this is the cutest makeup i've ever seen

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Mikaela Long

Mikaela Long

10 days ago

in honor of BLM, I will be donating 100% of the ad revenue from this video to the Loveland Foundation and the Black Trans Travel Fund, so don't be shy, watch the ads!
list of petitions to sign, numbers to call, and charities to donate to:
I also want to say happy pride, I hope you feel loved and supported always 🤍
in this video, I cake my face with Beauty Bakerie makeup, *ooh* and *ahh* over all the adorable products, passionately discuss the Twilight series, and overshare about my past relationships and singleness...idk what came over me
UPDATE 7-4-20
I just tried the Beauty Bakerie highlighter again and while it was lovely, it barely showed up and I was like wait...?!?!?! and that's when it dawned on me that it only looked that shiny because of the placement of my lights HAHAHA that was the first time I set up the lights the way I did and it did magical things...apparently too anyway, while the Beauty Bakerie highlighter is pretty, it is actually quite subtle and Champagne Pop is still my favorite!!
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Yanina Hour ago
please do a egirl makeup video I'm begging
Keegan Mckay
Keegan Mckay 4 hours ago
PLEASE talk about ur old relationships , i need advice!!!!!
Kara Guy
Kara Guy 6 hours ago
I watch the twilight series and when I'm done watch it over again...
lia 7 hours ago
omg the part about thirsting over men while simultaneously not caring for 99.9% of em... i felt that truly
XENA ASMR 7 hours ago
omg does anyone know the model of her camera?
Naty Lima
Naty Lima 14 hours ago
you're such a beautiful person! Inside and out
Nina Sukacz
Nina Sukacz 15 hours ago
'cake face' here till the end
robbi samón
robbi samón 19 hours ago
Loved this video so much 💖💖💖💖💖
Danielle Jeffrey
Danielle Jeffrey 21 hour ago
woah. the highlighter shine is INSANE your beauitful!
Danielle Jeffrey
Danielle Jeffrey 21 hour ago
mikaela will FOREVER be my favorite influencer who instantly influences me to do whatever she says. shes hilarious and its the only youtuber i dont fast forward thru
origamijasmineflowers Day ago
In regards to eye primer: I consider it essential for me. If I don't use it, my eye shadow will crease in 5 minutes. When I use it, my eye shadow doesn't crease for 30 minutes, sometimes longer :) my eyelids hate me and I hate them we have a long standing feud
Nope Nope
Nope Nope Day ago
her shoulders are 𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘺 Can't relate ✌🏼😔
Aeri Yawn
Aeri Yawn Day ago
this is the only time I’ll sit through the trump ads that USshow thinks I want
Samuel Morales
Samuel Morales Day ago
No cap, I’m willing to trivia with you over twilight because I’m a die hard fan. 🤩
kathie dixon
kathie dixon Day ago
noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo alm
Olivia Dills
Olivia Dills Day ago
This made me want to rewatch Twilight.
Alaska Young
Alaska Young Day ago
knowing the money from watching a Trump ad about how defunding the police is bad is going to support BLM is a different type of irony that I love
Dylan Spowart
Dylan Spowart Day ago
the midnight premieres for twilight were the most iconic
Mila Day ago
I think the thing with eyeshadow primer depends on how your eyelids are. My eyelids are very oily. Like very very oily. I can‘t wear eyeshadow without a primer because the eyeshadow would smear immediately. If you don‘t have any problems with that and light skin I guess you don‘t need one.
Grace Mugerditchian
Grace Mugerditchian Day ago
Me staring at the boobies in the background 👀👀👀👀
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Day ago
Really amazing
Nia Henry
Nia Henry Day ago
cake face
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Day ago
The COLOUR coordination!!! 💙💖💙💖 Mikaela the scheme, the planning, the fit IMMACULATE. Always immaculate. Teach me how to care abt my appearance 😂
Lighthouse Gacha
Lighthouse Gacha Day ago
ALL lives matter
leah Day ago
Saying blm doesnt mean other lives dont matter it just means black lives matter too because theyre treated like they dont. U should educate urself on alm too because it was used to silence blm.
