Give up on Your Dreams of Becoming a Baker

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brian david gilbert

3 years ago

tag your roommate who needs to give up on their dreams of becoming a baker
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Zhiyun Crane by Zhiyun Tech used in this video.
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Average Animator
Average Animator 2 hours ago
Just be a physics doctor and baker
Rebekah Smith
Rebekah Smith 9 hours ago
Why does the music during the black and white scene remind me of TAZ
That Person
That Person 9 hours ago
This has a certain Gus Johnson vibe to it, which is undoubtedly a good thing
JonnesTT 11 hours ago
I'm gonna send this to all of the people who told me not to go into the game industry. But only if that works out lol
Johannes Faller
Johannes Faller 16 hours ago
Hahaha physics PhD "lucrative" that's a good one bro
Noi Jadis Cailleach
Noi Jadis Cailleach 17 hours ago
Aspiring Baker in my apt. is not my roommate though... But my SO. Whoops!
Karin Stenelo
Karin Stenelo Day ago
Really need him and Caroline Konstnar to collab
Jesus 124
Jesus 124 Day ago
guess he didn’t have to give up on his dreams then
Timo Stubchen
Timo Stubchen 2 days ago
The face of the roommate said 1000 words! It was so perfect. It was like a "I told you so" mixed with a "happy you see the light" perfect ending.
Mason Bishop
Mason Bishop 3 days ago
What is even happening I’m an MIT physics student who makes bread every week
Hugo 3 days ago
ArgentoNatsu 3 days ago
alright assholes this is the anthem of 2020 and i do NOT appreciate youtube only recommending this to me TODAY
Shinji Ikari
Shinji Ikari 3 days ago
This showed up in my recommended while I was watching a tutorial about how to make swiss meringue buttercream. Thanks for the motivation to quit that shit and go work on my essay for educational psychology!
Annonimoose Q
Annonimoose Q 4 days ago
This was playing in the back of my head this morning and when I sat down to do some APUSH work and was immediately faced with “Napoleon gave up his dream of an American empire after his failure to subdue the slave revolt in Haiti, and he also wanted to focus on an impending war with Britain.” I freaked out just a little bit
loppol11 5 days ago
i love how little we learn about his roommate's personality in this. it's a little hint that the whole song was always about brian's own insecurities and really has nothing to do with his roommate
Dussel 8 days ago
i had four of these open at once and it was a experience
Lee 8 days ago
he gave up on his dream
Ozzie the bun bun
Ozzie the bun bun 10 days ago
This really said for YOU
Torneydou 12 days ago
I just have to say, without long hair you look like knockoff Alpharad
Ita Corcoran
Ita Corcoran 14 days ago
i love the irony of the fact he now makes videos for a living xD
Miss_ Daisy
Miss_ Daisy 14 days ago
Me who wants to be a baker: 👀 ➖
Austin 15 days ago
When you eat bread so good you understand the plot of Les Misrebles
Noah T
Noah T 15 days ago
pretty funky hydration rate your roommate has going for his sourdough starter
Leonard Winchester
Leonard Winchester 15 days ago
Be in MIT isn't easy neither. To went thru that needs motivation, and pretty sure he doesn't only wants to bake bread. Propel can have many dreams you know.
Gray Malkin
Gray Malkin 16 days ago
My brother loves baking and I send him this every time he annoys me. I then also specify that it is a joke and I love him very much and fully support him no matter what he pursues in life.
Eduardo Severo
Eduardo Severo 17 days ago
I don't want to give up on my dreams :(
Al 18 days ago
Bakers after quarantine: You must be truly desperate to have come to me for help.
Thomas Revill
Thomas Revill 20 days ago
Astrophysics is apparently a solid alternative
The Pizza Man
The Pizza Man 22 days ago
give up on your dreams *clap clap*
HeyThisIsBrian 24 days ago
As someone with dreams the first minute of this video really resonates with me. I'm sad.
Ethan Morgan
Ethan Morgan 25 days ago
Thank you, I will now give up on my dreams of becoming a drummer.
