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J. Kenji López-Alt

6 days ago

I'd never heard of these before moving to the Bay Area, and that's because these Vietnamese-American garlic noodles were created here at Thanh Long restaurant in the outer sunset. They are frequently served with roast dungeness crab, but they work well on their own.
Garlic Noodles
Serves 2-3
250g (1/2 pound) dry spaghetti, or 150g (1/3 pound) fresh egg noodles
2 tablepsoons butter
12 cloves garlic, minced
15ml (1 tablespoon) oyster sauce
10ml (2 teaspoons) soy sauce or Maggi seasoning
10ml (2 teaspoons) fish sauce
30g (1 ounce) grated Parmesan or Pecorino cheese
Thinly sliced scallions (optional)
1. Cook the pasta according to package instructions in unsalted water (the sauce is very salty; if using fresh noodles, cook them at the start of step 2). Meanwhile, melt the butter in a large skillet or saucepan over medium heat. Add the garlic and cook, stirring, until fragrant but not browned, about 2 minutes. Add the oyster sauce, soy sauce, and fish and stir to combine.
2. Using tongs, transfer the cooked noodles to the garlic sauce. Increase heat to high, add cheese and scallions, and stir and toss vigorously until the sauce is creamy and emulsified, about 30 seconds. If sauce looks too watery, let it keep reducing. If it looks greasy, splash some more pasta water into it and let it reemulsify. Serve immediately.

