Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell [OFFICIAL FULL ALBUM STREAM]

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Sufjan Stevens

Year ago

Official full album stream of Carrie & Lowell by Sufjan Stevens. Available on Asthmatic Kitty Records:
00:00 Death With Dignity
04:00 Should Have Known Better
09:07 All of Me Wants All Of You
12:52 Drawn the the Blood
16:10 Eugene
18:42 Fourth of July
23:23 The Only Thing
28:07 Carrie & Lowell
31:22 John My Beloved
36:30 No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross
39:11 Blue Bucket of Gold
43:57 Album credits

Jessalyn Wakefield
Jessalyn Wakefield 7 hours ago
Hey there little fella do you want to come home?
Yikes 15 hours ago
I would have loved to hear Elliot Smith cover "Death with Dignity" that song kinda gives me a bit of that vibe.
Magic Luna
Magic Luna Day ago
Jessalyn Wakefield
Jessalyn Wakefield 3 days ago
Grace and peace to you from our Lord Jesus Christ! I am an attempted murder victim and I need YOUR prayers and support today! Please read, share, and support! Thank you Holy Spirit!! Luke 10: 25-37 Thank you Jesus!! #metoo
The Lorde Stan
The Lorde Stan 3 days ago
"spirit of my silence, i can hear you. but i'm afraid to be near you." these 2 sentences on their own are worth hours of discussion and dissection, they have so many layers and meanings and are so poetic.
19-171 Hriday Pratim Sarma
19-171 Hriday Pratim Sarma 7 days ago
paras kumar
paras kumar 7 days ago
the song 4th of July is the deepest song I've heard. Favt lines where he said "such a funny thought.. to wrap u in cloth" because that's ironic generally mother wrap their kid to save them from cold(aka death) and he is wrapping her after death. Ahh man this song hits on different level
karan 11 days ago
this isn't a sufjan stevens album this is an elliott smith that he made by possessing sufjan
Thanuja Luxmanan
Thanuja Luxmanan 11 days ago
can someone tell me what the song Carrie and Lowell is about because it is so beautiful.
Saad Bin Faheem
Saad Bin Faheem 14 days ago
Nobody: Me: Carrie looks like Kristen Wiig in glasses
Tom 14 days ago
That’s Carrie
Andre L
Andre L 14 days ago
idk... this album makes me nostalgic
Dagedage90 16 days ago
I listened to this album this year when I drove back home were I was born and have been living for a long time. It was a hot summerday when I started at the city I am living in now and the sunset had already begun. The sky was beautifully coloured. After one hour of driving I came into an tremendous shower and at a moments notice my ambience changed from a bright and strong red-orange sunset to a flood of water, thunder and lightnings with heavy winds under a dark, grey sky. I could barley see two meters wide. Only the backlights of the cars in front of me led me through this summerstorm. In my rearview mirror, however, I could still see the sunset's light. This was when I started playing this album, slowly driving my car over the drowning asphalt, listening to The Fourth Of July and the heavy rain outpouring over my old Peugeot 306; me knowing the summer is slowly turning to an end. It was beautiful.
Prachi chopra
Prachi chopra 19 days ago
I'm going to make sure my future children listen to this album and appreciate it. Kids, this was the album your mom listened to when she was depressed at 23.
Prachi chopra
Prachi chopra 19 days ago
play this album at my funeral please 😭
Dishari Barua
Dishari Barua 19 days ago
This saves us all
Max CotS
Max CotS 22 days ago
i've just heard this album one year after its release and honestly this is amazing
Naoyuki Li
Naoyuki Li 24 days ago
Got so emotional...
Julia King
Julia King 25 days ago
I just got my first record player for my 20th birthday, and this is the first record I decided to buy for myself. This album has gotten me through so many rough times and I am so grateful that it exists.