Taylinn Merkle
Taylinn Merkle Day ago
Mikaela is the sweetest human ever :,) protect her at all costs🥺
Amy Campbell
Amy Campbell Day ago
BLM marxist organization hell bent on destroying America. Wake up people quit trying to be pc
mareike jordan
mareike jordan Day ago
i love you
Fernanda de Alencar
Fernanda de Alencar Day ago
I dont know why, but Clair de Lune suits very well in this makeup video
Nessan 02
Nessan 02 2 days ago
Can I please borrow your jawline? It's amazing 🥺👉🏻👈🏻
h3llo kimmie
h3llo kimmie 2 days ago
I fucking love her had to stop and go watch vines real fast but I’ll be bacl
ラヺゕaura 2 days ago
shoutout to casetify phone case
Taylor Weedon
Taylor Weedon 2 days ago
i’d love to see mikaela try doing fox eyes! i think she would kill it
daddy long legs
daddy long legs 2 days ago
something about this video is just so relaxing 😌
Emily Lange
Emily Lange 2 days ago
Currently in the comments cause I’m watching the ads to support the organizations :)
Cathrine Holst
Cathrine Holst 2 days ago
seeing and hearing you support BLM and black owned businesses confirms that you deserve all the support and the platform it gives you.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 2 days ago
Peep the bestdressed earrings
Molly Baker
Molly Baker 2 days ago
Correct me if I. Wrong but has she ever gotten into a scandal or drama? I have no choice other than to Stan. Also her editing style is so aesthetic I love it :)
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 2 days ago
A gorgeous chick with a dope personality I-😍
India Pittman
India Pittman 2 days ago
Cake face
S R 2 days ago
The COLOUR coordination!!! 💙💖💙💖 Mikaela the scheme, the planning, the fit IMMACULATE. Always immaculate. Teach me how to care abt my appearance 😂
Evan Borboa
Evan Borboa 2 days ago
i missed you
usui 2 days ago
u r so pretty omg :0
Samantha Galvin
Samantha Galvin 2 days ago
“I should call him” LMFAOOO
Butterflysnme2 2 days ago
Do not be afraid to love Twilight at all. I'm a 54 year old woman who watches all the movies every time I see them. Are you reading the newest Twilight twist book called Life and Death Twilight reimagined? If not, you must read it. I will take anymore Twilight I can get! Fan for life! I loved your tutorial. 💗 And I just subscribed.
July Maldonado
July Maldonado 2 days ago
I missed youuu, this felt like we were hanging out🤧
Megan 2 days ago
Mikaela you are such an unproblematic queen! Thank you so much for using your voice💗
Aby MM
Aby MM 3 days ago
she’s makes my anxiety go away 😌💅🏽
katie bigwood
katie bigwood 3 days ago
A G 3 days ago
I FELT THAT when you said you have no interest in dating right now because you're uninterested in 99% of men! SAME SAME SAME!!! I'm so very content being single. I don't even enjoy dating to be perfectly honest. I don't have a timeline or any expectations how my love life should go and finally you and the other peeps in the comments are echoing that and I FEEL NORMAL!!! If and when I finally find my person, it'll be because we became friends first and had no romantic notions for a long long long time before it just feeling right. And I'm perfectly okay with that
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 3 days ago
How can someone as lovely, funny and sweet as Mikaela be SO UNDERRATED.
selene monfort
selene monfort 3 days ago
"i should call him" hAHA
Wynona De Leon
Wynona De Leon 3 days ago
Now that, is literal cake face
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 3 days ago
Mikaela, we need to know... Wheres Diana?!
