Creepy Horror RPG Story: Secrets Of The Skeleton Town

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Puffin Forest

10 months ago

This story is from a Call Of Cthulhu game I played. The players are hired out to track down a missing person. The trail leads them to a town out in Alaska and are shocked when they discover that most of the homes are filled with skeletons.
Adan- Art BirdCyclops
Pau- Art suzukiPCArt
Dartsy- Art Dartsy_Art
Puffin- Art, Story, Voice
Music and Sound Credits from USshow Audio Library:
"Lurking Shadows" by Myuu
"Cicada Killer" by Coyote Hearing
"The End" by Quincas Moreira
Lasting Hope by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
Alien Sunset by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Joe Smith
Joe Smith 16 hours ago
well that was spooky
Nokachi Day ago
It's American Indian
ericb31 Day ago
this made me think of a gory Anime called "megazone 2100" (something like that) where humans were fighting nasty killer robots, who like to stick metal tentacles into a human's CHEST then OUT of their of the most gruesome animated movies i've ever seen.
Leo Tokarev
Leo Tokarev 2 days ago
How do you pronounce the alien creature's name?
da beebs
da beebs 2 days ago
Well... I never needed to sleep again. It’s fine. No problem
James Chandler
James Chandler 2 days ago
More Call of Cthulhu stories please!
Henrik Sonne-Schmidt
Henrik Sonne-Schmidt 2 days ago
James Chandler s total agree with you
Soggy Waffles / Funny Asylum
Soggy Waffles / Funny Asylum 4 days ago
I absolutely adore this video, I've watched it many many times
dylan clarke
dylan clarke 4 days ago
what was that creature at the end xylan I'm trying to find info on it but I can't find it anywhere?
Asger Krogh
Asger Krogh 5 days ago
The correct answer to "We have to get to the bottom of this" when playing call of cthulhu is: "No!.. No we don't" :p
Alexander Hill
Alexander Hill 6 days ago
Id listen to him narrate the laundry washing
Domyras 7 days ago
If i ever want to lose sanity in real life; i'll run this freaking module.
Gadriel Van Orion
Gadriel Van Orion 10 days ago
where is the adventure from? i would like to play it
FD 08
FD 08 10 days ago
That spocked me
Fed up w. all most Everyone
Fed up w. all most Everyone 11 days ago
This is one of your best P.F! Thanks for making it.
Wolfmire Bacta
Wolfmire Bacta 17 days ago
need more stories like this
Drakkenmensch Silverflare
Drakkenmensch Silverflare 19 days ago
Suitably scary premise, incomprehensible life forms from beyond the stars, inexplicable monster behavior, very nice. Checks a lot of boxes that cosmic horror needs to work!
Platypus 22 days ago
Spooky scary skeletons plays
Andrew Nguyen
Andrew Nguyen 25 days ago
When I just saw this video at night by myself, I was checking the area of my house, and became like that kid that keep saying they're here multiple time and then screaming the person who opened the doorbut then it was my family coming back from a big party Yeah it was weird but now here I am I still remember this.😐😐😐
Jon dow
Jon dow 26 days ago
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Jon dow
Jon dow 26 days ago
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Jon dow
Jon dow 26 days ago
It Really is; Passing of Angels it Sanguinius as destroyer, Mercy of the Dragon is a core Vulkan story, Shadows of the Past is super important for the overall lore, and Misbegotten is an absolute masterpiece.
athroughzdude 29 days ago
You could totally rewrite this episode as a book and the Lovecraftians would eat it up.
Casual King
Casual King 29 days ago
Damn, Ben's narration gave me chills!
Matthew Flugstad
Matthew Flugstad Month ago
5:07 quarentine am I right
Orlando Galindo
Orlando Galindo Month ago
CoC was my second RPG i've played, and its amazing, its a good refresher and reminding you, your a mortal. it grounded me when i was full of myself after several years of DnD and gave me a good perspective.
Erlend Rogue P
Erlend Rogue P Month ago
i really want to hear the more but hey, cant have everything
Martin Henzl
Martin Henzl Month ago
If you want to see where this was stolen from, see X-files e20s1 - Darkness falls. It is sad to see that you cannot create original character (just copy other) or story or at least a plot. Cannot adjust to your players actions or do the event your way, not the not-funny not-interesting all-killing book way. The most important thing is you and your players have fun, but for me, you wouldn't be a good GM or player.
Skaitan Month ago
If I played this, I'd have to fight really hard not to avoid doing the 'dumb protagonist'. Keep dogs close, board up the house again before going to bed in the house with the only survivor (he knew why he boarded the windows, learn from him) and *don't split the party* . Because if you did this, the story would lose a lot of its spice.
Darby Pea
Darby Pea Month ago
Also I feel cursed by this video
Darby Pea
Darby Pea Month ago
Ugh the random dominos pizza commercial that popped up right after 4:51 for me was...I'll timed 🤢
Kyle Month ago
I really like this video.
Osiris Zoran
Osiris Zoran Month ago
Damn that was an epic story
Bartimaeus1 Month ago
More like this please
Alpha Hollow
Alpha Hollow Month ago
From the sudden pun I go to check if Walter is a type of cheese, and it turn out it is the name of a cheese company, don't know if coincidence or not
IllumiNate Month ago
Hello I watched a couple of your videos they're very intriguing and I love them I am also into d&d and other tabletop RPGs and after watching i had to subscribe
Clawson central
Clawson central 2 months ago
Does everyone else want more call of Cthulhu story
Doggo Incorporated
Doggo Incorporated 2 months ago
Dick Tracy detective for hire!
Kirk P
Kirk P 2 months ago
CMDR Emotions
CMDR Emotions 2 months ago
Solution to all of these things? Flamethrowers! Swarm of carnivours 'bugs"? Flamethrower! Weird shit in a cave? Flamethrower! Weird demonic space alien that can fly? Flamethrower!
Germanic hams
Germanic hams 2 months ago