D&D Story: The W.O.R.S.T. Solutions!

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Puffin Forest

Year ago

Hello everyone! I got a new video out. Another story from my Dungeons and Dragons games when the players get their name, set up their "no-children-on-fire-policy", add a new team member to their party- Ottie Otterton, and figure out who the major villain is. Enjoy
Adan- Art BirdCyclops
Pau- Art suzukiPCArt
Darty- Art Dartsy_Art
Puffin- Art, Story, Voice
Music and Sound Credits:
"Sunshine Samba" by Chris Haugen
"Daytime Forrest Bonfire" from the USshow Audio Library
Intended Force by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Source: incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100195
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Evil Plan by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Source: incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100234
Artist: incompetech.com/

Popcan Videos
Popcan Videos 3 days ago
Reduced children on fire.......Ben either you or your players are evil. Not sure which.
Dr Mystery
Dr Mystery 11 days ago
Whats the story called Was it the waterdeep one? Please say The story seems intresting and i want it for my first dm setion
DFC/ Double fudge cookiees
DFC/ Double fudge cookiees 14 days ago
“Orphanage, now with extra orphans!”
Clay Mation
Clay Mation 15 days ago
“That wasn’t a question” lol When the party just kidnaps a random npc...
Evan Dietrich
Evan Dietrich 16 days ago
I found this video by searching otty otterton!
Douglas Babb
Douglas Babb 18 days ago
As a DM, by default I give the party the name "The Iron Ravens", and let them change it later. It usually solves a lot of problems early on, and it's generic enough that nobody really feels any hard drive to change it.
Gideon Mele
Gideon Mele 20 days ago
Abducts someone and forces them from their dimension then bankrolls his “business” still under the players’ name “But we’re the ones who asked him to come along, remember?” ^quite a bit of mental gymnastics there
Gami The Mighty
Gami The Mighty 21 day ago
I'm still trying to understand why a druid would be so obsessed with fire spells and setting things on fire and of course upon figuring out that he might be in trouble his thought process is to kill his party members?
Gami The Mighty
Gami The Mighty 21 day ago
So what you're saying is all otty ottertons ruse is to basically blame you for being yourselves? Yep that totally makes sense to me^_^
Gami The Mighty
Gami The Mighty 21 day ago
When you have a problem all you need is the worst solutions. Me. To be fair they're not wrong about that they are indeed the worst solutions
Amber Tilling-Richards
Amber Tilling-Richards 22 days ago
2 hour long power outage everyday....South Africans know all too well the struggles of load shedding 😓 eish
Wolf bros gaming And art
Wolf bros gaming And art Month ago
so are you going to finish this puffin
Alexander Zack
Alexander Zack Month ago
well last time when they attacked the school there was only 1 child on fire... so even if the new policy were to be "less" children on fire it would still be "no children on fire"
thomanator1000 Month ago
This group honestly would be a blast to play with and a strain to dm.
J H Month ago
There's AnCap Paladins?
Amature at Everything
Amature at Everything Month ago
What happened to shredder?
Matthew Wallendal
Matthew Wallendal Month ago
LOLed twice in the first minute
Zeannaroux Miyunae
Zeannaroux Miyunae Month ago
Lol my first D&D group called ourselves The Help. Our original goal was just to run around doing intentionally terrible stuff that would turn out to be extremely helpful in the end. Ending up scraping it but it was still joked about till the group disbanded.
ericb31 Month ago
puppy building on fire and orphan building on fire...was there also a "puppy orphan" building nearby? i confess, that's a reference to this video: usshow.info/watch/6aLjwVVNq4s/video.html
ericb31 Month ago
something in a comment reminded me of a video where the"watchmojo" people were playing D&D. they were looking for a missing rich kid. the GM mentioned a mouse in the room. one player uses her skill to TALK to the mouse! after a few minutes of conversation, she learns that the mouse IS THE KID THEY ARE LOOKING FOR, TRANSFORMED! the GM says he had expected them to take another hour to figure that out!
tubebobwil Month ago
This was one of your funniest.
Chris Charlwood
Chris Charlwood Month ago
Every campaign should make a random NPC actually a level 20 rouge
Megan B.
