We Found Ondreaz A Girlfriend!

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Thomas Petrou

4 months ago

We Found Ondreaz A Girlfriend!
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Yolanda Walker
Yolanda Walker 9 hours ago
little do they know that in 4 month HE'D BE DATING HANNAH STOCKINGGG
SoaR Boss
SoaR Boss Day ago
Strawberry octopus
SoaR Boss
SoaR Boss Day ago
How old are you
Magdalena Ilic
Magdalena Ilic 2 days ago
Strawberry octopus
Denika Moore
Denika Moore 2 days ago
Strawberry😍🐙 if I can have you over I will give you all the chocolate I have Vanessa. And also tase Michael Michael antes Chase just for fun and actually taste and not play with them
Megie Nel
Megie Nel 2 days ago
strawberry octopus yep I watched the entire video
Aubree Escobar
Aubree Escobar 3 days ago
Hannah be like (hannaha:) uhh WHO AM I
Analee Rodriguez
Analee Rodriguez 3 days ago
strawberry octopus
Esmeralda Olivo
Esmeralda Olivo 4 days ago
Mia and korver are such a sweet best friends btw love u guys☺️
Sadan Al Abdullah Al Abdullah
Sadan Al Abdullah Al Abdullah 4 days ago
Strawberry octopus
Tony Lopez
Tony Lopez 5 days ago
Ondreaz had a family and kids and tony is the fun funny single one hahahahha
jessiethefoodlover 2007
jessiethefoodlover 2007 6 days ago
They did find him a girlfriend her name is hannah stocking
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet 6 days ago
Strawberry octopus
Oriany Martinez
Oriany Martinez 6 days ago
Strawberry octopus
emma louise
emma louise 7 days ago
stawberry octopus
NuggetPlayz Roblox
NuggetPlayz Roblox 8 days ago
4 months later he’s dating Hannah stocking
bad_gamer 8 days ago
straw berry actopuss
Elaine Hopkins
Elaine Hopkins 8 days ago
Strawberry octapussy
ReppinThaO 8 days ago
Strawberries Wasilla
LeAnn Develos
LeAnn Develos 8 days ago
strawberry octopus
LlamaVr YT
LlamaVr YT 8 days ago
Now hes with Hannah ❤️🥺
Zoe Carragher
Zoe Carragher 9 days ago
emily Burdge
emily Burdge 10 days ago
I am 16
Talina Ferrer
Talina Ferrer 10 days ago
strawberry octopus
AnaMaria Ochoa
AnaMaria Ochoa 10 days ago
strawberry octopus
Reyn Nakaahiki
Reyn Nakaahiki 10 days ago
Each time kouvr is in Thomson’s vlogs she is so cute and looks amazing and Mia to they are both cute and beautiful
Baani Dhillon
Baani Dhillon 11 days ago
Strawberry octopus
Ashley Salas Vazquez
Ashley Salas Vazquez 11 days ago
i love your songs lil mosey
Xxbunny_playersxX 11 days ago
Hania plays roblox
Hania plays roblox 11 days ago
strawberry ouctopus
Layla Lou
Layla Lou 13 days ago
strawberry octopus
Not Joey
Not Joey 13 days ago
Strawberry octopus 🐙
Lexi Corro
Lexi Corro 13 days ago
I want the dinosaur it’s so cute
Sunning Thao
Sunning Thao 14 days ago
strawberry OCTAPUS
Aasia Do
Aasia Do 14 days ago
Ondeaz girl is hannha
mk Croslin
mk Croslin 14 days ago
Stroderry octupus
ramona swaney
ramona swaney 15 days ago
strawberry octupus
Martinez Natalie
Martinez Natalie 15 days ago
StRaWbErRy OcToPuS
Shandrè Koch
Shandrè Koch 16 days ago
Can u do one where you fill Bryce bathroom with Addison's pictures🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️🤔
medini :p
medini :p 16 days ago
is nobody else here from when ondreaz is dating hannah?
Haydie Moon
Haydie Moon 16 days ago
Strawberry octopus
Harper Granger
Harper Granger 17 days ago
strawberry octopus just like mia said
Jimmie Johnson
Jimmie Johnson 17 days ago
thomas trying to find ondreaz a girlfriend and now look he is with hanna
Paige Smith12
Paige Smith12 17 days ago
I love you Nick Austin
Sunny Blesses
Sunny Blesses 18 days ago
They are so cool 😎😎😂😝😅😂😬
Shalesha Patterson
Shalesha Patterson 18 days ago
strawberry octopus
Sara Alhameli
Sara Alhameli 19 days ago
Strawberry octopus
Mia Delaney
Mia Delaney 20 days ago
Strawberry octopus
Fred Cruz
Fred Cruz 20 days ago
Kaitlin Mathis
