NBA's Top 100 Dunks Of The Decade

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7 months ago

Check out the top 100 dunks from this past decade!
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Solar Magik
Solar Magik 18 hours ago
blake griffin literally has 14 highlights of his dunks. Incredible.
TexanTube 21 hour ago
The amount of video advertisements! Jesus Christ Almighty! >____
iiVenom Bryantii
iiVenom Bryantii Day ago
We all can agree on one thing- Kobe Bryant was a MACHINE inside the paint. RIP Kobe Bryant
Random Revers
Random Revers Day ago
This is how many times Blake Griffin dunked on pau gasol 👇
SuneaterBry Day ago
Lob city clippers: is this a dunk contest?
Blue Python Productions
Blue Python Productions 2 days ago
22:03 Dwayne Wade: Now THATS a 10!!!
ShadowStrider 2 days ago
honestly, i think the pg birdman dunk could have taken some jumps closer to #1
Mari Carmen Payares Garcia
Mari Carmen Payares Garcia 3 days ago
Reaper 4 days ago
The rim is crying !
ilmars uzulis
ilmars uzulis 6 days ago
4:18 is that not a travel?
Danielle Bevans
Danielle Bevans 7 days ago
Well duuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Danielle Bevans
Danielle Bevans 7 days ago
Yeah we know that Blake griffin was dunking on everyone back in the day
Sean Crochunis
Sean Crochunis 7 days ago
Sucks that the Lob City Clippers Never Won a Ship
DANIEL CILMI 10 days ago
14 should be higher
Anthony colon
Anthony colon 10 days ago
I watched that hole fkn video to see that shitty number one
Sega Genesis
Sega Genesis 11 days ago
Perkins got doodoo'd on hahahahahaha
BingeFest1 12 days ago
23:53 I love Giannis, but ain't no way in hell is this the 2nd best dunk of the decade
Abdirizak Mustafa
Abdirizak Mustafa 13 days ago
I don’t watch basketball but u can kick someone for a dunk ?
Beadamh 13 days ago
I fucking hate publicity. If this shit continues I will definitely delete USshow . Too much publicity in one minute video.
AKAdeedeeDEE 13 days ago
I don’t think an injury has robbed us more of entertainment than the Derrick rose injury, that guy was just freakish oh my
Blackfeather 15 days ago
Craig Rockwell
Craig Rockwell 15 days ago
@8:40....the 'Denver Nuggets' DeMar DeRozan'......must have been a mid game trade.
TomasitoStyle 16 days ago
shæhèęr khan
shæhèęr khan 16 days ago
Why would you hold your nuts in front of lebron james???
Jarell Lavender
Jarell Lavender 17 days ago
Blake on Gasol got to be higher
Flip 18 days ago
How is Paul George reverse 360 windmill not on the list
B Rose
B Rose 18 days ago
No d wade on vaerjao???
Jumpadumpa 18 days ago
Where is the one where giannis dunks from almost the freethrow line
bekzodcek _01
bekzodcek _01 18 days ago
Eduardo Garcia
Eduardo Garcia 19 days ago
Eduardo Garcia
Eduardo Garcia 19 days ago
Cheerio Man
Cheerio Man 19 days ago
22:48 Now you can’t tell me that Jason terry didn’t deserve to get dunked on. That man was a prick
Caleb Hanson
Caleb Hanson 19 days ago
no way that dunk is number FORTY-ONE
Guilty Crown
Guilty Crown 20 days ago
Every time the rim sees Westbrook Rim: oh no he’s back
tbyrner 04
tbyrner 04 20 days ago
I'm sorry but Blake should've had his dunks wayyyy higher on the list than some of LeBrons
Ali Rizvi
Ali Rizvi 20 days ago
Blake was savage but Derozan was putting people in body bags
Aidan McCaffrey
Aidan McCaffrey 21 day ago
why the fuck was 36 in this video
BluePhoenix7677 21 day ago
No DeRozan on Boucher? Maybe even some Rudy Gay?
