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Welcome to WandaVision. Coming soon to Disney+. Marvel Studios' captivating new series "WandaVision" stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, and marks the first series from Marvel Studios streaming exclusively on Disney+. The series is a blend of classic television and the Marvel Cinematic Universe in which Wanda Maximoff and Vision-two super-powered beings living idealized suburban lives-begin to suspect that everything is not as it seems.

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miriah gomez
miriah gomez 5 hours ago
Im hoping she brings natasha and pietro back. both deserve better
haha huhu
haha huhu 8 hours ago
Now, we need The Falcon and The Winter Soldier trailer
Tony Chavez
Tony Chavez 9 hours ago
Since the setting is 1950's/1960's, I'll be happy Just as long as I get to see Elizabeth Olsen/scarlett witch in household gloves being all domesticated. She's the better looking Olsen than her sisters.
Sid Gaming
Sid Gaming 10 hours ago
Neha Indoria
Neha Indoria 12 hours ago
Uuhhh.... 1 Ques... Wt... Ws... Dt??? Way too novel n unique!!!😅🤭
Quei 78 film
Quei 78 film 18 hours ago
Am i the only one who didnt get what sense there is in it?
lula lula
lula lula 13 hours ago
@Quei 78 film ....
Quei 78 film
Quei 78 film 14 hours ago
@lula lula ahahahahahahahahah i`m italian and people even here answer me the same thing ahahhahahahahahaha its a joke, cause you can call everybody except the one who hasnt a name. indid: everybody has a name, execpt . But even in italy people answer me: except you. ahahahhahahahahahahahah nooo! i have a name, i m Christian. XDXDXD
lula lula
lula lula 17 hours ago
@Quei 78 film You
Quei 78 film
Quei 78 film 17 hours ago
@lula lula Everybody has a name, except .
lula lula
lula lula 18 hours ago
Yes, only YOU.
Y U H 20 hours ago
ladies and gentleman this is how wanda will finally get her title "the scarlet witch"
lula lula
lula lula 18 hours ago
billy kaplan
billy kaplan Day ago
We're almost to 16m views let's goooo!!!
MONTY Day ago
Mj Drum
Mj Drum 13 hours ago
Lmao same
Asher Dillan Sills
Asher Dillan Sills Day ago
That guy hitting the table is the best🤣
Jalen Yellow Wolf
Jalen Yellow Wolf Day ago
She's coming to the point where she learns more about her powers, and it's sad that Wanda created a reality where vision is still alive.
lula lula
lula lula 3 hours ago
@Mj Drum OK
Mj Drum
Mj Drum 10 hours ago
@lula lula Oh that’s what u mean sry I got a bit confused 😊
lula lula
lula lula 13 hours ago
@Mj Drum Her powers is from the mind stone, it is not naturally from her.
Mj Drum
Mj Drum 13 hours ago
@lula lula wdym?
lula lula
lula lula 20 hours ago
It's not her powers tho.
Toanaboogege Francis
Toanaboogege Francis Day ago
It makes me feel sad when I really think about it. It's like watching someone slowly fall apart.
Zaid Astron
Zaid Astron Day ago
🔥Marvel fans🔥 hit like👍
Jazz Shin
Jazz Shin Day ago
Diney+ Hotstar?
Chicken Play
Chicken Play Day ago
When? I want it now please.
Bulbasaur 9 hours ago
@C-MC Official are you my best friend now?
C-MC Official
C-MC Official 10 hours ago
Joaoedits 21 hour ago
We dont know yet. Probably in December 25th after Mandalorian finale. Either way, we will know for sure when the 2nd trailer DROPS or in Disneys investors call in November 12th
Bulbasaur Day ago
Nov 27th I think.....
Mahima Jadhav
Mahima Jadhav Day ago
lula lula
lula lula Day ago
How do u know?
Gus Chumas
Gus Chumas Day ago
Personally it looks like a sitcom, and I look for action when comes to all superhero things because I’ve always been a huge fan of DC and marvel. However I think that if Marvel and Fox could incorporate The X-men and bring into the mix the house of M it would be cool.
