The Real Story of Paris Hilton | This Is Paris Official Documentary

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Paris Hilton

5 days ago

We thought we knew Paris Hilton. We were wrong. This is the untold true story that shaped the woman, and the iconic character she created. Stream it free September 14 with ads on USshow or sign up for USshow Premium to watch the Extended cut. Learn more at: Check out USshow Premium at: usshow.infoorigi... See if Premium is available in your country at:

Buffy Miller
Buffy Miller 8 seconds ago
Is there going to be a continuation to this story?
MOOIMAFISH 18 seconds ago
Does anyone want to just throw a chair at the moms face? Cause like same.
562debkat Minute ago
I could have watched a couple of more hours. I'm glad you did this.
thana chihuahua
thana chihuahua Minute ago
Perdona a esas personas París . El maltrato existe no nadamos en esos lugares . Tu enfoca te en tu no maltratar con eso das un gran ejemplo a los.que te ven sólo con el ejemplo y enfocando nos en lo que nosotros aportamos de amor al mundo es la única manera en la que podemos ayudar y perdonar
Celia Lopez
Celia Lopez Minute ago
My heart hurts for her and the children that have/had to go through that. I hope that she finds the peace, love, and happiness she deserves.💓
Dani Alt
Dani Alt 3 minutes ago
I love you Paris. You are light and u deserve be happy.
Annie Pontow
Annie Pontow 3 minutes ago
It’s like a door to light was opened! Thank you for sharing this !
thana chihuahua
thana chihuahua 3 minutes ago
Tu marca y negocio es tu trabajo paris . No afectará nunca por que tu vida personal es importante como la de todos .
Joshua Rodriguez
Joshua Rodriguez 3 minutes ago
At 37 minutes in i had to pause and take a break. When the talk shows start with their nasty and sexist talk about her leaked sex tape i was triggered beyond belief. When chris evans leaks HIS OWN NUDES everyone comes out to defend him and tell people to respect him. But paris was treated as if it was her fault and shamed and humiliated .
thana chihuahua
thana chihuahua 4 minutes ago
Dios es todo paris
Selina Selina
Selina Selina 4 minutes ago
Thank you for sharing this!!!!! I'm so sorry you went through this!
Anthony Becker
Anthony Becker 5 minutes ago
unexpectedly real and heartfelt really sad and I have gained a new respect her Paris Hilton
Jen Roy
Jen Roy 6 minutes ago
I’ve always loved Paris, no matter what the haters say!! ❤️
Hurricane 08
Hurricane 08 6 minutes ago
Soooooo her mother is clearly disappointed in her
Angela Wilkins
Angela Wilkins 6 minutes ago
The look in her eyes when she is talking to her mother saids it all. It’s like she just wants to hear the words from her mother (I believe you)
thana chihuahua
thana chihuahua 6 minutes ago
Que bueno que te recuperas te y vete ahora eres una barbie hermosa
Daryl Kariniemi
Daryl Kariniemi 7 minutes ago
Thank you for doing this Paris
Celine Kaluila
Celine Kaluila 7 minutes ago
her sister look so mean gosh
Meba Vlogs
Meba Vlogs 8 minutes ago
Thank you Paris for sharing your story ❤️
Jarred Griffin
Jarred Griffin 8 minutes ago
This is so iconic
thana chihuahua
thana chihuahua 9 minutes ago
Hay paris siento lo que te sucedió
Taylor Nicole
Taylor Nicole 9 minutes ago
People don’t seem to realize the traumatic impact solitary does to a person, nevermind a child. I was in solitary for 24 hours, similarly to Paris, stripped naked and put in a confining weighted vest at 14. Put into a locked 4x4 room with a small blanket and a mattress on the floor. You don’t forget that. Ever. She didn’t mention therapy but I hope it’ll be considered. DBT was what saved me.
Hanna Andre
Hanna Andre 9 minutes ago
I'm not even gonna lie when I first heard about this documentary I said oh please wtf has she ever gone through she has the world at her finger tips but I'm so happy I watched this because EVERYONE has a story regardless of money and fame! Paris I think this was a perfect documentary showing us that your handsome just like all of us and no one deserves to be treated any kind of way! YOU GO GIRL🥰
Yasmin Korayem
Yasmin Korayem 10 minutes ago
Is that a baby or a boyfriend?
Lady Jade
