Cat Has The Worst Brain Freeze

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3 months ago

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Matthias Niederer
Matthias Niederer 3 months ago
I cannot possibly describe how uncomfortable the airplane one at the beginning made me.
Daner Darkness
Daner Darkness 3 days ago
He removed it lel
Pero Cigla
Pero Cigla 10 days ago
I didn't even notice that. This plane is in the other video...
Karla Gaskill
Karla Gaskill 13 days ago
helloitsme cat43
helloitsme cat43 14 days ago
Matthias Niederer
Matthias Niederer 15 days ago
Noah Grossman yeah that’s really weird, IDK
Nayan Davlekar
Nayan Davlekar 3 hours ago
1:42 no one can stop laughing 😂😂😂😂
FISHYKING 8 hours ago
Eriq Dohman
Eriq Dohman 12 hours ago
Next generation: one wheel cars
MeepersGaming 12 hours ago
As you can see, the cat was not having a brain freeze like you would think, instead, the cold ice cream was stuck directly on the cat's top fang. For me, when I bite ice cream or a cold dessert, I typically try avoiding eating it with my top tooth, because it causes something like.. jaw freeze? it feels weird. Pretty sure the cat felt the same way
Timothy Ryan Wang
Timothy Ryan Wang 22 hours ago
1:55 Leatherface is not happy about this
Oz Day ago
Just if anyone is wondering about why a scene is cut after the cat freeze video , it's originally a CGI video about a plane flying like a bird and its quite uncomfortable for alot of ppl. If you like uncomfortable video I suggest you go telegram lol, like one day I accidentally entered a telegram channel and I saw alot of uncomfortable video, like cgi weird worms , cgi weird cat like cheese and cgi flowers that moves weirdly, I still remember it ,still makes me feel uncomfortable.
M R Day ago
"Not a mark on 'em." Yeah um, there were two holes in the lining of that chain saw garment.
Bazavark Day ago
Sheila Ezequiel
Sheila Ezequiel Day ago
Coitadinho do gatinho! Que maldade a moça fez com ele. O que era aquele creme maldito na colher? O gatinho, ficou apavorado!!!😢😢😢😠
No u
No u 2 days ago
At 0:19 you can get a tiny clip of the airplane but make sure it's paused
Suspendiert 2 days ago
2:51 me in wii sports resorts
susana Hernandez
susana Hernandez 2 days ago
I feel the cat's pain when he got that brain freeze
MalOwasHere 2 days ago
2:07 mhhhh dr. Bright might need these
FBI 2 days ago
AFX QUEST 3 days ago
What was that dog trying to put on her face
Terminator Bob
Terminator Bob 3 days ago
I just realised but the cat didn't have a brain freeze the cat has sensitive teeth so when he licked the ice cream it got stuck in his teeth making it discomfortable
Эрмоленко Злата
Эрмоленко Злата 3 days ago
But what will be if he *sit* on the chainsaw?…
sitooop 3 days ago
Um the plane part is skipped for some reason.
_SH4DOW_ 145
_SH4DOW_ 145 3 days ago
Watching from 0:19 on 0,5 speed is so hilarious🤣
MrNexis 3 days ago
Guys, if you want to see the plane clip then there's still a link to it in the description.
epic gg
epic gg 4 days ago
2:52 Imagine you flying
Carlos 4 days ago
2:50 is my city OMG
sammiches 4 days ago
that car looks like something out of fallout 4
None ya Buisness
None ya Buisness 4 days ago
MMMMMM my boi doggy flexin with the weights
HeartOfHollow 5 days ago
1:53 jokes on you Leather Face!
GaaraOfTheSand21 5 days ago
The cat that got scared from the thing they used for writing in the old days was so funny
Weep Gaming
Weep Gaming Day ago
Man, cats can't appreciate a good old typewritten novel...
