D&D Story: An Abserd-ly Difficult Mission

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Puffin Forest

Year ago

An animated Dungeons and Dragons Story from Adventurer's League game when we ran a grizzly series of encounters that really pushed my players to the limit and tested them. Also, Abserd (from "A Most Abserd Character") makes a cameo as the mayor of the town! Thanks for watching!
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Cake Sauce
Cake Sauce Day ago
ᴵ ʷᵃʳⁿᵉᵈ ʸᵒᵘ
Michael Moran
Michael Moran Day ago
"Level 1" "No rests" Ok just don't play as a caster then and just be a human fighter, this isn't a proper challenge it just means don't be any class that requires rests.
da beebs
da beebs 2 days ago
A fully grown blue dragon vs a level 1 party.... that’s horrible
MGlBlaze 2 days ago
Who the fuck designed this mission.
Rordrik 4 days ago
Well this all sounds like the start of Hoard of The Dragon Queen to me. Does that really take 4 weeks though? I guess it all depends on your group and time you have to play.
Rafael Loschiavo
Rafael Loschiavo 4 days ago
Hoard of The Dragon Queen is awful... simply awful...
James Armstrong IV
James Armstrong IV 4 days ago
No long rests, Happy Warlock noises
Billy Bob jr
Billy Bob jr 5 days ago
We have to face one
manegirl93416 6 days ago
*gets about halfway through the video, listening to it in the background... then stops and realizes...* "Wait... I think I recognize this module! Is this Tyranny of Dragons?!" *proceeds to restart the video* "Town of Greenist being attacked by cultists and kobalds! It is! Awesome! My first real campaign under my current DM was that and we had a fun time! I swear, I think my group was the only one who's ever had a good time with this module. Granted, it was at the Beginners Table, but still... I liked my Druid. I'm sad that our campaign had to be shafted after the canyon battle because of the pandemic."
Elvendragon23 8 days ago
Ah I remember when I fubed the muscle part all up when I insulted the dragon by stating, "Have fun working for the kobolds"
Shas'O Swoll
Shas'O Swoll 10 days ago
Wait.... we just played this adventure the other week and I feel like Puffin is overselling it, it really wasn’t that hard, avoiding the mobs or talking our way past was elementary, same for busting out the hostages. Also our archer fighter had TECHNICALLY enough range to shoot anywhere in town from the keep. It’s true the Champion is way OP, but that’s kind of a suppose to lose fight, we never triggered the dragon fight because we didn’t try to hide in the castle, just kept going out to rescue more people.
Aces Hi
Aces Hi 14 days ago
This is like Red Dawn all over again
Kyle Dunn
Kyle Dunn 15 days ago
Abserd sounds like tommy wiseau.
PWBI 17 days ago
That feeling seeing your intro on this and going "Wow, this sounds like a pretty rough game, wonder how you came up with this?" and then slowly realized it's actually just the start for an official module
Hamster Theive
Hamster Theive 23 days ago
A warlock would of been able to get back all their spells in one hour
Kellen Tyrrell
Kellen Tyrrell 24 days ago
Why does he sound like zoidberg?
David Haycock
David Haycock 25 days ago
This is literally the intro to tyranny of dragons.
Russell Long
Russell Long 25 days ago
How do you keep finding these terrible modules to run? lol
I'Max 27 days ago
I just realized that Tommy Wiseau and Abserd sound much too similar.
Glitch Gull
Glitch Gull 28 days ago
Imagine if it was an ancient dragon
Kyle Month ago
I love the dragon's reaction to being shot with an arrow. Inspiration!
wierdocat098 Month ago
Me and my friends did this and I was the barbarian and when we went to fight the blue Dragonborn the party pointed at me to fight and now I’m a bard because I had my head chopped off
Ewokninja Month ago
*laughs in Warlock*
WitchyDaggah Month ago
I tried to run Hoard of the Dragon Queen once, party quit after the first chapter cause Greenest was so poorly designed. Haven't convinced them to do a module since as they're all convinced that any official adventure put out is still made with ADL in mind only. Even though I've tried telling them many times that once you get to CoS they're like actually good adventures and not like the early adventure paths at all =/
Greg B
Greg B Month ago
Hey Puffin, some of my friends are interested in this module, do you know where i can find it?
NateMiki Month ago
Tried Playing through this campaign with a group of first time adventurers and a first time GM I say tried as we derailed the campaign the first big cult encounter due to one of the party members getting a 26 on persuasion against the cult. So now we have a cult of our own trying to work out a massive cult conspiracy
Blaze Month ago
5 warlocks?
Nao Shadowpaws
Nao Shadowpaws Month ago
Wait, a sixth level enemy in an adventure for first level PCs? Who the hell thought that was a good idea?
poprtervu uwu
poprtervu uwu Month ago
Abserd becomes the mayor not just the voice is abserd he literally is absred
nameless Yami
nameless Yami Month ago
would there happen to be a moudle for this? or was it made on the spot? asking cus id love to throw my party through this
Joseph Rossow
Joseph Rossow Month ago
I remember playing this module one time. Let me go out on a limb and say: It's a shit module - not fun.
Northfall _
Northfall _ Month ago
Haha I did this campaign once we didn't have the army fights though just went straight to the keep our Paladin took out a good chunk of the bosses hitpoints before being dragged out on a stretcher. The blue dragon flew before attacking and got hit with the most amount of damage the crossbow could do and just left
TonyEjerJiang Month ago
And I was fighting goblins when I was lv 1.
Nunya Bidness
Nunya Bidness Month ago
this is just chapter 1 of HotDQ but scaled up.
Osiris Zoran
Osiris Zoran Month ago
I don't think he read the module. Lagerosa doesnt attempt to kill players just knock them out.
Robert Huether
Robert Huether 2 months ago
The blue dragon encounter was pretty anticlimactic for our group. Our warlock won initiative and got a critical hit on the dragon in the first round, per the write up in the module the dragon just left after that. Though the group of assassin's from the road trip straight up a tpk'd them. those guys had a higher challenge rating than Tiamat.
James Landholm
James Landholm 2 months ago
Yeah this started off with you outside of town as it gets attacked. Players ran into town, ran straight into the keep watched the other encounters enfold but they never left the keep, didn't fight cyanwrath and the one guy had to. When the dragon attacked they crit Aswell causing it to fly away while he was still attacking the militia. This whole chapter was like blegh
Ann W.
Ann W. 2 months ago
The first chapter of Hoard of the Dragon Queen was insane without being allowed to take a long rest.... -.- I can relate to the pain of your players
Larry Maniscalco
Larry Maniscalco 2 months ago
Wine Stu
Wine Stu 2 months ago
Why do people insist on doing exactly what the module says even when things aren't going the way the authors thought they would go? You're the DM! You can change things if you need too!
DoctorMagoo111 2 months ago
Having recently stumbled on Puffin, somehow, and gone through some of the videos, this is also my exact thought. So many of these modules just seem so poorly put together, so why hold to them like gospel?