearing a mask all day. No change. Please. Stop. Lying.
Positive Outflow
Positive Outflow Day ago
What is the average particle size coming out of the fluid spray?
samuel briggs
samuel briggs 7 hours ago
Spud58 Day ago the other side of the argument. See both sides. Make your own choices. Do your own tests for that matter. Because BOTH of these videos could absolutely be BS. But I will say the clip of Fauci saying what he is saying at the end of the video I linked is NOT.
The Babaa
The Babaa Day ago
Finally..good ol' American- Yankee ingenuity.. Love,,' in it!!!!!!!!! Once more proving common sense does still exist.. Thank you..thank you
John Woodberry
John Woodberry Day ago
Of course it works against solid particles,and normal liquid. But that's Not A Virus. Hence,it's ineffectiveness against Covud 19.--osar
SumoRabbitOfDoom 10 hours ago
The virus leaves your mouth in droplets of saliva. The droplets of saliva stop when they hit the inside of the mask. The virus is still in the droplets. WEAR A MASK.
Johnny K
Johnny K Day ago
World's Top Epidemiologists - Masks Don't Work!: This is just an exercise in social conformity and civil obedience sheeple!!!
Peter Mirtitsch
Peter Mirtitsch Day ago
I see the guy on the right has a slight temperature...
Jennifer Kreisel
Jennifer Kreisel Day ago
Can we get a clean version of this to show at school? No beer or swearing? Avoid mentioning condoms... It is a great demo!!!!!!
Ann Holubeshen
Ann Holubeshen Day ago
Tim Binns
Tim Binns Day ago
Do this with a cloth home made mask, I curious if the results are the same
Chrizz _ 678
Chrizz _ 678 Day ago
Are we not going to talk about that carona is a virus and not a liquid, it can go through fabric
AwesomeLad66 17 hours ago
@TheBaneofLiberals:StraightWhiteConservativeMale Moron, look at South Korea. Case closed.
TheBaneofLiberals:StraightWhiteConservativeMale Day ago
@AwesomeLad66 oh yeah? Look at the videos from the early days of the virus in China. Everybody, EVERYBODY had masks on and yet this thing spread like wildfire from China to the world. Yeah, the masks help stop the spread! And if you believe any facts and figures coming out of China you are dumber than AOC. What color is the sky in your world AwesomeLad66?
AwesomeLad66 Day ago
@TheBaneofLiberals:StraightWhiteConservativeMale Explain Asia: densely populated and low transmission rate. Answer: mask culture.
TheBaneofLiberals:StraightWhiteConservativeMale Day ago
@AwesomeLad66 the virus is .10 micros in size and the holes in the masks are 3 microns in size. How are they stopping the particles? Expecting masks to stop the virus is like throwing sand at a chain link fence. And you think this video is scientific? Wake up.
AwesomeLad66 Day ago
And how does the virus travel far when the force behind it is blocked by the mask??
Media Bear
Media Bear Day ago
1:43 you aren’t even squeezing the trigger LOL. You can clearly tell in the other shots you are completely depressing the trigger. Excellent disingenuous propaganda!
CrazyDave C
CrazyDave C Day ago
Oh, I must have imagined that pssst sound I heard... if you're not happy re-do the test yourself, then Google "Mask Effectiveness Study" and try not to filter out all the good ones just 'cos they don't fit your existing narrative!
Brock Free
Brock Free Day ago
And you can clearly hear it
Brock Free
Brock Free Day ago
He was squeezing the trigger look closely
M B Day ago
Exactly. He's got an axe to grind, and he's ANGRY.
Warthog Day ago
Can you try this test with a face shield? I can breath with a face shield.
Greg ######
Greg ###### Day ago
If face diapers are so effective why haven't they been required in Hospitals till now ???? Why not wear them all year , now that's safety..hide under Bed ??
AwesomeLad66 16 hours ago
@Greg ###### You basically ignored the fact South Korea contained it early after it spread rapidly through a Korean church gathering. Social distance plus masks = very low transmission. If you actually look at South Korea, you will see most of the new infections are 'tourists' caught at customs with the virus, and western expats living in Korea who are not social distancing or wearing masks. How is this hard to comprehend?
Greg ######
Greg ###### 17 hours ago
@AwesomeLad66 The infection rate is meaningless and inaccurate. The infections are in the millions around the world (Billions ?). The herd immunity will take hold at about 60% of the population.THE VIRUS CANNOT BE STOPPED....IT WILL TRANSMIT EXPONENTIALLY..Vaccines in time are a pipe dream..
