Big Sean - Wolves ft. Post Malone

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3 days ago

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Yo Shiba
Yo Shiba Hour ago
Very great job boys
NateShady34 N
NateShady34 N Hour ago
Post malone actually dont look bad bald
Paul Botello
Paul Botello Hour ago
“Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed, which is idolatry.” ‭‭Colossians‬ ‭3:5‬ ‭ 🙏🏽🕊 Lord, May those that need this..see this 🙏🏽🕊
SHINY Hour ago
Remove Sean and make a full Post version
Scarlet Harmison
Scarlet Harmison Hour ago
No one can beat the swag of Big Sean. He is not like other trappers who are going viral by using *A U T H E N T I C V I E W S COM* to get the views up. Thumbs up who agrees
MetatronGroove Hour ago
Ridley Scott felt that
Junayd A.A
Junayd A.A Hour ago
POST MALONE DOESNT HAVE A SINGLE BAD SONG, AND THATS THE TRUTH, this man has never let us anybody down, he always delivers fire 🔥🔥 Long Live Posty, we need to protecc this man
Ranjes Luther
Ranjes Luther Hour ago
He brought his mom out for the video. Respect
EMiYA SiTH Hour ago
People who don't like this and gave this a dislike don't know what loyalty is🤷🏾‍♂
trapLA Hour ago
Dope! Reposted on trap.LA
Gisele Santos
Gisele Santos Hour ago
Kevin Rojas
Kevin Rojas Hour ago
That's rite Wolf Pac...2021
Scailand Hour ago
Really Amazing Song!
LilPrash Hour ago
This video looks like one of Kendrick Lamar videos🙄
Queen JennyRose
Queen JennyRose 2 hours ago
Ooouuuuu I like it 💥
Keygan Williams
Keygan Williams 2 hours ago
Tbh video doesn't give me the same vibe as when I first heard the song
RBJ Creative Studio
RBJ Creative Studio 2 hours ago
Posty be doing the most
thobbit 2 hours ago
This song fire but does anyone see the similarities between the flow of the chorus and Plain Jane by Ferg? or is it jus me
ᗯᗝᒪᐯᗴᔕ? ᗩᒪᒪ ꭵ ᔕᗴᗴ ꭵᔕ ᔕᕼᗴᗴᑭ
Thắng Malone
Thắng Malone 2 hours ago
1 like for post malone
《G H O O S T》 123
《G H O O S T》 123 2 hours ago
Q poha é essa post?? Carecão kkkkkkk
Sun Blieths
Sun Blieths 2 hours ago
Big sean needs to get a grammy
Youth Entertainment Gambia
Youth Entertainment Gambia 2 hours ago
🍉 on it again with the 🐺
Joel Godfrey
Joel Godfrey 2 hours ago
Big Sean is super underrated! this man inspires me the most.
Ken Sanders
Ken Sanders 2 hours ago
Capitol L.i.L- In the House! Only the Real survive the winter.. like a real wolve! Big Up to Big s e a n
Ken Sanders
Ken Sanders 2 hours ago
Play this and Ride Out! East Side! MC.UNKnown
supritam singh
supritam singh 2 hours ago
fun fact wolf don't bark
Hans Cholo
Hans Cholo 2 hours ago
Thats same video set used by foo fighters the pretender😂
Love the look on Malone
One of my fave songs from Detroit 2
Brayo Brizy
Brayo Brizy 2 hours ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥X a million, really lit Sean.
Lilly Chockley
Lilly Chockley 2 hours ago
Posty my manz He look good with braids With curly hair And even bald. How is that even possible.
Герман Перекрёстов
Герман Перекрёстов 2 hours ago
мои волки дела АУФ!
Mr. Radiation
Mr. Radiation 2 hours ago
These aint tatoos, these are scars
nelsanity tv
nelsanity tv 2 hours ago
I'm sharing this to my friend who could do choreography. Damn so cool!
Imagine this as Valhalla's credits' bgm
Alex McIntosh
Alex McIntosh 2 hours ago
This song is going to be LEGENDARY!!!
Nitroxx 2 hours ago
I dont know why but i think this song would go perfect with the new fast and furious movie
YouTube c
YouTube c 2 hours ago
This music video is just brilliant
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown 3 hours ago
wassup y'all
wassup y'all 3 hours ago
I played this to my cat 🐈 She's still a cat 😺
Michael Muchila
Michael Muchila 3 hours ago
Y tf isn't anyone talking about this sick cinematography?
beth roberta
beth roberta 3 hours ago
Moksh Thakur
Moksh Thakur 3 hours ago
chorus sounds like plain jane a bit
gtm tiye
gtm tiye 3 hours ago
shout out to post💯
Theodore T-Bag Bagwell
Theodore T-Bag Bagwell 3 hours ago
I kinda think this song could have become a way better clip
Fatou Camara
Fatou Camara 3 hours ago
FG King
FG King 3 hours ago
This low-key sound like Motorsport tho!!!!???