Adam Ragusea
Adam Ragusea 4 days ago
Hey Kenji, great stuff as usual! To clarify though, I didn't claim that osmosis is the primary mechanism here. I described the salt as an abrasive we use to break down garlic. I did, however, say that I think salt gives the illusion that the garlic has been broken down into smaller pieces than it actually has, by making the garlic wet. Certainly this is primarily due to the mechanical perforation of cell walls, but it seems clear that osmosis would also be a factor, no?
Spencer S
Spencer S Day ago
@Adam Ragusea holy shit you never stop do you?
Pablo Quemé
Pablo Quemé Day ago
haha garlic go brrrrr
John Doe
John Doe 2 days ago
This is about to get ugly...
DeadlyPear 2 days ago
While you're here, lemme just ask if you're ever gonna go back and redo the almost completely wrong conspiracy-esque video on food plastics = estrogen? Its the same shit as saying soy = more estrogen, which is just wrong and misinformation.
J. Kenji López-Alt
J. Kenji López-Alt 3 days ago
Michael Lim thanks for all of this, very good conversation here!
Ian Keel
Ian Keel 45 minutes ago
Shouldn't it be, Garlic Spaghetti then, as noodles and spaghetti are not the same thing.
Sid Sydney
Sid Sydney 4 hours ago
This vid should've been 4 mins max
Daniel Jae Im
Daniel Jae Im 10 hours ago
Kenji back at it again with the First Person Wok
petethebastard 11 hours ago
"Yeast extract"??? Did you say Vegemite!?
Nathan Lau
Nathan Lau 13 hours ago
Is Rice-a-Roni a sponsor or something? So many mentions! Anyway, thanks for the recipe.
David Higgins
David Higgins 13 hours ago
Next time I come to San Francisco, where, besides the grocery store, can I get the San Francisco Treat. I used to love beef flavored Rice-a-roni. Burned the f out of my tongue so many times tasting the saute'd pasta and rice.
Trevin C.
Trevin C. 15 hours ago
Question: is rice a roni the real San Francisco treat?
evan anderson
evan anderson 16 hours ago
can you make a vid on rice a roni🤨
evan anderson
evan anderson 14 hours ago
kolim jone whats yyst mean
kolim jone
kolim jone 14 hours ago
Are you a fellow lefty?
Laurence Bordowitz
Laurence Bordowitz 18 hours ago
I'd like to recommend Hubei, it's a Chinese restaurant in Millbrae. Their garlic noodles are supremely good. It sounds like you're close by, so give it a try.
kolim jone
kolim jone 14 hours ago
1:22 Gee that camera movement make me dizzy. Would be great if you prepare everything on set before you actually start recording
Kalender Gülbudak
Kalender Gülbudak 18 hours ago
I would like to be Kenji's internet friend either
Davis Ozawa
Davis Ozawa 18 hours ago
kenji "the REAL san francisco treat" lopez
sol029 19 hours ago
Oh damn! Just made this one. So freaking good, so easy, so fast. I love it.
MontalbanJR 22 hours ago
As an Italian, I cringe every time I see him cook pasta.
Gary The Snail
Gary The Snail 23 hours ago
Needed this lol
Blaise Huguenin
Blaise Huguenin 23 hours ago
awesome recipe Kenji :) tried it with a mix of different sauces (woesterchire, soy, nuoc mam), and was super. more please :)
Daniel Pincus
Daniel Pincus Day ago
I watched this yesterday, and made it today with cauliflower instead of noodles. Fantastic.
JonMW Day ago
USshow's given me four different videos on this one recipe in as many days. ALL RIGHT, FINE, I'll cook it already!
Jimmy Stone
Jimmy Stone Day ago
Do you have a recommendation on where to buy a molcajete. My local Mexican grocery doesn't have a great selection
weilan h
weilan h Day ago
Hi Kenji, I'm searching for a wok and the one you are using seems to be a perfect fit. Where can I buy?
carpet everybody
carpet everybody Day ago
Yo... Move to new Orleans plz...
JQuintos FootGolf
JQuintos FootGolf Day ago
This dude needs to sell Kenji T-shirts that say : Not THE San Francisco Treat. Great branding.
kolim jone
kolim jone Day ago
So when is the rice-a-roni video?
renevas2 Day ago
What is that beer in the fridge? 👀
kolim jone
kolim jone Day ago
your videos and never paid attention but this time I did and wasn't disappointed. Keep up the good work man!
Hyperion Day ago
1:22 Gee that camera movement make me dizzy. Would be great if you prepare everything on set before you actually start recording
Nate Tallman
Nate Tallman Day ago
Are you a fellow lefty?
Ayush Kumar
Ayush Kumar Day ago
Did he say Maggi seasoning? 🤔
Thuy Day ago
You should use USA made garlic .. with the roots attached . Read more about it . Chinese garlic has a lot of chemical etc . Will try this soon ! Thx
perpetualtedium Day ago
You have no idea how much I live for these first person cooking videos. I really appreciate this pandemic for the amount of FP cooking we've gotten
Kris Harp
Kris Harp Day ago
I make something similar to this but I add Sriracha along with the other sauces and at the end crack an egg in carbonara-style. It's the default go-to on a lazy night.
louiearmstrong Day ago
"wheres my mortar and pestle" "shit, guess I'll just use my XXL mortar and pestle"
Phillip Moxley
Phillip Moxley Day ago
I thought that Rice-a-roni was a San Francisco treat. Ha, Ha, Ha
Hal Dasinger
Hal Dasinger Day ago
A truly fusion-y video of a fusion-y dish . . . blending the drool response from the noodles and the motion sickness induced by the pan-cam
Joshua Fagans
Joshua Fagans Day ago
If you want to watch a version of this that won't make you dizzy:
Melissa Dana
Melissa Dana Day ago
Loretta Gravelle
Loretta Gravelle Day ago
That's our favorite restaurant!! And they have the very best garlic noodles!! 😊 thanks!
Thdxbll3 Day ago
Can’t say ‘allicin’ on the USshow anymore without mentioning Brad. That’s quite an accomplishment. Quite an odd accomplishment, but still.
Dan Wittels
Dan Wittels Day ago
When did British units stop being real?
David Baker
David Baker 2 days ago
This is the beauty of America hahah crazy mix of Asian and Italian food making some crazy dish. I love it.
erimlol 2 days ago
When I saw that you didn't discard the pan with the little pieces of scallions left, I knew you were the one. Liked and subscribed right away. Some American food youtubers don't know the worth of the food (I can name Binging with Babish, I used to binge watch his series and I remember him wasting food in so many occasions.) I watched a handful of your videos and never paid attention but this time I did and wasn't disappointed. Keep up the good work man!