Anya Klum
Anya Klum 26 days ago
I started watching this for like the millionth time and just enthusiastically clapped along in public
Fey Truet
Fey Truet 27 days ago
Taste like that sweet dream you had before it soured.
Vulpovile 28 days ago
Why can't I like something more than once
Sean Hennessy
Sean Hennessy 28 days ago
Green Eggs and Ham 2
Morgan Rogers
Morgan Rogers 29 days ago
Has anyone mashed this up with the original Attack on Titan opening yet?
itchykami 29 days ago
You're the only reason I subscribed to Polygon. This is a receipt. Please print this out and read it to your boss for a free raise.
Marcus Tullius Cicero
Marcus Tullius Cicero 29 days ago
The title is why I am here. You ain't tellin me what im gonna do!! I may have dreamt of becomin a skilled doctor before, but man do you know imma gonna go and drop those plans and become a baker just to piss you of!!
Marcus Tullius Cicero
Marcus Tullius Cicero 29 days ago
For realsies tho. Doctor or baker, be a good one and follow your dreams. Edit: im too lazy to watch a 1,5 min vid but damned if i can't write shit comments on it cuz im bored.
Cowboy Depression
Cowboy Depression 29 days ago
Why did I read up when he said "it's the best bread I ever had"?
MaxMckayful Month ago
Plot Twist: Gilbert's dreams came true, while the roommate now works in finance and takes Xanax to push down daily suicidal thoughts.
NoWindows Month ago
Talk about things that didn't age well.
Raye Sashay
Raye Sashay Month ago
This video makes me genuinely emotional and idk what that says about me
Walk chap
Walk chap Month ago
oh, academia brings financial security. That's good to know.
Jenna Moore
Jenna Moore Month ago
What is the algorithm trying to tell me
colorbar.s Month ago
interior crocodile alligator give up your dreams of becoming a baker
Utter Non-Cents
Utter Non-Cents Month ago
I actually want to be a baker. And now I wanna do it more
Tess P
Tess P Month ago
When you’re going to a bachelors degree in environmental science when you really just wanna be baker.... this hit too hard
Sarah Bilger
Sarah Bilger Month ago
Me going for a pre-med degree then dropping put for culinary school lmao
Trikkster Month ago
Reading the future yet again Brian
Lily JOnes
Lily JOnes Month ago
I really wanna know what book is that at 0:20
BatgirltheRobin Month ago
Get a good paying job you don’t hate and live your dreams as a side job. There, practical advice that won’t leave you utterly depressed.
Gavin Chao
Gavin Chao Month ago
Piggle Wiggle
Piggle Wiggle Month ago
Silly obnoxious video
Samy N
Samy N Month ago
I come to this video when I'm down, always leave smiling :)
Alpino Royal
Alpino Royal Month ago
1:20 "ur goddamn right it is"
Guyspy21 Month ago
nobody: Villains on children's media: this video
one sad frog
one sad frog Month ago
bdg with short hair scares me
Ari Month ago
the french bit felt like A Portrait of a Lady on Fire
alexis hayashi
alexis hayashi Month ago
0:56 that voice crack just killed me
i want to bigspoon link
i want to bigspoon link Month ago
i don’t even want to become a baker but now i gave up on it
艾丽马 Month ago
i gave up on my dreams
crappynimations Month ago
Thx USshow recommendation now I feel more unmotivated and feel bad
juan andonly
juan andonly Month ago
So cringe but so real at the same time lol
Melissa Tran
Melissa Tran Month ago
This is brilliant, where have you been all my life.
My precious lasagna
My precious lasagna Month ago
Is it good if I just decided to take a baking course and this video showed up?
Beatriz Ma
Beatriz Ma Month ago
Well, his roommate won't give up on his own dreams!!!
Smurfette101 Month ago
Im finally watching this fucking video. Its been popping up in my recommendations for MONTHS.... This really exceeded my expectations.
Madison Perry
Madison Perry Month ago
Jokes on you, I’m half way through pastry school right now.
G S Month ago
He made sourdough before it was cool.
Alaine Neuburger
Alaine Neuburger Month ago
In case anyone was wondering 3 YEARS AFTER THIS WAS UPLOADED But the french in the video says "Your bread is delicious."
