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Mark Rober

Mark Rober

2 years ago

Prepare to drop some knowledge next time you visit the carnival.
Go expand your mind and learn something new at The first 300 people (they opened this up to first 2,000) get 2 months FREE!
0:21- Ceral Killa- Blue Wednesday -
0:53- Carnival Song written special by Andrew Applepie-
3:40- Berlin- Andrew Applepie-
10:00- Q- Blue Wednesday -
11:13- Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak-

Summary: I collected data at the carnival for a full day. Then I used that information to figure out which games are the biggest scams using science to analyze them and show you how to beat them. I also figured out how much the carnival actually pays for the prizes so even if you win, you lose. And then I visited the carnival with my professional baseball playing buddy to dominate all the games. It worked well.

I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:
FACEBOOK: MarkRoberUSshow
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zane is qt
zane is qt 9 hours ago
Who else has been here? It’s called Santa cruz
Adele Valentine
Adele Valentine 10 hours ago
A year later Mr beast wins almost everything at this exact place
Rowosjdhd Fysizkgx
Rowosjdhd Fysizkgx 20 hours ago
if you want God to forgive you dont commet here just go to the church and pray
Logan Grantham
Logan Grantham Day ago
Santa Cruz
Joseph Mosiello
Joseph Mosiello Day ago
Are you a Mets fan
OreoGamer Day ago
you rock dude
Kaidude1234 Hasan Sarfaraz
Kaidude1234 Hasan Sarfaraz Day ago
I recollect in my early days when carnival games were about actually enjoying yourself. Oh how the world has gone backward.
Rezzinator Day ago
Is this at the Santa Cruz boardwalk?
Preetia Genoia
Preetia Genoia Day ago
Kool! 🤗
William Connors
William Connors Day ago
Who else has lost over 100 dollars to carnival games😂
Endless Boy
Endless Boy Day ago
This is called profiting
C Lortz
C Lortz Day ago
That circus music in the beginning made me bust into moves~
Ayla MoonWolf
Ayla MoonWolf Day ago
I like playing Hook A Duck, it’s always been my favourite wait does anyone else know what Hook A Duck is or...
Shiggy has a soft side
Shiggy has a soft side Day ago
yeah! you are born for this i wish i could do it uwu
The weird1s
The weird1s Day ago
I have that green unicorn plushie but it’s a little smaller
Kristine Rabang
Kristine Rabang Day ago
The scammers are kinda clowns
PurpleBoiRob Day ago
A long time ago when I was young I renember my older sister making the ring on the bottle on her first try
BLUEvia FZ 2 days ago
How much money did he spent in this carnival?
Kayleigh Gano
Kayleigh Gano 2 days ago
Is it just me or did he just send a group out to stalk ppl in a carnival for a day
Jake Fulton
Jake Fulton 2 days ago
If you are a world class athlete in one sport, you are a very good athlete in all sports. This is more true for baseball players than any other sport and you won't be able to change my mind
Skeptical 2 days ago
His reaction is priceless. Love these science channels. I get to learn while being entertained.
MD. MONIRUL ISLAM 2 days ago
Camila De La Luz
Camila De La Luz 2 days ago
Dude this guy is THE best at explaining things and SCIENCE 😂😉 also pranks and SCIENCE 😂😉
Wyatt Dumont
Wyatt Dumont 3 days ago
I live here this is the Santa Cruz Boardwalk
RAIMON LEWIS 3 days ago
He should be the next khan academy teacher
Stevogalaxy 3 days ago
"We call that spot the center of mass. *CHRONCH*" 7:21
Evan Weigel
Evan Weigel 3 days ago
anonymous one
anonymous one 3 days ago
carnival games are about ego and trying to show off, the prizes are always cheap tat
