White People Unnecessarily Calling the Cops on Black People | The Daily Show

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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Month ago

From Starbucks to the golf course to dollar stores, White people are unnecessarily calling the cops on Black people. Here’s a look back at our coverage. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #DulceSloan
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Dark Elf
Dark Elf 8 minutes ago
More reason, not to join the army n protect your country.
Xenia Beatrix Santos
Xenia Beatrix Santos 21 minute ago
my dream country to visit....
NestorCaster 22 minutes ago
I mean... that groundhog tho... idk... lol I’m from the hood, I know many a person that would shoot that groundhog legit more than once... and I know plenty of white folk that would serve that bad boy up for food too... soo again... idk lol
NestorCaster 26 minutes ago
I guess the Phoenix PD we’re justified too??? Over a doll...??? BS
Devin Davis
Devin Davis 31 minute ago
God I want separation so bad.......
Nicole Page
Nicole Page 41 minute ago
Im white and never called the cops lol... Black ppl are becoming more and more racist.... This some b.s.
Melvin the Mop Boy
Melvin the Mop Boy 46 minutes ago
This is a crazy vs sane person argument. Stop race baiting.
Gavin Shepherd
Gavin Shepherd 52 minutes ago
I cant tell if people are trying to make the worlds situation better or worse😂😂
Nelo Edeh
Nelo Edeh 53 minutes ago
She should be sued.
Ship Master
Ship Master 58 minutes ago
So what's the male name for a Karen then
jaycee monares
jaycee monares Hour ago
the police officers should be embarrassed. white people making them look like their personal butler with guns
doomscyte Hour ago
you know why I never enter Starbucks? because I got indigestion whenever I drink coffee and since I might get kicked out if I ponder for too long on what to buy instead..
austin manuel
austin manuel Hour ago
This was nothing but white/black.
Derek Ashley
Derek Ashley Hour ago
Not buying it! How many of the were crisis actors? The way this idiot mocked Ben Carson in the past is despicable. He’s a shill for the Democrats and the globalists.
Kunal Chauhan
Kunal Chauhan Hour ago
In india police can be more aggressive some time... but are never this dumb.... and how can anyone feel safe with so many guns on road, can people carry swords too ? God bless America
Cody midwestus
Cody midwestus Hour ago
You suck
alisya pramesti
alisya pramesti Hour ago
The way she said white privelege ninja... im crying agsgajakal
Matthew Heilman
Matthew Heilman Hour ago
What’s a Trevor Noah video without dividing people on race, or talking about trump everyday, and having 90% of your posts about him on Instagram?
Hookin' For Cheeseburgers
Hookin' For Cheeseburgers 2 hours ago
Y PIPPO! Amiright?
Mark Bender
Mark Bender 2 hours ago
2 thumbs down on this dude
JM7374 2 hours ago
Kamron Hiltunen
Kamron Hiltunen 2 hours ago
So his whole platform is hating on anyone and anything 😂
John McKay
John McKay 2 hours ago
Victims for every circumstance.
Richardo R
Richardo R 2 hours ago
Help spread Matumbo memes is when you see a youtube video of a person of color, attacking unsuspecting persons of lightness, all you do is Comment Matumbo strikes again, or a Bonqweesha gets at it
Gamer. Bich
Gamer. Bich 2 hours ago
Lmao this is too goood 😂😂😂😂
Richardo R
Richardo R 2 hours ago
Curious Trevors dad is the yellow hat guy
Country Boyz Thomas
Country Boyz Thomas 2 hours ago
A M A T E U R W A V E 2 hours ago
At least colbert was funny
Richardo R
Richardo R 2 hours ago
"Curious Trevor" muhnkee lookin aahhss He mad cuz his dad is white and sheeeit
Richardo R
Richardo R 2 hours ago
Theres a new karen in town and her name is bonqweesha. do not make her mad, her flip out over masks takes the cake usshow.info/watch/rCj00jgd8lg/video.html
Seeing Through
Seeing Through 2 hours ago
What garbage content.
Lewy Da youngn
Lewy Da youngn 3 hours ago
My fellow black Americans just watch young pharaoh on USshow and try to mediate and open your chakras
Michael J. Lee
Michael J. Lee 3 hours ago
You are a racist. It's hidden, but I see it. our whole shpiel is making very superfluous comments about "blacks and police". You cannot produce a single shred of evidence that racism currently exists in the U.S. ......YOU ONLY MAKE A CHEAP JOKE FOR THE PURPOSE OF MAKING THE RACIAL PROBLEM WORSE. Noah Trevor, you lack anything thoughtful or meditative.
