Crushing A Car With Water

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3 months ago

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Water Crush:
Whale: pCBbLzhxAvhN/
Marble: pCBYfSJmDTwK/?igshid=19up56esv23oi
Camera Trick:


Ice Cream:

Sunrise by MusicbyAden & Atch
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Roa - Remember (JayJen Remix) by JayJen
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Track: Playa - Mauro Somm [Audio Library Release]
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Bisiesto by Hiracutch
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Horizons by Scott Buckley
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Sylverlight Bloodwell
Sylverlight Bloodwell 3 months ago
Whale: Jumps out of water in slo mo Everyone: Moo
Mary The Cat Fairy
Mary The Cat Fairy 2 days ago
Robloxias best Robloxian gamer!
Robloxias best Robloxian gamer! 2 days ago
Jessica Dong
Jessica Dong 2 days ago
Tavisha Chitrakar
Tavisha Chitrakar 2 days ago
Sylverlight Bloodwell lel
MythiCalvin 3 days ago
spooky grim 408
spooky grim 408 Hour ago
And people wonder why were in a drought
TheRealMagmaGD 2 hours ago
1957: Soon, There will be Flying Cars on 2020. 2020: "Walking Ice Cream"
Fvp837 6 hours ago
The water from the plane more looks like paint...
Mihai Ştețco
Mihai Ştețco 10 hours ago
For God so loved the world, that he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3: 16 “...Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.” Matthew 3: 2
Abubakar Mohamed
Abubakar Mohamed 17 hours ago
The whale should be dried...tbh i feel sorry for it...water all over its body
A 18 hours ago
The gamers are gonna love that RGB jelly fish
Chan Chio U
Chan Chio U Day ago
Oh c’mon, literally just some red thing crushing a car
me me
me me Day ago
That’s a waste of a perfect expidition with a roof
Matthew Sweeney
Matthew Sweeney Day ago
I really like how that prison was built, bring it back. Criminals have too much luxury nowadays. Bring back the death penalty in all states and save taxpayers money
NBA 4Life
NBA 4Life Day ago
Everybody gansta till Mr.crabs let’s go of the money.
Raghav Sridharan
Raghav Sridharan Day ago
Agu Khangembam
Agu Khangembam Day ago
Yeamin Chowdhury
Yeamin Chowdhury Day ago
*water crushes car* Mercedes-Benz: oh now we got a good competitor.
Wes McGee
Wes McGee Day ago
I picked a bad day to give up eating sea turtle.
Louis Jones
Louis Jones Day ago
That’s the moment you need insurance lol
Omar plays
Omar plays Day ago
r.i.p car lol
Josh Fischer
Josh Fischer Day ago
The animals must hate that shit
GC Blitzball
GC Blitzball 2 days ago
0:36 me trying to learn a backflip
lil kk916
lil kk916 2 days ago
Hey could be using that in California right about now
lil john
lil john 2 days ago
Talking about turtles going extinct
Jacob Dubluis
Jacob Dubluis 2 days ago
This guy is in a million views streak every video I saw its in a million
Potatocries Catchup
Potatocries Catchup 2 days ago
2:18 snowman's be like in minecraft
I EAT BOOTY OH'S 2 days ago
your voice makes those turtles want to get fishing line wrapped around their necks and suffocate
ThatGuyEveryoneHates 3 days ago
i thought it was period blood
Oliver A
Oliver A 3 days ago
0:57 I’m calling him Augustus
kittifootez 3 days ago
Your daily does of internet, read by leafyishere....
joe stewart
joe stewart 3 days ago
64,000 sea turtles??... i counted 41,174
Biff Man
Biff Man 3 days ago
0:31 the car got a free paintjob lol
Budak Hipster
Budak Hipster 3 days ago
Car have blood
No No
No No 3 days ago
1:36 Ahh, the first video of Daily Dose of Internet. Always awkward your first time posting.
Fidget 3 days ago
That plane did most of the work for MrBeast
BenDeclan Klecker
BenDeclan Klecker 3 days ago
OMG I had a dream about the prison one when I was 5 and had never seen the prison before and now I know what I was dreaming about. I’m
Judson Wahba
Judson Wahba 4 days ago
Please watch Living Waters on USshow
Retro Boomer
Retro Boomer 4 days ago
Dissapointed! Didn't expect you to lie.. . . There were 63,859 turtles in total.
WorthySire 4 days ago
That water clip is crazy. Ive always figured you would get knocked out and drown if a huge tsunami wave hit you. Or die of debris, etc. Tons of hazards. Never considered the force of the water may just rip you in half. Goodness. 😩
Nola Här
Nola Här 4 days ago
When you enter a super villain's secret lair and the super villain is in the middle at a desk surrounded by their minions: 1:04
DM 4 days ago
0:33 when kids get spray paint
noesc 5 days ago
And all I could hear is this dude's voice: "Grab shell dude!"
Roman RP
Roman RP 5 days ago
Red water?
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