The Insane Engineering of the A-10 Warthog

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2 months ago

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Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
Editor: Dylan Hennessy (
Animator: Mike Ridolfi (
3D Animation: Eli Prenten
:Sound: Graham Haerther (
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster forgottentowel


Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.

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Real Engineering
Real Engineering 7 days ago
We just released a new video about the A-10's grand papi, the P-47 Thunderbolt. 👴🏻 If you enjoyed this video, you will love this one:
Crazy Gaming
Crazy Gaming 15 hours ago
Hachi Riko The A-10 might be inspired by the Stuka but the thunderbolt in its name comes from the P-47 and read the first few sentences also warthog is a name given by the soldiers due to the ugly appearance of the aircraft The thunderbolt II was the official name given to commemorate the P-47 thunderbolt Plus where the hell did the II come from? It’s not like they pulled it out of there ass
fox 12
fox 12 22 hours ago
that IS my Plane A-10
Hachi Riko
Hachi Riko Day ago
@Crazy Gaming its not though, the P47 was never intended to be a ground attack aircraft. the P47 was a interceptor but because of the load it could carry also slid into a ground attack role. this is why its a big common misconception, the P47 has NOTHING to do with the A-10 other then the name which it got from its gun sounding like thunder when it shoots. (which isnt even its official nickname which is warthog) as i said and my link will explain, the Stuka and IL-2 inspired and led to development of the A-10.
Crazy Gaming
Crazy Gaming Day ago
Hachi Riko I understand the STG but the Stuka might have inspired the A-10 but the name comes from the P-47 It’s more inspired by the Stuka and the P-47 both working in air support roles but the Thunderbolt name came from the P-47 The gun is just designed to be on it for the air support just as both aircraft did But the P-47 nickname also gave the A-10 its name
Hachi Riko
Hachi Riko Day ago
@Crazy Gaming to not confuse with the P47, the ONLY similarities are the nickname. considering your youtube channel i can take a good guess at your age. you definitely dont know what you are talking about
Robert Deradourian
Robert Deradourian 4 hours ago
Wow.,iconic,vanguard,.exceling in its duties.ect.thenits back to the germans
Entity 282
Entity 282 8 hours ago
0:50 Hey, I see my flat!
andre langer
andre langer 8 hours ago
No one 30mm Gun: Who put a plane on me?
BoxedInGaming 9 hours ago
Who needs missiles when you have BRRRRRRTTTT
Morgan Kent Year 10
Morgan Kent Year 10 9 hours ago
Fulda gap: *exists* Warthunder players:hmmm nyessss
Nerdom 11 hours ago
David Allen
David Allen 12 hours ago
I wouldn't recommend shooting at me, because your gun goes 'pew pew' but my fucking gun goes- BBBBRRRRRRRR
Bo Sheep
Bo Sheep 14 hours ago
You do a great job narrating this videos. Pleasing voice and good cadence.
Simon Morton
Simon Morton 18 hours ago
Thanks (from the Russians)!
fox 12
fox 12 22 hours ago
that IS my Plane A-10 =D wow
Have A Nice Day
Have A Nice Day Day ago
I love this airplane!
Carlos Cruz
Carlos Cruz Day ago
People: lol the A-10 Warthog is WAY too overpowered, I would never want to fight against it. A-10 Warthog: hah gun go *brrrrrttt*
Jimmy Cole
Jimmy Cole Day ago
Lol they just copied the B-11 strike force.
Crazy Gaming
Crazy Gaming Day ago
The A-10 isn’t a gun with a plane built around it It’s a gun made to fly
Larry Kin
Larry Kin Day ago
I love this plane.Tough as your old boots and lethal to tanks.
Kane Olivera
Kane Olivera Day ago
the A 10 never surpasses the Frogfoot
paul zet
paul zet Day ago
pilot: my engine is ded ATC: engine is gun
paul zet
paul zet Day ago
so ingenuity based that its like a soviet plane
Rafael Insuela
Rafael Insuela Day ago
Wait... so, they can actually stall just by firing their guns?
Joey Rath
Joey Rath Day ago
I've seen more flares popped from an F-18 than from a A-10
Thrills & Frills
Thrills & Frills Day ago
Engineer you like the plane ( the general da gun go bbbrrrrrrrttttttt
Noah Stephens
Noah Stephens 2 days ago
Kharlle Laurence Rabalo
Kharlle Laurence Rabalo 2 days ago
Miles M
Miles M 2 days ago
So if you put this on the ground and need to retreat you could just get on and go brrrt... it’ll shoot the enemy and get you far away
Tony Lozano
Tony Lozano 2 days ago
And on the first day God said "let there be light" but then the A10 said "brrrrrt"
Eagles Fan Keepingitreal
Eagles Fan Keepingitreal 2 days ago
Just turn the A-10s into unmanned aircraft, big fawking drones.