Lady Jade 10 minutes ago
I like this documentary but nicky is very envious of paris its ashame how your own siblings can be envious
k94tran 10 minutes ago
How can you trust in relationships... Platonic or romantic, if the people who should stand by you no matter what, betrayed your trust time and time again during your formative years growing up. Money... Cold hard cash you can depend on. It's easier to pay people in your employ to care for you. You can depend on them to do their job because it is transactional. But relationships... She cannot trust the motives of those who befriend her or who are in romantic relationships... She cannot be sure that they are not exploiting her or using her for clout. That is why she aims for a billion dollars... Because that is the only security she knows. I truly underestimated her. She is so strong, so much more than she gives herself credit for. She has incredible vision and drive. She is a creator... She turns her ideas into a reality. And yet, there is deep insecurity and ingrained mistrust. I TRULY hope she will be able to find someone who is her rock. Who is rejoices her success, is not threatened by the business woman that she is, who inspires her to grow as she does them and loves her for her. Excellent, eye opening documentary. Great job, Paris.
BetterThan U4U
BetterThan U4U 11 minutes ago
Tiowonna 11 minutes ago
lisa 11 minutes ago
Thank you for telling your story Paris. I hope it gave you the peace you deserve, one day I hope to tell my story too. 🙏🙏🙏
Contrailer 11 minutes ago
Some newfound respect for Paris
Gen W
Gen W 12 minutes ago
Everyone has a be kind! I hope to see an update on this story and really hope those people get exposed for who they really are!! Instead of parents sending their kids away, just open your arms and love your kids and be the example, even when it’s tough!! Thanks Paris, for being so vulnerable and sharing your story!
Jenni Raath
Jenni Raath 12 minutes ago
Loved this film, thank you for being real Paris. So sorry for the trauma :( Ignore the "expert" opinions on the comments if you can. Hope life gets better for you as the healing can now begin xx
Akanksha Khajuria
Akanksha Khajuria 12 minutes ago
OMG ! I am so proud of her. I have PTSD and chronic anxiety . But this gives me courage watching her doing and achieving all the goals with all of it going inside her❤️. More power to you girl❤️
Alini Pinto
Alini Pinto 13 minutes ago
Quando tinha 13 anos e vi a Paris fiquei encantada, como não ficaria ? Uma menina negra e pobre vendo uma mulher exuberante, cheia de glamour, roupas de grife, viagens e indo em baladas incríveis. Era tudo que eu queria, tudo da Paris que queria mas não podia comprar. Ficava frustada, mas era essa minha vida. Não tinha dinheiro. E vendo esse documentário hoje aos 30 anos fico triste em ver que dinheiro realmente não trás felicidade, ela vivia a vida dos meus sonhos quando eu era adolescente mas pra ela era um pesadelo. Como isso é bizarro.
Diane L
Diane L 13 minutes ago
Much like the rest of the world, when I saw this doc I rolled my eyes. But you made me see how wrong people had been. And as a supporter of women and the me too movement, I am horrified at the knee jerk thoughts I had. I watched this in its entirety and, Paris, I am so sorry you went through this. I am so sorry you felt you could never be yourself and I am so, so sorry for holding antiquated ideas from that decade without even realizing it. You have opened my eyes truly. You have a new fan older than you are :)
Mary Minervini
Mary Minervini 13 minutes ago
It sounds like she hasn’t dealt with any of these things that have happened to her, I hope one day she does.
G J 16 minutes ago
Elle a une voix magnifique j’adore
Ari Ana
Ari Ana 16 minutes ago
Lol her charger collection is huge.
Ashley Carr
Ashley Carr 17 minutes ago
I always knew the Paris we saw was a character, and I always thought she was a genius. But THIS really puts it in a new light.
amara yahya
amara yahya 18 minutes ago
thats pretty messed up you think your getting kidnapped and it turns out ur parents (people that are suppose to protect you) are the one that ordered it to happen