GaaraOfTheSand21 5 days ago
I saw the actual video and it was so funny it makes me want to get pistachio ice cream and give it to my cat
AllNiteLemonade 5 days ago
Dog: carries around 30lb weights for fun Me: Sweats thinking about exercise 🥵
Jessica Fowler
Jessica Fowler 5 days ago
Why you removed the plane bird why
Meme Cat
Meme Cat 4 days ago
Maybe because of copyright?
Manny S.
Manny S. 5 days ago
Frick the people who made the man remove the airplane clip
A Person who doesn’t Have a Charger
A Person who doesn’t Have a Charger 5 days ago
Ngl but why is the thumbnail so relatable when I eat ice cream
Cheng Tsz Him鄭梓謙
Cheng Tsz Him鄭梓謙 5 days ago
People who are being chased by Jason voorhees but never got to see 2:02 be like: HELLLLP People who are being chased by Jason voorhees but got to 2:02 be like: “that’s cute”
Vlogamation 5 days ago
That dogs a showoff
•LiamAlisson• 6 days ago
Lol 0:19
Lachlan Pugh
Lachlan Pugh 6 days ago
The chainsaw trap would be good against fasten from Friday the 13
Ahad Gill
Ahad Gill 6 days ago
When is the timestamp for the airplane??
Sylvester 6 days ago
With that person is holding the hamster is sad it's clearly terrified
White Wolf
White Wolf 7 days ago
3:08 Love those freckles :3
Dr. Klaw
Dr. Klaw 7 days ago
0:14 poor cat
Dylan Floyd
Dylan Floyd 7 days ago
0:17 look closely to see the deleated airpane clip
Pvshka 7 days ago
Thanx. I'm legitimately upset that he actually cropped it.
Infallible 7 days ago
This must be the only USshowr that never clickbaits
Frederic Linko
Frederic Linko 8 days ago
0:04 Best at 2x
SpiderLily726 8 days ago
1:49 Cat: ohh wat dis?- Owner: Bye bish Cat: AHH BISH WTF
Kit Walker
Kit Walker 8 days ago
Basketball stop animation was remarkable!!
CranberryPlayz 8 days ago
I loved the airplane one and i even showed my mom, I didn’t know it was removed.
Tiscurna 8 days ago
Pickled 8 days ago
wait i dont understand why did the airplane one horrified people someone please explain
Pickled 23 hours ago
@Pvshka LMAO
Pvshka 7 days ago
Because people are a bunch of snowflakes.
Only OG will remember the plane
w 0 t
w 0 t 9 days ago
we all know ice cream touching our teeth is the worst and that cat experienced it
Bhupender Singh
Bhupender Singh 9 days ago
Very very soon...... . . . Later....
J Parker
J Parker 9 days ago
The cat is not funny. Looks to me like the cat has sore gums and the freeze hurt him. He should not have reacted that way if his gums were fine.
Cheo Mangum
Cheo Mangum 9 days ago
0:13 when you die before you get to the checkpoint
Amihan A.M.
Amihan A.M. 9 days ago
this is how single I am: 0:20
・yxllow_bexr・ 10 days ago
Cat: ahwhwhwhhh
Dread 10 days ago
Who else wish that dog fart or poop at the owner face 😜
CameraManGaming 10 days ago
The two wheel car is like my 4th trailmakers build.
SerraFunny •w•
SerraFunny •w• 10 days ago
Put the chain saw trap thingys on trees
Puppy Bianca
Puppy Bianca 10 days ago
0:19 what is that supposed to be a secret because I saw it
Pvshka 7 days ago
It's cropped because a bunch of triggered snowflakes complained about it.
walter white
walter white 10 days ago
The two wheel car gets 45mpg(but the gyroscope only gets 5mpg).
Riq Creative
Riq Creative 10 days ago
1:40 How old are you? Im 67 *Speechless*
darwin dela cruz
darwin dela cruz 11 days ago
Wooow, 2:56 symmetry
darwin dela cruz
darwin dela cruz 11 days ago
2:37 wow
darwin dela cruz
darwin dela cruz 11 days ago
1:11 lol so cute
darwin dela cruz
darwin dela cruz 11 days ago
Long car lloks lile airplane
Hannah J
Hannah J 11 days ago
So the second video is basically a bike with extra steps
Kirito-TSP 11 days ago
The air plane clip is at 0:19,I think it got skipped
Angeles Andrea Kate
Angeles Andrea Kate 11 days ago
Car with 2 wheel: Oh from Mr Bean!