AwesomeLad66 Day ago
@Greg ###### Compare South Korea to the Netherlands: Netherlands has 10x the infection rate and 10x more deaths. How have face masks been detrimental to Korea? Korea did not stop business and suffer like the West did, because they put cloth on their face early. It's not a hard task wearing a mask. But I understand some countries want to be the guinea pig regarding herd immunity and long term effects, so it will be interesting to see the results, apart from a much higher death rate as I mentioned. Maybe even compare the West to Taiwan.. why is it that densely populated Asian countries faired better? (hint: mask culture)
Greg ######
Greg ###### Day ago
@AwesomeLad66 The Dutch disagree: Despite a global stampede of mask-wearing, data show that 80-90 percent of people in Finland and Holland say they “never” wear masks when they go out, a sharp contrast to the 80-90 percent of people in Spain and Italy who say they “always” wear masks when they go out. Dutch public health officials recently explained why they’re not recommending masks. "From a medical point of view, there is no evidence of a medical effect of wearing face masks, so we decided not to impose a national obligation," said Medical Care Minister Tamara van Ark. Others, echoing statements similar to the US Surgeon General from early March, said masks could make individuals sicker and exacerbate the spread of the virus. “Face masks in public places are not necessary, based on all the current evidence,” said Coen Berends, spokesman for the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment. “There is no benefit and there may even be negative impact.” In Sweden, where COVID-19 deaths have slowed to a crawl, public health officials say they see “no point” in requiring individuals to wear masks. “With numbers diminishing very quickly in Sweden, we see no point in wearing a face mask in Sweden, not even on public transport,” said Anders Tegnell, Sweden’s top infectious disease expert.
Greg ######
Greg ###### Day ago
@AwesomeLad66 Sweden will be the first .No Bolshevik lockdowns or face diapers. I guess we will need to wait to see if all the Skiers start wheezing and coughing up Rose Petals..
Sunny Peta Ageless Mobility
Sunny Peta Ageless Mobility Day ago
Awesome. Love your ingenuity and presentation.
kennys1wife Day ago
Can he do one with cloth masks? Homemade masks? Will that still work the same way?
mrlosteruk Day ago
A simple yet effective demonstration of the efficacy of mask wearing. You are protecting society around you, if everyone else does the same thing then you will get the protection you are offering to others back from them. It's not rocket science.
Infidel777 Patriot
Infidel777 Patriot 20 hours ago
Nobody is protecting shit, With those dirty germ incubators strapped on their faces.
Nixon Rexzile
Nixon Rexzile Day ago
remember misinformation takes down by youtube so at what point can you tell us the truth?
AliceThroughTheLookingGlass Day ago
Case in point. If you're coughing like a Coronavirus gun get to a doctor stat! And put a hazmat suit on for the duration of your travels until cured, lol!
Arrslicker Day ago
Yes for uncle rob!!!
Lily Zhong
Lily Zhong Day ago
Man are you are creative. Thanks!
Jacob Bromstad
Jacob Bromstad Day ago
Man I thought he was dead
TheBaneofLiberals:StraightWhiteConservativeMale 2 days ago
Here is something else for you to delete: Viruses are .10 micron in size The holes in the masks are 3 microns in size. Viruses are 3,000 times smaller than than the holes in the masks. Every box the masks come in say they don't protect against Covid 19. Hello? Why are we wearing them?
Jessica M
Jessica M 2 days ago
UNCLE ROB ❤️ This video popped up on my Facebook feed. I was like Uncle Rob??? Came over here immediately
Jacob Everett
Jacob Everett 2 days ago
Chino Man
Chino Man 2 days ago
The masks are made to stop bacteria. Not viruses. But what do I know. I’ve only been practicing medicine for 29 yrs
Slate Agar
Slate Agar 2 days ago
viruses are only 1.2 times smaller than bacteria tho?
Richie Mann
Richie Mann 2 days ago
I love how at the end he's standing right next to him without a mask
Striker Frost
Striker Frost 2 days ago
Sad that we politicized this
FFEMTB08 2 days ago
Holy shit!! He’s alive!!!
Zee_Big_Loser 2 days ago
The fire nation but it's good
Susan Babudro
Susan Babudro 2 days ago
I guess your mother never taught you to cover your mouth when you cough.and sneeze. Amazing that we all lived this long. Too bad it doesn't filter out fear and lies :). Have another beer, boy :)
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