10 Greatest Heel Turns in WWE History | WrestleTalk Lists w/ Adam Blampied

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Month ago

Nice guys, it's said they always finish last, but bad arses, always kicking arseholes' arse.
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Heel turns are the easiest way to make a stale character interesting [insert picture of Roman Reigns] but in a crowded field, which ones are the best of the best? Adam's here to tell you.
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WrestleTalk Month ago
ADAM: What are your favourite heel turns?? Let us know BELOW
Jaime Perez
Jaime Perez 3 days ago
when Adam did his heel turn on what culture wrestling
jamal willabus
jamal willabus 16 days ago
Fin balor in NXT. And pretty much all of triple h's heel turns lol Triple H has to be one of the greatest heels in history next to flair, orton, and stone cold
snake snake
snake snake 19 days ago
Roman reigns
Okay Bro
Okay Bro 21 day ago
Cronic Bear
Cronic Bear 26 days ago
Matt hardy
Josh456 4 hours ago
Hey, get it right. The COWARD Marty Jannetty tried to flee through the window
Brett Smith
Brett Smith 14 hours ago
Y2J becomes suit Jericho 2008
Lord_Edge 21 hour ago
Austin's heel turn was pure garbage, it didn't just fail afterwards it failed on the night as fans cheered him and nobody even knew he had turned until RAW as most internet posts afterwards were about "McMahon's babyface turn". It really shows Adam wasn't watching wrestling at this point /sigh.
CryLittleSister Day ago
HHH turning on DX and joining the Corporation at WM 15 is one of my top favourite heel turns of all time
Thomas Damps
Thomas Damps Day ago
The biggest irony is 'speaking of the Rattlesnake,' before an advert for beer then plays
antbanks415 2 days ago
And you forgot rock in 1997 and cm punk in 2013
antbanks415 2 days ago
Michael's and Jeanette should be ranked much higher
Bad Voodoo
Bad Voodoo 2 days ago
In a way Bret screwed Bret by turning down Vince’s offer and not dropping the belt in Canada but who could blame Bret he hated Shaun Shaun didn’t deserve the belt anyway Used the Kliq to push himself to the title picture and still couldn’t stay on top
DazedN7 3 days ago
That's a disturbingly dirty Lego foot.
JT Saints
JT Saints 4 days ago
Hulk Hogan turning on WCW at Bash at the Beach EASILY should be #1. This is why I hate countdowns
Makis Uchiha
Makis Uchiha 4 days ago
when Adam returned to utube to pretend like nothing happened after shaving his head and acting like Michaels finding Jesus? or was his original heel turn in the wrestling darlings event?
Liam Croft
Liam Croft 4 days ago
Speaking of the rattlesnake- Ad: "do you have trouble playing chords for your church?"
Emmanuel Makoba
Emmanuel Makoba 5 days ago
Charlotte turning heel was pretty nice too.
Shane Pleasants
Shane Pleasants 5 days ago
I love Ciampa but I always laugh when he is on tv because he could have easily played a dwarf in the Hobbit movie
Shane Pleasants
Shane Pleasants 5 days ago
Fandango has always had the best Heel turn
CoryTheRaven 5 days ago
The festival of friendship was hard to watch, because you could see that Jericho MEANT it when he said that working with KO was the most fun he's had in years. BWAAAAAAAAAAA...
London Henry
London Henry 6 days ago
Stephanie turning her back on her father is *chefs kiss* a masterpiece no one expected it
Hollœw T ë m p 3 r m e n e n t æ t í øn
Hollœw T ë m p 3 r m e n e n t æ t í øn 6 days ago
Is that T Grizzly??? 2:59
ed young
ed young 9 days ago
Daniel Bryan 2018
Listen To Your Friend Billy Zane, He’s a Cool Dude
Listen To Your Friend Billy Zane, He’s a Cool Dude 10 days ago
Ciampa coming out to no music and just "f*ck you Ciampa" chants was heel perfection
Arrin Mixon
Arrin Mixon 10 days ago
Remember Adam’s heel turn when he begged girls for nudes.
Khameleon269 10 days ago
I was there at the Survivor Series 1997 for the montreal screwjob and it was my first ever live wwF event, how can you forget that...