Weeb 707
Weeb 707 25 days ago
I really wanna get this album on vinyl for Christmas
isaac cain
isaac cain 24 days ago
that’s so interesting
shemlinex muchai
shemlinex muchai 25 days ago
cmbyn made me know sufjan and iminlove
Sean Mallery
Sean Mallery 25 days ago
probably the most beautiful voice i’ve heard
N Bj
N Bj 26 days ago m i n g . . . .
N Bj
N Bj 26 days ago
should have known better is just on another level man...exquisite. But again Sufjan's voice makes all of this album so etheral and dreamy.
Cara Nickerson
Cara Nickerson 26 days ago
Whenever I hear this song, I think of The Dance by Garth Brooks
JM Amancio
JM Amancio 27 days ago
hope u find happiness :)
Marin Dobson
Marin Dobson 29 days ago
death with dignity is my cfs period
Re D oY
Re D oY Month ago
Should have known better will be my favourite song akways.
Gabriela Duarte
Gabriela Duarte Month ago
Artista maravilhoso conheci esse ano. O som é demais.
Josh Raskin
Josh Raskin Month ago
This album is so good it's really just unfair.
Music Now - No Copyright Music
Music Now - No Copyright Music Month ago
brb crying
Daktyl Month ago
the outro to Death With Dignity is so incredibly special, I've never not got goosebumps listening to it
Daktyl Month ago
one of my fav albums
Blind Boy Gaming and Politics
Blind Boy Gaming and Politics Month ago
I was introduced to Stevens on a fall day in holistic health class in college. During a Pairs session in class (two students work on an assignment), teacher put on Should’ve Known Better. I really didn’t pay attention to the music (most of the stuff she played was pretty forgettable). That was at least until the end-section of the song, where that memorable rift goes on for what feels like half the song. The continuation really struck me; I love that stuff. Checked out the album. Loved every song except maybe 1(?). Although, his older stuff like “Alone With You” and “You Look Nixe In That Dress” are epic, this is still the mountain top of his career for me.
Teddi Papish
Teddi Papish Month ago
Sufjan is like the first sip of water after a sandstorm.
Lorna D
Lorna D Month ago
Lost my mother last month..and oh man this album brings me close to her..thanks x
Ana Raquel Carvalho
Ana Raquel Carvalho Month ago
Que álbum incrível!
Shruti Suresh
Shruti Suresh Month ago
Why is it that every time I listen to the album, it's as fresh as the first time I heard it?
Ailatan Otos
Ailatan Otos Month ago
Master Album! this album makes me feel love and calm and joy of life. Thank you
dc lun
dc lun Month ago
I love this
Elliott Salazar
Elliott Salazar Month ago
Hauntingly beautiful as usual .
Elliott Salazar
Elliott Salazar Month ago
Reminds me of Seven Swans .
Pedro Nunes
Pedro Nunes Month ago
Easily one of the best pieces of musical work in the century. The sad beauty of Sufjan’s poetry will always be untouchable since it portrays such powerful emotions in an almost indescribable way. Even though we never got to meet Carrie, he introduced to us those moments and feelings in such a manner... we’re fully aware of our inability to understand his pain in its entirety, but through these songs we can almost share it, reframe it with our own experiences, our griefs and personal regrets... It feels real and unreal at the sime time, it’s deeply intimate, cathartic, art itself in its purest and raw form.
후뿌뿌뿌 Month ago
Fourth of july 18:42
Turtleproof Month ago
Bless you, Sufjan.
Miguel Melchior
Miguel Melchior Month ago
This album is pure magic, and memories, and feelings.. a mindblowing emotional mess.
Joie Espino
Joie Espino Month ago
My favorite songs, i love it
Lacey Evergreen
Lacey Evergreen Month ago
this will always be one of my fav albums of all time.
pascal c
pascal c Month ago
I seriously want to cry each time I listen to Death With Dignity...