GTA Cleveland
GTA Cleveland 2 days ago
Soviet Military: You can't just build a flying gun! American Engineer: Hehe plane goes brrrt
d140 cool
d140 cool 2 days ago
The airplane of the human resistance in Terminator 4
Trey Patterson
Trey Patterson 2 days ago
I get to work on these things for a living and it's epic. If your going to join the military go Air Force.
A-10 Warthog
A-10 Warthog 2 days ago
Uzi Azad
Uzi Azad 2 days ago
Nobody: This plane inspired Rapper Birdman's "Brrrrrt"
Deborah Thomas Norling
Deborah Thomas Norling 2 days ago
What a Gorgeous Gal!
Cody Schlenker
Cody Schlenker 2 days ago
They can't justify getting rid of the A-10. It's way too good.
dumdumbinks274 Day ago
It is only good in a very specific situation that is only relevant currently because the US keep going to war against people who can't do anything against aircraft. Regarding the role of CAS, the F-16 is more successful than the A-10. Regarding the specific aspect of CAS that the A-10 performs well i.e direct fire support, there are cheaper options that are just as survivable in such a situation.
Yuddy Saputra
Yuddy Saputra 2 days ago
it is simply like messersmith
Haluk Yiğit
Haluk Yiğit 2 days ago
I couldn't find a good hd wallpaper of A-10
Uttaran Das
Uttaran Das 2 days ago
So A-10 can fly backwards just by firing. Impressive
notfiveo 2 days ago
Only military plane that farts.
matt gaetz
matt gaetz 2 days ago
Trump will not get a second term as President
Ahmad Fadly
Ahmad Fadly 2 days ago
cost over performance... sounds soldiers are expendables..
eidwsatan 2 days ago
Blink Witzer
Blink Witzer 2 days ago
Hans Ulrich Rudel is part of the development of A-10, German Junker Veteran
I wonder what the longest sustained burst by the a-10's gun is
SealFredy5 3 days ago
You screwed up your doctrines. The fulda gap and A-10 were designed for "Forward Defense" not air land battle. Forward Defense was basically the idea that any war with the Soviets would begin with one gigantic battle, where the majority of all casualties and equipment would be lost. After this massive battle, the winner would have the momentum and equipment to essentially win the rest of the war. In this idea, every and all assets were to be capable of responding and engaging in this single front all at once. This doctrine was highly disputed at the time and was quickly replaced with Air-Land Battle. The A-10 was built specifically for Forward Defense. It was the idea that losing an aircraft was irrelevant because saving it for the latter was also irrelevant. The A-10 was built to be survivable enough to deliver munitions (surviving up to 23mm cannon shells). That primary munition was to be the AGM-54 Maverick Missile. The cannon was added as a secondary armament for a pilot to utilize before inevitably being shot down. Even at the time of conception, the Gau-8 was not strong enough to penetrate anything but the most outdated of Soviet reserve tanks. After moving to the newer doctrine, Air-Land Battle, the emphasis was shifted on mobile groups that could rapidly outmaneuver and concentrate firepower on weaker Soviet advances. In such a doctrine air superiority would be paramount, as fighters could rapidly consolidate specific engagements to overwhelm and destroy advances. In this new doctrine, the A-10 forever lost a place in the USAF. Strike fighters became the primary tool of the US air forces. Utilizing their capabilities in mobility, SEAD and strike to maintain air superiority and provide critical support at a moment's notice. Points about the A-10 that are hilarious: - "Available at a moments notice" The A-10 cannot, and is insanely slow. Maintaining a forward bases is not easy or considered feasible. Having faster aircraft operating off of tankers has been the doctrine since Forward Defense was scrapped, and has proven to be the best doctrine. A-10s operate this way today, and are just a lot slower than strike fighters at responding to threats. - The A-10s survivability is about on par with other fighters. The most prominent AAA is the 30mm rotary cannon, which is beyond anything the A-10 was designed to withstand. Having backup flight control systems is more important, which is why aircraft like the F-35 have completely independent and localized hydraulics. Using electronics to transmit the control rather than having centralized systems. Even further, not getting hit in the first place is by far the most preferable option. Strike fighters operate in a way to avoid AAA, and the A-10 operate like strike fighters in modern combat. This change occurred during Desert Storm, where the A-10 was pulled back from frontline service, where the F-16 replaced them with a much lower casualty