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Official Video for "Healing” by Riley Clemmons
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Saw the end of the tunnel
Didn't think that I could make it out
Got so used to the dark
I was scared of what the light would do now

I couldn't piece me back together with some bandaids and a roll of tape
And sittin ‘round wishing it all away
Believing there was something better, better, just took a leap of faith

Now I'm healing
Now I'm healing
I’m here unashamed
I found strength through the pain
What was broken is standing again
And I’m healing
Now I’m healing

Gave myself some grace
And my soul began to feel the change
I let love flood my heart
Like the sun upon a tear-stained face
I’m slowly learning to be grateful

Found some purpose in all the hurt now I’m rediscovering what I’m worth
Just takes one step to turn the tables, but I had to take it first

I keep getting stronger
Won’t stay down no longer
Starting to breathe again
Learn to believe again

Fagner Reis Araújo
Fagner Reis Araújo 18 hours ago
Maravilhoso Hino, algum Brasileiro vendo tbm ? Deus abençoe a todos
Healing Space
Healing Space 3 days ago
very nice~~╰(*°▽°*)╯ right?
Carol Mello
Carol Mello 4 days ago
Gil Ariel Voluntad
Gil Ariel Voluntad 4 days ago
Hi my riley my dreams to meet up you all I'm sorry I'll love you so much I'll coock you tuna pizza and shawarma pizza I'll do my best to be happy you are in woman in the world that's why I'll love you Greatest mwah your my sweet child hehehe 😁😍🤣✌️🤪❤️
Gil Ariel Voluntad
Gil Ariel Voluntad 4 days ago
Hey i do what you did to me ok I hate you
Gaozong Yang
Gaozong Yang 4 days ago
🦋This is such a beautiful song. I’m so grateful you did a song like this. I feel like it’d be helpful for artists to write more songs about healing🦋
Alan S
Alan S 4 days ago
Love everything about this
Carlos Davila
Carlos Davila 4 days ago
Favor of the father over my health strength energy wholeness I'm Free from sickness cronic pains depression addictions
Heli Ylä-Jääski
Heli Ylä-Jääski 5 days ago
love this song ❤️✨🙏
Gil Ariel Voluntad
Gil Ariel Voluntad 5 days ago
Hi my wife love you so much mwah I miss you sorry I don't watch you but I'm here to watch my wife my dream marry in Jesus name amen we will us see each other take care your self course I care I'm your healer love you much is eternal 1 Corinthians 13:8
Jonathan Thompson
Jonathan Thompson 5 days ago
She is so beautiful
Oscar Caraballo
Oscar Caraballo 5 days ago
This is the song I need right now and speaking to myself I am in the healing process and I know God will finish what he stared long time ago.
Yanna Cook
Yanna Cook 6 days ago
andrea chan
andrea chan 6 days ago
Paul Botello
Paul Botello 6 days ago
I was molested at the age of 7, I never processed it as a teenager, or even as a young man. My walk with the Lord revealed to me that the moment I chose to never speak of, could very well be responsible for the mentality I developed towards sex, women, perversion, and sexual immoral endeavors, like Pornography. I was always worried what it could mean to my family..he was my Grandmother’s husband, my uncles father, and my mom loved him so much, unconditional love, always so grateful when he offered to help us in any way. I was afraid of speaking the truth, but no more. I told my family of this atrocity that had fallen upon me at such a young age. Although it only happened ONCE, the image remained. But there is no pity necessary here today, yesterday, or tomorrow, for I stand here today Redeemed in Christ Jesus, I stand firm in his Glory, I stand tall in the redemption of my past transgressions. The Lord pulled me away from the worst things about myself, and the more I dove into Christ, the more those things began to fall away, by the sanctity of my Salvation. I’m not perfect, but I’m here to speak over any man woman or child today that stood face to face with that DEMON OF PERVERSION, and you walked out of that room, you walked from his or her grasp, you went on to live in confusion, and doubt. For those of us who were too fearful to trust again, too afraid of being taken advantage of, hiding this moment of your foundation of youth, the youth that was intended to learn the ways of the world to carry it into the prime of your life as an adult. I’m here to tell you today, the Lord shall set you free!! The Lord has the last say in your life!! The Lord will redeem he!! The Lord will redeem she!! The Lord our God will TAKE WHAT WAS MEANT TO BREAK YOU, AND HE’LL USE IT TO BUILD YOU UP IN HIS GRACE!! HE HAS A PURPOSE FOR YOUR PAIN!! HE HAS MEANING FOR YOUR TRANSGRESSIONS!!Lean into his word!! Lean into his grace!! Lean into salvation through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!! You are reading this NOW!! BY THE GRACE OF GOD!! BECAUSE I AM HERE NOW ONLY BY THE GRACE AND MERCY OF GOD!! Hallelujah!!! 🕊🕊🕊 Believe he died on the Cross, believe he died for you, believe in the blood that was spilt for you!! My name is Paul Botello, and I am a survivor of Child Molestation, and it’s only by God’s love and Grace. There is redemption for you, God has it ready to unleash upon your life, and all you need to do is access through your Faith in him. Glory be to God, Hallelujah!!🙏🏽🕊🙏🏽🕊 If you’ve read this far, God bless you, if you have a few minutes, go check out my music video “AK-Psalms47” on my page. I step foot onto the ground where the enemy tried to take my life from me, my childhood home. Join me as I go back to the place I came face to face with the Devil..”The shed with the Lime Green trim” Join me, as I take the memories of that land back, and place it at the feet of God.🙏🏽☝🏽🙏🏽☝🏽🙏🏽☝🏽🙏🏽
Paul Botello
Paul Botello Day ago
@Ettah Vakautawale 🙏🏽🕊
Paul Botello
Paul Botello Day ago
@Vienna Lelis 🙏🏽🕊
Ettah Vakautawale
Ettah Vakautawale 2 days ago
Vienna Lelis
Vienna Lelis 3 days ago
Proud of you bro! Thanks God
D C 7 days ago
I make a soundtrack of this musicvideo
Melanie Piche
Melanie Piche 8 days ago
I'm Healing!!♥️🍃☁️ I loved the message of this beautiful melody... 💓 Riley blessings....