ßĪĮŁĽ Day ago
That has nothing to do with House Of M, qnd the show is a mix of Sitcom and Action movie
First Cooommment
First Cooommment Day ago
Finally! We get the psycho, out-of-control, bi-polar Wanda from the Comics!!! It's about to become the Twilight Zone in here. 😂👍
lula lula
lula lula Day ago
I hope not.
MD Anik Shihab
MD Anik Shihab Day ago
DC : marvel only has cool characters but we depressed characters our joker Marvel : show em wat we got
Nabil Hossain
Nabil Hossain 2 days ago
black widow release date ?
Nabil Hossain
Nabil Hossain 20 hours ago
@Joaoedits sorry
Joaoedits 20 hours ago
@Nabil Hossain Thats only in the UK. The worldwide release is May 7th 2021
Nabil Hossain
Nabil Hossain 20 hours ago
@Joaoedits April 29,2021
Joaoedits 21 hour ago
May 7th 2021
The L33 Channel
The L33 Channel 2 days ago
I am so hyped for this show! I can’t wait for December
Mj Drum
Mj Drum Day ago
Same my birthday is in December I’m much more excited for this lol
show de bola !!!
P. 2 days ago
This looks like a massive downgrade for avengers level of heroes, but it's welcome. It's different.
Austin Allen
Austin Allen 2 days ago
I’m so confused what’s happening
lula lula
lula lula Hour ago
@Dallin Remund Although she hasn't had any magic.
Dallin Remund
Dallin Remund Hour ago
@lula lula true, might be better to just call it powers until she's more trained in the mystic arts!
lula lula
lula lula 13 hours ago
@Dallin Remund She hasn't had magic yet.
Dallin Remund
Dallin Remund 15 hours ago
@lula lula magic, reality warping powers, whatever you want to call it! Haha!
lula lula
lula lula 18 hours ago
@Dallin Remund Magic?
johnny falcon
johnny falcon 2 days ago
Nothing is more dead than Wanda's accent, so maybe Vision still has a chance to live. If you had to choose between Wanda's accent or Vision to be alive again, I would choose Vision.
Asparagus Gooey
Asparagus Gooey 2 days ago
I just wanna cry so badly but I don't wanna cry *me ugly cries*
Jahdielle 2 days ago
Jeevan Suresh
Jeevan Suresh 2 days ago
MANVEER SINGH 2 days ago
What is this 😂😂😂😂😂
Joaoedits 21 hour ago
This is a huge step for the MCU. This will shape the future of the MCU
Skyguy 2 days ago
This is me with like every fictional character.
Всё о Марвел DC
Всё о Марвел DC 2 days ago
Подпишитесь на меня
namjoon's brain
namjoon's brain 2 days ago
i mean, with the stones, we can't really say that vision, loki,nat and tony did really die.
BloxNoob 2 days ago
She's literally going through the Five stages of grief. Denial (She works with the avengers to bring everyone back, but cannot bring vision back) Anger (She lashes out with anger at thanos, claiming "You took everything from me.") Bargaining (She trys to rebuild her life, by making a illusional reality where vision isn't dead.) I am assuming by the end of the Mini-series, she will go through the others, and accept Vision is dead.
Alice Anderson
Alice Anderson Day ago
Wow, that’s like the third time the 5 stages of grief have been shown in Infinity War and Endgame...
nisha Rani Toor
nisha Rani Toor 2 days ago
Act this is just imagination of Wanda when she lost vis
Dallin Remund
Dallin Remund 3 days ago
lula lula
lula lula 2 days ago
UlrikkeL94 3 days ago
This looks like a mess tbh
UlrikkeL94 10 hours ago
@Joaoedits DC is trash though.
Joaoedits 10 hours ago
@UlrikkeL94 it could be. But we all know the truth little DC Fanboy
UlrikkeL94 11 hours ago
@Joaoedits Or maybe I just don't like the trailer. I guess my opinion triggered you.
UlrikkeL94 11 hours ago
@Emma Walker Right, because not liking a marvel trailer equals stupid. Marvel fangirls/boys are really something else.
lula lula
lula lula 20 hours ago
@Joaoedits Right.
