We Need To Talk. | Colby Brock

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Colby Brock

Colby Brock

10 days ago

Hey guys, let's continue to spread love and positivity the best we can! Thanks for hearing me out and watching, love ya.
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Hey, Colby here. You may know me from my collab channel, Sam and Colby, where we make haunted exploration videos. If not, welcome! On this channel you can find my calling terrifying phone numbers series, challenges, reactions, storytimes, collabs with Jake, Corey, Sam, and other friends. Let me know if you’re reading this right now;)
We Need To Talk. | Colby Brock
Colby Brock

Colby Brock
Colby Brock 9 days ago
Again, this is not ONLY on twitter and so many people are being so much nicer:) Thank you for that! Love you guys.
Brittany Isaacs
Brittany Isaacs Hour ago
❤️ love u Colby
Katelynn Buller
Katelynn Buller 11 hours ago
Erin Quinn
Erin Quinn 2 days ago
Colby I love you and I'm not here to rush you but can you please please get a fucking girlfriend thx if it's not what you want I respect that 💕💖❤️
Roxanne todd
Roxanne todd 2 days ago
Don’t worry we all still love u
xXBROKEN HEARTSXx 2 days ago
R Williams
R Williams 7 minutes ago
well in most cases yea birds of a feather flock together. it’s a rightful assumption to think that by the people you choose to hang out with there’s some sense of, “oh colby hangs out with them then he must be ok with that behavior or does it himself”. IN MOST cases and it all depends on the actions of the people you hang out with.
Mahogany Boyd
Mahogany Boyd 16 minutes ago
Brennan is going to start ww3 😂😂😂 I'm going to hide in a bunker 😂😂😂
Isabel Foerster
Isabel Foerster Hour ago
0:00-8:00 dear Colby, thank you
Tiarra Bedwell
Tiarra Bedwell Hour ago
Y’all go so harddd I ship y’all
Sheridyn H
Sheridyn H Hour ago
Okay but they are really cute together
Cayla Casanas
Cayla Casanas 2 hours ago
I can't believe it... I got my hopes up
Danielle Lalloo
Danielle Lalloo 3 hours ago
Looking at this video again..and it has 666k views☠☠
Evie 3 hours ago
Bruhhhhh im so gutted 😭 I really thought they were getting together
Kasyn Champagne
Kasyn Champagne 5 hours ago
Dang it thought you were date I got so happy But when you said you weren’t I die of sadness
AlenahAmir 6 hours ago
I expect Amber to redo your room now !
gracie and autumn
gracie and autumn 6 hours ago
I HATE YOU lol im playin
Kay-Lynn Shirah
Kay-Lynn Shirah 6 hours ago
She has a crush
Samantha Smith
Samantha Smith 8 hours ago
amber is very beautiful.. and seems like a lovley girl so im not bothered . but every fan gets aannoyed when they make a girl friend or boy.
Purple Heart
Purple Heart 8 hours ago
I love both of y'all no matter what ^-^.
chansbrekkie 8 hours ago
i accidentally quit watching Colby's videos for a few months so i had no idea this was going down 🗿
stan exo and nct.
stan exo and nct. 5 hours ago
Sabaa Dilshad
Sabaa Dilshad 10 hours ago
the video hasnt started but please tell me they arent dating im gay for amber and hella fucking straight for colby.
Forgotten Girl
Forgotten Girl 8 hours ago
They’re just friends
Mary M frank
Mary M frank 10 hours ago
She still look like sam
AnZe ZeAn
AnZe ZeAn 12 hours ago
Yall do whatever you want but hurt amber and we gonna have beef
Jayleen Gaming
Jayleen Gaming 12 hours ago
colby, HOMEBOY you dont have to apologize for dating,if your happy then we r happy,if you wanna have a relationship with someone girl,boy,trans,whoever u want its YOUR decision to date or not not ours,and ur future is yours to create,not ours,so feel free to date whoever u want,but,u tricked me how dare u,hearts been broken too many times😔👊
Abbey Evans
Abbey Evans 13 hours ago
I want Colby to be happy and i hope he agrees with me
Aleena Willis
Aleena Willis 13 hours ago
I’ve watched 16:10 so many times they’re so cute 😍
Ella Ligue
Ella Ligue 15 hours ago
Wait did anyone see the ball in the back at 16:20
Andrea Peralta
Andrea Peralta 15 hours ago
No lie.. they probably screwed each other. LMAO
Andrea Peralta
Andrea Peralta 15 hours ago
Colby don’t ever trick me like that again.
Tarsha Brennan
Tarsha Brennan 15 hours ago
colbys the gay bestfriend shh he will never get a gf
Forgotten Girl
Forgotten Girl 13 hours ago
He’s straight
DankAlien 420
DankAlien 420 18 hours ago
Damn Colby I thought you finally got a girl 😂😂 jk bro keep up the great videos
tyler jennings
tyler jennings 20 hours ago
U don’t have to date to screw 😂
Tania Valentina Garcia G.
Tania Valentina Garcia G. 20 hours ago
I never knew amber was with him!!! 😲
Karisma Vazquez
Karisma Vazquez 20 hours ago