백희 3 days ago
you make me study naturally
ZinoAmare 3 days ago
Aah I score one basket for 2 bucks. Then they told me only 1 price a day lol best 2 bucks spend xD
Josh O.
Josh O. 3 days ago
This guy is such a mark.
altxzza is a weeb
altxzza is a weeb 3 days ago
mark rober
Tantalizing Toast
Tantalizing Toast 3 days ago
Ok but that carnival music remix though...
Peoria Os
Peoria Os 3 days ago
They also put a ton of air in the basketballs which makes them bounce far off of anything
Blu Rays
Blu Rays 4 days ago
Everyone: listening Me: are the Bengals going to win the superbowl
Veda P
Veda P 4 days ago
I can confirm I used to volunteer at a carnival
thats cool man
thats cool man 4 days ago
can you be my dad
Aadien Greg
Aadien Greg 4 days ago
i'm here after the squirrel video
Noobuï 4 days ago
It's been two year but m here after squirrel video😂
F A T S H A R K 4 days ago
Remember when covid wasn’t a thing
ArshBirdi 4 days ago
He Einstein
Kong Thao
Kong Thao 4 days ago
Who agree this guy is the next albert Einstein?
Friend of the Lowly
Friend of the Lowly 4 days ago
lmao love the ending.
Alex C
Alex C 4 days ago
myles garrett
Connie SuDu
Connie SuDu 4 days ago
I love your wife's reaction LOLOLOL!
Tylercat01 4 days ago
5:39 i was like what i never heard of that then when he mentioned gun i knew why cause i live in canada and i have never whent toa carnival in usa
joshua Fan
joshua Fan 4 days ago
dude Taiwan night market is waaaaay better than this cause 1$ in america is 30$ in Taiwan
arlynn Christabel
arlynn Christabel 4 days ago
Jarrett Gross
Jarrett Gross 5 days ago
I got skillshare because of this vid, thanks super useful
GamerDoge33 Doge
GamerDoge33 Doge 5 days ago
who was here since 2018
Marvin Robin
Marvin Robin 5 days ago
It's true that it costs less for THEM than for und playing but if WE want to buy the toy there not only 45 cents to pay. Another point is that we have fun while winning it. And I know that we have to pay for the toy but if we just buy it on amazon we ONLY pay for it without the fun of winning it. And its much easier to crowl over a leather with only atached to two points. Because of you can help yourself to hold youre center of mass in the middle while you can't do that with Just a rope. And the center of mass is above the middle of the umbrella when its extended but if the umbrella is collapsed the center of mass IS in the middle wich makes it much more difficult and not just the lenght of it. And that youre really god at all sports if youre an world class athlete in one, is wrong as well. That only works if the sports are similar.
Ivano Er Libanese
Ivano Er Libanese 5 days ago
I love that you scientifically explain what we see!
Roopesh F
Roopesh F 5 days ago
I like mark rober
Seedlessseeds 5 days ago
I have only gotten one ring on a bottle neck. Im pretty lucky
Anonymous [26490]
Anonymous [26490] 6 days ago
Back when carnivals were a thing..
K P 6 days ago
This dude's married to Justin Bieber 😬
Ah. Finnaly something I can watch and my parents think I'm doing something productive!
DBC Poodlepug
DBC Poodlepug 6 days ago
Carnival: *Exists* *Mark Rober has entered the chat* *Carnival has left the chat*
Rampage Chaos
Rampage Chaos 17 hours ago
Edit it and say carnival has left the chat
Kelly Kimble
Kelly Kimble 6 days ago
Well, I know how to do the last one very easily... esredver... come back and tell me when you figured it out(hint: it contains all letters seen in the mix of letters)
just V I B E
just V I B E 6 days ago