Amanda Fraser
Amanda Fraser 3 hours ago
I had this on my playlist before USshow
Armaan Ahuja
Armaan Ahuja 3 hours ago
This song is 🔥hope it gets millions of views quickly
iamabot probably
iamabot probably 3 hours ago
I appreciate the cool robot camera man
Cypson 3 hours ago
Fire af
Rose Donati
Rose Donati 3 hours ago
My Daddy Jesus sent in music i pray over tvs my God faithful
Rose Donati
Rose Donati 3 hours ago
God these snakes in San Antonio but baby u kno I got us
Neil Didomizio
Neil Didomizio 3 hours ago
The collaboration between big Sean and post Malone is phenomenon he always delivers Love his whole Style in this video...
Rose Donati
Rose Donati 3 hours ago
U go crazy for me but I'm a serious crazy too by the boot Louisiana trunk to rise baby south got heart@(~~~777
Rose Donati
Rose Donati 3 hours ago
Love this..feeling my life too
Rose Donati
Rose Donati 3 hours ago
Amen this hardcord
Rose Donati
Rose Donati 4 hours ago
Huh bruh
Jenyan Meralis
Jenyan Meralis 4 hours ago
Why this have just 1.3M views?😤
iamaura 4 hours ago
Is this Sean Scott of Travis Sean???
Otleloo - The Creator
Otleloo - The Creator 4 hours ago
Who else likes the new look of Post Malone
Elena 4 hours ago
Who here before this song becomes a tiktok song?
ДИМА Осташко
ДИМА Осташко 4 hours ago
Brandy Stewart
Brandy Stewart 4 hours ago
vash elray
vash elray 4 hours ago
Big Sean still the undefeated cheesiest rapper out here here, recycling concepts from other people none stop
JORDAN TECHS 4 hours ago
Kushagra Pandey
Kushagra Pandey 4 hours ago
I want a post malone and sam smith collab now
KING brrrserk
KING brrrserk 4 hours ago
Everyone here did good, the director, the cameramen, the artists, the editors. That's pretty rare, good job.
yunGLOCKY 4 hours ago
that nigga needs some autotune
Prince Albert
Prince Albert 4 hours ago
Second "Rockstar"
Primalplow 5 hours ago
Amady Ouedraogo
Amady Ouedraogo 5 hours ago
Posty adrenaline's dad 🔱
Waleed Esmail
Waleed Esmail 5 hours ago
There is a new genre called Posty
Internetmoney Bich
Internetmoney Bich 5 hours ago
Japanese HINOMARU?
Victoria Banovska
Victoria Banovska 5 hours ago
The beat in the chorus reminds me of Plane Jane by ASAP Ferg
Hip Hop Valley
Hip Hop Valley 5 hours ago
Post Malone flow always make me smoke to the clouds
Brea Hunt
Brea Hunt 5 hours ago
A motherfucking vibe.
Kerby Medirect
Kerby Medirect 5 hours ago
“My favorite time to come through for you is the clutch” 🔥
Turnup Oak
Turnup Oak 5 hours ago
Post flow was 🔥🔥
Devin Lineberry
Devin Lineberry 5 hours ago
Big Sean looking like ivory from how high 😭😭
Djor du
Djor du 5 hours ago
Don't sell your soul out for this world...God's grace covers all when we repent. Choose righteousness...Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is the way the truth and the life. God loves u!
Ric Russ
Ric Russ 5 hours ago
This cadence sound very familiar. 🤔
yung buck
yung buck 5 hours ago
was about to thank Sean Don for dressing all his models then I peeped silversurfer over there wearing an undie. smh
NightcoreTheLife 6 hours ago
Kausalya Jerai
Kausalya Jerai 6 hours ago
Post Malone always be like 🔥🔥🔥
danial afiq
danial afiq 6 hours ago
I've played this song to my cat, now during midnight he would howl at the moon.
Hazels 6 hours ago
Can we just talk about the like dislike ratio it's crazyy
Andrew Muroyiwa
Andrew Muroyiwa 6 hours ago
another banger
Alex Ribeiro
Alex Ribeiro 6 hours ago
Post Malone looks so badass with this haircut
Silvie Lukáčová
Silvie Lukáčová 6 hours ago
wonderful and true song, awww
Michael 6 hours ago
bruh there's gonna be to many of them weird ass wolf kids on tiktok using this
Fox Makeveli
Fox Makeveli 6 hours ago
Post gives another colour and flavour to the song ! immortal singer !!!!!!
Jahda NK
Jahda NK 6 hours ago
Art las
Art las 6 hours ago
Yo this music is getting to another level yo!!
PRABHAV KAULA 6 hours ago
Something cool in 2020
Fox Makeveli
Fox Makeveli 6 hours ago
You dont know how much i love you post malonnnnnnnnnne !!!!!
Bibimbap Namul
Bibimbap Namul 6 hours ago
Bibimbap Namul
Bibimbap Namul 6 hours ago
Red sun X Red moon
יוסף מוריה
יוסף מוריה 6 hours ago
bilij pdan
bilij pdan 6 hours ago
this video and song deserves an award
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