Gianvibenti Bentivoglio
Gianvibenti Bentivoglio Month ago
I prefer Illinois much more
Prachi chopra
Prachi chopra 2 months ago
I come to this album every time life overwhelms me. It's soothing in a sense that even sadness can be comfortable at times.
Elliott Salazar
Elliott Salazar Month ago
Seven Swans ,... also works for me .
Joseph Reilly
Joseph Reilly 2 months ago
More acoustic music like this and more sad songs. Because sad say so much.
La Rula
La Rula 2 months ago
Astha 2 months ago
This album tells a story. Story of sufjan and his mom and her demise. From grieving at the beggining and sense of letting go at the the end of the album. Just one hauntingly beautiful story.
Dr. WHO 2 months ago
These songs are treasures only granted to a few
Kenyce 2 months ago
This whole album is a warm hug full of love to my life
Indriany Caicaguare
Indriany Caicaguare 2 months ago
Mr BDP 2 months ago
Probably one of my favourite albums ever. Mournfully achingly beautiful...A thing of true beauty.
Fran 2 months ago
te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo
Lm Bnali
Lm Bnali 29 days ago
Ur excited as this !!
shyna 2 months ago
im waiting for this to be in a life is strange game
GreetingsfromtheMoon 2 months ago
I'm pretty sure some Sufjan got used in the prequel game Captain Spirit for LiS 2.
madhana balaji
madhana balaji 2 months ago
Kindly add this album in Amazon prime pls
Oded Fried-Gaon
Oded Fried-Gaon 2 months ago
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missmogly 2 months ago
This is my first time listening and I had to stop and grab my head phones. Silent tears. This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard.
Elliott Salazar
Elliott Salazar Month ago
Headphones , at times , DOES make music better .
Ganyu Satier
Ganyu Satier 2 months ago
let me say I LOVE YOU ❤✨
animalsong 3 months ago
Grishma Ojha
Grishma Ojha 3 months ago
glad that I discovered this album.
Marcia Paiolo
Marcia Paiolo 3 months ago
Simplesmente apaixona pela delicadeza das músicas😍🎼
hobiesyoon 3 months ago
best thing in my life
A Soul's Condition
A Soul's Condition 3 months ago
blue bucket of gold...
escitalopram !
escitalopram ! 3 months ago
Wish I could meet everybody that is listening to this
Alec Rodríguez
Alec Rodríguez 21 hour ago
Samee... I really need this kind of friends
Serena Feavers
Serena Feavers 22 hours ago
Same. I take escitaloptram too 🙃
Jasper Watson
Jasper Watson 3 days ago
@Anik Ahmed its not, im here
Salma Khalil
Salma Khalil 4 days ago
Sending virtual hugs 🤍🤍🤍
Lm Bnali
Lm Bnali 7 days ago
paras kumar so true i feel thé same thing
paco ríos
paco ríos 3 months ago
I don't know how Sufjan just stands in front of people and sings this songs without falling apart
pantalaemon 2 months ago
i'm guessing he sings it in front of people and in a way that keeps him from falling apart
Sergio Fdez
Sergio Fdez 3 months ago
Es un gran álbum, des de la primera canción a la ultima, es un viaje dentro de el mismo, y nos conduce a un mundo increíble y doloroso. Con ganas de que se estrene el nuevo disco.
some of the lyrics so depressing and have negative thought like "cutting my arm". i thought i heard it wrong.
Ganyu Satier
Ganyu Satier 2 months ago
@NUR AMIRA ZULKIFLLI setuju 🙌 orang Malaysia ya kak?
@Ganyu Satier hahahah susah nak cari teman suka lagu depressing macam ni.
Ganyu Satier
Ganyu Satier 2 months ago
wah nemu teman nih kayaknya ❤✨
Floydrush2112 3 months ago
Sufjan, this album's just been recommended by Ricky Gervais, and QUITE RIGHTLY TOO !!
fijacionboy 3 months ago
I'm not even paying attention and my eyes tear out anyways wtf sufjan
Evan Coffey
Evan Coffey 3 months ago
Beautiful album. Keep making music!