Shel leeAnne
Shel leeAnne 8 days ago
This song has helped me so much. Through a traumatic event and Ptsd.
Dustin Beau Ray
Dustin Beau Ray 8 days ago
I pray that everything you say and do be blessed. I pray that you receive supernatural abundant peace and joy unspeakable as well as the desires of your heart. Amen ty
Sasha Alladin
Sasha Alladin 8 days ago
Peter Whalen
Peter Whalen 9 days ago
this is amazing song and video
Daisy Syiemlieh
Daisy Syiemlieh 9 days ago
I really love this song. Love from India🇮🇳
Gil Ariel Voluntad
Gil Ariel Voluntad 10 days ago
Love is patient and kind 1 Corinthians 13:4
Gil Ariel Voluntad
Gil Ariel Voluntad 10 days ago
Love you my wife my dream too meet I hope and I pray in Jesus name amen.pangit ko no(I'm ugly noh)🤪😁✌️❤️.love is patient and kind 1 Corinthians 13:8
Gil Ariel Voluntad
Gil Ariel Voluntad 11 days ago
Hoy Yahweh I'm scared to you riley that's your like love you so much I miss you please chat me in Jesus name amen love you Greatest(Mahal kita pinakadakila)1 Corinthians 13:13
Fernanda Guadalupe Martinez soqui
Fernanda Guadalupe Martinez soqui 11 days ago
Adam Ali
Adam Ali 11 days ago
Get it girl
Daphne Lishelle Fernández
Daphne Lishelle Fernández 11 days ago
I listen to this song every day.
Virgo Mad
Virgo Mad 3 days ago
Same here 😍😍😍
Silvia Mendoza
Silvia Mendoza 4 days ago
Me too! I listen to it everyday 🎶❤
A d d i s o n F a i t h
A d d i s o n F a i t h 5 days ago
Well almost loll-
Dustin Beau Ray
Dustin Beau Ray 8 days ago
Me too !!!!
Kristina Meza
Kristina Meza 8 days ago
I do too!
Daphne Lishelle Fernández
Daphne Lishelle Fernández 11 days ago
Kelli H
Kelli H 12 days ago
Describes my journey that doesn't always make sense.. but im starting to understanding
Ann Vicente
Ann Vicente 12 days ago
Literally made me cry. I thought I am already healed but there are moments or triggers that make me still feel the pain and remember past hurt. We are all a work in progress and so healing is a continuous process.
kumbirai Raymond nhiwatiwa
kumbirai Raymond nhiwatiwa 12 days ago
What a voice. God bless.
Maiihen Hanaa
Maiihen Hanaa 13 days ago
wowow amazingggggggg
Am A Warrior
Am A Warrior 13 days ago
Beautiful song. Am healing because of God's grace & mercy.
Hoodxo Calum
Hoodxo Calum 13 days ago
God brought me here. So thank you God! ❤
Annah Riah
Annah Riah 13 days ago
please pray for my mother she is really weak and sick at the hospital! thank you in advance.