Catisreckless 10 days ago
So I'm kinda late, but why doesn't this Adam work for WhatCulture anymore?
ABTSoSaucy 7 days ago
i forgot some of it but he did sum bout a underage girl
abh15hek ach4rG
abh15hek ach4rG 11 days ago
Cm Punk's heel turn on The Rock should have made this list The expression on his face when Rock's music hit made it oh so better. Also Orton turning on Bryan was great too Edit: TF I almost forgot Orton on Edge should definitely be top 10
Cyril Jones
Cyril Jones 11 days ago
1:15 that was a DISTURBINGLY terrible yet hilariously delivered joke😭☠️
Yami Fenix
Yami Fenix 12 days ago
When Vince retires completely I do hope whoever takes over the company makes sure to put the old bastard into the Hall of Fame because love him or hate him the man has been absolutely instrumental for the best times in the WWE and he should be lionized for it.
Maybach Rob
Maybach Rob 13 days ago
I go to what ever channel Adam Blumpie is on
luqman imran
luqman imran 13 days ago
bad dog very bad dog
Nick Plaza
Nick Plaza 14 days ago
Adam is amazing at these videos by Gawd!
mart 14 days ago
mrpink99 14 days ago
So many great heel turns overlooked, especially from pre-attitude era. How about Owen turning on Bret? Jake Roberts locking Ultimate Warrior in a coffin? Paul Orndorff piledriving tag team partner Hogan? Honkytonk Man turning on the fans after failing miserably as a baby face? Mr Fuji double crossing Demolition & facilitating a double turn with the Powers of Pain at the 2nd Survivor Series? HBK superkicking Hogan during their postmatch celebration?
MJ Music
MJ Music 14 days ago
I’m so happy plumpy is back. It’s been a while but still.
Jerry M
Jerry M 15 days ago
Great memories, back when wrestling was great, dramatic and exciting. Certain times throughout the history of the WWF/WWE product, there has been great Heel Turns that swerved the audience and it was great.
Mike King of kings
Mike King of kings 15 days ago
Didn’t this guy make videos for what culture a long time ago?
Mindaugas Mazrimas
Mindaugas Mazrimas 15 days ago
If you dont think the Montreal Screwjob was a planned event then I have some magical beans to sell ya
bishop1095 15 days ago
Batista's turn on Rey Mysterio..."I'm gonna rip your head off."
Russell LeBlanc
Russell LeBlanc 15 days ago
Nice to have you back Adam.
Lam Jianhua
Lam Jianhua 16 days ago
It was not vince that turn heel, it was Bret that turn heel. Bret did not want to do the time honor tradition of doing the job to HBk, hence the job needed to be done for him. It was Bret that screwed Bret, after that night it showed Bret's lack of professionalism and respect for the business and all respect for him was lost. He did the ultimate heel turn on wrestling itself and the millions of fans that supported wrestling.
coolguy1127 16 days ago
To think the best feud of all time doesn’t even involve two wrestlers but employee vs boss. McMahon vs Austin will never be topped.
Great Gouda
Great Gouda 16 days ago
"Steve Austin ended the attitude era" I'd argue it ended when Raw Changed it set and completely ended when WWF turned into WWE...
Aaron Kilby
Aaron Kilby 16 days ago
It's really infuriating when you think about it cus i love stone colds heel run but it should have been better and people should have said "no one can top this". Dean ambrose heel turn should have been even better than that, probably the greatest heel turn of all time, but no. What a spit in the face they used something so serious and then turned it into a joke.
OldBoyGamer 17 days ago
Not sure about this Adam Blampied, but he reminds me of this dude Plumpy that I used to watch and listen to.
blkpanther11 17 days ago
Mark Henry Hell Turn On John Cena Retirement
Hishäm X 88
Hishäm X 88 17 days ago
Rusty Hussler
Rusty Hussler 17 days ago
"""Heel turn"""" Or, when every fan in the universe boo's your boring arse every time you set foot in the ring until you accept it.
Darryl D
Darryl D 18 days ago
Hogan joining the N.W.O. is probably the greatest heel turn ever how did that not make the list?
А К 18 days ago
Where Hogan's turn??? You kidding??
Brother Nero
Brother Nero 18 days ago
undertakerpitt 18 days ago
"Despite already being heel, he somehow managed to heel turn again" is, objectively, the funniest thing Adam has ever said.