Megan B. Month ago
"It's been 3 days since an orphan was set on fire"
just some random guy
just some random guy Month ago
Orphanage now with extra orphans! Who is making extra orphans
Pink Lion Gaming
Pink Lion Gaming Month ago
"He'll leave a trail of blood and bodies leading directly to us" Don't worry im sure nobody will notice because of all the other trails of bodies and blood leading to you
Pink Lion Gaming
Pink Lion Gaming Month ago
You mean Captive Ottie Otterton
Irish Animation
Irish Animation Month ago
Wait what happened in between that resulted with them being trusted with saving the kids of the school they shot up
Sebastian Dicu
Sebastian Dicu Month ago
One question, if I'm not mistaken the gnome monk with blue hair is his brother, is this right?
Wolfmire Bacta
Wolfmire Bacta Month ago
M&R animations
M&R animations Month ago
i likre how it went from a art style 3:10 to this art style 3:26
Nokachi Month ago
sockmonkey6666 Month ago
Waaaait a second. If Otterton is from the dream realm or something, then couldn't the players believing he's a secret evil mastermind make him become one?
jarik9 Month ago
8:06 Neck Leg?
Jared Lucev
Jared Lucev 2 months ago
"Eventually the children were saved from the fire." Me: "Oh, so there were actual heroes in the town?"
Orinstar Industries
Orinstar Industries 2 months ago
Who else hears the music at the start of the fire and just thinks 'The Clown' .
ChocolateChipWaffle 2 months ago
Keep in mind, the monk is still “invisible”
maayan magal
maayan magal 2 months ago
@puffin were they actually still in the dream world?
kereminde 2 months ago
"They recognize us!" No, GIR that's bad.
Marguns21 2 months ago
The one important rule, never trust Bens NPC
Surma Wolfsoul
Surma Wolfsoul 2 months ago
The story of these players NEEDS to be made into a violent comedic anime, like, *now*
Fenrir World-Eater
Fenrir World-Eater 3 months ago
The dwarven rangers was a cool idea until he said no revised
Sally Chaos Aura
Sally Chaos Aura 3 months ago
magicalfluffybunny 3 months ago
Poor Ottie
Lord Fadora
Lord Fadora 3 months ago
My players woulda been like ‘Of course Ottie is evil! Why would the orphanage burn down if Ottie wasn’t around!’ ‘YOU burned down the building.’ ‘It’s not my fault that Ottie stopped the fire department from arriving.’ ‘The fire department is on fire, tho...’ ‘Case in point. Fire wouldn’t exist without Ottie’s interference.’
Lounoir Records
Lounoir Records 3 months ago
this is the worst story literally :D
alpha reaperion
alpha reaperion 3 months ago
Our DM literally has us titled as the BBEG party. He’s planning on using us as villains in his next campaign, which I am absolutely hyped for.
Skyler Stevens
Skyler Stevens 3 months ago
Fun fact: Otters are known to kill animals and have intercourse with their corpses... Otters aren't actually all that nice...
CrackstheCup the plush
CrackstheCup the plush 3 months ago
3:45 this is fine
vxskud 3 months ago
The Druid is Flapjack
Isaiah Robinson
Isaiah Robinson 3 months ago
*That wasn't a question.*
DCdabest 3 months ago
I still wish I knew about how the other guys got to be called the Turtle F**kers.
wolfey ooo9oo
wolfey ooo9oo 3 months ago
Yeaaaaaaaa "Campaign"
GdayToYaMates 3 months ago
"now with extra orphans"
Warren Davis
Warren Davis 3 months ago
Now with extra orphans
͔ 3 months ago
A pyro little girl with a bear? Sounds like a reference to Annie from League of Legends
S. M.
S. M. 3 months ago
"And then the fire jumped to the next building" ... Ben, you are aware that even wooden buildings are not made of kerosen soaked caldboard, right ?
PhazonOmega 3 months ago
Does your friend just name all her characters after cheese? She should make a summoner uses elementals and name her "Emmental."
508hunter 3 months ago
Am i the only person who gets the impression that Cordelia is played by the same person as Azreal?
Volt Siano
Volt Siano 4 months ago
Imagine one of the players genuinely believed the "Otterton is EVIL" thing and tried killing him, and than Ben has to narrate how a low-level NPC gets one-shotted.
Danny Schoofs
Danny Schoofs 4 months ago
Just a question to Puffin, is Ottie Otterton family of Emmitt Otterton? Just curious, saw Zootopia ;)
Oscar Wind
Oscar Wind 4 months ago
You should have Oddy do away with them.
maggoli67 4 months ago
Otterton's Paw-nzee scheme!
maggoli67 4 months ago
Reminds me of the 14th Gary and his Demons episode" "sometimes ya gotta choose who to save: Puppies or orphans"...But ya lose BOTH!
Nope TotalyNotGeneric
Nope TotalyNotGeneric 4 months ago
Had this on a playlist while exercising and the otter conversation/joke went on so long I wanted to rip the headphones out of my ears.