Chris Graham
Chris Graham 21 day ago
@9:33 that same dunk happened with harden and they didn’t even count it 😂
King Kcc
King Kcc 21 day ago
18:43 Paul fucking George ‼‼
Schrandy Curry
Schrandy Curry 21 day ago
Thats basically just Griffin, James and Jordan dominating for 24 minutes
v m
v m 22 days ago
This was worst dunks of the decade wtf not one Vince Carter dunk and all one player dunks like griffen like come on not one Vince Carter dunk that's a joke boooooo boooooooo boooooo get out here with this 100 more better dunks I can put here
ade xo
ade xo 22 days ago
Blake Griffin had two dunks put in the same number like 5 times
tbyrner 04
tbyrner 04 20 days ago
If they didn't do that he'd take up even more spots on this list
ade xo
ade xo 22 days ago
Blake Griffin was ruining careers for fun CHRIST!!!
Jaime Tovar
Jaime Tovar 23 days ago
James wade and bosh where unstoppable 😭
Majnun Tasli
Majnun Tasli 24 days ago
I like it the most when they dunk so sudden and hard they interrupt whatever the commentator is saying.
Matthew Mullen
Matthew Mullen 25 days ago
Imagine getting dunked on by a Charlotte Bobcat
pop pop
pop pop 25 days ago
Westbrook's tomahawk is so brutal!!!!!
Life of a PIE
Life of a PIE 25 days ago
Brandon Knight watchin' dunk highlights, "oh shit, here we go again"
Wyatt Tessier
Wyatt Tessier 25 days ago
Blake griffin on the lob city clippers were the best
YODHI KILLER 26 days ago
Akumpo is literally 14 ft 2 I could do that if I was that height smh
Conner Reese
Conner Reese 26 days ago
I don’t understand how Dwight posterizing someone who’s 7’3 on a lob isn’t top 30 because the next like 30 dunks were way weaker then that
YM KuDu 26 days ago
Wada bout the dunk contest
Alex Tee
Alex Tee 26 days ago
blake griffin has 20 dunks in the top 100 the undisputed best dunker of the decade
Poisonous Nut
Poisonous Nut 27 days ago
Nobody saying anything about #2 seriously?? That was weak AF for #2, he didn't even dunk on anybody it was a breakaway. All those sick jams and that's #2?
Nimai Gharat
Nimai Gharat 27 days ago
triplej_ 8
triplej_ 8 27 days ago
This man said if u don't like that then u dont like basketball ball like 16 timed
triplej_ 8
triplej_ 8 27 days ago
Avraham o
Avraham o 27 days ago
Work Hard but Play Smart, If you wanna Dunk like a winner than you need to learn from a winner I have a lot of advices but that's what I recommend and will give you to do it right in a short time & extra Height Good luck and make sh!t happen (Im injured right now and I wish you all the luck) !
Vade Retro
Vade Retro 27 days ago
Lol terrible top 10, more about the commentators' reactions than the actual dunks.
Amanda Doswell
Amanda Doswell 28 days ago
walking on sunshine
Isaac Alexander
Isaac Alexander 28 days ago
Imagine dam is only 6ft and he can dunk🤭
Jack Kosc
Jack Kosc 28 days ago
Jannis and Griffin dominating this category
Ryan DeBord
Ryan DeBord 29 days ago
Very proud to say I saw #6 on this list live and in person in Portland. I knew the second I saw it, it was a very special moment. LeBron is amazing
CLAUS GAMING 29 days ago
Top 5 Clippers Dunks Of The Decade
Iron Maverick
Iron Maverick 29 days ago
Im sorry but how are half of these not charging
Jake Ronca
Jake Ronca 29 days ago
The cousins poster on crowder has to be higher
Dark Ryan
Dark Ryan 29 days ago
why so many ordinary dunks are rated higher then those actually creative and more athletic ones performed by players who are not over 200cm?? and also lets be honest here, if you are taller then 200cm its no wonder if you can dunk...
