All 44 Nations Battle for Earth Until 1 Left! (Civilization Battle Royale)

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Drew Durnil

Year ago

All 44 nations battle on a Civilization 6 Earth map! We will continue this AI only until there is only one civ left. How will your favorite nation do? All Old World Nations Battle for Earth
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uwskie A-40
uwskie A-40 Hour ago
i mean thats definately the dutch when things get stinky just run somewhere safe like outer space
dislexyec airsofter
dislexyec airsofter 5 hours ago
the sun never setes on the British empire
Jorgen Klein
Jorgen Klein Day ago
what map is this... looks fun to me to play
Eric Bright
Eric Bright Day ago
Now I'm just imagining the Dutch roaming out among the stars in a sleeper ship, named The Botany Bay, waiting for the time when they can take vengeance against the Canadians.
ABBEY Day ago
In Ohio we have winter summer almost summer and almost winter don’t forget the corn lots and lots and lotssss of corn
Owen The pro
Owen The pro Day ago
is this a game?
Samantha Thibault
Samantha Thibault Day ago
Canada wins. Me a Canadian: *shookith* Sorry about that, but hey, free health care for all, have a great day friends!
Canadian Jeremy
Canadian Jeremy 2 days ago
Did the builders... beat the Japanese death robots?
Mule The Donkey
Mule The Donkey 3 days ago
Rome could get Istanbul back and make it constantionple again! "Take me back to Constantinople No, you can't go back to Constantinople Now it's Istanbul, not Constantinople Why did Constantinople get the works? That's cause of invasion from the turks!
Wodin's Word
Wodin's Word 3 days ago
The climate change part is beyond stupid
M Pomp
M Pomp 4 days ago
Thing is... can't declare surprise wars on Canada. Also can't beat a worker with a giant death robot. Go Canada!
hezy mcccoy
hezy mcccoy 4 days ago
into the unknown frozen 2
Enigmatic 5 days ago
this is what aliens do.
skream20 5 days ago
Ghandi doesn't used nuke ??
Aaron Burrow
Aaron Burrow 6 days ago
Jakub Port
Jakub Port 7 days ago
"It seems that Poland is attacking Russia" Wait... That's not how I remember it
Ethan Matheson
Ethan Matheson 8 days ago
Go Canada 🇨🇦 gang shit
Fabio D
Fabio D 8 days ago
Well canada went full fascist/commie so there's still a bit of realism :)
King Kaleb
King Kaleb 9 days ago
Canada 2020 "make Canada tax again"
Wing Nut
Wing Nut 9 days ago
Firaxis should make the Great Prophet Felix Kjelburg, and he should be born in Gothenburg.
F 9 days ago
Washington was taken by Canada as an American i am butthurt
F 9 days ago
15:06 Looks like our world if things went slightly different
Cuciaș Ion
Cuciaș Ion 10 days ago
Now imagine a world where Canada is on every continent
committed sky
committed sky 11 days ago
16:09 the city on the frozen hellholes called Liverpool...yep, sounds about right
chris 11 days ago
Nederland boven! No shame losing to canada!
loke grønbech
loke grønbech 12 days ago
something in the water.... Nahhhh the invented aircondition. :)
Xiarno 12 days ago
"Those syrup people" I feel insulted.
TheGreenTaco999 13 days ago
I wanted to see a time lapse tbh
Tarrah Vaughn
Tarrah Vaughn 14 days ago
sound of silence
Warriorred 101
Warriorred 101 14 days ago
Zea M-H
Zea M-H 16 days ago
woohoo canada!
Rob Bagel
Rob Bagel 16 days ago
Japan and Korea really making mf Gundams out here
Grand Royale
Grand Royale 17 days ago
My bet is on Base game.
Comedy Man
Comedy Man 19 days ago
As a Canadian all I can say is WE WANTED THIS ALL ALONG SUCKERS
Comedy Man
Comedy Man 19 days ago
The only thing the French ever did was surrender. Just like in real life.
100 million subscribers without videos
100 million subscribers without videos 17 days ago
I'm pretty sure France has won the most battles of any country in history
Ryuusei Boy
Ryuusei Boy 19 days ago
Canada won? And that was the Killian experience
not zane
not zane 20 days ago
at 36:18 you can see the southern states trying to rise again
Prime Time
Prime Time 23 days ago
Candians are usally super nice and calm. This game:this is not okie dokie
The Offensive Lemon
The Offensive Lemon 24 days ago
Canada took over the world. Now we are all soory.
Caleb Messinger
Caleb Messinger 27 days ago
The geography and the city placement, especially in the Americas pissed me off so much since so many places were in the wrong spot, like at the beginning, Boston should not be where modern day Atlanta should be.
jack 28 days ago
Question: How do you see that demographic display for each civ? Is this a mod?
morg0 29 days ago
lmao I'm just imagining drew is god
nest 29 days ago
this is my first time seeing so many AI fight normally, i'd just devour AI
Thank You
Thank You Month ago
Peepeekisis :)
Dod o
Dod o Month ago
Can we just appreciate the English, Dutch, Spanish and Norwegians not invading each other throughout the first 500 turns
He who must not be named
He who must not be named Month ago
Yayyyy, finally. I have waited soooooo long. Sorry you have no life. ;)
Hanni C