Grace Hull
Grace Hull 14 days ago
Since the beginning everywhere in all time the human Gods adam and eves the light soul daughter and there bloodlines were/are there bloodlines were made like Gods and there bloodlines god power naturally every where has kept all habitates safe from acts of evil or wickedness and kept all habitates simulated and unsimulated from not but always thriving safely for humans to be healthy in body and where they live kept safe from harm and there bloodlines kept there souls healthy and living and existing in the spiritual realms and the physical realms simulated and unsimulated safe from harm. Adam and eve the human beings bloodlines naturally kept all beings everywhere from not living in a nonloving state of bliss. There bloodlines kept all simulations written correctly naturally and safely to promote good health for humans and there souls staying healthy and there habitats anywhere they ever step foot in life or in spirit are always safe from harm always able survive in a healthy happy state. All adam and eve bloodlines liberated humanity naturally from wickedness and exposed lies in there entirety or evil powers simulated and unsimulated. Grace means amen and amen eve and eden and gloria and christo. Adam and eves bloodlines gave knowledge to all who the true creator of the universe is and who and what is inside of grace bliss hull and that knowledge was given to all with a loving fear forever no matter who or what they are throughout space and time and existences. In the name of elohim and Grace amen;
•TinS• 14 days ago
OMG! this?! absolutely amazing!! love it! 😍❤️
Soham Nipunge
Soham Nipunge 14 days ago
Soham Nipunge
Soham Nipunge 2 days ago
Love you too grandma
Maywinduuu 15 days ago
Woah...every. single word.
Frank Pizzini
Frank Pizzini 15 days ago
Yes! Preach it sister! We are the healed of the Lord! Hallelujah Jesus!
Natalie Martin
Natalie Martin 15 days ago
LOVE this. Everything about it! I can SO relate to the lyrics right NOW! You look absolutely stunning and I am so encouraged and inspired by what the Lord is doing THROUGH you Riley🔥❤️⭐️ Thank you⭐️
Kl5 Auto
Kl5 Auto 17 days ago
Ruama Sousa Silva
Ruama Sousa Silva 17 days ago
Biautiful 😍❤
Monique v. Jaarsveld
Monique v. Jaarsveld 17 days ago
Good song
Lauren Mauck
Lauren Mauck 18 days ago
You are fearfully and wonderfully made, Jesus Loves you, he can and is willing to heal you stay strong!
Kyra Fowler
Kyra Fowler 18 days ago
🥰 I love this song
BTDarters Channel
BTDarters Channel 18 days ago
Riley, I didn't see a hummingbird, but really enjoyed the video! Thanks much!! 😃🌊📹👍
Isabella Maria
Isabella Maria 18 days ago
gloria a dios
Christian Dam
Christian Dam 18 days ago
That's not my world
Barbara Coleman
Barbara Coleman 18 days ago
I have just found you on USshow!! You have a beautiful voice and wonderful message ❤❤ Glad I found you. Keep singing these lovely emotional songs. We all need to hear them. Thank you❤❤
Lulu Lulu
Lulu Lulu 19 days ago
Jesus Heals🙏🏻 Jesus loves you ♥️
Navi Volin -_-
Navi Volin -_- 19 days ago
Marithel Catampatan
Marithel Catampatan 19 days ago
Wow! It's really amazing & full of power😇
The Biggest Gay
The Biggest Gay 19 days ago
I came here from shrexaphone
XzY_SAMPLE TEXT_YzX 19 days ago
This gives me so much hope in my time of depression. Hope that I can heal too. That it’s worth keeping fighting! thank you
Janice Zeno
Janice Zeno 19 days ago
A great song with beautiful lyrics. Awesome!.💎💎💎💎💎💎💎
Zairin Yzriel Cabonot
Zairin Yzriel Cabonot 20 days ago
Wow you are so cool Kirsten
Larii Lamin
Larii Lamin 20 days ago
I'm here for the hummingbird 😂❤️
Clare Bowron
Clare Bowron 20 days ago
Just left another toxic relationship and mental health hasn't been the best recently, once again, God's timing is perfect.
DaJesusla Alexia
DaJesusla Alexia 20 days ago
Beautiful song. She amazing!
Evelyn Perez
Evelyn Perez 20 days ago
Riley your songs have helped me alot thank you for posting these videos you are a nice person
A d d i s o n F a i t h
A d d i s o n F a i t h 20 days ago
Ahhh I love it God bless all you and your outfits and the music is extremely beautiful!!!!
lauren flynn
lauren flynn 20 days ago
This song is so beautiful. This is exactly what I’ve been needing🤍
Ismail Gass
Ismail Gass 20 days ago
PWR2023AOC 21 day ago
Beautiful. xxx
Rose Modimai
Rose Modimai 21 day ago
Now I'm healing🌸 I'm here unashamed I found strength through the pain What was broken is standing again And I'm healing Now I'm healing🌸🌸🌸
Much appreciated I've been going through a lot of shame in my life as well and getting up from that does make you feel paralyzed.
Myeongdong marketing
Myeongdong marketing 21 day ago
more like a secular song..portrayed more on herself than God.
