Creepy Horror RPG Story: Secrets Of The Skeleton Town

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Puffin Forest

Year ago

This story is from a Call Of Cthulhu game I played. The players are hired out to track down a missing person. The trail leads them to a town out in Alaska and are shocked when they discover that most of the homes are filled with skeletons.
Adan- Art BirdCyclops
Pau- Art suzukiPCArt
Dartsy- Art Dartsy_Art
Puffin- Art, Story, Voice
Music and Sound Credits from USshow Audio Library:
"Lurking Shadows" by Myuu
"Cicada Killer" by Coyote Hearing
"The End" by Quincas Moreira
Lasting Hope by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
Alien Sunset by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

LOGAN REILLY 21 hour ago
Were those don't starve noises made by the bugs
Adonan the Stoic
Adonan the Stoic 4 days ago
DutchBlackMantha 5 days ago
4:51 And at that point I got a military add involving skydiving with a dog.
WhisperV1 9 days ago
Puffin, mind sharing the entire story and details on enemies? I'd love to play this one with friends
Joseph Malone
Joseph Malone 22 days ago
People really need to stop using Native Americans and what they wrongly believe their culture to be like as set dressing.
blupunk01 23 days ago
Had this pop up in my recommendations on Halloween 2020. Well played, algorithm.
Green 23 days ago
*walter, huh?*
Nick Driever
Nick Driever 23 days ago
@6:40 Did he say "A Meteor carrying life from a dead world" as an explanation for the bugs? Wha-... How... Wouldn't that make it not a dead world if it has life?
Ron7d._lol Dupee
Ron7d._lol Dupee Month ago
Wow adds ruin suspense
sagesaria Month ago
Is it just me or is this the luckiest frickin' Call of Cthulhu group ever?
andimax1030 Month ago
White powder, sketchy houses? This sounds like cocaine..
CT-2197 Quaid
CT-2197 Quaid Month ago
Bruh I woke up to this video in the middle of the night, let me tell you how spooky that was
Phat Guy
Phat Guy Month ago
This video is still excellent. I've watched it three or four times over time but each time it still makes me a bit creeped out.
Gaelic God
Gaelic God Month ago
Nah dude that’s Deoxys he’s chill
BlueEngland Month ago
"but if they were unfortunate to have someone a little too curious" Ad: It's free real estate
Carlos Giavedoni
Carlos Giavedoni Month ago
I love this! I need more!
kostas225cmp Month ago
This has to be my favorite of your videos so far, but what's the ethereal alien music playing towards the end? I've tried looking through the desc, but none of the listed tracks seem to be it.
Pandaboi Month ago
Nuke it.
Boris 2 months ago
they come out at night...but in Alaska isn't night 6 months long...
Petar Janković
Petar Janković 2 months ago
I have been trying to figure out what was that creature that killed the guy. Any help or clues from more experienced CoC players?
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 2 months ago
well that was spooky
Nokachi 2 months ago
It's American Indian
ericb31 2 months ago
this made me think of a gory Anime called "megazone 2100" (something like that) where humans were fighting nasty killer robots, who like to stick metal tentacles into a human's CHEST then OUT of their of the most gruesome animated movies i've ever seen.
Leo Tokarev
Leo Tokarev 2 months ago
How do you pronounce the alien creature's name?
da beebs
da beebs 2 months ago
Well... I never needed to sleep again. It’s fine. No problem
James Chandler
James Chandler 2 months ago
More Call of Cthulhu stories please!
Henrik Sonne-Schmidt
Henrik Sonne-Schmidt 2 months ago
James Chandler s total agree with you
Soggy Waffles / Funny Asylum
Soggy Waffles / Funny Asylum 2 months ago
I absolutely adore this video, I've watched it many many times
dylan clarke
dylan clarke 2 months ago
what was that creature at the end xylan I'm trying to find info on it but I can't find it anywhere?
Asger Krogh
Asger Krogh 2 months ago
The correct answer to "We have to get to the bottom of this" when playing call of cthulhu is: "No!.. No we don't" :p
Alexander Hill
Alexander Hill 2 months ago
Id listen to him narrate the laundry washing
Domyras 2 months ago
If i ever want to lose sanity in real life; i'll run this freaking module.
Gadriel Van Orion
Gadriel Van Orion 2 months ago
where is the adventure from? i would like to play it
FD 08
FD 08 2 months ago
That spocked me
Fed up w. all most Everyone
Fed up w. all most Everyone 2 months ago
This is one of your best P.F! Thanks for making it.
Wolfmire Bacta
Wolfmire Bacta 2 months ago
need more stories like this
Drakkenmensch Silverflare
Drakkenmensch Silverflare 2 months ago
Suitably scary premise, incomprehensible life forms from beyond the stars, inexplicable monster behavior, very nice. Checks a lot of boxes that cosmic horror needs to work!
