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Year ago

Five years ago, sisters Chloe and Halle captivated our hearts, and captured our ears, with a euphonic rendition of Beyoncé's "Pretty Hurts." Now, the duo - stylized Chloe x Halle - are Grammy-nominated, Billboard-charting protégés of Queen Bey herself. And, lucky for us, they still find time to sate our need for a pitch-perfect cover. Watch today's episode of #SongAssociation, where the pair sing gospel by Mary Mary, a classic from The Color Purple, and a handful of their own hits from "The Kids Are Alright."
Watch Chloe x Halle Insta-Stalk their grown-ish castmates:

ELLE Year ago
What song would you LOVE to have Chloe x Halle cover?
Kawaii Lea
Kawaii Lea 22 days ago
Queen Naija Butterflies
EnigmaticFreak Month ago
Kevin George
Kevin George Month ago
@Taylor Lawson 🤔💗🤔🤞🏽🕊🕊🕊🕊💎❤💎🤜👍🏽👁💝❤💍😞💟
Sonyae.H Month ago
I want them to sing the whole “smile” by nat king cole
Devine Manning
Devine Manning Month ago
Pretty hurts
Dafi Hale
Dafi Hale 2 days ago
Everytime Halle mention her name in the introduction i feel like fairies fly around me. For real
lil gamergirl
lil gamergirl 2 days ago
Word: up Them: ? me: ...”up in the club club just woke up up doing my own little thing”
lil gamergirl
lil gamergirl 2 days ago
Or I woke up like this, I woke up like this
Jasamine Reid
Jasamine Reid 4 days ago
chloe when she sung pretty hurts by beyoncé she actually sounded like yoncé
Anita Robinson
Anita Robinson 6 days ago
they can sing
Trisha Soman
Trisha Soman 9 days ago
OMG until now I figured out that they're not twins sisters all this time I thought they were twins
Yuéish San
Yuéish San 11 days ago
Halle auto harmonize at Chloe
Tiebe Adele
Tiebe Adele 13 days ago
They so cute
Jacky Arek
Jacky Arek 14 days ago
Are they twins or what????
Justin Eng
Justin Eng 9 days ago
GameOver 15 days ago
They almost talk in harmonies, it's freaking amazing ahaha
Emmanuel Johnson
Emmanuel Johnson 17 days ago
Yes ladies i like you chole x halle
2four7 you
2four7 you 18 days ago
Franco ferraro
Franco ferraro 20 days ago
No No No Furgerabout The Otherz I Like PRETTY Keep It On That Track AIIIIIIIT Coz It's The Shnizniz It's The BEST OF THE REST🤙
Bangtan ruined my life in a beautiful way
Bangtan ruined my life in a beautiful way 20 days ago
I just love this interview so much, the harmonization, their sisterhood, their laughts and they looking GORGEOUS 🌹✨👏🏽
wanda j
wanda j 22 days ago
Wow they really really can sing
Latifah Aliu
Latifah Aliu 23 days ago
They make a perfect team , only if Halle could put more effort
Naphakade Madziba
Naphakade Madziba 24 days ago
I think at 0:59 they were thinking of their song "Wonder What She Thinks Of Me" but they couldn't sing it because it wasn't released yet
A D 24 days ago
Halle seems so shy.
k.o Rocky
k.o Rocky 24 days ago
*Chloe & Halle has been singing together for a long long time.* *Why be surprised that they’re perfect together.* 💀
Eli-shahannah 25 days ago
ELLE Please also need to hear the McClain sisters. Coz their harmonizing game be otta dis world too.
Maxime Klms
Maxime Klms 25 days ago
I need a duo with Ariana Grande please
Ferrer Zorola
Ferrer Zorola 25 days ago
the way only Chloe came up with the songs lmao
Isso é tão Fábio
Isso é tão Fábio 25 days ago
Que voz teremos com ARIEL. Será perfeito!!
Keegan Peterson
Keegan Peterson 25 days ago
Even their “hi/hey guys” at the beginning of the video was in perfect harmony!!!!!! I can’t with them
Luana Arantes
Luana Arantes 25 days ago
Their voices are just... wow
primos game silva
primos game silva 25 days ago
Como canta the best
Femme Noire
Femme Noire 26 days ago
The way they smile at each other🥰🥰🥰🥰
Catina Washington
Catina Washington 26 days ago
They are so darn cute
MiracleinStars 26 days ago
"UP where they walk, UP where they run, UP where they stay all day in the sun"?!?!? Come on, Ariel!
Aya Bct
Aya Bct 26 days ago
2 princess
Gigsome Gigsome
Gigsome Gigsome 26 days ago
Chloe is a born star!!!
Yan Souza
Yan Souza 26 days ago
Harmonies ON LOCK.
Carolina Cunha
Carolina Cunha 26 days ago
Angel Files
Angel Files 27 days ago
Who else thought “Smile” was going to be by Michael Jackson?
Korkor Adjei
Korkor Adjei 27 days ago
Halle voice is just so perfect for the little mermaid cant wait
Leidiane Vieira
Leidiane Vieira 28 days ago
they are so 👑💕💞💝💗🥀🌺🌸💐🌼🍇🍨🎀✨
sedrick holloway
sedrick holloway 28 days ago
I love these two! Beautiful voices, beautiful young women and overall beautiful souls. We need more people like this in the world.
BoBa Lee
BoBa Lee 28 days ago
When they sing heaven they reminded me with destiny’s child
celestial computer
celestial computer 28 days ago
Halle talks like Disney princess. Idk why people were so mad about the casting, she fits the part perfectly
Inazuma vickun
Inazuma vickun 28 days ago
Lucas ‘
Lucas ‘ Month ago
PLEASE DONT STOP THE MUSIC ??? rihanna ? okay bye.
