Rod Wave - Through The Wire (Official Music Video)

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4 months ago

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Directed by: @shotbyjolo

April Reed
April Reed 9 hours ago
By going home games g2b have found
April Reed
April Reed 9 hours ago
April Reed
April Reed 9 hours ago
Curt dog
Curt dog 11 hours ago
Is he good
TikTok Addit
TikTok Addit 12 hours ago
who and what took a bite out of that car, cause that don't look like no head on collision
Tete bit
Tete bit 12 hours ago
This song 🔥 but it to low I need that bit to be beating in car it to low cnt here 😡 it like that
ImBatman99 12 hours ago
ran a light nd hit a pole huh
Pizza Johnson
Pizza Johnson 16 hours ago
I watch your videos
Lil cokid Coolin
Lil cokid Coolin Day ago
Adrianna Boyd
Adrianna Boyd Day ago
When I’m sober for too long I get in my feelings 👌🏾
Taron Harbin
Taron Harbin 2 days ago
So much pain built up deep inside i tryyyyyyy to control it!!!!! but the anger built up deep inside lead me to exploding!! Who got that Drank i need it Feelings enters the chat room
Ss Ss
Ss Ss 2 days ago
Mariah Matthews
Mariah Matthews 2 days ago
I love you rod wave😜
Sonya Croft
Sonya Croft 2 days ago
rip corttvette
Herk Jackson
Herk Jackson 2 days ago
I'm believing in the song I feel the pain the hurt the message. I been hurt an I know a path just lesson
MarQuenna Carlton
MarQuenna Carlton 2 days ago
Sorry for brain bleeding 🩸
Demetrice Freeman
Demetrice Freeman 3 days ago
Like if rod wave is the best✊🏾💯
Owen* 3 days ago
Thats a familiar name
Miss Original A Ras
Miss Original A Ras 3 days ago
Kana Beats
Kana Beats 3 days ago
we're happy he's alive and you can tell he is too!
Kubo Better Relax
Kubo Better Relax 3 days ago
With so much division. Just letting my atheist brothers know, I still love yall. God bless 🙏
April Reed
April Reed 3 days ago
Lilmonta604 4 days ago
Who had this in their play list I did
Deron Nguyen
Deron Nguyen 4 days ago
his best song fosho
Lanaishay Henderson
Lanaishay Henderson 4 days ago
You been with me awhile I see👀
Endangered Mexican
Endangered Mexican 4 days ago
When you cant find a ps5 under $1k
Howdy 5 days ago
I dm every girl that followed me and only got 2 replies... this is me rn 0:25
JGhost YT
JGhost YT 5 days ago
33m views omg
The Don Prince
The Don Prince 5 days ago
manye rod wave taking his music to another level. been following him since "fucc the city up" can't even fund it no more.
Aliyah Johnson
Aliyah Johnson 6 days ago
He is so talented I was like oh my fucking gosh
patricia obasanjo
patricia obasanjo 6 days ago
@lisa mercer in the article it mentions the african american celebrities in hollywood use a japanese skin lightening and bleaching lotion that makes them look from black to light skinned mixed race although they deny it i dont know why they deny using this lotion unless they want people to think that they are naturally light skinned.
3uzzo 6 days ago
Dis song is like kanye west thru the wire they bothe we're in near fatal car accidents🙏🏽
3uzzo 2 days ago
@HVNTXR hell yea legendary
HVNTXR 2 days ago
Yeah but Kanye literally rapped through the wire in his mouth
Valatary_ MoneyL2L2
Valatary_ MoneyL2L2 7 days ago
This songs bumps hard wit my 2 20 subwoofers
Hortencia Correa
Hortencia Correa 7 days ago
C8 nooo ?
Celeste Maldonado
Celeste Maldonado 7 days ago
Rod. the nooo Nmmmm.
johnay Watson
johnay Watson 7 days ago
They told me to slow it dowwwwnnnn ... take it easy 🌊🔥
Teamperry Sensee Perry
Teamperry Sensee Perry 7 days ago
Talented fat boy.....🤪🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Tammy Hamlet
Tammy Hamlet 7 days ago
Stop clout chaseing
Solja Stories
Solja Stories 7 days ago
This shit dope ass hell that's a fucked up experience but you know that pain goes into the music
Lesley Pinckney
Lesley Pinckney 8 days ago
Yo I listen to this song all night
LilbabyRae Bodney
LilbabyRae Bodney 8 days ago
This song lit asf
Ta'Niya Jackson
Ta'Niya Jackson 8 days ago
I been listening to this song since it came out and a couple months ago I went through a hard time a I played this and it just speaks things that people really go through in everyday life.... Wave gon be great and gonna get even greater if he keeps making music like this. Keep yall head up.
