Why 1 Million Pigs A Week Could Have Been Euthanized Even During A Meat Shortage | Big Business

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When COVID-19 outbreaks closed meat processing plants across the US, a meat shortage and unprecedented meat prices soon followed. With no plants taking animals, some farmers were forced to euthanize their herds. But what exactly caused this break in the supply chain and could the industry have avoided it? Business Insider visits a farm in Minnesota facing this devastating reality and another in California that was able to avoid it altogether.
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Why 1 Million Pigs A Week Could Have Been Euthanized Even During A Meat Shortage | Big Business

Sweet Peaches
Sweet Peaches 12 hours ago
So really the unethical farms are suffering boohoo, I couldn’t care less. I believe in consuming meat in the most ethical way possible, giving the animal a good life and a humane death. If they were more self sustainable and treated their animals better they wouldn’t be losing so much money
Andres Chouza
Andres Chouza Day ago
They could let the pigs go out
Dustin Krejci
Dustin Krejci 3 days ago
I’m down to have robot meat processed and meat packing plant.
Parshith Krishnan
Parshith Krishnan 3 days ago
This is like the most cruel and affected industry with them being more smarter than dogs the a cared for less
odero saddler
odero saddler 3 days ago
Freeload those company to me right now
Joy Joy
Joy Joy 3 days ago
9 billion animals killed a year😢😢😢😢
Fariko 4 days ago
Animal right activists come here to watch a horror movie
Chaitrali Sharma
Chaitrali Sharma 4 days ago
Tom Barber
Tom Barber 4 days ago
The whole covid 19 thing is politics. Nothing more......
It's Sunny
It's Sunny 4 days ago
Why not sell the pig to the consumer or Mexico lol
Chansai Commerce17
Chansai Commerce17 4 days ago
bluecheesegrader 4 days ago
Farmers around the midwest called around to farmers and and families and gave away their pigs instead of cutting a ditch and killing their pigs. The farmers then put the pigs on their farms and slowly self butchered and didn't let them go to waste. Both needy and non needy got a cut.
Mahdi B
Mahdi B 5 days ago
Congratulations on the efforts of the American people to build their country 👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻
KinXSvlog 5 days ago
*meat factories getting shut down* Vegans: 😃👍👍👍 *Animals get euthanized when stranded* Vegans: 😲😯😮☹😳
daman redar nishu
daman redar nishu 5 days ago
Disgusted by humanity. Ush....... we deserve worse...
Vas R
Vas R 5 days ago
9 billion 🧘🏽‍♂️
Roger 5 days ago
Jason Cruz
Jason Cruz 5 days ago
Feel bad for all the animals but that’s the way of life 😞
daman redar nishu
daman redar nishu 5 days ago
Massmurdering animals is not the way of life. Not even a little bit.
Aashish .B
Aashish .B 5 days ago
Why don’t they give it to people dying of hunger 😩😩😩😩😩
Z Gilad
Z Gilad 4 days ago
Go to their farm and pick a pig of your choice :D
burp warrior
burp warrior 6 days ago
Abby... I think you're sexy 😍
Synthetic Color
Synthetic Color 6 days ago
why not just donate pigs to people? pick-only deal.
Kevin Mustoe
Kevin Mustoe 6 days ago
I'm going to say it and will probably piss people off but go VEGAN or choose to stay ignorant and un educated 👌. No disrespect I'm saying this cuz you all got a head on your shoulders. Also no hate if u consume animal products that's not how vegans should treat u guys.
RyanThe_Nyan RBX
RyanThe_Nyan RBX 6 days ago
0:13 wheres the farmer tho 👀
Pool Bal
Pool Bal 5 days ago
hell yeahh what a pig
Tigre S
Tigre S 7 days ago
I love. Your. Video. It’s. Posible to. Star. A small slauter company. How. Can be posible to do.
Allen Fajardo
Allen Fajardo 7 days ago
Release them to the wild!!!
Allen Fajardo
Allen Fajardo Hour ago
Sweet Peaches what I mean us instead of killing them, feed them to the animals 😆
Sweet Peaches
Sweet Peaches 12 hours ago
Probably wouldn’t work out, they’ve been bred for hundreds of years specifically to be eaten and have lost many of their physical attributes that would help them survive in the wild. The individual animals have also been raised on farms, so they have no sense of survival skills
Giantsfans101 7 days ago
Can we all agree that Abby is cute
Capt kushal
Capt kushal 7 days ago
Mike looks like pig too 😂
Capt kushal
Capt kushal 7 days ago
U stop happening in the future by not eating meat 🙏
Vlad Olaf
Vlad Olaf 7 days ago
I'm sure a lot of animal lovers would like to take them in.
Slim Pickens
Slim Pickens 3 days ago
Ding ding ding.
Samsng Device
Samsng Device 7 days ago
The hard part about eating vegetables is Getting them out of the wheelchair.