Agustín Martinez
Agustín Martinez 3 days ago
Whaaaaaaaaaat )?
No u
No u 3 days ago
Ngl seeing “coming soon” at the end of a Trailer is the equivalent of being friend zoned
Aashuthosh Sharma
Aashuthosh Sharma Day ago
Reality is often disappointing.
Coen Conradie
Coen Conradie 3 days ago
She is dreaming and nightmare is minupulating her mind witch will cause her to go crazie . Wanda/vison is from what I was led to believe will be connected to dr strange and the multiverse of madness so nightmare is the villain I think.
lula lula
lula lula 2 days ago
WorldEpicness23 3 days ago
Does anyone notice the red tips on one of the baby’s hands Baby got mama’s powers
oscar beniquez
oscar beniquez 3 days ago
ayee kitty foreman
Hrushikesh 3 days ago
Come to think of it... Wanda has an American accent in this one. So it's clear to see that she created her own little world with her powers.
Mia _
Mia _ 3 days ago
She took realitu shifting to a whole new level
Terra Johnson
Terra Johnson 3 days ago
Is it right for me to be confused???
OyenKucing 3 days ago
KTK Baller
KTK Baller 3 days ago
I ain’t really think about it at first, but seeing all the theories about the show and looking at the trailer more closely, this show is going to be so sad and play with our minds a lot
Spicy Yee
Spicy Yee 3 days ago
0:55 👁️👄👁️
Tekashi 6ix9ine
Tekashi 6ix9ine 3 days ago
Imagine Scarlet Witch to be your wife
philip conboy
philip conboy 3 days ago
This looks like it has more potential then the rest of the kids based slapstick marvel crap
philip conboy
philip conboy 3 days ago
@No u you said "eh..ok" so I'm I'm saying what as in why did you say that 😂
No u
No u 3 days ago
@philip conboy what
philip conboy
philip conboy 3 days ago
@No u what?
No u
No u 3 days ago
RATCHET ROGUE 3 days ago
I think Wanda’s chaos magic reality warping power appears when she got back from being snapped. She is the only victim of the snap whose powers derived from one of the infinity stones.
lula lula
lula lula 3 days ago
I also hope we will see the one who made Chaos Magic and gave it to Wanda.
Disathmi Winethra
Disathmi Winethra 3 days ago
Fun fact : the background laugh that we heard from comedy movies and shows are filmed so many years ago that mean we're listening to dead people laugh Please don't judge me.... Also can't wait till this is coming
OyenKucing 15 hours ago
Fun fact : thats not fun
Mj Drum
Mj Drum 3 days ago
Lol 😆 that’s creepy and same
ASYAH אשׁה ᬅᬰᬄ
ASYAH אשׁה ᬅᬰᬄ 3 days ago
Animation History
Animation History 3 days ago
Somewhere in a alternate universe Vision is married to Betty Ross...no seriously look it up I still can’t believe it😂
Joce Lynn
Joce Lynn 4 days ago
Marvel can make a good trailer but im rlly confused right now
Mitch Beckett
Mitch Beckett 4 days ago
Wait, when Vision flew into the air, he saw the car with the woman dressed up as a Witch. He brought her back to life or idk, but she said, “Am I dead?” Then Vision said: “No, no, why would you think that?” Then she said: “Because you are.” *evil laugh* Could this be Wanda’s Vision (pun not intended) of what could have happened if Thanos didn’t snap.
RedYoshi 1992
RedYoshi 1992 4 days ago
Wanda... What did you do?
Farhanelmuhammad 4 days ago
C H E C K M Y V I D E O ✨
TtvTLC Tamer
TtvTLC Tamer 4 days ago
Is Vision actually dead? Marvel: "Well yes but actually no"
Coen Conradie
Coen Conradie 4 days ago
Nightmare is going to be minipulating her wile she sleeps
lula lula
lula lula 3 days ago
@CaBoyBlox Yeah
CaBoyBlox 3 days ago
Hold on, i don’t think it’s a dream, it’s another reality?
lula lula
lula lula 4 days ago
Why Nightmare?