Maria Rodriguez
Maria Rodriguez Month ago
I've never heard of them but they seem so sweet and have such great personalities and are so beautiful! I'm subscribing to them!!!
Vanity Month ago
Chloe is most definitely the friend that breaks out into song any chance given😂
Jandson Santos
Jandson Santos Month ago
dylan duncan
dylan duncan Month ago
Their voices are amazing, I’m just not int that genre of music 😔
theyre so amazing
Ika asriany
Ika asriany Month ago
love their voice so much and their pretty too 🥰
Van Hansen
Van Hansen Month ago
ANGELS! That’s what they are😌❤️
Strawberry Waffle
Strawberry Waffle Month ago
00:07 the harmony though
iiiiiiiiiiii90000000 Month ago
There are very few singers who can make me cry when I hear them singing anything, and these 2 are on that list. I don't understand why this happens to me.
Raissa m.freitas
Raissa m.freitas Month ago
Proprietárias que chama ?
Blue Delight
Blue Delight Month ago
S S Month ago
Kristy Eden
Kristy Eden Month ago
Jeez, what luck that they would be born with that combination of tones. It shows that they sing together all the time.
Thais Rodrigues
Thais Rodrigues Month ago
They're gourgeus 🥺
I L I A I S Month ago
Halle's voice is LITTERALY PERFECT for ariel, I'm soo excited
Sσphιι̽α Λп̶п
Sσphιι̽α Λп̶п Month ago
Chloe looks baked 🤣🤣
Lois Ogunnubi
Lois Ogunnubi Month ago
Man when Chloe said “please please please” I thought they were going to sing the James brown song “please please please”
Francesca Eugene
Francesca Eugene Month ago
You guys are fantastic
Life Hacks
Life Hacks Month ago
I love Halle so much 😍
Daniella Castillo
Daniella Castillo Month ago
Id loooove to see them sing a full cover of Smile... that was beautiful
Daniel Tran
Daniel Tran Month ago
How can they harmonise with each other so effortlessly? I spend days finding a harmony to a song.
Chandy Month ago
Love harmonic
Magentakisses38 Month ago
There voices are beautiful, just like there personality, and their so Nsync!
Sonyae.H Month ago
I want them to sing “ Love” by Jhené Aiko
Melanin Magic
Melanin Magic Month ago
When they said sisters, I wanted to sing “cuz we are sisters, we stand together” by the cheetah girls🤣
K. Criswell
K. Criswell Month ago
Please? James Brown was RIGHT THERE.
Tomas Sadik
Tomas Sadik Month ago
wait I'm obsessed with Chloe's cropped Adidas jacket
andro qeburia
andro qeburia Month ago
Love them ❤❤❤❤❤
Tenkie Denk
Tenkie Denk Month ago
Literal sirens🙉🔥
Nashima Wahengo
Nashima Wahengo Month ago
Uh huh, finnest
The untamed Quarshi
The untamed Quarshi Month ago
I’m obsessed,they're adorable 😤
Luv Vision
Luv Vision Month ago
Their sisterly love is so pure. I simply adore them for it, beautiful voices💕
Will hall
Will hall Month ago
Chloe sounds like beyoncè in a way
XxX ames XxX
XxX ames XxX Month ago
Now this needs to be done on the Terrell Show!!!
tashia nikole
tashia nikole Month ago
I'm in love. Enjoyed everything and all!
Teata Marie
Teata Marie Month ago
I just knew on “Go” they would sing GO! GO! GO! GO! SAID YOURE HOLDIN UP TRAFFIC GREEN MEANS GOOO! Green light
Annie Bueno Galon
Annie Bueno Galon Month ago
Who's the older sister?
Annie Bueno Galon
Annie Bueno Galon Month ago
@drinkyoh water thank you
drinkyoh water
drinkyoh water Month ago
Chloe she's wearing brown
Anj Andy
Anj Andy Month ago
Potaena nyo ang galing nyo! Hahaha harmonize pa inaaaa!!!
생혬 Month ago
Halle's voice is like an angel
Carolyn Bratton
Carolyn Bratton Month ago
I feel these ladies are used as tools to try and keep Beyonce revelent.
shak x
shak x Month ago
When has beyonce ever needed anything or anyone to stay relevant lmao
yrrejjerry Month ago
Jenno M
Jenno M Month ago
Halle. Harmonizing QUEEN
D B Month ago
If only my school presentations were synchronized as they are, boi..
Mercedes L. Wright
Mercedes L. Wright Month ago
Halle is so beautiful
Matty Month ago
Their ‘hey guys’ was in harmony eye-
Hannah Holford
Hannah Holford Month ago
Can Halle stop being so dam cute! like what...
Tawny Jacqueline
Tawny Jacqueline Month ago
Official Jaiii
Official Jaiii Month ago
Chloe look like an older of the mcclure twins
Ayesha Michelle
Ayesha Michelle Month ago
Omg to be in harmony with someone like that is a blessing
Tanya Johnson
Tanya Johnson Month ago
Rihanna has a song don’t stop the music lol
TylerTv Month ago
I like Halle voice more ! And she more chill
Jalil Month ago
Thanks. Now i know who’s chloe and who’s halle
Lailah Carter
Lailah Carter Month ago
Omg their harmonization is incredible 😍😍😍😩😩😩❤️❤️
Noemyskillz 2 months ago
They mentioned musiq souldchild n then didnt sing his song 4 the word love
Salem B
Salem B 2 months ago
lmao love Halle just sitting there
Stupid Pink
Stupid Pink 2 months ago
There voices are so calm
ViewSonic 2 months ago
Andres F
Andres F 2 months ago
their voices compliment each other SO perfectly
Marie Charles
Marie Charles 2 months ago
They just sound so beautiful sing it Destiny's child reborn
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