Zeferus 3 months ago
How does this only have 79K views, this is a masterpiece!
Tragic Poetシ77
Tragic Poetシ77 3 months ago
Obsessing yet fearing death the album starts on Fourth of July "were all gonna die" and randomly starts playing.
Aurongel 3 months ago
9:33 Only an artist like Sufjan can drop a hot bar about masturbation with as much grace and beauty as he does.
inigosalcedom 3 months ago
This whole album sounds like gary come home
Usamah Jacobs
Usamah Jacobs 19 days ago
BMO 28 days ago
Sufjan Squarepants
Damien D'Antonio
Damien D'Antonio 3 months ago
Do you Stan Sufjan?
Hannah Reece
Hannah Reece 3 months ago
This album is such a lovely haunting. Anyone else listen to the same songs over & over until they play in your dreams?
Stacy Liyai
Stacy Liyai 3 months ago
9:31 so y'all gonna act like he didn't say that
A Girl
A Girl 3 months ago
LWhitneyM 3 months ago
This album came out right before my mother’s death and saw me through the grieving process. So thankful for you and your willingness to share your heart in this way. ❤️
Roma Zedrich M.
Roma Zedrich M. 3 months ago
Absolute beaut
정혈구 3 months ago
my favorite album of all time
Greg Stewart
Greg Stewart 3 months ago
Hard to believe only 118 comments. Oh well......onward we go.
Aslı K.
Aslı K. 4 months ago
Carrie, come home
Südstern 4 months ago
This album makes me feel nostalgia of my younger days... The scent when school's over, the warm wind breeze, sorrow and everything. Amazing.
Eva Gonzalez Lago
Eva Gonzalez Lago 4 months ago
me trasmiten tanta tranquilidad, sobre todo estos días, que tengo selectividad en nada. Gracias
K 4 months ago
this is the best thing i've ever listened to
Angelo Sánchez
Angelo Sánchez 4 months ago
Manta-Ecuador, 20 de junio/2020, 12:27 p.m
Panchos 2 months ago
Angelo Sánchez me alegro de no ser el único
Amaya Nas
Amaya Nas 4 months ago
this is just sad
Asealies. 4 months ago
i love the feelings this gives me a a a a a
Sofía lagarejos
Sofía lagarejos 4 months ago
you are the best, really
정혈구 4 months ago
ah... just no words for this
ellery s
ellery s 4 months ago
the only person I could listen to for ten hours straight without a single complaint.
OH YES 4 months ago
Ein emotionales Meisterwerk.
Mates 4 months ago
The reason why this is the favorite album of many people is that most of them associate it with a feeling, an emotion, an important moment of their lives.
Maria 29 days ago
Same! I read a comment how this music brings nostaglia, and that's exactly what I felt when hearing this for the first time. It brought me back to six years ago, magic.
Isabella Burton
Isabella Burton 5 months ago
A man takes his sadness down to the river and throws it in the river but then he’s still left with the river. A man takes his sadness and throws it away but then he’s still left with his hands.
Isabella Burton
Isabella Burton Month ago
@Aparichit Sharma ofc. Also sorry for whatever made you resonate with both Sufjan and Siken at the same time
Aparichit Sharma
Aparichit Sharma Month ago
@Isabella Burton God bless you Isabella for introducing me to Richard Siken.
Rob Francis Corpus
Rob Francis Corpus 2 months ago
a human of great culture
Nataša Alimpijević
Nataša Alimpijević 2 months ago
Sara Henke
Sara Henke 2 months ago
I can appreciate Siken anywhere
Laylah Perkins
Laylah Perkins 5 months ago
Captain spirit,Life is strange it's just a perfect fit. His music make them games sad
Angelo Sánchez
Angelo Sánchez 5 months ago
Manta-Ecuador, 10 de mayo/2020, 16:15 p.m
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