Coen Conradie
Coen Conradie 4 days ago
She is asleep and dreaming 😴
Megan Holeckova
Megan Holeckova 4 days ago
thomasanderson rittberg
thomasanderson rittberg 4 days ago
This is a movie Sheeps Matrixes?
Shreyas R
Shreyas R 4 days ago
Is this a movie or a Web series kind of thing with multiple episodes....?
Jacob Ross
Jacob Ross 3 days ago
@Shreyas R yes
Shreyas R
Shreyas R 4 days ago
@Jacob Ross so there will be like multiple episodes of say about 50min or one hour??
Jacob Ross
Jacob Ross 4 days ago
On Disney plus
Jacob Ross
Jacob Ross 4 days ago
It is a series
Storm Destroyer
Storm Destroyer 4 days ago
I like it and.... well I don’t know what it is
Karimnagar Gold Price Updates
Karimnagar Gold Price Updates 4 days ago
Faze Rowen
Faze Rowen 4 days ago
Because where busy
Faze Rowen
Faze Rowen 4 days ago
Why haven’t you have kids yet
Sheev Palpatine
Sheev Palpatine 4 days ago
This looks awesome cant wait to see in in a month
Julia Michalik
Julia Michalik 4 days ago
I meaaan i would prefer Peggy and Steve story...
Emma Walker
Emma Walker 2 days ago
Their ending was bitter sweet give it a rest.
lula lula
lula lula 4 days ago
Parth Chavan
Parth Chavan 4 days ago
I am in love with this ❤️❤️💙💙
Jay Yadav
Jay Yadav 4 days ago
Cringe af
Joaoedits 4 days ago
You saying it is even more cringe
lula lula
lula lula 4 days ago
Niharika DuttaChaudhuri
Niharika DuttaChaudhuri 4 days ago
And meanwhile.... Agnes spoiling Infinity War for Vision.
Margaret Morris
Margaret Morris 4 days ago
i am unhealthily watching this over and over again
Dallin Remund
Dallin Remund 4 days ago
madison green
madison green 4 days ago
as soon as i saw kitty i thought i was gonna see red (that 70s show)
Shraman Singla
Shraman Singla 5 days ago
This one is weird
Sheev Palpatine
Sheev Palpatine 4 days ago
@lula lula Me to, also I am the senate
lula lula
lula lula 5 days ago
But I like it.
Ninja Ori
Ninja Ori 5 days ago
Channel I teaches paper folding about ninjas. I post clips every day.
Gabe Goya
Gabe Goya 5 days ago
1:07 i didn’t realize this but that’s monica rambeau
lula lula
lula lula 5 days ago
Just Yeli
Just Yeli 5 days ago
The amount of times i've watched this is alarming..
Aron Salazar
Aron Salazar Day ago
@Wy Sketch fr, my favorite part is when she asks if she's dead and it cuts to her laughing
Wy Sketch
Wy Sketch 3 days ago
Ikr lmao
Choolwe Muzenge
Choolwe Muzenge 5 days ago
What the f**k did I just watch 😕😕
Emma Walker
Emma Walker 2 days ago
A trailer
lula lula
lula lula 5 days ago
Jim Ramos
Jim Ramos 5 days ago
I hope Wanda and vision lead to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness 👈🙏🙏👍⚡💯 please have nightmare the main villain Doctor Strange 2
lula lula
lula lula 4 days ago
@Jim Ramos And we never saw Shuma Gorath in MCU movies. Shuma-Gorath>>>>>Overrated Nightmare
Jim Ramos
Jim Ramos 4 days ago
@lula lula but I think I never saw a nightmare in MCU movie👈
lula lula
lula lula 4 days ago
@Jim Ramos Shuma Gorath is better.
Jim Ramos
Jim Ramos 4 days ago
@lula lula is nothing wrong with it nightmare would be a good villain Doctor Strange 2👈
lula lula
lula lula 4 days ago
@Jim Ramos Why Nightmare? Why not Shuma-Gorath?