Auriana Ames
Auriana Ames 3 days ago
A gorgeous chick with a dope personality I-😍
tani ani
tani ani 3 days ago
Peep the bestdressed earrings
Sarita Singh
Sarita Singh 3 days ago
mikaele is absolutely gorgeous with or without makeup but that look SLAYYYYYED
Ivory 215
Ivory 215 3 days ago
Agatha Dorobczynska
Agatha Dorobczynska 3 days ago
Am I only one who didn’t get ads?
kolim jone
kolim jone 3 days ago
me noticing her earrings: does she listen to girl in red
Vasilia Kofidis
Vasilia Kofidis 3 days ago
eyeshaddow primer to me is like concealer because it is both used for to prevent creasing and make the color pop or last longer.
Barbara Flores
Barbara Flores 4 days ago
twilight came when we all needed it😭😭😭🙂
kolim jone
kolim jone 3 days ago
I love beauty bakerie!!!!! Their sponges are amazing for me AND they're only $18 for 6!!
Rachel Hiltz
Rachel Hiltz 4 days ago
Ok ok but everybody hear me out: mikaela in alt/punk makeup😳👉👈
Sydney Fiddick
Sydney Fiddick 4 days ago
I can see and feel Mikaela’s sadness and it breaks my heart...stay strong baby girl we’ve all been there. We love you and we will always be patient with you ❤️
baby beanz
baby beanz 4 days ago
I dyed my hair pink because of you and I literally love myself so much right now. Thank you for inspiring me queen 🥺 Also BLM!!
squidfox makeup
squidfox makeup 4 days ago
Cake face!! It turned out so well!!!
PsychoWolf 4 days ago
which brushes was she using
The golden Spork
The golden Spork 4 days ago
I think she looks prettier without makeup
Evelyn May
Evelyn May 4 days ago
Mikaela, we need to know... Wheres Diana?!
A Hot Potato
A Hot Potato 4 days ago
When i see Mikaela’s videos I genuinely get happy🥰
Ellen Dickens
Ellen Dickens 4 days ago
baby pls wet ye beauty blenders before use my god it hurt my soul watching you be that nasty to your stunnin face
Ellen Dickens
Ellen Dickens 4 days ago
@Mikaela Long omg senpai 😍
Mikaela Long
Mikaela Long 4 days ago
hahaha I did wet her!! 💕
Luke Horton
Luke Horton 4 days ago
I got an ad for Donald Trump 💀 Trump money just went to the Black Trans Travel Fund. We love to see it.
marley mitchell
marley mitchell 4 days ago
‘That white spillage, ugh I should call him’ I SCREAMED 😂
thicCsatan 4 days ago
cake face 😗
Belén Zeledón
Belén Zeledón 4 days ago
Are we going to ignore the painting of nudes in the back?
Amber Lynn Lonsinger-Anderson
Amber Lynn Lonsinger-Anderson 4 days ago
" Did I just say CUMER?! " 😂 (instead of color haha)
Jenna ended and I’m sad
Jenna ended and I’m sad 4 days ago
Quarantine has made people nose dive into things from like ten years ago, for mikaela it’s twilight, for me it’s one direction. I never went through a one direction phase, I’m ten years too late
katy. 4 days ago
I love beauty bakerie!!!!! Their sponges are amazing for me AND they're only $18 for 6!!
chia kichi
chia kichi 4 days ago
*turns off adblocker and rewatches the video 10 times*
Jessica Gonzalez
Jessica Gonzalez 4 days ago
I thought when you said “the lid” you were going to throw the spongebob line in there 😂😂😩
Crystal Malik
Crystal Malik 4 days ago
I’ve been following you for years and I still can’t tell if I’m in love with you, or if I wanna be you
beamtle last name
beamtle last name 5 days ago
cake face 🍰!
beamtle last name
beamtle last name 5 days ago
i never realized how CUTE your nose is !!
Mae Vimont
Mae Vimont 5 days ago
omg she looks like billie elish
mya lachance
mya lachance 5 days ago
she has such a good heart and she’s so entertaining to watch 🥺❤️
Roman Broggi
Roman Broggi 5 days ago
NO how is makeup cute it is a bunch of chemicals and other stuff combined to make u look cute or uglier cuter or ugly
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