Ran Bar-Levi
Ran Bar-Levi Month ago
If you don't touch the rim it's not a dunk.
1 billion subs with no vids
1 billion subs with no vids Month ago
When Clippers fans decide to look up a man called Vince Carter
Νireas570 Month ago
When the best dunk is 2nd. Freaking Giannis jumped OVER a dude for 2nd???
Ludovico Month ago
Fire that Sac announcer..
Berkay Dönmez
Berkay Dönmez Month ago
16:22 @27 derozan just ran the court by 5 seconds wow
lacoste cc
lacoste cc Month ago
he visto 100 mates y 40 anuncios , que pena me da youtube
Ronin Wenn
Ronin Wenn Month ago
why was blake griffins spin dunk at number three i mean it was good and all but not the 3rd best dunk of the decade
go bot
go bot Month ago
I’m sorry but Giannis be breaking out into full sprints. He can’t be that big taking that many steps. If they let Shaq play like that he would of averaged 60 a game
Jeremy James
Jeremy James Month ago
Trent The Traveler
Trent The Traveler Month ago
Kings player literally dribbles basketball : announcer - If u don’t like that u don’t like nba basketball!!!
Paul Joshua Tamayo
Paul Joshua Tamayo Month ago
When all nba decade highlights lebron is there for assists, blocks, dunks, clutch, top plays etc.
Alien Intention
Alien Intention Month ago
Why is everyone a black person's cousin? Why do they butcher every word in the English language but speak British when referring to the aunt?
Peanut haterzz
Peanut haterzz Month ago
Blake griffin was literally born for dunking
Bartek Zglinski
Bartek Zglinski Month ago
Do one with the wnba
KIlling Boredom
KIlling Boredom Month ago
Whenever i see dunks i feel like im watching wwe
Surinder Gill
Surinder Gill Month ago
If u don’t like my comment U DONT LIKE NBA BASKETBALL!
Skull Kids
Skull Kids Month ago
This video is sponsored by J.R. Smith does exist
Adam Ho
Adam Ho Month ago
I love just watching how some of the opposing benches try not to react on how their guy just got dunked on
ItsOfficialJay Month ago
2:59 all i can hear is skeet skeet....
Dexter Marley
Dexter Marley Month ago
When they THROW the ball in it’s definitely NOR a dunk. Gotta understand that before you attempt to do a DUNK video.
Jake B.
Jake B. Month ago
giannis at number two is way to high, blake griffins at 41 is better
nikki dew
nikki dew Month ago
Gotta feel bad for Brandon Knight RIP man, you will be missed
Steven Koudanis
Steven Koudanis Month ago
that score at 14:38 is insane lol
Hxpe Month ago
NBA: The 100 best dunks of the decade Blake Griffin: *Allow me to introduce myself*
Coulter Gaske
Coulter Gaske Month ago
Can we just get a compilation of the Kings Announcer saying: IF YOU DON'T LIKE THAT, YOU DON'T LIKE NBA BASKETBALL!
Ashham Month ago
2 shouldve been 1
LOR Games
LOR Games Month ago
76 and 72 are identecle and also 69
Joshdlcrz Month ago
Young blake griffin was something else, dude came to the league started dunking on everybody 😂😂
Chris Wilks
Chris Wilks Month ago
miles bridges’ dunk got snubbed
D Gaines
D Gaines Month ago
The NBA will soon have to increase the goal height from 10 feet to 11 or 12 feet if these men keep growing like this...!
Hakinho FIFA
Hakinho FIFA Month ago
18:55 that was the best dunk ive ever seen 😱
Hakinho FIFA
Hakinho FIFA Month ago
When i see james, i walk away. What a bomb!!
Mad Martian
Mad Martian Month ago
2:40 #88?!? That's top 20 to me. Ferocious. I miss the Derek Rose - Bulls days.