Kaitlin Mathis 20 days ago
Oh my goodness
Wolf GamerGirl
Wolf GamerGirl 20 days ago
Strawberry octopus
Santana Mejia
Santana Mejia 20 days ago
Can i have one of the dino
Jeremy Free
Jeremy Free 20 days ago
That's that is the one kid off of blueberry faygo I love that song I listen to it a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hernesto Banos
Hernesto Banos 20 days ago
Hes with Hannah......
Ibraim Dauti
Ibraim Dauti 20 days ago
And I love you so much
Ibraim Dauti
Ibraim Dauti 20 days ago
Omg is there anyway omg
taco lane366
taco lane366 20 days ago
strawberry octopus
michelle bonnstetter
michelle bonnstetter 21 day ago
Strawberry octopus
Dena Reynolds
Dena Reynolds 22 days ago
Strawberry Octopus
leala jacobs
leala jacobs 22 days ago
strawberry octopus
Aleayah Card
Aleayah Card 22 days ago
Strawberry octopus
Alimah Begum
Alimah Begum 22 days ago
Strawberry octopus
Silvia Camila Paulino
Silvia Camila Paulino 22 days ago
are you speak english?
WaKe_koral K
WaKe_koral K 22 days ago
Strawberry octopus
Jose Lovo Martinez
Jose Lovo Martinez 22 days ago
strawberry octopus ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙊✔️
ragdoll shit for now
ragdoll shit for now 22 days ago
People who watches hannah stocking and are so happy for them finding love
Jennifer Fallin
Jennifer Fallin 23 days ago
Strawberry octopus
Esta Nyabaruta
Esta Nyabaruta 23 days ago
strawberry dinosaurs
Dear_Earrings01 23 days ago
Me watching old videos and now ondrez has a girlfriend
Anaan Davis
Anaan Davis 23 days ago
*Them trying to find Ondreaz a gf* Hannah: “AM I A JOKE TO YOU?!”
Dorothy Baguio
Dorothy Baguio 21 day ago
Tiani _
Tiani _ 23 days ago
Strawberry Octopus :)
Hana Hadid
Hana Hadid 23 days ago
Strawberry octopus
Olly ZEN
Olly ZEN 23 days ago
Strawberry octopus
Allie Bower
Allie Bower 24 days ago
Strawberry octopus
Itzel Vencess
Itzel Vencess 24 days ago
Wow dud
Itzel Vencess
Itzel Vencess 24 days ago
Oki oki ogogogogogogoogogggogooggoog
Belladonna Lopez
Belladonna Lopez 24 days ago
Is it just me or Michael is the most dramatic
Belladonna Lopez
Belladonna Lopez 24 days ago
Am not trying to be mean
tianna does roblox and other randome things
tianna does roblox and other randome things 25 days ago
strawberry octopus
Sarah Scott
Sarah Scott 25 days ago
strawberry dinosour
Nyah Johnson
Nyah Johnson 26 days ago
MJD Guitar
MJD Guitar 26 days ago
Strawberry octopus
Noah Pitman
Noah Pitman 26 days ago
Strawberry octopus?
Queen ReponZel
Queen ReponZel 26 days ago
Strawberry octopus
Charlene Cubilete
Charlene Cubilete 26 days ago
This aged oddly
It’z_fortnite_gamergirl Ramirez
It’z_fortnite_gamergirl Ramirez 26 days ago
Lexi G
Lexi G 26 days ago
Strawberry octapus
Yara Elhderi
Yara Elhderi 26 days ago
I'm 14
Yara Elhderi
Yara Elhderi 26 days ago
I'm Sarah and I'm a huge fan I wish one day welcome there can you tell to charli hi plz love you hupe house
Ngaire Renouf
Ngaire Renouf 26 days ago
Strawberry Octopus 🦑
Ariella Jennings
Ariella Jennings 27 days ago
strawberry octopus
Lexi Girl Gamer
Lexi Girl Gamer 27 days ago
Strawberry octopus!!❤️❤️
I love horse 125 Lol
I love horse 125 Lol 27 days ago
Strawberry octopus
Victoria Sanchez
Victoria Sanchez 28 days ago
ondreaz Girlfriend is hanah
Jackie Blankenship
Jackie Blankenship 28 days ago
Strawberry octopus🦑
JAIA CAMPUSANO 28 days ago
Strawberry Octopus
Travis Scharp
Travis Scharp 28 days ago
Vanessa Jaime Loera
Vanessa Jaime Loera 28 days ago
Strawberry octopus 🍓🐙
Monisha Deb
Monisha Deb 28 days ago
You should choose hannah stocking Check ✔ ✅ her youtube channel
amanda bailey
amanda bailey 28 days ago
strawberry octopus love you guys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxn
evil hero
evil hero 28 days ago
xXlilianbobaXx T-T
xXlilianbobaXx T-T 28 days ago
Strawberry octopus