and damage rate. The A-10s were forced to scud hunt and attack reserve targets for the rest of the war. - "cheap and rugged" LOL. An A-10 was not cheap in the day, and a modern kitted A-10 is not cheap now. While they may be slightly cheaper in both cost and operation (per hour), they are far less capable than a modern F-16, F-15E or F-18. I should mention that the A-10 fleet costs about as much as the F-16 fleet per year on a per aircraft basis. Yes the A-10s fly more hours, but the cost being paid is standing up a fleet of A-10s. It costs a lot of money to maintain the logistical support, whereas larger fleets like the F-16, F-35 and F-18 can divest those costs amongst a larger number of airframes. - Heat-seeking missiles have been so good for decades, that they target the aircraft as a whole. These are called "all aspect". Old missiles, like that of the very early Vietnam and Korean wars had to target the rear exhaust plume of jets. More modern ones simply distinguish the warmer aircraft fuselage rather than having to find a particularly hot engine exhaust. Therefore the split engine may have served a purpose in the 1960s, today it simply brings no benefit. In fact, the placement of the engines could rather be described as a cost and maintenance feature rather than one of survivability. - "smaller military planes don't typically have Auxilary Power Units" LoL? Like which ones? The F-18, F-15, F-22 and F-35 all have APUs. The F-16 doesn't technically have an APU, but it does have a Jet Fuel Starter to start the engine without a cart and an EPU to provide electrical power during emergencies. You really have to go back in time to find aircraft that lacked them. - You are using numbers for cost per flight hour that differ in what they are measuring between aircraft. It appears you are using Operational Cost Per Flight Hour for aircraft like the F-15, F-22 and F-35, while using Reimbursable Cost Per Flight Hour for the A-10 and F-16. Here, , is a good source to learn about CPFH and the many different ways it can be measure among US armed services. There is even a chart extrapolating RCPFL, showing the F-35 around $17,000. ------------------ The Video author makes a great point when stating: "The two planes were designed in completely different eras with completely different military doctrine in mind." This is so true and obvious that it hurts. The A-10 was designed for a doctrine and war that never happened and was quickly replaced. The F-35 is built for the modern battlefield and the one expected in the future. An A-10 would never be built today because it is a gross misuse of resources. A slow and cheap COIN aircraft would be using Super Tucanos and other turboprop aircraft. In fact, using strike fighters is also not a bad idea, because economies of scale are a thing. Procuring and operating an aircraft more, develops efficiencies that may be applied to a larger fleet. Strike fighters also have other advantages over the A-10 like speed, range and payload. The only reason the A-10 hasn't been retired is because of public endearment and the US Congress. It cannot be considered wise maintaining outdated and antiquated equipment because of Congress as a better alternative than listening to professionals that spend their careers developing the most capable military force.
ChaiFox 3 days ago
US Air Force, largest in the world US Navy, second largest air force in the world :D
Steven Steele
Steven Steele 3 days ago
I think the A10s loiter ability is better than any of the others named. This when troops are out numbered and in danger of being over whelmed also helps to keep it flying. Idk how the program will cope with these new hyper missiles though.Once developed to be made cheaply enough to sell the world over.Great Video Sir..
DESI BOY 3 days ago
Imagine if A10 is pushed in Dogfight against F35.
Jayesh Bhadrawal
Jayesh Bhadrawal 3 days ago
B11 Strikeforce😂😂
SpaceCowboyMugen 3 days ago
Bond with ground troops and overall efficient cost of operation is good enough to keep for more years to come.
OwyheeRanger 3 days ago
Always had a soft spot for the A-10's. I'm not to far from and AFB and get to see quite a few. Thanks for sharing...
Mikey Norris
Mikey Norris 3 days ago
“Every man on the ground taking pot-shots” ...some PC babies out there are triggered
S. Pak
S. Pak 3 days ago
The plane with a killer fart.
Stephen Canady
Stephen Canady 3 days ago
lovelessissimo 3 days ago
A10 pilots are called "drivers".
spaKes 3 days ago
Soooo... you say that radioactive bombs are bad? Jup What about radioactive bullets? ...
RenegadeBanana 3 days ago
The only fart you can trust
Oliver Morales
Oliver Morales 3 days ago
13:30 all the true.