JT LUCAS 3 hours ago
rest in peace ground hog 😢
Bill Williams
Bill Williams 3 hours ago
200 million white people. A handful call cops unnecessarily. National emergency. White supremacist everywhere!.
Rob Alfano
Rob Alfano 3 hours ago
Trevor is a far left communist
JT LUCAS 3 hours ago
an dulce is funny asf haha I'd love to meet her hahaha
Meta Muhamud noah
Meta Muhamud noah 3 hours ago
laughing loud now hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa what ever it is You people fix it.
JT LUCAS 3 hours ago
😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂u got a fan for life trevor hahaha
JT LUCAS 3 hours ago
I woulda legit played golf with them woman an took my time haha
Kirsten Fields
Kirsten Fields 3 hours ago
i am so fucking sorry as a white male we all need to love one another this shit makes me sick
Tamerlan Ermanbet uulu
Tamerlan Ermanbet uulu 3 hours ago
Can black peoples stop talking about racism and color so we can forget the worlds and meanings, black Lives matter literally becoming religion , you know there’s good and bad peoples just stand up yourself nicely
Amy M
Amy M 3 hours ago
To all the haters in the comments, if he is not funny why are you here? Go find someone who’s going to soothe your white fragility 😂😂
JT LUCAS 3 hours ago
hahahahaha I'm dead bro hahaha u to dam funny
Jacob FitzGerald
Jacob FitzGerald 3 hours ago
Can you stfu about race for 1 second
Explicitaz83 3 hours ago
I can understand the confusion. Trevor is used to black people calling cops on white farmers.
Wyatt Chiordi
Wyatt Chiordi 3 hours ago
Stop saying black people this white people that. Y’all are disgustingly racist. Corner store Carolyn wasn’t saying “I was assaulted by a black child!!!” She just said child. They’re all lunatics but every race has them. You guys are literally just picking interactions between different races. They’re plenty of black Karen’s.
Jake Husband
Jake Husband 4 hours ago
Race baiting dirt bag. Shame on you trevor
Casey Reed
Casey Reed 4 hours ago
Everyone of these people are Democrats for sure. They are the ones telling everyone how to act, talk, and not minding their own Business. Think about these people before you vote
1 1
1 1 4 hours ago
I don’t know what you’re complaining about isn’t this the America that liberals want
Oswald Mosley
Oswald Mosley 4 hours ago
LOL. Tell the one about Kelsey Tennant. www.newson6.com/story/5e35d16f2f69d76f620171e7/tulsa-man-pleads-guilty-to-murdering-teen-neighbor
Fluffy Dose
Fluffy Dose 4 hours ago
Goodbye america.
the king of all satans
the king of all satans 4 hours ago
"let's just talk about white people doing bad shit".
Oswald Mosley
Oswald Mosley 4 hours ago
LOL. Tell the one about Genelle Conway-Allen. www.dailyrepublic.com/all-dr-news/solano-news/fairfield/life-no-parole-for-suisun-girls-killer/
Oswald Mosley
Oswald Mosley 4 hours ago
LOL. Tell the one about Jenna Cartwright. edmontonsun.com/2013/09/08/murdered-alberta-woman-jenna-cartwright-betrayed-by-canadian-immigration-board-says-sister/wcm/f440bdd0-6879-4f0c-a1d4-3012fe0edd2e
Mychal Moser
Mychal Moser 4 hours ago
Yeah, content like this sure doesn't divide the country more than it already is. Good on ya Noah, fanning the flames of prejudice and hate! Your subjects applaud you!
Oswald Mosley
Oswald Mosley 4 hours ago
LOL. Tell the one about Emily Rimel. www.dispatch.com/article/20070323/news/303239892
Oswald Mosley
Oswald Mosley 4 hours ago
LOL. Tell the one about Heather, Celina, and Wayne Jackson. www.toledoblade.com/Courts/2013/11/15/Execution-ordered-for-murders-of-entire-family.html
Oswald Mosley
Oswald Mosley 4 hours ago
LOL. Tell the one about Rosalie Cook. abc13.com/rosalie-cook-stabbing-walgreens-houston-deadly/6193901/
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia 4 hours ago
This is so true but has me dying in the corner of my room😭