Benjamin Tech
Benjamin Tech 18 days ago
Vince was already a heel by Montreal. Savage turn should be #1
Brother Nero
Brother Nero 17 days ago
@Benjamin Tech He was more or less the guy that you try to tune out, but there is a huge difference from being an annoyance and being a terrible person,
Benjamin Tech
Benjamin Tech 18 days ago
Joe Momma I think the biggest factor is are you thought of overall as a face by the fans.Vince wasn’t; people either didn’t care or annoyed by “wattamanuveur”. You can’t become a heel if you’re not anything to begin with.
Brother Nero
Brother Nero 18 days ago
@Benjamin Tech Well, the commentary team had one heel at the time, Jerry Lawler, Vince was a face as a commentator but didn't do his best work there and it made people dislike him a bit (which is comparable to Michael Cole's reaction as the face to Corey Graves' heel) but Vince portrayed a face on t.v, after the screwjob, he was acknowledged as a heel.
Benjamin Tech
Benjamin Tech 18 days ago
Joe Momma he didn’t have to be in charge to be hated. He was an annoying announcer and his cring-worthy Michael Cole style made him a heel by the time SS97 rolled around
Brother Nero
Brother Nero 18 days ago
No one knew Vince was in charge before Montreal, Gorrila Monsoon was WWF "President" till the screwjob
W.T.C 1990
W.T.C 1990 18 days ago
to be honest i really don't care about Reigns and I turn my TV off when he comes on-screen
SnipingIsFun 19 days ago
Attitude Era ended in 2002
Brother Nero
Brother Nero 18 days ago
@SnipingIsFun The Invasion was Attitude, but after Austin's face turn then heel turn later in 2001 began a transition period that lasted until McMahon's Ruthless Aggression promo.
SnipingIsFun 18 days ago
@Brother Nero 2001 was still Attitude Era. The Invasion was Attitude Era. Wrestlemania 18 was Attitude Era. It was Attitude Eta till it turned to WWE and Vince did the Ruthless Aggression promo.
Brother Nero
Brother Nero 18 days ago
No it didn't, there wasn't anything in between Austin's heel turn and John Cena entering on SmackDown
dhasha1112 19 days ago
Paul is Roman Reign's guy
Kalpesh Rawat
Kalpesh Rawat 19 days ago
So many great heel turns and what was Bayley's reason to turn heel? "My best friend is a heel, so even I'll turn heel trolololol lol lol lol"
BlackMoore82 19 days ago
Owen turning on Bret at The 1994 Royal Rumble. The seeds were planted two months earlier at the 1993 Survivor Series but it went into full effect in January the following year. Also it may have been in poor taste but Sgt. Slaughter turning on America in 1990 is another one that comes to mind.
Ashok kumar Singh
Ashok kumar Singh 19 days ago
Forget about finn balor
Ward Smyth
Ward Smyth 19 days ago
I can't help but feel that The Barbershop is decidedly low on this list.
Young Turboo
Young Turboo 19 days ago
They did Roman what they never could do to John cena
JockyRhonson 19 days ago
Man I've missed hearing Adam say "John Cener"
Rawrjay 19 days ago
if it wasnt for adam i wouldnt watch wrestletalk
bro keep it 100
bro keep it 100 19 days ago
Roman sucks at everything he does
Carl Zayas
Carl Zayas 19 days ago
So...Hulk Hogan in '96? I can only think this wasn't on the list because there is no possible way it could ever be topped.
Brother Nero
Brother Nero 18 days ago
Xamna 20 days ago
you were wrong about the stone cold heel turn heyman said he has sold his soul to the devil himself not jr
ShawnnyP 20 days ago
Better make a Top 10 Big Show Heel Turns
Chris Oder
Chris Oder 20 days ago
Did we just get beyonced ??
kobywood 20 days ago
I wanna hear Adams version of halo now
Health Wealth Love Happiness
Health Wealth Love Happiness 20 days ago
No mention of Bruno and Larry Zybyszko.........SACRILEGE!
Jason Kennedy
Jason Kennedy 21 day ago
Got a feeling as the weeks go on, Roman is gonna go up on this list.