Platypus 2 months ago
Spooky scary skeletons plays
Andrew Nguyen
Andrew Nguyen 3 months ago
When I just saw this video at night by myself, I was checking the area of my house, and became like that kid that keep saying they're here multiple time and then screaming the person who opened the doorbut then it was my family coming back from a big party Yeah it was weird but now here I am I still remember this.😐😐😐
Jon dow
Jon dow 3 months ago
*this video was more entertaining then * 💩 *Last Jedi* 💩 *&* 💩 *rise of skywalker,* 💩 *F_CK you* 💩 *Disney.* 💩 *UP….…… /´¯/)* *..……….,/¯../ /* *………/…./ /* *…./´¯/’…’/´¯¯.`•¸* */’/…/…./…..:^.¨¯\* *(‘(…´…´…. ¯_/’…’/* *\……………..’…../* *..\’…\………. _.•´* *…\…………..(* *….\…………..\ YOURS Rian💩 Johnson💩 I HATE YOU WITH THE DARK FIRE OF A MILLION EXPLODING NEUTRON STARS for what you have done to Star Wars!!!* *I don't even believe in Hell but I hope there is a special place in there just for you **#Disney_R_a_p_e_d_MyChildhood**.* 😾🧛‍♂‍🧛‍♀‍☢️☣️👺👹👿😈😠😬.
Jon dow
Jon dow 3 months ago
*After the appalling behavior of the radical left, afitnA (spelt backwards), MLB (spelt backwards) all the looting, rioting horrid criminality I see in the last 3 months I think America deserves 4 more years of Trump.*
Jon dow
Jon dow 3 months ago
It Really is; Passing of Angels it Sanguinius as destroyer, Mercy of the Dragon is a core Vulkan story, Shadows of the Past is super important for the overall lore, and Misbegotten is an absolute masterpiece.
athroughzdude 3 months ago
You could totally rewrite this episode as a book and the Lovecraftians would eat it up.
Casual King
Casual King 3 months ago
Damn, Ben's narration gave me chills!
Matthew Flugstad
Matthew Flugstad 3 months ago
5:07 quarentine am I right
Orlando Galindo
Orlando Galindo 3 months ago
CoC was my second RPG i've played, and its amazing, its a good refresher and reminding you, your a mortal. it grounded me when i was full of myself after several years of DnD and gave me a good perspective.
Erlend Rogue P
Erlend Rogue P 3 months ago
i really want to hear the more but hey, cant have everything
Martin Henzl
Martin Henzl 3 months ago
If you want to see where this was stolen from, see X-files e20s1 - Darkness falls. It is sad to see that you cannot create original character (just copy other) or story or at least a plot. Cannot adjust to your players actions or do the event your way, not the not-funny not-interesting all-killing book way. The most important thing is you and your players have fun, but for me, you wouldn't be a good GM or player.
Skaitan 3 months ago
If I played this, I'd have to fight really hard not to avoid doing the 'dumb protagonist'. Keep dogs close, board up the house again before going to bed in the house with the only survivor (he knew why he boarded the windows, learn from him) and *don't split the party* . Because if you did this, the story would lose a lot of its spice.
Darby Pea
Darby Pea 3 months ago
Also I feel cursed by this video
Darby Pea
Darby Pea 3 months ago
Ugh the random dominos pizza commercial that popped up right after 4:51 for me was...I'll timed 🤢
Kyle 3 months ago
I really like this video.
Osiris Zoran
Osiris Zoran 3 months ago
Damn that was an epic story
Bartimaeus1 4 months ago
More like this please
Alpha Hollow
Alpha Hollow 4 months ago
From the sudden pun I go to check if Walter is a type of cheese, and it turn out it is the name of a cheese company, don't know if coincidence or not
Nate Bean
Nate Bean 4 months ago
Hello I watched a couple of your videos they're very intriguing and I love them I am also into d&d and other tabletop RPGs and after watching i had to subscribe
Clawson central
Clawson central 4 months ago
Does everyone else want more call of Cthulhu story
Doggo Incorporated
Doggo Incorporated 4 months ago
Dick Tracy detective for hire!
A Grimm Ghost
A Grimm Ghost 4 months ago
CMDR Emotions
CMDR Emotions 4 months ago
Solution to all of these things? Flamethrowers! Swarm of carnivours 'bugs"? Flamethrower! Weird shit in a cave? Flamethrower! Weird demonic space alien that can fly? Flamethrower!
Germanic hams
Germanic hams 4 months ago
RandomMajin 4 months ago
Loved it! The story was awesome and actually creepy while keeping some of your wittiness in it. A+.
Sad Muffin
Sad Muffin 4 months ago
I've been looking to GM a CoC Campaign for my group that just finished a D&D Campaign and I'd love to hear more of your misadventures into cosmic horror.