Am I the only one that actually likes just sitting back and watching the whole fandom blow up and freak out when Colby gets a "girlfriend". Like unless things get really really out of hand I'll jump in but other than that I never really react, I just like seeing yalls reactions.... Is that weird.....am I weird
Auriel Liddell
Auriel Liddell 22 hours ago
the way she looks at him looks like she likes him and it is so cute
vanilla.boca__buteragraneh _
vanilla.boca__buteragraneh _ 22 hours ago
Awe I love her 🥺😂💕🌸🖤 SHES SO FUCKIN CUTE I SUPPORT COLBY 🥺😭👏💗💗💗🇨🇦
Tricia Jane
Tricia Jane 22 hours ago
I’ve been hoping they would become friends for the longest time so that 2 of my favorite youtubers would make videos together and know each other and I’m just so happy now!!
Emma The Limelight
Emma The Limelight Day ago
10:30 "its obviously a man in a wig."
luisa togia
luisa togia Day ago
8:00 I'm lazy to put it there so ima teleport there
JiMiN yOu NiCe KeEp GoInG
JiMiN yOu NiCe KeEp GoInG Day ago
Don’t you just love how sam and Katrina are dating but Colby isn’t aloud to date according to fans... I LOVE THAT😒
Forgotten Girl
Forgotten Girl 23 hours ago
It’s because the fans wants to date him because of his looks and used him for fame
Triple Llove
Triple Llove Day ago
I literally do the same with my guy friend lmaoo it's fun to mess with people
Nell Izabel
Nell Izabel Day ago
Good for you dude! I always felt bad for you since so many young girls put you on a pedestal. I hope that when you do decide to seriously date, you can be open and not worry about ur "fans" who think they own you. Just know ur real fans have ur back. No matter what, your happiness comes first! We'll love you no matter what! Just don't pull a shane dawson ;)
The 3 Amigas
The 3 Amigas Day ago
She looks like Megan Markle 😍
Andre Ry
Andre Ry Day ago
Colby you are perfect for example I was sad today and you made me happy so dont say your not perfect
Leah Burke
Leah Burke Day ago
Rai Day ago
Excuse me Colby I thought u were dating bc ye look so so cuteee together
vibinqkail Day ago
they all look different omg
Kiara Harper
Kiara Harper Day ago
Colby I’ve been a big fan for a really long time and I love you so much and I believe that what you do to spread laughter and happiness with your friends to your fans is amazing. People have different opinions on different things but there are so many people who’s lives you’ve changed because you inspire them. Even though everyone might not agree with me I think you are truly amazing and how you’ve changed and inspired me and my friends is something I could never thank you enough for. Another thing is that you truly care about your fans which is a big deal when it comes to you going on tours and meeting them it’s makes your moments with them and theirs with you so much more meaningful. Keep you’re head up Colby because I’m telling you I’ve been team Colby since day 1 and I will be team Colby for life. I love you Colby❤️
Carrie Erwine
Carrie Erwine Day ago
I honestly didn’t even notice any of this until I watched this video smh
Axe Day ago
Amber legit looks twice his age..
Forgotten Girl
Forgotten Girl Day ago
Ages doesn’t really matter because they’re literally adults. They’re just friends not dating
Raika Arora
Raika Arora Day ago
Hyy! Colby, I M a big fan of urs 🥰 M from INDIA, really man ur videos are so good 😍❣ Love & support from INDIA❤😘
ladicsova andrea
ladicsova andrea Day ago
Dear colby...nobody is perfect, everybody makes mistakes...I will be 34 in october and I am still growing up 😆Well, it seems like this "growing up" thing never ends 😄...people should accept that you are a young guy, you are just enjoying life, thats all...nobody should judge you...this is your life, not theirs!!!..do what you want, if it makes you happy...ignore the haters, you don't need to explain your decisions to anybody!!!...a huge hug from central-europe!!! 😉
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Day ago
he’s amazing
Alex Beaven
Alex Beaven Day ago
Honestly love them both 🥺🥺
ICE97 _98
ICE97 _98 Day ago
It's like shawn and camilla saying they're just friends then drops señorita right after 😂
Tiffany Bowden
Tiffany Bowden Day ago
I feel like the other chicks are trying to still my future husband named Colby
Hee Hee
Hee Hee Day ago
8:00 there
Jessica Goldman
Jessica Goldman Day ago
Amber’s into it 😏
TheGirlyGachaGamer 08
TheGirlyGachaGamer 08 Day ago
YeS iTs bReNnEn! and yes I saw the picture but when I saw it didn't mind cause it's really your business so I didn't look to much into the picture cause there's no reason to 🤷‍♀️
Benja James
Benja James Day ago
Colby : where just friends me:why you looked cute together 😭😭😭
