Game Theory: FNAF, We Solved Golden Freddy! (Five Nights At Freddy's)

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The Game Theorists

6 days ago

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Yes, it's time to talk about FNAF lore... again! Theorists, today we are solving one of the BIGGEST mysteries in the Five Nights At Freddy's universe - Golden Freddy. I know I've talked at length about our favorite golden animatronic bear, but here me out. The newest Fazbear Frights book CONFIRMED it! It's time to uncover the SOULS stuck inside Golden Freddy!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Pedro Freitas, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Golden Freddy
Golden Freddy 5 days ago
"You still have more, matpat."
Proftyion / [Ionrenaline]
Proftyion / [Ionrenaline] 10 hours ago
That New Trailer tho.
i blog 9393i ow my handi38rjrh Nevarez
i blog 9393i ow my handi38rjrh Nevarez 20 hours ago
Well mat Theres more in the future
Shadow Freddy
Shadow Freddy 5 days ago
SirKolor 5 days ago
Jokes on us this is actually Scott Cawthon on an alt account secretly dropping a hint
Termite Moderne
Termite Moderne 5 days ago
You are just a recolor ! :(=
oXiikawaiiXo 8 seconds ago
Lmao I read “To be beautiful” right before bed...... I was awake until 3 AM I’ll tell you that
RED'S REVENGE 2 minutes ago
your know why I'm here and still here waiting
Alesii TS
Alesii TS 2 minutes ago
Oh get ready Mat, another round is here
Youssef Amin
Youssef Amin 3 minutes ago
Why did I scream in happiness when mike wasn’t the crying child
Nicholas Barry
Nicholas Barry 7 minutes ago
“I will hold him there” say Andrew. Orville elephant said
CaRtO 777
CaRtO 777 19 minutes ago
Matt pretending he didn't give birth in the 5th book 😶
Dr. Genesis
Dr. Genesis 20 minutes ago
Ben Jammin'
Ben Jammin' 21 minute ago
What if the other animatronics were never possessed by the kids stuffed in them. What if Cassidy, Andrew, the crying child, and maybe to other souls were trapped into Golden Freddy and they are using their specific possession powers two control all the others? If any one sees this pls let MatPat know. And pls give credit.
Derek Wages
Derek Wages 22 minutes ago
Kelley Bui
Kelley Bui 22 minutes ago
Lilly-may Lewis
Lilly-may Lewis 23 minutes ago
Just want to say DO A THEORISTS ON WANT IS A CHAOS (sonic theorists)
Aωɪвσσ ѕ 2
Aωɪвσσ ѕ 2 31 minute ago
Oh gosh gonne have nightmares
Edwin Aleman
Edwin Aleman 32 minutes ago
What about the part when Matt gets pregnant
JS4J Gaming
JS4J Gaming 34 minutes ago
Never was a FNAF player but his research is so good i wanna check it out
fanson83 42 minutes ago
Remember when Afton was phone guy
Justwanabe_gachawolf Nath :3
Justwanabe_gachawolf Nath :3 45 minutes ago
I have quistin what wrong with scrap baby
Angela Davis
Angela Davis 46 minutes ago
There is a graphic novel book that might help it has lot of clues
XxskrubzXW Xbox
XxskrubzXW Xbox 46 minutes ago
If Michael afton is foxy bro how is he still alive when he gets scooped even though he is not a robot
The D Dog
The D Dog 43 minutes ago
Remnant is injected inside him
Bruce Bertonegross
Bruce Bertonegross 47 minutes ago
You should do a video on security breach
Milky Animates
Milky Animates 50 minutes ago
Day 1 of commenting on matpat’s videos until he agrees to do a piggy theory
CforCreeper 58 minutes ago
Everything gangsta till mat depicts the fnaf sb trailer
Furry77 Hour ago
Matpat: we solved golden Freddy Matpat in 6 hours when he realises fnaf security breach trailer just dropped: here we go again
The UnknøwnIce1027
The UnknøwnIce1027 Hour ago
Fnaf Theorist: Welp boys, We finally did it... Security Breach: *Laughs Nonstop*
Fazbear Adventures 2
Fazbear Adventures 2 Hour ago
Ho is shadow Bonnie
The D Dog
The D Dog 42 minutes ago
Nobody knows
Alejandro Gomez
Alejandro Gomez Hour ago
Seeing that all along only one of Golden Freedie's eyes is lit up hits different now that I know there are 2 souls and only one can see
Joseph Cossio
Joseph Cossio Hour ago
can you do a thory about subnartica
Wendy Boudreaux
Wendy Boudreaux Hour ago
Hey mat maybe since Andrew wears a alligator mask maybe the next animatronic he'll possess is Monty the alligator from security breach
Aries studios
Aries studios Hour ago
Chris the crying child, was killed in in 1987. And he’s shadow Freddy
The D Dog
The D Dog 42 minutes ago
Everything you said is wrong
Glitchii Hour ago
Wait what is after the bite of '83 the C.C might be secretly possesing mike but he doent realize that. Wanting to be realized C.c constantly sends those hints to him like its me to tell his brother that he's here aswell and cassidy is giving Michael
Glitchii Hour ago
hints to help reunite the brothers or something so yeah❤
GameSlayer 4567
GameSlayer 4567 Hour ago
Imagine the protagonist in FNAF: VR (You) were Vanny. Yes, it has been proven. You, Fritz, and Tape Girl tried to make a simulator for steps for being a night guard, and Fritz got a computer chip from Springtrap, which would make sense because in FNAF 2, Night 6, you get fired for messing with the robots. Fritz puts in the simulator, and starts having hallucinations. You, Vanny, tried to help the now spastic Fritz, and Glitchtrap, the broken computer chip, converted you into The Reluctant Follower.
HappySnappy :D
HappySnappy :D Hour ago
When the world needed FNaF the least. It returned
Brandon Moore
Brandon Moore Hour ago
Yo matpat have you seen the new fnaf trailer
Queen Persephone
Queen Persephone Hour ago
Mat Pat. Could you and your editors do some Destiny 2 theories on the Darkness, The Dread Queen, and the Traveler? Plz and thx. Eris Morn could help you.😘🥰❤️
Alejandro Gomez
Alejandro Gomez Hour ago
Matpat: I finally did it, I can put FNAF down now. Scott: Hope you can afford a PS5 kiddo
Kayra'nın kanalı 20
Kayra'nın kanalı 20 Hour ago
Or more
Kayra'nın kanalı 20
Kayra'nın kanalı 20 Hour ago
Thats probably the 40 times he said.
minty mochi
minty mochi Hour ago
What if there wasn't multiple children in golden freddy but instead just one who had Dissociative identity disorder? Idk probably not but I just thought it would be interesting if it was true..
TheDankHeatGamer Hour ago
"Jack and Andrew the two soul found themselves trapped" me being named andrew: "WHAT"
The Fake Anime God
The Fake Anime God Hour ago
He attac he protec he always comes back
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Hour ago
Matpat done with a fnaf theory. Security breach:Excecuse me
JUST A GAMER 225 Hour ago
Ucn is inside aftons head