10 Holy SH*T In-Game Moments of The 2000s

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The 2000's was a great time for gaming, and many had huge surprise moments. Here are some beloved crazy moments from that great era.
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Damien Biondich
Damien Biondich 4 hours ago
As far as big reveals i thought Oblivion Elder Scrolls came out before fallout 3. Exiting that sewer was aww inducing.
Smoke YaSs
Smoke YaSs 13 hours ago
too many why the fk would anyone ever care moments at least in comparsion to yeah this was a wtf moment in an actually relevant game a d day mission? in medal of honor instead of cod1/2? i hope those drugs are illegal and then even bothering to mention the garbage they turned the cod franchise into in the same clip again? at least not every game is 6 month old at best thats always a start
Dave L
Dave L 2 days ago
At my buds house and had to go to the Dr but him and his Mom said I should stay and just keep playing Halo til they got back so I’m at the bit where Chief finds a marine’s helmet and my buddy’s sister walks in wearing a crop top and a pair of stilettos and nothing else and the next 20 mins were the greatest “Holy sh*t!” moment in gaming history.
Lorenzo Leonardi
Lorenzo Leonardi 3 days ago
That train scene in Wolfenstein tho
Moondog954 3 days ago
the building falling down with you in it in Uncharted 2, that was a holy shit moment. the chopper shoots its rockets at the building, then the building starts to shudder then sway as furniture slides across the room before the building tips all the way. man no one does set pieces like Naughty Dog.
Dalibor Joksimovic
Dalibor Joksimovic 3 days ago
Fallout 3 was a great game.
zoborey 3 days ago
thank you for putting the bioshock twist to the top.
Santiag 12469
Santiag 12469 4 days ago
HAZE - PS3 , best HOLY SHT Moment
AvEryBadApPLe 4 days ago
Toad was in the fucking castle!
IVN 5 days ago
Michael Di Pietro
Michael Di Pietro 5 days ago
Fallout 3: activating the nuke in Megaton. Then there are those worshipping it. Bioshock: [me saying] would you kindly STFU. Then the scene shown here had me stunned and speechless throughout the clubbing.
Orian de Wit
Orian de Wit 5 days ago
From the moment I was told to "Pick up that can", Half Life 2 was a big chain of Holy Shits for me. Not so much plot-wise, but certainly gameplay-wise.
Givi Chkonia
Givi Chkonia 6 days ago
modern warfare airport scene, also shepherd/ghost scene, bioshock infinite final twist, nfs most wanted 2005 oil spill etc.
Alek Pazz / Jim Rox
Alek Pazz / Jim Rox 6 days ago
Fallout 3 = best game of all time
Forscythe80 6 days ago
I was blown away by how the game wove biblical 'events' ie: adam and eve, gods, all that stuff... It was like a massive... je ne sais quoi. I was really looking forward to the whole learning the 'true' origins of mankind, the world, the origins of religions etc etc etc. Then ubisoft pretty much 'ubisofted' it. Had good potential for development but I feel like they didn't do it justice.
Sinz 6 days ago
Gears of War 2: Dom finds Maria
Yzzo mod
Yzzo mod 6 days ago
yo dont forget star wars kotor where u find out u are Revan
Narayana Murthy Babu
Narayana Murthy Babu 7 days ago
Prince of Persia the two thrones. The first boss fight.
A Serious Man
A Serious Man 7 days ago
Idk why but I didn't really liked Arkham Asylum.. the graphics were amazing, the gameplay, the story... everything was perfect. Maybe something was wrong with me? Surely I'm going to try it again.
Mrosen7542 7 days ago
Mirror room in Silent Hill 3.
We Have To Go Back
We Have To Go Back 8 days ago
ACII and Brotherhood were the best games in the franchise. [You can't] Change My Mind
Let's Go Hambone
Let's Go Hambone 8 days ago
a trillion % agree. AC2 is EASILY the best in the series. (And I really loved Odyssey.)
Ankan 9 days ago
Even in Vice City.. Lance betrays you. Im still not over that. Remember the first time you meet Lance? "I'll be watching you Tommy." ;_;
Lobby87 9 days ago
For me in BioShock the biggest holy sh*t was when I realized it is no longer a intro playing and I am actual in game. The graphic was just so good at the time. The exact twist with the phrase was good, but I never really expected that the Ryan is The Bad Guy and I had a feeling I am being played like a fiddle from quite early part of the game. The biggest holy sh*t of 2000s for me was easily a Raven reveal in Kotor. It was the best twist ever. There Is also this games that is one big holy sh*t, but it went out in the end of year 1999 so it is not from 2000s. It is Planescape: Torment. That game is one giant holy sh*t from the start to the end.
DuffinThe Muffin
DuffinThe Muffin 9 days ago
I feel fucking old looking back on the 2000s
Guilherme Castilho
Guilherme Castilho 10 days ago
WoW PVP in vanilla. Spending weeks hard leveling thru huge PVP hostile maps, not knowing what to expect, making friends, ganking and being ganked. Those were the times.
Nope 10 days ago
What's that game 7:00
HyperXnight 10 days ago
1:07 Ezio:boom bitch! Pope:jesus christ!
Sameer Saeed
Sameer Saeed 11 days ago
Hope this list covers shadow of the colossus. I was blown away by the sheer size of those guys on the ps2.