team lit
team lit Day ago
Guys me and Colby are married so chill they are just friends
Ashley Yates
Ashley Yates Day ago
I love Amber! and to see you two interacting i can tell you guys have a great friendship. you deserve the world!
Faith Day ago
Dude his “Fans” should not be telling him if he can or can not date. That’s so creepy and controlling. He’s not ours😂
Maza Jay
Maza Jay Day ago
Krisha Teves
Krisha Teves Day ago
YOU HIT 70K LIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET HER DO IT!!!
KyAnna Telford
KyAnna Telford Day ago
Me not happy colby is mine and yours no one else can have him lol but we all still love for who he is and how pretty he is and how pretty his eyes are lol DOES COLBY EVEN SEE OUR COMMENTS LOL I LOVE YOU COLBY. 💋💋💋💋💋👉👈💋💋💋💋💋
Forgotten Girl
Forgotten Girl Day ago
Can you please just STOP. If he does have a girlfriend just let him be happy. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Scarlett Opalsister
Scarlett Opalsister 2 days ago
Rip, all the 12 year old girls who cried themselves to sleep when Colby had a “girlfriend”. I’m legit kinda excited for the day he gets a girlfriend, not because you will both get hate, which sucks because all the little girls can’t deal with it because their little hearts got broken by a 23 year old grown man they will never meet. I’m just excited for you to not be single anymore ❤️. Unless you really do want to stay single, than you do you.
kyla blevins
kyla blevins 2 days ago
soooo is it just me or at 16:18 you just see the soccer ball roll from behind the chair but it might just be the wind
Lynda Mullins
Lynda Mullins 2 days ago
Just a friend,or dating,They are so cute together! As long as they are happy. That's what matters to me,as a fan!!!
Lynda Mullins
Lynda Mullins 2 days ago
Independent Productions
Independent Productions 2 days ago
amber is perdy colby is cute if anyone hurtz dem im going to shoot NoT a JoKE. A WaRNinG
jodaniiella 2 days ago
I'm the best fan there is for all fandoms, all I do is watch videos/movies and eat fries when I'm not working and I log on twitter quite literally almost every 10 years. I hate the thing. I'm kidding except for the twitter part. Also, I just wanted to drop this here but most of your fanbase is toxic af. Not all ofc but I feel like you guys always have to apologize for ridiculous things that only children get offended over. You shouldn't have to feel like you're constantly needing to apologize.
Superseleye -
Superseleye - 2 days ago
Why can't people understand that they are normal people. They are allowed to live their life the way they choose.I support sam and Colby and respect that they both have their own lives. Can we just please not judge them and let them do what they please. I just am here to support them because they work so hard for this content for us, and we dont realise it.
C VS C 2 days ago
No i want u gay!
Forgotten Girl
Forgotten Girl 2 days ago
Please STOP!! He can date GIRLS if he wants to. It’s HIS life not yours.
chloe Babanu
chloe Babanu 2 days ago
Just get togetherrrrr get marrieeeedd
Lexi Austad
Lexi Austad 2 days ago
When I thought you were dating I knew you guys would get hella hate. This fandom has no respect. (Not all of you) he deserves a girlfriend. Colby Brock is a normal person. Just like you. If he wasn’t famous I doubt you would care if he had a girlfriend at all. I hate seeing people ruin relationships because they want him. Most of you are fucking 12-16. He’s like 23 I’m probably gonna get hate for posting this but hit me with your beat shot
Forgotten Girl
Forgotten Girl 2 days ago
100% agree with you
Heidi Bren
Heidi Bren 2 days ago
Make more videos together
Jenny Gonzalez
Jenny Gonzalez 2 days ago
Alyhsa Cash
Alyhsa Cash 2 days ago
Sniper42Elite _
Sniper42Elite _ 2 days ago
No. No .no .no .no. no. No
Forgotten Girl
Forgotten Girl 2 days ago
Do you have a problem if he does have a girlfriend
XtraZoey 666
XtraZoey 666 2 days ago
Y'all have a friendship that t I have with most of my dude friends😂
Beast Cold5
Beast Cold5 2 days ago
Bro she likes you look at the way she stares at him tho🤔
morgan.xx 2 days ago
Hi!! I hope everyone is having a fantastic day!!💗 I don’t usually comment but I decided to start spreading positivity in the comment section!! Please help us grow into a positive community
laura madge
laura madge 2 days ago
Hi Colby if u see this coment you my idol
Taryn Burtlow
Taryn Burtlow 2 days ago
My dad being the smarta$$ be is , when colby said the truth is we are ... my dad immediately said lesbian lovers. I laughed so hard!😂😂😂😅
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