Bethany May
Bethany May 21 day ago
The vibe of this song!!!! ❤❤
Miqueias Santos
Miqueias Santos 21 day ago
This is Riley ❤🎶
Mots'eoa Mashale
Mots'eoa Mashale 21 day ago
wow the timing of this song
Shefa Kirresh
Shefa Kirresh 22 days ago
My name shefa means heal♥️😄
Cheri Cocks
Cheri Cocks 22 days ago
No such thing, you need to be the right person then you will find like with like. Broken finds broken,
my story TV
my story TV 22 days ago
Aireona 22 days ago
This song is so beautiful, it flows right through me!!
Constanza Albornoz
Constanza Albornoz 22 days ago
Hermosa alabanza 🥺😭💞💕
D C 22 days ago
could be a soundtrack of the last of us part 2 ( with Ellie fighting with the Clickers
Brianna 22 days ago
Dean Porter
Dean Porter 22 days ago
I'm an atheist& this can in my timeline& as abhorrent as I find religion, this is a catchy tune, but it won't male me convert to any fal as idols.
Beth Davis
Beth Davis 23 days ago
This song... wow... not only are the vocals some of the most powerful, but the words... tears stream down my face every time I hear it. In the middle of September, my son with special needs (he has fetal alcohol syndrome. He is adopted, and I brought him home from the hospital at 5 days old) beat me in a moment of FAS rage. I sustained a kick in the stomach and 6 closed fist blows to the head. It resulted in not only his life being uprooted (he was arrested), but I was told by numerous doctors that I was lucky to be alive. But there were times when this first happened that I found myself wishing I hadn't lived through it. The internal heartbreak was worse than the physical damage. Because I still wanted to protect my son and hold him, because I knew he had to have been frightened. A couple of weeks ago, I received a text from my son (he's living with his dad currently). He was broken, and apologized but told me I shouldn't forgive him. He told me he couldn't live with himself for what he'd done. I simply told him that I forgave him my love was unconditional, and while we have to go through this right now, we will heal and be stronger. I hear this song and think of him, and I think of me. We are healing from different things, but we are both healing none the less. He's healing from his guilt. I'm healing from severe injuries (I have a traumatic brain injury and permanent brain damage), and for the first time lately, I've allowed myself to smile and even laugh. And when I heard this song for the first time I feel like it could be my anthem from 2020. Thank you for such a beautiful song. It's God sent for sure.
Alan S
Alan S 23 days ago
Love 🙌
Hope Church Romania
Hope Church Romania 24 days ago
“Raul, thank you for giving me work,” were the words of Joseph Timothy who together with his family came to help us spread the Gospel in Craiova.
Biserica Speranta Craiova
Biserica Speranta Craiova 24 days ago
“Raul, thank you for giving me work,” were the words of Joseph Timothy who together with his family came to help us spread the Gospel in Craiova.
Angela Rochelle
Angela Rochelle 24 days ago
Riley riley riley!!!! I love it 😻
Pedro Thomas
Pedro Thomas 24 days ago
Me encanta esta canción, a sido de bendición para mi vida, no inglesh
Alan Cardoso
Alan Cardoso 24 days ago
beautiful song
Rebecca Andersen
Rebecca Andersen 24 days ago
I love the lyrics of your song, it's really inspiring! ❤️
anna whitley
anna whitley 25 days ago
the vibes in this video are just amazing.. and your voice even more so!!
Brandon Nashadka
Brandon Nashadka 25 days ago
Great song.
kaiya2979 25 days ago
I wander if they needed a helicopter to get the piano on the beach...
Taylor David
Taylor David 25 days ago
Now I’m healing thank you lord Jesus amen
Crescendo 25 days ago
LOVE this!! xo && btw you remind me A LOT of Jojo... and that is a compliment :)
Alyssa Day ago
brad little
brad little 25 days ago
Gonna sing this at my church. It fits perfectly with where I'm at in my walk with God right now. He's my source.
Linda Robson
Linda Robson 25 days ago
2:07 What was broken is standing again! ♥️♥️♥️
Michael Adams
Michael Adams 26 days ago
Riley, time is short, God and Son are in control. Please repent for all your sins because God's Son returns soon. I am sent to prepare the way for Him.
Louise Mitipelo
Louise Mitipelo 26 days ago
Oh Riley... Thank you. You have NO idea how much I needed to hear this today... Assurance, Peace, Love&Joy... I Love your lyrics, Vocals that really stretch out, reach out to places I did Not know still existed for healing to be completed. Praise Jesus. Gods Peace xo
Leah Jordan
Leah Jordan 26 days ago
I love riley clemmons!!!!!!!!!
AYVA MEDRANO 26 days ago
if you heard her wholes they chages your life and go to chunch if you did that your life change
juan miguel VALDEZ
juan miguel VALDEZ 27 days ago
Shannon clemmons
Shannon clemmons 23 days ago
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