Rick and Morty x PlayStation 5 Console [ad]

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Adult Swim

10 days ago

Hear all the marketing points PlayStation gave Rick to say about the new PlayStation 5 console, from Morty.
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#RickAndMorty #Playstation5 #ad

Fat bastard
Fat bastard 4 minutes ago
If only we could fucking buy a ps5
The Captain
The Captain 8 minutes ago
Can't buy a console that isn't in stock
R Mawhorter
R Mawhorter 15 minutes ago
PikachuLover 432
PikachuLover 432 17 minutes ago
love this commerical XD
Adilson Eduardo José Maibaze
Adilson Eduardo José Maibaze 20 minutes ago
🤣 🤣 🤣
Dagonet Maxted
Dagonet Maxted 33 minutes ago
f### yea morty lets play the new ps5 f### yea comon morty where.....(burp)..where playin the ps5 comon morty
anthony taylor
anthony taylor 37 minutes ago
this may be the first time i click on an add
Igor Aragao
Igor Aragao 38 minutes ago
Impossible Rick is team Xbox the best
Alanmcbut 38 minutes ago
Give me 10!
Zachary Akerman
Zachary Akerman 39 minutes ago
Oh my god, This is one of the best Commercials of all time
The Sniping duck
The Sniping duck 51 minute ago
Ps5 “Play has no limits” Walmart We have limits
noah2008__ツ 51 minute ago
Understandable buying a PS5
Imanuel Thiele
Imanuel Thiele Hour ago
I love how they basically admit the console has barely any new features
SharkMask Hour ago
“Go play PS5! F$!& my A$$” - Rick I’m truly inspired
darkmell0w Hour ago
I have been let down
Mr. Kay
Mr. Kay Hour ago
Doesn't make sense at any time.... who cares about a PS5 or Series X when he can have all other things in the galaxy. Remember VR Game? Fuck Sony's VR if you can play a whole life :D
Hello There
Hello There Hour ago
Nice ad, too bad no one can fucking buy one.
Malte Wulff
Malte Wulff Hour ago
Why is there fucking ads when you cant buy this anywere
High Vibe
High Vibe Hour ago
Advertising something no one can buy
JMB Hour ago
Play has no limits* *but our stock orders do.
Dirpy_uwu Hour ago
people should make more ads like this good ads
Moby Hour ago
This was better than the entire of season 4
Necrojohnicon Hour ago
In my head-canon, the PS5 hasn't released yet.
2020 MT-09
2020 MT-09 Hour ago
Lmao good luck finding one. The only place to look is from assholes selling them on eBay for 3-4x what they're worth. I am perfectly fine waiting until they are sold in stores.
Kyle IC
Kyle IC Hour ago
Playstation have no stock left because they ran out of money paying Rick for this ad
Brian Drennan
Brian Drennan 2 hours ago
Oh I'm definitely sold😂
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 2 hours ago
Sony execs: 'So this is humour? People get this do they? Ok, here, have some money.'
Tommy James
Tommy James 2 hours ago
Maybe they can get Rick to make some more consoles so we could actually buy the f*cking thing!
Just F
Just F 2 hours ago
просто блять лайк вьебашил
O'Smith J.
O'Smith J. 2 hours ago
Does this mean a full scale Rick and Morty game? Done like borderlands, R&M WOULD BE GAME OF THE CENTURY! if done right
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 2 hours ago
JAJAJAJA i love it
Амир Мусаев
Амир Мусаев 2 hours ago
И как это попало мне в рекоминдаций?
Destiny 2 hours ago
PS5: Restocks Scalpers: I-is for me? 👉👈🥺
Conor Murphy
Conor Murphy 2 hours ago
It was exactly what I expected and I am disappointed
Berserk 1
Berserk 1 2 hours ago
Rick would say this thing is a piece of shit and talk about how big and goofy it looks . Than make his own console.
Przemek Robak
Przemek Robak 2 hours ago
Xbox better
David Speidell
David Speidell 2 hours ago
Bro no one can get that shit cool ad tho
SHitCAt Chin
SHitCAt Chin 2 hours ago
I really like 0:25
chy03001 2 hours ago
After waiting outside a store for 9 hours in late November with a mask on, I finally got one :-D
raymond claypole
raymond claypole 3 hours ago
F*** that abomination if you needed me I am going to stay with my PC.
Calvin Engram
Calvin Engram 3 hours ago
omg, finally.
WandererOfWorlds0 3 hours ago
Consoom the PS5. ALL OF IT
Bashn Dafash
Bashn Dafash 3 hours ago
Just buy a switch, wait a few months until more units are produced, buy from official vendors at retail and watch as the market floods with scalpers trying to make their money back Want to go harder? Refuse to buy from any vendor other than Sony, (scalpers will try to refund them for retail to ensure they don't lose money) watch and laugh as all the scalpers lose money as the ps5 goes down in price in the years to come, nothing is a bigger disincentive to the money men than losing money for no reason. Lets make 2020-2021 the year of sticking it to the scalpers. I really, REALLY want demon souls remastered but there's no way in hell I'm giving someone much richer than me my savings for their own profits.