Matt 11 days ago
No one: Minecraft players when they have elytra: 2:51
NaFraza ArcOmna
NaFraza ArcOmna 11 days ago
Bro. Drop the intros.
ASMR with Rococo
ASMR with Rococo 12 days ago
Why make a car with two wheels? Why not!
Splendid Arttt
Splendid Arttt 12 days ago
My dog does that if i'm laying down
YeetersYeepers Drawz
YeetersYeepers Drawz 12 days ago
If you do the cat one at 0.25x will sound like the of the Jurassic park dinosaurs
Kanha Sahu
Kanha Sahu 13 days ago
0:42 everyone in the 80s thought this will be a normal thing in the future
Suprise Pikachu face
Suprise Pikachu face 13 days ago
Am I the only one noticed when daily dose internet make a video there's a cat video and a cat on thumbnail and no one talking about the cat?
Schmenk Speed Typing
Schmenk Speed Typing 13 days ago
1:47 put the pressure rollers over the paper
xowksoslls dhuswiwiak
xowksoslls dhuswiwiak 13 days ago
Me placing rails in my creative minecraft world after building a lot of houses and riding a minecart after: d^_^b My point of view: 2:23
Skydive 14 days ago
2:04 *sea cucumbers when you touch them*
Skydive 14 days ago
next episode: *Daily Dose Of Internet vs CarMightyVids*
MapleMotion 14 days ago
Me when I lick a piece of ice:
Helohelo 14 days ago
everyone is gangsta til you break in to a house and the dog there is lifting more than u
Yash 1322
Yash 1322 14 days ago
Omgg where is the plane people keep talking about????
Miqayla Ghaniya
Miqayla Ghaniya 15 days ago
Cant stop laughing
Elise Windyard
Elise Windyard 15 days ago
The dog at the end is like my dog
Михаил Прокофьев
Михаил Прокофьев 15 days ago
Now that's *NOT* a lot of damage!
GamerBrotherLi 62
GamerBrotherLi 62 16 days ago
2:22 What Sonic sees in Green Hills.
dead_wolfpack 16 days ago
hes hacking 1:37
Butterscotch Sketches
Butterscotch Sketches 16 days ago
That first one though XD
Runaway Horses
Runaway Horses 16 days ago
Lol: "this car only has two wheels, so how does it stay upright..." like any other bike would do?
Lillith666 16 days ago
Wait, what did I just see? That guy went from being bald to have a full head of just happened ??
Kaizaro123 16 days ago
Oh my god, that cat... I lost any and all semblance of coherence!! 😂😂😂
Jyla Ponder
Jyla Ponder 17 days ago
poor cat i feel so bad for that cat
Bigsmoke 16 days ago
It’s fine.
•Pastel Studios•
•Pastel Studios• 17 days ago
You can find the plane clip in the description
Winterland Neolia
Winterland Neolia 17 days ago
the dad's make-over though! Wow wow
AlaskaIsBiggerThanTexas 17 days ago
Not brain freeze, just cold.
Song City
Song City 18 days ago
That Cat in the beginning made me laugh so hard
Jacy Dyer
Jacy Dyer 19 days ago
Can't believe the dad with the gray hair! Where are his wrinkles? Everybody can't look that good from just getting their youthful hair back. The wrinkles won't allow a youthful look, but this brotha just does not have that problem. Fascinating makeover!
Kamachi Akahito
Kamachi Akahito 19 days ago
his eyes is still old
Operator 020
Operator 020 20 days ago
1:21 How long did it take for this old man to grow crops and have a full coconut of hair!?
And that’s the tea
And that’s the tea 20 days ago
The car looks like the car I’d draw in freaking elementary school
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