Well, how are carnivals supposed to make money? Obviously, they're gonna do something like this because still nothing beats the sentimental value of going to the carnival AND having fun. Good video idea, some of these points are right, but really. They have to make profit smh
MissHannahJo 91
MissHannahJo 91 6 days ago
I think it’s cuz I’m fat
Real IN
Real IN 7 days ago
Carnival: haha Mark, you can't beat our scams Mark: I can't, but he can *Pro baseball player casually walks out*
Shambles Cramps
Shambles Cramps 7 days ago
Nice now I have a new excuse why I suck.
Clintz 7 days ago
Mark Rober
Del Ayer J
Del Ayer J 7 days ago
Santa Cruz boardwalk. In California.....
mike hunt
mike hunt 7 days ago
Looks like Santa Cruz. I've been there when I was stationed in the Army.
BobtheBrain2018 7 days ago
why are you so smart
Klaudia Zagdanska
Klaudia Zagdanska 8 days ago
Benjamin Niesner
Benjamin Niesner 8 days ago
Here in 20202
His wife! 😂 Goddess 😁
William 8 days ago
How are they gonna remember who won the ladder climb
FIFO Crew 8 days ago
Awesome explanation.
Artis Zelmenis
Artis Zelmenis 8 days ago
Delos Phair
Delos Phair 9 days ago
Lol I got the basketball shot on the first shot
John Olsvold
John Olsvold 9 days ago
Santa Cruz beach boardwalk
Jonathan Thompson
Jonathan Thompson 9 days ago
Very nice, concise, to the point information with a dash of humor. Great video.
CHONG JIA YI Student 9 days ago
im about to tell my teacher this and il say this, "NOW WHO IS THE TEACHER NOW EH? NOW WHOS THE TEACHER NOW?"
SEbastian Chombo
SEbastian Chombo 9 days ago
The place at the end of the episode with a place where my dogs nose got stuck on a fishing line Don’t worry she survives
SEbastian Chombo
SEbastian Chombo 9 days ago
The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in the warm California sun
Lucifer 9 days ago
Thats the Santa Cruz Beach boardwalk
gabrielle laurelynn
gabrielle laurelynn 9 days ago
When I hear the clown song:*SHOCK* Me:Phew People walking around:*walk* Me: wut,ok
PaPa POVEY 9 days ago
When I was 12 I won at the ring and bottle toss n got my pic on the booth an a huge Taz, everyone was shocked forsure
ElHeffe Grande
ElHeffe Grande 10 days ago
Same here
robert junadi
robert junadi 10 days ago
That music theme 🔥
Chris Colindres
Chris Colindres 10 days ago
michaelve 10 days ago
Jeff the Island
Jeff the Island 11 days ago
Can't believe they let him do this.
Dr Irrelevant
Dr Irrelevant 11 days ago
I don't want to hate but its funny how a engineer is teacher kids physics
kevin do
kevin do 11 days ago
What happen if Mark bring a whole team of professional pitchers?
Alison Richardson
Alison Richardson 11 days ago
I’m being bullyed by my parents today
nitro.9 11 days ago
ladies and gentlemen, let the 75th carnival games begin! may the odds be ever in your favor!
Negaless 1
Negaless 1 11 days ago
this how voting work's as well ha.)
Justin Middeljans
Justin Middeljans 11 days ago
when you have 60,9 million views and 13,7 million subscribers
(Ichi) Phassawat Subhasirinant
(Ichi) Phassawat Subhasirinant 11 days ago
7:02 fnaf plushies
Little T
Little T 11 days ago
when you play roblox too much-HIS SHIRT IS A FREE SHIRT IN ROBLOX :OOOO
Two Canadians
Two Canadians 11 days ago
In other words how to bank rupt carnavels
A GoodNight's Sleep
A GoodNight's Sleep 11 days ago
Going to every carnival once the world opens up again, and I’m getting ALL the giant stuffed animals! ✨
A Homo sapien
A Homo sapien 11 days ago
every minigame owner after the professional comes: *o* *s* *h* *i-*
Crystal Rich
Crystal Rich 12 days ago
Bend your legs when you pick up things
Tony and Sammy Club
Tony and Sammy Club 12 days ago
why did i dislike this...?