Edgardo Collazo
Edgardo Collazo 3 hours ago
Get a different morty then kill him for mentioning xbox
P0zY 3 hours ago
This ad makes me goind buy rather ps5 than xbox, not like these boring normal ads...
Pastussy UwU
Pastussy UwU 3 hours ago
JAJAJAJA i love it
Kaeden Nevin
Kaeden Nevin 3 hours ago
I play Xbox but I fkn love that😂
that_stuff_is_flat 3 hours ago
Michael B. Isbell
Michael B. Isbell 3 hours ago
Lmao, they keep telling us to buy it but don't make it available to purchase? 😂😂😂
Edgar M.G
Edgar M.G 3 hours ago
Bukk Sgut
Quay Tgang
Quay Tgang 3 hours ago
So funny😐
Cal- Flix
Cal- Flix 3 hours ago
Like that's going to Phase anyone 🤡
Newsance 3 hours ago
Brickstation 5
Show this to somebody That is fucking retarded
Show this to somebody That is fucking retarded 3 hours ago
Sigtash 3 hours ago
i dont think yall understand that we cant get the ps5
Breezy So Easy
Breezy So Easy 3 hours ago
The only add I'll click on purpose
Joseph Mulvaney
Joseph Mulvaney 3 hours ago
I'd love to buy a PS5, but unfortunately scalpers have more in stock than the stores. No way I'm paying $1100-$2000 for something that'll be available in a few months
Cristopher Ortez
Cristopher Ortez 3 hours ago
Go buy a ps5?? Ok rick yes i will
William Saw
William Saw 4 hours ago
Tactical Gamer
Tactical Gamer 4 hours ago
I like how Rick turned down Microsoft money
The Fire Banana
The Fire Banana 4 hours ago
Black lighting
Black lighting 4 hours ago
I could wait or i could spend 1500 for 1 😂
abdul ilyas
abdul ilyas 4 hours ago
now i really wanna buy it
homegrowntwinkie 4 hours ago
I figured out why Rick and Morty take forever to make new episodes. They're too busy making commercials.
Nagato Samurai
Nagato Samurai 4 hours ago
Ps5 esta tan mala como la ultima temp de rick y morty
Эйшел 4 hours ago
Не понял, где русские?
Данила [крейзи Майнкрафт тв]
Данила [крейзи Майнкрафт тв] 4 hours ago
Buy x box series
Angel Gfr
Angel Gfr 4 hours ago
Well, if rick says...
Rifty The Swifty
Rifty The Swifty 4 hours ago
Yeahh, that's ad placement I respect.
Bone R Skeleton
Bone R Skeleton 4 hours ago
Meet the Woo
Meet the Woo 4 hours ago
Ok now imma get the ps5
Dj Canda
Dj Canda 4 hours ago
Sony: play has no limits Me: *looks at wallet* Me: yes
karlawson 4 hours ago
"go play PS5, fuck my ass!"
waldex 4 hours ago
I will buy anything you say Rick !
LordSenya 4 hours ago
please come season 5 of rick and morty
Murasaki Ookami
Murasaki Ookami 4 hours ago
Looks like shilling has no limits... This wasn't very funny. I expected better.
Raija 5 hours ago
Sony: Buy a PS5 Scalpers: We are on it, resells for 2000 Everyone else: FU Scalpers!
Pest Chan
Pest Chan 5 hours ago
BLITZER PR 5 hours ago
Edward Ozwell Ashford Reynolds
Edward Ozwell Ashford Reynolds 5 hours ago
me gusto
grimerj 5 hours ago
Wish I could, but scalpers you know.
VelociFaptor 5 hours ago
"We're done, go play PS5" We can't, there _are_ none!
Bradley Martin
Bradley Martin 5 hours ago
Everyone should simply wait 6-12 months to buy them and not give a penny to scalpers.
Edoardo Cecchinelli
Edoardo Cecchinelli 6 hours ago
Better a gaiming pc
MiStEr BoBaN
MiStEr BoBaN 6 hours ago
Sony: play has no limits Also Sony: made necessary to buy ps plus for online games (except free play games)
TheEasyBoi 6 hours ago
All that adds And no console..
MelodicTurtleMetal 6 hours ago
Well I'm sold. Sorry Microsoft, should have had better marketing 💁🏼‍♂️
InfernoSmoke 6 hours ago
I’m definitely gonna get the ps5 now
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley 6 hours ago
All the sneaker bots bought them all
Patttiat 2000
Patttiat 2000 6 hours ago
this is amazing
jg pliskin
jg pliskin 6 hours ago
1989: "Genesis does what Nintendon't" 2020: "Go play playstation 5, fuck my ass"
Quez Hunt
Quez Hunt 6 hours ago
Y’all keep using the same joke in these comments
mr.thunder 6 hours ago
Nice add
Lazy Remix
Lazy Remix 6 hours ago
PS 5: hahaha XBo make brrrrrr XBox Series: BRUH👄
Straxuss 6 hours ago
Rick and Morty has some of the dumbest fans imaginable
Country Blumpkin
Country Blumpkin 7 hours ago
Why did it sound like Your Narrator did the outro?
the memorable novelist
the memorable novelist 7 hours ago
wow this is so great
Instinctz 7 hours ago
Rick and Morty probably went into the past and stole my ps5 because I tried buying this thing and no luck yet.
jblazeea 7 hours ago
Fucken Sanchez you took all the PS 5 you 🍩
Quicktwosteps 7 hours ago
Rick: All 1s
tyskenfan 8 hours ago
“Play has no limits” Except when nobody is able to buy the damn thing 😂
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