Stephanie Baker
Stephanie Baker Month ago
i am one
Alejandra Cuesta
Alejandra Cuesta Month ago
Whyyyyy??? Why are you so good in your videos? I laugth a lot. Your content is wonderful
G S Month ago
Hahaha you monster taking a bite of the loaf
G S Month ago
Dang cute baker too
Price Rowland
Price Rowland Month ago
How, how did he predict quarantine?
Marco Stewart
Marco Stewart Month ago
As someone who went to school for animation and is now studying to work in health care I feel this too deeply lol
MsBlulucky Month ago
Damn it - I needed this _before_ I became a confectioner, not one year after I decided to pursue a different career.
Fabio Lopez
Fabio Lopez Month ago
I don’t got to get rid of my dreams if my dreams are to be a baker
dsagoa deviantart
dsagoa deviantart Month ago
Love it when USshow recommends something that I've already upvoted a year ago and completely forgotten since
clickthecreeper Month ago
wow you dont even use the familiar form of you in french with your roomate? do i even know you brian david gilbert?
MaoItsMe Month ago
learn to code
Abey !
Abey ! Month ago
Harry Styles left the chat
Kota Hitt
Kota Hitt Month ago
bdg from three years ago... You good bro?
Xx_Chillicious pie
Xx_Chillicious pie Month ago
For most of my life, I wanted to be a baker. If I hadn't already given up by now and I got recommended this, I would feel very discouraged.
E030E03 Month ago
Dasani Forever
Dasani Forever Month ago
not funny, didnt laugh
HuffmanTeamGaming Month ago
This song legitimately makes me consider suicide because it makes me realize my dreams and aspirations will never be a reality.
ashton jerry
ashton jerry Month ago
The French subtitles 🤣
Luri Month ago
I wonder if he is a baker today
Insa Tritopia
Insa Tritopia Month ago
Lyrics: Give up on your dreams of becoming a baker, You gotta give up on your dreams *clap clap* I got a cool roommate who loves to bake, Wants to make it his job but that's a big mistake Starting a bakery? How much could that take? But it's way harder than it seems A physics doctor is a thing to be Academia and knowledge bring security Go to MIT, get your PHD Cause it's time to give up on your dreams *clap clap* Got a sourdough starter inside of a jar But starting sourdough's not getting you far And this yeasty concoction is a little bizarre So I think you're going to extremes Why not get yourself a lucrative position? Become a teacher of mathematician Not that I think you lack the ambition Be like me Give up on your dreams *clap clap* I used to think that I wanted to write But that kind of thinking made money quite tight You can't pay rent while seeking the lime light So why keep seeking those beans? I'd love to make videos and joke around But instead I got a corporate job downtown And I edit copy for a living now So just give up on your dreams *clap clap* You've been baking bread all through the night You made a loaf of wheat and a loaf of white But since you insist, I'll take a bite But I don't think its-
moxxi to the max
moxxi to the max Month ago
i'm so happy bdg didn't give up on his dreams and is now able to make money by writing and making the funny videos he wanted to. fuck corporate copyediting.
Addison Strom
Addison Strom Month ago
The best joke in this video is the idea that a teacher is a lucrative job
yehuda greenfield
yehuda greenfield Month ago
I feel attacked
Inkter P
Inkter P Month ago
starkid energy
ノホモ Month ago
Funny how this video popped up in my recommended after my dentist lectured me about my plans to major in Psychology, and how I'm basically wasting my time and money going into that field
Odima16 Month ago
The rhythm of the vocals at 0:31 is beautiful
MarvelousNysa Month ago
I love this video so much
Ms Hydrus
Ms Hydrus Month ago
“Get yourself a lucrative position, become a teacher or mathematician” LO fucking L Pay teachers more.
Asian Muffin
Asian Muffin Month ago
This is basically what my mom said to me at a point in time Now I wanna be a surgeon
Tim de Visser
Tim de Visser Month ago
I love continuity.
Dracon Browne
Dracon Browne Month ago
Val Starr
Val Starr Month ago
Watching this in quarantine is a trip