Hanni C Month ago
21:56 "still no giant death robots tho!" is he wrong or do i just not know what the GDR look like?
Lego For Beginners
Lego For Beginners Month ago
Who misses Civ 6 content?
Agent Boi
Agent Boi Month ago
Its a little overpopulated and there is just turbines and hotels everywhere
Gaming to the Limits
Gaming to the Limits Month ago
Do this again please
Camden Earles
Camden Earles Month ago
Isn't that Brazil and not Australia?
Finn Jennings
Finn Jennings Month ago
nah ofc New Zealand is going to win no joke.
James Wilson
James Wilson Month ago
It's possible. Just one more move! XD 2000 moves in marathon mode or less I work slow one city at a time. Takes awhile.
Preslav Dimitrov
Preslav Dimitrov Month ago
Why did you choose Macedonia instead of Bulgaria. Macedonia is Bulgaria
Ludesant Month ago
3:14 uno reverse card
Boop Poop
Boop Poop Month ago
Game name?
Nitrocraft837 Month ago
T H E R E. D O N E. B E I N G. N I C E
Matias Cora
Matias Cora Month ago
Can someone explain the 47 trillion wind turbines?
Валентин Ожиганов
Валентин Ожиганов Month ago
I’m sorry world
Arno Groenewald
Arno Groenewald Month ago
Can you do a CK3 Shattered World last man standing campaign/observation please.
Delano Coolen
Delano Coolen Month ago
Atleast Harald's dream of taking over finally came true.
Rio Septian
Rio Septian Month ago
INDONESIA=13:38 ehheheh yg gak mau susah susah nyari anjay
RaventhortheWarrior Month ago
It took me 30 minutes to break, and it was the goddamn builders that did it
Christian Wills
Christian Wills Month ago
Can you make a top 10 possible civs
Ashir Malik
Ashir Malik Month ago
Vatian Month ago
Damn bruh I strucked gold with this channel. Subscribed!
[secret Name]
[secret Name] Month ago
32:03 "o kurwa"
RMS Gaming
RMS Gaming Month ago
This game s civ 5
joe Shmo
joe Shmo Month ago
Wish you didn’t do the climate change so heavy
rztheonez 28
rztheonez 28 Month ago
Jernej Gradišek
Jernej Gradišek Month ago
i cant believe this was 40 mins, it felt like 15
Asher Stonehouse
Asher Stonehouse Month ago
am I the only one wondering why the Maori were in central America *not* in New Zealand?
AtlasOnNurofen Month ago
How did you make this battle Royale in civ 6
ben ten
ben ten Month ago
do a civ 6 game real time
Melesse Mansur
Melesse Mansur Month ago
Krishjanis Kronbergs
Krishjanis Kronbergs 2 months ago
There is no latvians in there this blo*s
Messypan06 2 months ago
Isn't Australia like the size of Europe (the continent of Australia)
The Meme Factory
The Meme Factory 2 months ago
I havent started watching yet but my guess om the one winning is australia
Albert Pacella
Albert Pacella 2 months ago
As an American I am disgusted
Goodstorms Games
Goodstorms Games 2 months ago
Canada just likes the world.
ShadowReaper2006 2 months ago
0:48, Fortnite is Cancer.
Krisna Herdiana
Krisna Herdiana 2 months ago
Why did i watched this?
Ian Games
Ian Games 2 months ago
Wait, it's all Canada... Always has been
Joel Johnson
Joel Johnson 2 months ago
🤔 this is just like us in real life
Captain Unrelated Popcorn Fire
Captain Unrelated Popcorn Fire 2 months ago
Where did the guys who start in the water start
DarDragon24 2 months ago
"England got Boston" The Brits are still looking for their tea for some reason
Liam Kiernan
Liam Kiernan 2 months ago
As a Canadian I can confirm, this is our plan for the future. You'll be sorry soon enough
Ballin Gaming
Ballin Gaming 2 months ago
When I made my bet at the beginning of the game, I was wondering if Canada would take the win, and not just because I'm Canadian. They have a good spot on the map and I'm not surprised they did well with it. GO CANADA!
Eduardo Montes de Oca
Eduardo Montes de Oca 2 months ago
Needs an update. New nations
Crim son
Crim son 2 months ago
Weird start location for Phoenicia, starting West of Egypt instead of the correct East of Egypt
Frederik Bloch
Frederik Bloch 2 months ago
you forgot denmark..
Gofer LP
Gofer LP 2 months ago
I would have loved to see Dutch winning. As a German it's the only country i would accept as a overlord. Still gg Canada.
josh bawden
josh bawden 2 months ago
Pascal Moens
Pascal Moens 2 months ago
As a Dutch guy with a Canadian girlfriend, I don't trust the whole nice and apologizing act anymore! Time to get my civ game going.
NYX awn
NYX awn 2 months ago
how you see this graphic? min 8:25
Nexandr 2 months ago
"Sexy Mythical Gandhi" Being an Indian i never thought i would have to hear this god lmao
Arav Kapoor
Arav Kapoor 18 days ago
Why would you say that drew
Fantasy Hero
Fantasy Hero 2 months ago
Why don't you mention the name of Iran in your videos, when you joke about North Korea all the time?
JP Rhino
JP Rhino 2 months ago
WOW hahaha this is like an alternate universe of world history
GrandMasterPegasus 2 months ago
As someone who’s mother is Canadian and father is Dutch, I am VERY happy with this result
Aaron penninger
Aaron penninger 2 months ago
I stopped watching bc you promote fortnite
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