Madhur Dhingra
Madhur Dhingra 4 months ago
Super High Intensity Team .
Connor Parsons
Connor Parsons 4 months ago
7:31 Siiiiiiiips? Not again!
Joshdoingthings YT
Joshdoingthings YT 4 months ago
Reduced children on fire
Mike Scharding
Mike Scharding 4 months ago
The real villain is the DMs mad fantasies of death an destruction that the characters have to continually thwart.
Mike Scharding
Mike Scharding 4 months ago
How many of these characters are named after cheese.
Akis A
Akis A 4 months ago
Puffin: Ottie Ottigton Me: Hatty Hatington
Xryeau _
Xryeau _ 4 months ago
The eye strain is funnier than it should be, like a lot of things in this channel
A J B 4 months ago
Katya is my favourite character, even better than boshak!
Dirk Loid
Dirk Loid 4 months ago
Oh no it was the Otters secret plan all along
Evangeline Kirts
Evangeline Kirts 5 months ago
3:33 Me at like 2 am reading a book to try to ease my anxiety
JAGraptor 5 months ago
4:50 Casts sacred create water.
Bruhboss31 5 months ago
But I'm very busy! *_DID I STUTTER?_*
TheIronFrog124 5 months ago
At least they still followed rule number 1, all of Ben’s NPC’s are EVIL.
WeRbananas 5 months ago
If thee otter really can be trusted then WHERE DID HIS NOSE GO?!?
Jo Ed
Jo Ed 6 months ago
The led children on fire rule is invalid last time SHE ONLY SET 1 CHILD ON FIRE
Roaring Thunder115
Roaring Thunder115 6 months ago
Cold Ramen
Cold Ramen 6 months ago
Orphanage now with extra orphans
Rustam 369
Rustam 369 6 months ago
Ottie Otterton be like: "Yes it was I, my machinations lay undetected for years"
A Random Dude
A Random Dude 6 months ago
She set the CHILD ON FIRE AGAIN! *I waaarrrnneeeedddd yooooouuuuuu*
Tosh Omni
Tosh Omni 6 months ago
Wow. They really were the worst. Ottie surely had friends and family and maybe even children he never got to see again because they kidnapped the poor little guy.
siobhan Dredge
siobhan Dredge 6 months ago
why are those buildings close to each other ?
Waphun 6 months ago
Ah yes the famous event Ottie Otterton's folly which led to Mistra's ban
Herowebcomics 6 months ago
Meanwhile the otter misses his family who were left back in dream world.
Gluttony68 7 months ago
Do you need voice actors
Babbleplay 7 months ago
Are your players real names Bob, Brian, Dave and Sara? Their playstyle seems... familiar.
Walten 7 months ago
Nooooooooo ottie otterton
Josh Breitbarth
Josh Breitbarth 7 months ago
Is oterton in animal companion
Walten 7 months ago
An and probably not
STEVEN Starr 7 months ago
I've had so many non important npcs become part of plot because the players liked it too much I usually end up just killing them off as a laugh
jesternario 7 months ago
You'd have thought that Captain Morgan would've had a son (or two, he probably did a lot of crazy stuff while high off his balls on co-CAAAAAAIIIINE!) or two that could ferry them.
Joe Callamezzo
Joe Callamezzo 7 months ago
Osiago and the paladin are my two personality types 😂
Andy Olea
Andy Olea 7 months ago
You know shit's real when the fire department is on f'ing fire.
Jacob Borton
Jacob Borton 7 months ago
Who are these psycho and hyper paranoid players you play with? Someone needs to increase their medication doses.
Tatu Juntunen
Tatu Juntunen 7 months ago
idk why but ben saying his evil *YEEEEEES* is so satisfying
mikkel larsen
mikkel larsen 7 months ago
It is clear that any action the party takes will be otterly meaningless and play into otty's master plan.
Tristan DENT
Tristan DENT 7 months ago
Kat R
Kat R 8 months ago
In one of the few games where the group bothered to give themselves a name, we opted to call ourselves "Trolldaddy and the Wifflesticks" One of the PCs was a Troll, and another PC was playing his son. A third PC was called Wiffle and was a Windling (a pixie like creature). The Windling was extremely hyperactive and annoying, the sort of creature you would want to hit with a large stick. Sooo Trolldaddy and the Wifflesticks. The GM hated the name....which is a requirement for all PC group names.
andrew the geek
andrew the geek 8 months ago
4:40 the city planner was... Some other guy
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