Joker TikToks Stop Please

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Danny Gonzalez

Month ago

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joker tinktonks gotta stop make them stop
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Furtix 3 hours ago
Gabrielle Burton
Gabrielle Burton 4 hours ago
This is my second time watching this because of how hilarious it is 😂
Cynical Dave
Cynical Dave 4 hours ago
They're just pure ugly
Drawing Lama
Drawing Lama 5 hours ago
it gets qorse the farther you get into the video
Audrey Anna
Audrey Anna 5 hours ago
The first tik tok he showed be like: 😃*crack*🥴
What am i Doing with my life
What am i Doing with my life 6 hours ago
Rixztqr is ehh the other guy is a ghost
Vrinda 7 hours ago
say crack one more time
naijaboyeze 7 hours ago
I thought the first guy was kinda cool. The second one was definitively lame...
brynlee shelton
brynlee shelton 8 hours ago
this is the only time i have ever actually considered clicking off a video. but i stayed for danny
AJ Estur
AJ Estur 9 hours ago
I'm not gonna lie, I really wanted to click off. Like the Candy Ken video.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 6 hours ago
Why they look like Jim Carrey
Oluwafemi Kingsley
Oluwafemi Kingsley 9 hours ago
Cringe to the max
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 6 hours ago
This man will be 30 in 4 years 😶
squid_juicee 9 hours ago
i was not mentally or physically prepared for this and i have to click off, sorry danny but im not prepared to be scared for the rest of my life
Temi 10 hours ago
I- they- why- that’s not- joker- I-
Whérëś mÿ phöñę? Dâmń ñöt âgàîñ
Whérëś mÿ phöñę? Dâmń ñöt âgàîñ 10 hours ago
Walmart Jim carrey? Always has been.
Whérëś mÿ phöñę? Dâmń ñöt âgàîñ
Whérëś mÿ phöñę? Dâmń ñöt âgàîñ 10 hours ago
DANNY merch. Give it HERE *now*
• Little Llama •
• Little Llama • 10 hours ago
I choked on my French fry when I saw the face they were making-
Owen Edi6
Owen Edi6 11 hours ago
1:50 Why does this guy look like he's overdoing #2.
Brian Ellis
Brian Ellis 11 hours ago
I have a gun that’s loaded i want to die
Claudia Hall
Claudia Hall 12 hours ago
2nd dude truly looks like he's just suffering from constipation
Kaitlyn Preyer
Kaitlyn Preyer 12 hours ago
welp i’m ✨uncomfy✨
Cloudii Gacha
Cloudii Gacha 13 hours ago
Wings137 15 hours ago
Fun Fact: This was in my watch later for over a month just from the thumbnail alone was too much for me 😅
Connor Rheah
Connor Rheah 15 hours ago
He do be kinda environmentally concious doe 🥴
The Russian Federation
The Russian Federation 15 hours ago
This man will be 30 in 4 years 😶
Monika 15 hours ago
Why they look like Jim Carrey
Evelyn N.
Evelyn N. 15 hours ago
They’re just blowing kisses
Mikey Martin
Mikey Martin 15 hours ago
The second one he looks constipated
Carbon Nova
Carbon Nova 16 hours ago
why did i click on this ):
Jordyn Wolfy
Jordyn Wolfy 16 hours ago
does the merch come with the microphone for free or not??
Irina Tokaeva
Irina Tokaeva 16 hours ago
Danny Don’t click off this video. me when I see The jokers🙄🙄🙄😳😬 clicked off the video
Eclipse̸ Mo̸o̸n
Eclipse̸ Mo̸o̸n 16 hours ago
Why do they look...constipated?.....
12 year old white Boy who’s homophobic
12 year old white Boy who’s homophobic 17 hours ago
"And that kids is probably why tik tok is banned in India and the USA." *closes book*
Carmen G
Carmen G 17 hours ago
They look more like Jim Carrey's Grinch than any Joker.
Anastasia Lamprou
Anastasia Lamprou 18 hours ago
5:29 Billie Eilish be quaking Please like if you get it
Madeline Jane S
Madeline Jane S 19 hours ago
i don’t get it
Mint Person
Mint Person 20 hours ago
*why do these tiktoks exist*
Yeet Pete
Yeet Pete 21 hour ago
Swear to god I almost clicked off the video on the first one
ellixiir v
ellixiir v 21 hour ago
This honestly looks like the face they made in the movie "Truth or Dare" Disturbing 😭
Turkey Man
Turkey Man 22 hours ago
Me sees there face when I wake up oh shit
sip, ,py
sip, ,py 22 hours ago
Prylyn Violet
Prylyn Violet Day ago
Or no, maybe he was taking a huge dump? (2nd vid)
Chachuman Day ago
Danny people call him joker boy🤣
Mumbo Jumbo brother
Mumbo Jumbo brother Day ago
I think the first one toke my soul......
Nixツ Day ago
3:29 this guy is creepy than the kidnappers
pwetty wu
pwetty wu Day ago
That "joker" face triggered my fight response
amber woods
amber woods Day ago
I mean who wouldn't be scared of that face?? 😂😂😂😂😂
AN TI Day ago
1:44 goodbye
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Day ago
So this isn't just a diehard fan of the 2018 movie Truth or Dare?
Human Person
Human Person Day ago
Always thought it was some sort of troll face they were doing. They appear in a lot of cringe compilations.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Day ago
It's beyond me that these dudes think this is cool. I have never been more uncomfortable in my life. XD
c_clt Day ago
1:55 mother where are the laxatives
GioGioP Snek
GioGioP Snek Day ago
Annie r U okay
Annie r U okay Day ago
Looks more like a knock-off anonymous mask
SK Hssn
SK Hssn Day ago
He looks like he is related to varli
Lovely ssimsié
Lovely ssimsié Day ago
I'm scard and scared. Get it..? Scar ed ya know.
Penelope Neang
Penelope Neang Day ago
my eczema started acting up when they did that face 👁👄👁
Pablo plays Restart
Pablo plays Restart Day ago
The Baby Gunnar ッ
The Baby Gunnar ッ Day ago
My sleep paralyses demon
Ramisho Day ago
i wanted to click off so fast
arctic fox arc wolf
arctic fox arc wolf Day ago
13:30 sex mode ahahhaahhhaa
Vincent Liu
Vincent Liu Day ago
can someone please tell me the song that plays when they turn into the joker
Fraser Gaming Tv
Fraser Gaming Tv Day ago
What’s up youtube hope you’re having a great dane Only og’s remember
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