Oshane Patterson
Oshane Patterson 21 day ago
Seth betrayed then in June of 2014.
Ma Visser
Ma Visser 21 day ago
What?? Is Plumpie back???
Kane's Cauldron
Kane's Cauldron 21 day ago
Ciampa's beatdown was so brutal, that Johnny Gargano still hasn't regained the use of his face muscles.
Devon Terry
Devon Terry 21 day ago
Remember when john was heel
Veljko Bubonja
Veljko Bubonja 22 days ago
The best heel turn is John Cena turning heel in Furious 9.
Gabe Kiser
Gabe Kiser 22 days ago
Surprised Adam kicking the soul out of jack the jobber isn't here
Will Douglas
Will Douglas 22 days ago
I megalolled at Owens’ double heel turn. What a bastard hahaha
Yozo 22 days ago
My favorite heel turn is when Adam stunned Ollie Davis
Michael Patrick
Michael Patrick 23 days ago
Stephanie 99 BETTER be on here...
Zack Smith
Zack Smith 23 days ago
JACK is back
Andrew Perkzy
Andrew Perkzy 24 days ago
Biggest heel turn was Adams he betrayed and left whatculture. Then Cultholic. Wrestletalk watch out.
BITW Awesome
BITW Awesome 24 days ago
Romance girl
BITW Awesome
BITW Awesome 24 days ago
john asshat
john asshat 24 days ago
Seths turn is so much better than deans adam. You’re objectively wrong.
David West
David West 24 days ago
Yall miss hhh turning on shawn Michaels that was a good one!!!
durden2480 25 days ago
Definitely was not Roman reins in front of an empty arena. It’s meaningless
nAmE7056 25 days ago
Damn dude didn't know you were back doing wrestling videos. Bout time!
Travis Ontiveros
Travis Ontiveros 25 days ago
Greatest heel turn in all of history... Chopper Pete becoming Corporate Chopper Pete.
AWRWOLF 26 days ago
Tugger turning on the Whackers.
Cronic Bear
Cronic Bear 26 days ago
Listening to Adam Blanca's voice on wwe brings me sweet sweet pleasure. I miss his amazing dramatic reads 4 his own bookings
Swapnil Thorat
Swapnil Thorat 26 days ago
In months Kenny will finally snap Hangman page and we will witness another great heel turn which is 18-20 months in making.
Tony NewGuy
Tony NewGuy 26 days ago
Mark Henry's fake retirement wearing that Salmon colored Suit Jacket was pretty damn good, beating up John Cena 😂
jak1165 15 days ago
@Young Munru Kevin Owens tho
Young Munru
Young Munru 18 days ago
Technically it was not heelturn but act. He was already heel before that speech 😂
TheRuns2 26 days ago
How does Andre's turn on Hogan not make this list?
SJ RANKS 27 days ago
Nothing can top Chris Jericho in 2008 his feud with Shawn Michaels was f*cking awesome I legitimately hated Chris Jericho for the right reasons he had this cold emotionless look on his face no over the top theatrics or anything just a cold dead stare and his mic work was killer I mean him putting hbk’s face through the jeritron 6000 making his eye bleed at the great American bash and punching hbk’s wife that’s how you make a great heel not with racial slurs like with jinder mahal
franklingoodwin 27 days ago
Adam, what do you mean Vince was revealed to be the owner of of WWF in 1997? I'm sure everyone already knew this at least 7 years prior. My brother used to buy WWF magazine in 1991 and it clearly stated that Vince McMahon was the owner
Antonio Blunt
Antonio Blunt 27 days ago
Greatest heel turn Golden Joe on Silver Bro.
x LatinAssazzin
x LatinAssazzin 28 days ago
So the guy who fake leukemia finally becomes a heel lmao
Power On
Power On 28 days ago
Adam fists boys.
Cm punk fan boi
Cm punk fan boi 28 days ago
Cm punk?
Iruleall15 28 days ago
Thank you for coming back Adam! I dont do youtube much but when I see your name I immediately watch. Never leave us again!!
Alvin Everett
Alvin Everett 28 days ago
i bet wwe was waiting for us to stop asking
Jason Kennedy
Jason Kennedy 28 days ago
Adam the best ever to do what he does. Glad you came back. Especially now when we need ya more than ever. Thank you.
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