Kubo TheGiga
Kubo TheGiga 3 days ago
the A-10 isn't a plane with a big gun, its a big gun with wings
K.C. Christensen
K.C. Christensen 4 days ago
Just to let you know, the A10 is no longer on the chopping block and approved funding over the next few years with operational roles running closer to 2030.
Michael Homchick
Michael Homchick 4 days ago
As a USAF vet i was working with the aircrew that maintains Her. i was an A.G.E.MECH. AEROSPACE GROUND EQUIPMENT MECHANIC. SHE is a MEAN looking girl with a ATTITUDE to boot. Im glad shes ours.
Jeffrey 4 days ago
philip dias
philip dias 4 days ago
Look at the prototype a10 that combined the a10s gun with an f16 body and engine
Benito Triggered-olini
Benito Triggered-olini 4 days ago
What Fairchild and GE’s child looks like, and it couldn’t be a more beautiful beast.
Riceball01 4 days ago
FYI, the GAU-9 on the A-10 is not mounted directly along the centerline of the plane, it's actually mounted slightly offset. However, it does fire from the barrel lined up with the plane's cern tline.
I’m so S H I N Y
I’m so S H I N Y 4 days ago
Actually, the reason that the shells are pulled back into the plane is mainly to have ballast so that when all the rounds are gone, the plane doesn’t pull up because a fully loaded gun and a empty gut have very striking weight difference, which might severely hinder the performance of the plane. Awesome video as always though. :D
Nameless Midnight
Nameless Midnight 3 days ago
I'm not sure it's true. An aluminum case weights only a fraction of a full cartridge (around 75% of mass flies away as a projectile and a propellant). A center of mass' drift is normally addressed by an elevator trimmer adjustment. The ammo drum is very close to the wing, making a lever shorter, and is balanced by fuel tanks over and behind the wing that also loose weight over time. And collecting cases to prevent them from getting into intakes is nothing unheard of (Hawker Hunter comes to my mind immediately).
U.S. Military Technology
U.S. Military Technology 4 days ago
BBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTT. i always like this aircraft
8eewee 4 days ago
For a plane that was supposed to be quantity > quality, it's pretty good quality.
sIutybernice 5 days ago
insurgency sandstorm
Paul Frederick
Paul Frederick 5 days ago
You do not need a modern tool if your business is an old trade.
MrArcher0 5 days ago
What did you fee that thing?!? Does it run on fermented beans?
Chris Lavery
Chris Lavery 5 days ago
Verity Pickle
Verity Pickle 5 days ago
The cannon isn't centrally mounted.
Indio 5 days ago
I heard they don't fly in Military Exchanges where the USA military is but shouldn't be...., these things and Helicopters are very easy targets now with weapons they get from Russia I heard an Apache got shot down with an AK-47 and all the Americans started crying.
A.D.Goz.86 5 days ago
Legend has it an A10 was completely gone and all that was left was a flying 30mm gatling gun.
Peter Kennedy
Peter Kennedy 5 days ago
They were trying to kill it when I enlisted in 1997. Still haven't killed it yet.
William Hu
William Hu 5 days ago
Statistics Name: A-10 Thunderbolt II Hitpoints: 50000 Category: Vanguard Close Air Support Damage Per Second: 6500 Damage Per Shot: 100 Burst Fire: 65-195 Shots Damage mode: Area Splash Ability: Air to Air Missiles Passive Abilities: High Survivability + Morale support
Ken P
Ken P 5 days ago
Flying Tank
Vanos99 5 days ago
it was never pretty but so beautiful to the troops it supported
Vanos99 5 days ago
it's a flying Tank!
Vanos99 5 days ago
A-10 is a freaking BEAST
Robert Etchingham
Robert Etchingham 6 days ago
Dricus Craill
Dricus Craill 6 days ago
Enemy fresher inbound get to cover!!!!
Harsh Katiyar
Harsh Katiyar 6 days ago
It's Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr REMINDS OF GTA Machine gun.
Mick Bryan
Mick Bryan 6 days ago
send the hog fishing in the scs see what size of the catch is
Anthony Z
Anthony Z 6 days ago
We should put the A10’s to work and bomb the Chinese Communist Party’s mainland.
tim doc
tim doc 6 days ago
American has A10 enemies who hear it tuck there head between there knees and kiss there ass goodbye
XTbum333 6 days ago
A close-in ground support weapon that should always be part of the US arsenal.
keito-kun 6 days ago
Warthog?? it looks more like a puma
Matter of Facts Podcast
Matter of Facts Podcast 6 days ago
An infantryman under fire loves nothing more than the sound of winged Hell diving in with guns blazing.
