Spill Your Guts: Harry Styles & Kendall Jenner

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The Late Late Show with James Corden

The Late Late Show with James Corden

8 months ago

Late Late Show guest host Harry Styles challenges Kendall Jenner to a game of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts, in which the two ask each other very personal questions and face a choice: answer truthfully or eat whatever is in front of you. Will cod sperm and a salmon smoothie force them to spill their guts?
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Alexandra Lynn
Alexandra Lynn 27 minutes ago
God Harry has an amazing sense of humor
Nynne Bundgaard
Nynne Bundgaard 49 minutes ago
crowd : “ewww..” Harry : “yeah ewww” AHAHA
i want zayn amd gigi do this next
Geovan Joseph
Geovan Joseph 2 hours ago
To spit, or to swallow: that is the question lol
xluxellex 2 hours ago
No questions about Medicine or when 1D will reunite? ..okay.
goodiebugs 2 hours ago
harry really pulled a "no❤️" on the last question 😹
Kylala Heeya
Kylala Heeya 3 hours ago
why are you here again?? meh, so am I
emembeke 4 hours ago
Kendall: dying to know this... which songs on your last album were about me? Everyone knows: NONE Harry: eats the cob sperm. He rathers eat that disgusting thing that humiliate her on national television. He is so nice and polite... such a sweetheart.
Sadie Peddycord
Sadie Peddycord 5 hours ago
these two have my bi ass screaming
Puppy Cat with the Fuzzy Pants
Puppy Cat with the Fuzzy Pants 6 hours ago
My stomach literally hurts after watching this. So much cringing.
Rein 6 hours ago
kendall was so boring here
S0ft_ Gl0ss
S0ft_ Gl0ss 7 hours ago
Are they like...... together? Cuz I hope soooo
Kailey Ferguson
Kailey Ferguson 8 hours ago
The amount of love I have for this man!
Jasmina Abdurasulova
Jasmina Abdurasulova 9 hours ago
they basically didn’t answer any of the questions.
Emma Mary burnett
Emma Mary burnett 9 hours ago
i want them BACK again!!!
David Amora
David Amora 9 hours ago
Kendall is skinny af
Yasmine Jamina
Yasmine Jamina 9 hours ago
It’s the fact he heard "between Louis Liam Niall.. " was ready to listen to the question then he hears "and zayn" then picks up the scorpion no questions asked 😭😭😭
Aries Whynne
Aries Whynne 13 hours ago
why is this video still so funny no matter how many times I've watched it
Cameron Nicole
Cameron Nicole 13 hours ago
the fact she lost her v card to him and now they’re friends is kinda cute tbh
Lou Cruz
Lou Cruz 2 hours ago
to him? really?
Sofia Vargas
Sofia Vargas 14 hours ago
Is no one talking about his beautiful nails?
Home. Can be with me
Home. Can be with me 15 hours ago
If Zayn was not mentioned he would have answered
Home. Can be with me
Home. Can be with me 15 hours ago
I want one with Zayn and Harry.
Home. Can be with me
Home. Can be with me 15 hours ago
Revelation is all the songs are about Zayn sorry Kendall
Home. Can be with me
Home. Can be with me 15 hours ago
Everything is edible as long as your nose is blocked as in if you can't smell your good to go
baby bre
baby bre 15 hours ago
7:02 is no one gonna talk about how cute his giggle was 🥺❤️
Joll 16 hours ago
Harry is so gorgeous omg 😍
Jessica Ferreira
Jessica Ferreira 16 hours ago
arent they broken up ?
Abigayle Suding
Abigayle Suding 16 hours ago
The second he heard rank he was like nope
Luiza Reis
Luiza Reis 16 hours ago
You could just never be in this sort of situation if you just went vegan
The Deacury
The Deacury 16 hours ago
The Deacury
The Deacury 16 hours ago
The Deacury
The Deacury 16 hours ago
*GiVe It A sNiFf*
Ravenclaw 18 hours ago
8:29 here is a true friend
ella styles
ella styles 18 hours ago
yall could’ve asked him anything and you made her ask if any song was about her okay i see how it is
Jibran Haque
Jibran Haque 18 hours ago
whos here after harry released watermelon sugar
Angel Amankwanor
Angel Amankwanor 19 hours ago
somoene in the cooment wrote"where are her boobs " im not going to comment on that
ella millman
ella millman 19 hours ago
i know you havent watched this one time
Bristol Casperson
Bristol Casperson 19 hours ago
i come back to watch this whenever i’m sad
R&M Family
R&M Family 21 hour ago
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Chelsie Christianto
Chelsie Christianto 21 hour ago
I can't imagine if Justin and Selena did this
Rabia V
Rabia V 22 hours ago
is Harry gay ?
queenie tumanda
queenie tumanda 22 hours ago
how many times did harry mentioned 'okay'? HAHAHAHA
Lihi 25890
Lihi 25890 Day ago
All the songs about Louis lol and not about Kendal
xcacoethes Day ago
kendall is stun
xcacoethes Day ago
“just don’t look at it” harry: *continues to stare*
Orthography Protector Mr Joe Mama
Orthography Protector Mr Joe Mama Day ago
More like Gay Bi Styles but still good vid
Meikexnh Day ago
Fun fact: this ain’t the first time your watching this.
Mr. Rithikster
Mr. Rithikster Day ago
I never thought Harry was so funny.
David Hattersley
David Hattersley Day ago
Kendall Jenner is gorgeous 😍
•Sweet .denki•
•Sweet .denki• Day ago
Harry’s nails are better than my future
Fadfav 33
Fadfav 33 Day ago
I've been watch this video 10 times but i never bored to watch this
Stephen Blakely
Stephen Blakely Day ago
It’s great that even after breaking up they’ve remained friendly. This whole thing could’ve been super awkward, but they did a great job.
Phantom Hadd
Phantom Hadd Day ago
They chance ma mind 😵
Riya Rumba
Riya Rumba Day ago
Wow he can do anything but can't even think bad about the ex members 🙏🙏😌
Morgan Binion
Morgan Binion Day ago
harry has such a great sense of humor 😂 makes him even more attractive 😍
indy verwey
indy verwey Day ago
no one: no one at all: harry: ok ok
indy verwey
indy verwey Day ago
Zakia Tasnim Tithi
Zakia Tasnim Tithi Day ago
Why his nail has these various color??..😑
Anne Ebenesar
Anne Ebenesar Day ago
Syra Day ago
This IS my first time watchin'. Bye
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