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A lone astronaut testing the first faster-than-light spacecraft travels farther than he imagined possible.
"FTL" by Adam Stern
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More About FTL:
Ethan Kane, a NASA Astronaut and decorated pilot, has recently retired from active duty to spend more time with his wife and young son. As he tries to adjust to a quieter life on the ground, he’s approached to fly one last mission...testing the first faster-than-light spacecraft. While the world watches, Kane takes The Longshot on its maiden voyage.
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Sci-Fi Short Film “FTL" | DUST

DUST 3 months ago
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Johnny Carrion
Johnny Carrion 4 days ago
Fake pure bs space is fake
GlobalReader Publishing
GlobalReader Publishing 4 days ago
DUST have you read Proxima Centauri b by Mike LeBlanc? We highly recommend it as the next great original sci fi novel! Check it out on amazon
Johnny Carrion
Johnny Carrion 6 days ago
Nasa have much better bubles in space
sameer khan
sameer khan 11 days ago
Make hindi translation
M K 13 days ago
you mean.. FICTIONAL SCIENCE?!! fictional science movies are an INSULT to science fiction fans!!!
Festivejelly 32 seconds ago
The main actors voice was a bit hard to make out in this. Audio wasnt that well balanced.
Fornax2008 47 minutes ago
Great, I loved the Star Trek references.
Frodo H
Frodo H Hour ago
better then a lot of hollywood big budget movies
Andrew Labat
Andrew Labat 5 hours ago
Apparently that space ship had a high pay load.. Keto son, keto..
Gerto Heupink
Gerto Heupink 6 hours ago
What a super movie with a lot of emotion crammed into less than 15 minutes. Perfect! I am A fan
Grey Wolf
Grey Wolf 6 hours ago
Judging from 13:50; Is the guy at the end some kind of replica or they made some modifications on him? In any case, what is the motivation of the aliens? Our technology seems like stoneage compared to theirs so they can obviously invade earth in 2 mins and do whatever they want.
미스터엘Mister-L 7 hours ago
장편 드라마로 만들면 대박이겠는데?
olympio- -olympio-olympio-
olympio- -olympio-olympio- 8 hours ago
whaouuuuu !
Nigel Trewartzha
Nigel Trewartzha 11 hours ago
Pity about the Bubblwgum music!
ALEX PRO 14 hours ago
Гуманный внеземной разум попался...
Deathoryx 14 hours ago
is this animated?
Simon McKittrick
Simon McKittrick 14 hours ago
I'm confused.. how do the radio communications between earth and mars happen like they are next door... wouldnt it take at least 3 hrs per transmision .. each way... and someone please explain how you stop once you reach FTL??? lacking in scientific accuracy i feel
Oci Stephens
Oci Stephens 9 hours ago
Anything can happen in movies or short films
Limuel Francisco
Limuel Francisco 15 hours ago
This sht is so coooolll!!! Make a full movie for this!!!
Heero Yuy
Heero Yuy 18 hours ago
that would make a long film!
sheridan enano
sheridan enano 18 hours ago
i cried waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, what are those? they rescued him
gobind arora
gobind arora 20 hours ago
"Aliens are Kind unlike humans" I need to undo everything what Hollywood movies taught me.
Dum Dum
Dum Dum 20 hours ago
A high-level technique that can teleport the Soul with the human body. xD By the way, every inhabited world has its own universe.
August Hawks
August Hawks 22 hours ago
Where have I seen this before?
tèo ken đu
tèo ken đu Day ago
VN hello
freddy vs jason
freddy vs jason Day ago
God bless american i'm chinese but i very very hard
Charles Schuster
Charles Schuster Day ago
Not such great science, but good effects.... Who builds a potentially interstellar vehicle with so many WINDOWS? Why are all those windows FLAT? Why would the first operator of such an inherently extremely risky vehicle be a human?
Douwe Feenstra
Douwe Feenstra Day ago
But we are stil stuck with some desktop pc from 2005
Gary Haber
Gary Haber Day ago
I just hope alien life is as friendly as these were... Instead of like those in "Independence Day"
Peter O’Neal
Peter O’Neal Day ago
This needs to be a feature.
محسن ابراهیمی
محسن ابراهیمی Day ago
劉士杰 Day ago
КоментАратор Day ago
и всё?.... Вам ещё рано....
화이트팡 Day ago
우리편 클론을 지구에 잠입시키는데 성공했다
snowman Day ago
They named their experimental spacecraft "Longshot"? Wasn't that a bit of a jinx? I guess "Doomedtofailure" was too pessimistic.
manofreedom Day ago
Who needs Holly Weird.... these DUST shorts are really good. Just imagine if they were to make a real feature film. The acting, the story lines and the computer graphics are great.
Nobuo Sokabe
Nobuo Sokabe Day ago
Nobuo Sokabe
Nobuo Sokabe Day ago
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Natan D'Antonio
Natan D'Antonio Day ago
Aizekku Day ago
FTL drive? That's cool, but the real question here is how the hell they have real-time communication between Earth and Mars!!
Paradoxon Theatrum
Paradoxon Theatrum Day ago
Sign me up! How do we get 100 episodes?
bad acting. 12:58
Timothy ThreeOne
Timothy ThreeOne 2 days ago
if this was turned into a series it could change the world like the og star trek
Jeffrey White
Jeffrey White 2 days ago
Impressive CGI
Rick Tillery
Rick Tillery 2 days ago
Interesting. Now do the 1974 George R. R. Martin FTL story called "FTA."