Mark Morales
Mark Morales 11 days ago
The assault level of Crysis. The opening level was awesome and jaw dropping with the scale and graphics, to this day only really topped by Star Citizen's newest planet tech. But then that coast assault mission happened and it all got dialed up to 11. Starts at night with fighter jets bombing the crap out of the ship yard then as you begin attacking the various objectives it moves to daytime until its like noon and the entire mood and atmosphere of the entire game shifted. By far one of my favorite video game levels. Tied with this would be Dark Souls, both while playing the entire game and then thinking back on it trying to figure out the story of the game. Dark Souls is near gaming perfection and some of the connections you can make between the characters, world and all that is amazing.
austin darling
austin darling 11 days ago
Halo 2 Cortana has to stay behind on High Charity while the Master Chief chases the prophet to Earth! 😮
Lucas Fiorillo
Lucas Fiorillo 11 days ago
Bruh, I can quote ALL of it. Check it out: "I'll have two number nines, a number nine large, a number six with extra dip, a number seven, two number forty-fives, one with cheese, and a large soda."
Walking Talking Stephen Hawking
Walking Talking Stephen Hawking 11 days ago
Raiden is NOT cool. Sorry
Maia Aurélien
Maia Aurélien 11 days ago
My great moment is when i find out the princess is in another castle, that blew my mind 7 time
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence 12 days ago
Legacy of Kain Defiance as well as 2 had some real great twists
LudaCritz 12 days ago
That time in Mass Effect 2 when the Normandy got blown up and Shepard was sucked out into space. I remember living that scene in my dreams a few times, even feeling the fall to Earth.
audrey ancestral
audrey ancestral 12 days ago
i loved medal of honor.
linkorotop 12 days ago
The end when the Tank shoots in Heroes of Annihilated Empires
Toreidbor 12 days ago
Any of the geographical mind twisting moments from FROM SOFTWARE's games, like the elevator to firelink shrine in DS1, or the long ladder from the cave in the forbidden woods to Yharnam in Bloodborne.
Toreidbor 12 days ago
DARK SOULS, when I faught my way into the pitch black Tomb of the Giants early on, only to find out that this is not the correct way to go yet, and had to google how to get the f outta there.
PrED FaL 12 days ago
Nobody talks about deus ex
Саша.Кактус 12 days ago
- 1st ever bloodsucker meet at some underground location - 1st ever visit to Vivek (or however exactly it was called) of Morrowind - That twist in the 1st Thief game (the Dark Project I think it was called). I mean that twist that leaves you with one eye removed -
Maxime G
Maxime G 12 days ago
World of Warcraft back in 2004, when entering Ogrimmar for the first time!
World Wide United
World Wide United 13 days ago
Tomb raider the first time tou see the t rex
Robert Norton
Robert Norton 14 days ago
Legitimately shocked the first time in BioShock.
Gabriel Edid
Gabriel Edid 14 days ago
The worst oh no moment is when you realize that you have to play the second half of The Last of Us 2 with Abby
Erlisch 14 days ago
Didnt Oblivion do the exact same thing though? Such a bad list. >Not even putting Mass Effect - Soverign twist on it
Josh V
Josh V 14 days ago
Not my most favorite, but a couple buddies and I got high as fuck and played Bioshock infinite. And we beat it. And that ending had us sitting there in a mindfuck situation for hours.
Eriko. Oy
Eriko. Oy 14 days ago
Where is the entirety of Knack 1 and 2?
Ler Bradley
Ler Bradley 14 days ago
that moment when the borgia show up and blow the fuck out of your villa in brotherhood
David 14 days ago
GTA 5 when Michael's son drugs him, steals his money, his car and Michael gets the wtfiest trip of the video game history ever is not on this list???
austin darling
austin darling 11 days ago
Lol that part was awesome 😂👌
Micheal Drake
Micheal Drake 15 days ago
2:40 Dude, I replayed that mission like twelve times because I kept thinking I had done something wrong or didn't rescue the helicopter pilot fast enough. Eventually I gave up and when I moved on in the story I realized there was no way to avoid it
Simmosa 15 days ago
10:57 "and then a boss fight starts up" not really a boss fight but ok
Rude Goat
Rude Goat 15 days ago
James Hardy
James Hardy 15 days ago
MGS4 in the radioactive area where Snake can't walk and was basically dying as you moved him through.
Jordan Scott
Jordan Scott 16 days ago
Resistance 2 the Leviathan
HarryVoyager 16 days ago
I still remember the Normandy sequence from MoH:AA. The first time I played that mission I remember seeing the troops in front of me getting mowed down like grass and thing. "Oh God, I'm going to die here." It took me a lot of tries just to survive the first few seconds of that mission, and one of the first that actually really drove home my own mortality. (The first was actually Need for Speed V. I managed to wreck so spectacularly that, had their not been in invisible wall, my car would have hurdles hundreds of feet into the Mediterranean below. The scary thing was that, in the driver seat, it didn't look that bad. It was only in replay that I realized I'd hit so hard that Is thrown the car over 100 feet into the air, and I was only going about 80-90 mph when I hit too. Real "holy " moment to see that on replay.)
salvatorie 19
salvatorie 19 16 days ago
This was my prime in gaming and all of this was just a blast.
Silver Acid
Silver Acid 16 days ago
you explain the entire ending of bioshock but refuse to explain the ending to metal gear solid...? whatsup with that?
Psoewish 16 days ago
That D-day mission is one of my favorite missions in any game to this date. I recently replayed the game and yeah, it still holds up to this day.