Tameron Hyundai
Tameron Hyundai 8 days ago
You could be my baby Daddy cuz i’m single🖤🤍
Drei_ 0419
Drei_ 0419 9 days ago
He was going 102 MPH
Drei_ 0419
Drei_ 0419 9 days ago
Is there any bad words? If there is not any that this is my favourite song
BigGuwap 85
BigGuwap 85 9 days ago
Bro reminds me of XanMan
basket240 9 days ago
I was sad when you got in a car crash 😭😭😭
R__1 9 days ago
Lyrics: Yeah Through the wire Uh, so much pain, built up deep inside I try to control it But the anger build up deep inside Leave me to exploding Who got that drank? I need it Who got that drank? I'm fiendin' I need that pure Codeine in, I ain't been sleepin' They told me to slow it down, you been speedin' They told me to slow it down, take it easy (through the wire) I like pourin' up them pints 'cause it has me chillin' Floatin', starin' at the ceiling, a wonderful feeling If I'm sober for too long, I get in my feelings Starting fights and clutchin' poles, they swear I be trippin' (through the wire) Ran the light and hit a pole, a head-on collision Went to thinkin' 'bout my lifestyle that lost my vision Had a meeting with my daughters but I'm gonna miss it Went to bleeding out my head, duty came and get me (through the wire) Same night they shot the car up, nobody killed Sorry nurse, I'm feeling better, let me out of here We went to spin on the house he was hidin' in I cocked my Glock and rolled the window down, they told me, "Chill" I think it's safe to safe say I lost my damn brain (through the wire) But the pressure on my chest made me feel a certain way Like nobody understand me, I'm trapped inside a maze But if everybody crazy, knowin' you must be insane Blame the pain, built up deep inside I try to control it But the anger build up deep inside Leave me to exploding (through the wire) Who got that drank? I need it Who got that drank? I'm fiendin' I need that pure Codeine in, I ain't been sleepin' (through the wire) They told me to slow it down, you been speedin' They told me to slow it down, take it easy I know if I wasn't on that drank, I prolly would never even been goin' that fuckin' fast I swear I was like a hunnid-and-two miles per hour, I ran through the fuckin' red light That lady, lady tried to catch up, like, "Nah, fuck him, " that's crazy I tried to tell my cousin, "Bitch, this a hunnid-two thousand dollar car This spent cash, bitch I don't finance cars" And the bitch say, "Bitch, you stupid motherfucker, you still alive" Fuck Bleedin' out my fuckin' head, my eye bleedin', nose bleedin' Say, "Bitch, you still alive, doin' a hunnid miles per hour" "Hit a fuckin' cement pole, you crazy, crazy nigga? You just had kids" Uh, bitch say, "Bitch, your brain bleedin', nigga, you need to sit down, man" I was tryna leave the hospital so bad, they told me, "Just chill" My fuckin' brain bleedin', I need surgery, all kind of shit Through the wire, through the wire Through the wire, through the wire Through the wire, through the wire Yeah I'd gladly risk it all, oh whoa, through the wire What it takes to be real, I'd gladly risk it all through the wire
R__1 8 days ago
@XxKJOHNxX True i checked
XxKJOHNxX 8 days ago
There's a few typos but most of it is correct
De'Vynn Stanley
De'Vynn Stanley 9 days ago
Gambling gambling annoying 160,000 miles per hour
De'Vynn Stanley
De'Vynn Stanley 9 days ago
Swimming games
Kenoi Hall
Kenoi Hall 9 days ago
I mean he ain't wrong shit been building up deep inside lmao
Hortencia Correa
Hortencia Correa 9 days ago
😭😭 see go ?