Kirk Engnath
Kirk Engnath 6 days ago
You can not replace the A-10 with a fast mover for many reason's. First of all the fast mover's are not as able to land or take off from the same place's the A-10 now call's home or use's as am forward operating base. F.O.B. . The fast mover's are also unable to stay in the area's where the American Soldier's need them to be. As for the A-10 their landing strip's are in close proximity to the soldier's fighting for our freedom instead of some far off air field or Air Craft Carrier some where off the shore of where the American Soldier's are fighting. Let my break it down, families and friend's that support and help us are our next door neighbor's not some people we know that live a couple of state's over.
The day the A-10 is phased out is the day the US Military is weakened and has weakened the man on the ground.
Bradyfolly 6 days ago
"We made this gun for your plane." *buzzer sound* WRONG. more accurately "We Made this Plane for your Gun."
Bizmarks Revenge
Bizmarks Revenge 6 days ago
Thunderbolt II not Lightning bolt. Wtf.
Rob Rusia
Rob Rusia 6 days ago
Now put hyper sonic missiles on it lol
God 6 days ago
NOOOOO you can’t just build a plane around a turret its way to strong. Haha A-10 Minigun go brrrrrrrrrrr
Dennis Fahlstrom
Dennis Fahlstrom 6 days ago
It’s sure been a shame to see our pentagon shelving so many proven performers in air combat and replacing them with high tech but low radar return planes. Besides the A-10, there is the F-15, F-16, AV-8 and FA-18. All highly reliable performers THAT ARE PAID FOR ALREADY. The F-35 is supposed to replace most of them and for its bloated cost it should do all that as well as iron our clothes and make breakfast. Yet, here it is years beyond planned delivery date and still plagued with serious problems and major cost overruns. My main question is what is this planes primary purpose? To get program managers in the military promoted and get them cushy jobs with defense contractors after retiring from active duty? Is it to keep defense contractors green? Is it a jobs program for politicians who have defense contracts in their districts? ....or is it really needed for national defense? We see planes like the B-52 performing well even after 60 years of service. We have a fighter that is undefeated in air combat after 40 years of service in the F-15. We have a ground support plane in the A-10 that is amazing in so many ways the F-35 can’t hope to excel at - like a very long loiter time, it has the greatest tank busting cannon ever devised. It has great pilot protection. It is highly reliable and it takes a real beating but still survives and gets its pilot back. Last but not least ITS ALREADY PAID FOR. The fancy new F-35 does none of these things. Why did someone decide this is so needed?
dumdumbinks274 Day ago
Your argument could have been applied to the F-4 in the 1970s, or the A-6 and A-7 in the 90s, as well as many others. The threats you need to prepare for evolve to compete with you, if you don't adapt you will lose the fight. Secondly, airframes have limited lifespans. They have to be replaced at some point or face expensive refurbishment programs. The F-35 is expensive, but it's not bloated anywhere near what you claim it to be. The F-35's purpose is to upgrade the US military's airborne capabilities. It doesn't do any more roles than the F-16, but it does do those roles to a much higher standard and is much more versatile, making operations easier to plan while also performing more effectively. The B-52 performs "well" because it is never used in areas it was expected to have been used during the Cold War. The F-15 has been defeated by F-4s in Red Flag, as well as many other fighters. Just because it hasn't been shot down by another fighter in *real* combat doesn't mean it is good. Also note that the F-15C is just as expensive to operate as the F-35A. The A-10 excels at a very specific aspect of CAS, and is outperformed at the role in general by the F-16. The F-35 is superior to the F-16 in literally every aspect of combat performance, and can integrate much more easily with ground forces. The A-10 isn't remotely survivable on the frontlines. Go look at the Gulf war if you want to understand just how ineffective it is. The A-10 is only effective when there is nothing that can shoot back.
Flapper F
Flapper F 6 days ago
Yeah, where the uranium goes?
Flaming Hailstorm
Flaming Hailstorm 6 days ago
Americans' favorite freedom dispenser
Veritas G
Veritas G 6 days ago
Military: Retire! A-10: Anti-Retire!
Forced Hard
Forced Hard 6 days ago
I was thinking the ww2 junkers 88 horn is an amazing forgotten tool to drive absolute blind panic in and around the target causing sheer terror and disruption amongst the enemy as they jaggle with hot diorea , the a10 would be a cock sure candidate for this application I think this would seriously amp the psychological aspect against the enemy just getting a glimpse of one, I think the jerico horn has always been associated with nazi ww2 the reason why its been all but avoided ☻
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