Jim Ramos
Jim Ramos 5 days ago
So I'm thinking either Scarlet Witch is trap in this reality or somebody trap her in this reality. Maybe Wanda using her power I'm curious??👈🙏👍💯
lula lula
lula lula 5 days ago
@NOIDPARANOID still debatable
Jim Ramos
Jim Ramos 5 days ago
@NOIDPARANOID I don't know I'm just saying I need to know whatever comes out👈
I think that Wanda created another universe herself, you know? Who would do that and why her? And how? She's the only one capable of creating another universe and making weirs things
Sofi Brouwer
Sofi Brouwer 5 days ago
0:20 She doesn't remember how it all started because it's a dream. Inception style. The fastest way to detect a dream is by asking how did you got in there.
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes 4 days ago
Or hit them with bullets.
Fardeen 5 days ago
This is much like real life. Someone who might create a pseudo reality in his/her life just to be happy. How sad. :)
lula lula
lula lula 2 days ago
@Sneedies I know. I hope it is not House of M.
Sneedies 2 days ago
@lula lula this was in the comics. In the house of M series, wanda becomes delusional and mentally unstable because i don't remember who i think it was either vision or her brother died, maybe both, this makes her reality bending powers act without her knowledge creating a fake reality mimicking the 50s-60s American black and white tv she used to watch with her brother when she was young where the people she loves are alive and well and she lives an idyllic life because she can't accept the reality where everyone she loves is gone. It seems like kinda a stretch but I've been completely gone mentally before and completely imaginary logic systems can seem so much more real and correct than the blood pulsing through your own fingers. It's weirdly accurate and i seriously empathise with Wanda.
lula lula
lula lula 2 days ago
@Isiah Arambula True
Isiah Arambula
Isiah Arambula 2 days ago
Scarlet Witch has often been used as a character to address mental illness
lula lula
lula lula 5 days ago
Marvel wants to destroyed her Character.
Jai 5 days ago
A surprise to be sure but a welcome one.
Ryuuzaki Hasegawa
Ryuuzaki Hasegawa 5 days ago
This seems fun ngl
Joseph Joseph
Joseph Joseph 5 days ago
Ramsay Sanders
Ramsay Sanders 5 days ago
This looks awful
Mj Drum
Mj Drum 2 days ago
@Emma Walker 😂 lmao
Emma Walker
Emma Walker 2 days ago
This isn't a mirror kid
OyenKucing 3 days ago
Mj Drum
Mj Drum 5 days ago
Why does it look awful 👀
lula lula
lula lula 5 days ago
Alron Kevin Arzaga
Alron Kevin Arzaga 5 days ago
Is that kitty from that 70s show? :O
Zombie Dancer
Zombie Dancer 5 days ago
Is it just me or is the background music sounds similar to the song Bibidi babidi boo?
Rocky Rocky
Rocky Rocky 5 days ago
Falcon and the winter soldier trailer release date?
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes 4 days ago
Joel Diplan
Joel Diplan 5 days ago
0:18 Kathryn Hahn our Best Supporting Actress contender for 2021
JuiceBox4290 5 days ago
I can't wait for her tbh
Family Allen
Family Allen 6 days ago
This is how many times I've watched this trailer \/
Abhinandan Barnwal
Abhinandan Barnwal 6 days ago
Black and white Old is gold 🔥🔥🔥
Beings & Happenings
Beings & Happenings 6 days ago
Have a Nice Day!
Arvin Balquin
Arvin Balquin 6 days ago
Platters brought me here.
Lazer Studios
Lazer Studios 6 days ago
Alternative Title: Wanda's depression shifts to insanity
Andrew Cha
Andrew Cha 6 days ago
It would be awesome if this led to a House of M movie.
lula lula
lula lula 6 days ago
I hope not.
KittyPlayz1 6 days ago
Jakeroni 6 days ago
“coming soon” means a lot of things and i hope to being honest
Cyrus Syndicate
Cyrus Syndicate 6 days ago
Olsen the love, can't wait to see.....
Marcelo Torre
Marcelo Torre 6 days ago
Wandavision is gonna save this year.