ICant Cook
ICant Cook 7 days ago
There's no excuse the euthanasia all those animals especially when meat prices are so expensive people starving throughout the world turn them into mince sausages the problem is the people in charge want everything uniformed that apples got blemish the pork chops too big life is not uniform had to be more alternatives it comes down to money and people with no brains and no balls to make the right decisions
Soul Glow
Soul Glow 7 days ago
this reminds me of the wild hogs issue in texas. so I have to ask.... in a place where ppl are legit starving and food insecurity is an issue... we have no other local alternative that could address the issue?
tesoro7788 7 days ago
Do they really slaughter 1 million pigs a day ? ...WOW!!!!
daman redar nishu
daman redar nishu 5 days ago
9 billion chickens a year are slaughtered just in USA. So I am not surprised.
sabina o
sabina o 8 days ago
Pig farmer looks like a pig
Vikman Photography
Vikman Photography 8 days ago
Automation..... Further job loss. Wooo.......... In the middle of an economic crisis
Who spilled My beans
Who spilled My beans 8 days ago
What a time to be vegetarian
Jack Ten Napel
Jack Ten Napel 8 days ago
My dad Hauls hogs and he sat for 4 hour waiting to unload
Murrel Gordon
Murrel Gordon 8 days ago
has entered the chat
Hiyuke La Vie
Hiyuke La Vie 8 days ago
This is all because the slaughter houses paused their operations Like the guy in the video said, automation is the solution
Davide Semeraro
Davide Semeraro 8 days ago
here before people stop killing animals 4 meat
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman 8 days ago
I believe soon will be china Cause you guys will get some nuclear delivery
Rezky Donny Putranto
Rezky Donny Putranto 8 days ago
Glad we never ate pork here
Ajay Sharma
Ajay Sharma 8 days ago
0:56 9 billion animals every year?? that's more than all the humans living on earth.
Mordaxxe 8 days ago
yes, pigs are easier to grow and they only live 8 years.
Tetra Digm
Tetra Digm 9 days ago
PROTIP : coronavirus didnt shut them down. the fact that the majority of packing houses in america are owned by chinese and russian companies who export 90% of our meat, and refused to accept any more, are what shut them down.
Jack Ten Napel
Jack Ten Napel 8 days ago
True in every word
Jack Elliott
Jack Elliott 9 days ago
Prestige meat plant sucks, but there's plenty of latina babes there
Rafael Nádasi
Rafael Nádasi 9 days ago
Can't people just buy pigs and slaughter them on site and bring it home on a pickup trucl
Paul Tougher
Paul Tougher 9 days ago
I opted out when I heard more money
RainySundayAttics 10 days ago
No I wouldn't. I'd rather go without. Meat substitutes tastes disgusting... Also I personally don't get the point of meat substitutes
Kostikas jannakis
Kostikas jannakis 10 days ago
I'm sorry 34$ për kilo it's 6-7 in the balkans
İlker Acar
İlker Acar 10 days ago
1:12 US meat prizes are among the most affordable on the planet :D whole planet: ''switzerland'' it's one of the most expensive countries if you don't know
Haus of Justice
Haus of Justice 10 days ago
They should have made sure the Animals didn't go to waste. They could have sent those pigs to India or some of the African countries that are having terrible food shortages.
Israel Escobedo
Israel Escobedo 10 days ago
Wya Gabby😍😍
Peachy Boi
Peachy Boi 11 days ago
This is a vegetarian and vegans worst nightmare
TEaTEas 8 days ago
Pigs go weeeee Kids go reeeeee
Tyler Johnston
Tyler Johnston 11 days ago
I've been slowly transitioning to purchasing meat at the grocery store from once a week, to once a month.
Tizio che hai già visto
Tizio che hai già visto 6 days ago
To be healthy you should eat chicken/turkey 3 times a week, pig 1 times a week, and beef once every 2 or 3 weeks.
Sofhia Crystal Standford
Sofhia Crystal Standford 11 days ago
I eat whats available and what in our table.
Pablo Tassinari
Pablo Tassinari 12 days ago
Send the pigs to Africa or Latin America!!
JP 12 days ago
Some of the reports that I have read on how these animals were euthanized is disgusting. Humans totally deserve COVID-19. I haven’t eaten pork or ham in over 6yrs but still eat chicken sometimes or fish, so am also part of the problem. Humans need to stop killing animals for food source especially with ho which ew actually waste instead of eating. An animal only hunts when it’s hungry, they do not kill for sport or to save for later.
Noob Z
Noob Z 10 days ago
Are you saying we all should just hunt instead when we're hungry?
Aaron Lim
Aaron Lim 12 days ago
I wonder how the pig grown up so fast? How many pig really feed out there?
Jack Ten Napel
Jack Ten Napel 8 days ago
Depends on the barn some are built for 2400 so they get 2400 bigs or so they grow so fast because like you and me if we are all day we would gain lots and lots of wait they have food at the disposable at all times that how they grow so fast
Elin Kristen
Elin Kristen 12 days ago
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Kevin 13 days ago
Butcher it and send to Yemen !!