Bernard Damerval
Bernard Damerval 4 months ago
0:50 As a denizen of "The Big City" (Anchorage, with half of the state's population) in Alaska I can indeed confirm that *every* town up here is far away from any semlance of a civilized town Edit: Also, we have WAY scarier tales to tell than some kinda alien bug-folks. Let's just start with the cult at Delta Junction. That's not a story the Jedi would tell you. That's not even to mention that, by the way, all the Native American cultures up here are derivative of Inuit, very different from the southerners. That means wendigos. That means tupilaks. That means all sorts of terrifying creatures in every shape you can think of. Jeez, if you're gonna set a horror story up here I recommend adding some kinda creativity past "Alien-bug-locusts-unearthed-from-the-mine!"
Gary-from-Smith’s-across-the-street 4 months ago
Holy macarel, that was creepy!
A Nice Box of Kraft Mac and Cheese
A Nice Box of Kraft Mac and Cheese 4 months ago
Is there a link to this module?
TheFigandro 4 months ago
Wait, you can write a CoC campaign without making cultists a primary antagonist?
John Lemons
John Lemons 4 months ago
Me: watches all of puffins videos many more than once Also me: oh cool a new video...from 7 months ago wtf
Reinhardofchaos 4 months ago
love the story!
Reinhardofchaos 4 months ago
would love to hear more stories like this
Георги Ставрев
Георги Ставрев 4 months ago
I loved the voice you used to narrate this
GdayToYaMates 4 months ago
thats honestly kinda creepy
ErzengelDesLichtes 4 months ago
This sounds like one of the scenarios in Don’t Escape 4 Days to Survive.
AbysmalAce139 4 months ago
I got the call of Cthulhu game on my Xbox awhile back. I never played it but, this made me want to reinstall it and try it out. It's a great game, but I'm only on chapter 2. I believe it's going through the book, chapter by chapter.
wandering star
wandering star 4 months ago
5 stars
yakir chernin
yakir chernin 4 months ago
Are those the guys of 'Merica story?
oowatwat 4 months ago
PLEASE have more call of cthulhu stories! this was terrifying!
Carmen Mencar
Carmen Mencar 5 months ago
Sexy Toaster
Sexy Toaster 5 months ago
can you please do more CoC tales?!
Natalia Flintlock
Natalia Flintlock 5 months ago
Ben, I adore the videos you do that aren't just D&D or generic fantasy. It's so neat to hear you get into all the games you play, but there's something special about narrations like Deadlands or Call of Cthulhu that just really impress me. Keep up the good work, and I'd love to hear a follow up to this story in the future!
Tiger Shanty
Tiger Shanty 5 months ago
Just so you know if there is snow on the ground the footsteps are silent
Randy Lees
Randy Lees 5 months ago
was their a second session
Ulysses 1865
Ulysses 1865 5 months ago
My character would have brought a flamethrower. I mean who wouldn’t?
D Sandoval
D Sandoval 5 months ago
The Color of Space is coming out, staring Nicolas Cage. NICOLAS CAGE! It's either going to be really good, or, really bad. Also a lot of CG, ...I'm going with bad.
Richard Williams
Richard Williams 5 months ago
Was this based on a published adventure?
Girl Warrior X
Girl Warrior X 5 months ago
Me: (sees the strange fauna in the cave) OH MY GOD ITS EVOLUTION
Gavin Renna
Gavin Renna 5 months ago
Wow that was spooky
Mike Scharding
Mike Scharding 5 months ago
more spooky tales please
Olivia Petersen
Olivia Petersen 5 months ago
I got ADDICTED to having the flesh-eating bugs as pets! Did anyone else did as well?
The Guy
The Guy 5 months ago
Copperton? More like skeleton
Mary Martinez
Mary Martinez 5 months ago
The way ur talking is spine chilling
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson 5 months ago
"David studied..." Well there's your problem right there. "...Native American history." How did he even make it to adulthood!?!
Jesse Williams
Jesse Williams 6 months ago
I have got to play call of Cthulhu sometime
VoxlKnight 6 months ago
"One of the characters would slap himself as if there were a bug biting them even if it was nothing", you just indirectly insulted me XD. I do that all the time, the fact that character would do that because he became slightly insane is very, very funny and mildly implies that I, too, am slightly insane XD...but no, seriously, i feel like bugs bite me and slap myself even if nothing WAS biting me lol
RamathRS 6 months ago
Wasn't this an old X-Files episode?
Araxiel 6 months ago
It was amazing :D
irfan 6 months ago
if this were a video game i would love to play it
Pie Guy
Pie Guy 6 months ago
I just realized that the insane guys eyes were shaped like the insects
You cant beat K
You cant beat K 6 months ago
It's laughable that people find this video scary.
Alvin G
Alvin G 6 months ago
Jesus.. that made me feel itchy
Just a Average Nerd
Just a Average Nerd 6 months ago
666k views... nice
Porcelina19191 6 months ago
Okay. About to go to bed. I'll watch something fun and kinda mellow. This should be cool. Oh, wait, what did he just say? Shit. O.o
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