Malayjha zion Mauney
Malayjha zion Mauney 10 days ago
i am glad u is still here
D Tolbert
D Tolbert 10 days ago
He sound like dreako the ruler when he be talking bout car
Nba youngboy
Nba youngboy 10 days ago
4 months ago through the wire Right now through the stage
For Fallguys
For Fallguys 10 days ago
“Who got that 5 I need it 😫😫“ whatever rod wave said
For Fallguys
For Fallguys 4 days ago
Who got that 5 I’m feining I haven’t been sleeping 😫 , they keep telling me to waitttt they keep telling me to waittt
SiX 10 days ago
Got this garbage instead of ye
tatdars fatzgjag jgqgggnva wdedwtstfCtdyrttxt
tatdars fatzgjag jgqgggnva wdedwtstfCtdyrttxt 10 days ago
Rod wave 🎉🔥😃❤️😍❤️🎉🔥
JJ Valadez
JJ Valadez 10 days ago
this one just different idk
Tara Baggs
Tara Baggs 10 days ago
He is da truth
mclean 10 days ago
bro is bootlegging kanye
jamon langston
jamon langston 11 days ago
if u dislike u hate god
reaperz 11 days ago
Make another verse it's to short
Ajah's Life
Ajah's Life 11 days ago
The thing is tht he get picked on by ppl nd fans but they rlly dont know tht his songs rlly 🔥 like this if u agree 👇
Itspetz 11 days ago
His music hits different when you’re going through shit in life honestly 💆🏾‍♂️❤️
Sabrina Bailey
Sabrina Bailey 6 days ago
Amen!! Shit can get pretty deep🙏❤️🙌🎶
xmxrsxn 11 days ago
Yah Mang
Yah Mang 11 days ago
Let's give Chaka Khan her credit for this song 🎶
Yah Mang
Yah Mang 10 days ago
@mclean hell up
mclean 10 days ago
this isnt kanye though
mamouw games
mamouw games 11 days ago
Dam his past song had his car In tha he hole thing so glad u still alive.
Maria Schofield
Maria Schofield 11 days ago
Wassup Yall
Wassup Yall 11 days ago
Rod wave isnt fat it just appears that bc of his height but most of it is his feelings
Chakra el
Chakra el 11 days ago
Thats crazy 😥 I feel you my dad got ran over on a moped being dragged across the leaving him brain damage bleeding brain he was lucky to survive
damian wright
damian wright 11 days ago
Zaybo taybo
Zaybo taybo 11 days ago
FAZE YOUNGAN 11 days ago
So much pain built up deep inside
Zorafun123 Nikiki
Zorafun123 Nikiki 11 days ago
I lost my: great grandma on my mom’s side and great grandpa, baby brother, cousin and many other people I didn’t get to know
Erick Torres
Erick Torres 10 days ago
Chris Paquette
Chris Paquette 12 days ago
Keep the content Rod wave I’m so sorry about your car crash buy a new car
Raivis Pudurs
Raivis Pudurs 12 days ago
I wach you bro
Hortencia Correa
Hortencia Correa 12 days ago
noooo mom
evolence detroit
evolence detroit 12 days ago
here bruh 🙏
Asiyah Barnes
Asiyah Barnes 12 days ago
Bro the hit HARD!!🔥🔥
I'm gae Far lors
I'm gae Far lors 12 days ago
Aye Youngin
Aye Youngin 12 days ago
So much pain, built up deep inside....
Khalilpea3 The only Khalil
Khalilpea3 The only Khalil 12 days ago
God bless you ✌🏾😏
Bernice Carrillo
Bernice Carrillo 12 days ago
I love the song you made dude good song really good song
coolkidgaming 12 days ago
his song hit different 🥺😌 , and in every song he makes hes spitting facts😌
Next Up Finesse
Next Up Finesse 12 days ago
0:41 adlibs tho
Dbro 13 days ago
Should been called through the stage
Trei G
Trei G 13 days ago
Who’s voice was at the end of the song?
VPlaya 13 days ago
sort of like kanye west
Zionatoyingray 13 days ago
You aren’t moms fan
Iesha Polk
Iesha Polk 13 days ago
Don’t be mean bc he is hurt 😔 and stop hating bc like ik it’s hurts and i just watch this if u was like that I wouldn’t be funny so STOP
Akeem Christie
Akeem Christie 13 days ago
Carltonbanks 13 days ago
Wtf, I search up through the wire by Kanye and I see this... very disappointed
Jacari Kendricks
Jacari Kendricks 13 days ago
Who's single
Lil Swiper
Lil Swiper 13 days ago
Go check me out I'm an upcoming rapper 14 next up plz show me love 💯
Kalene Maynard
Kalene Maynard 14 days ago
he is the one of the furtue he will glow up
Siege_VoidYT 14 days ago
We gotta keep this man safe he is very talented.
Kaden Haywood
Kaden Haywood 14 days ago
wooziwrld 14 days ago
this not fucking ye
DaMarius Whitley
DaMarius Whitley 14 days ago
This song remember of me
Cool kid Carter
Cool kid Carter 14 days ago
Hey what’s up man I see wow man like your music man set me up with your amazing man I like you so much Mae but I got 130 likes 100 and something like 100 and million likes so keep it up but I like Mae you get money man let’s keep it up right🥳🥳🤪🤪🤨
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