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Natalie Odell

8 days ago

Hey Baddies!! I filmed this video before I went to Miami but its still true to how I feel so I wanted to release it to you all! Lets chat below, give me some advice :) .. Oh and please watch all of the ads so that I can continue bringing you quality content!
Love you Baddies, Natalie
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TK Nance
TK Nance 16 minutes ago
Tell us how you felt kissing ezee for the first time
Rock girl
Rock girl 16 hours ago
I have never watched a youtuber faithfully. But you and Ezee make the pages so personable - I tune in every time. Love you two!
Shesh Day ago
I'm sooooo happy for y'all. Been watching the whole series on the 3 channels of you two 💖. Also, YASSS TWITTER DARK MODE
Brendalyn DeMary
Brendalyn DeMary Day ago
Rock girl
Rock girl 16 hours ago
sometimes we have to leave our comfort zone to reach our full happiness and where we really belong. stay strong; and spread love
shira Day ago
she so happy talking about ezee. lord send me a natalie
mikkileje09 2 days ago
I love the dynamic of your videos!
Deborah Banda
Deborah Banda 2 days ago
Natalie you re naturally beautiful you look dope dat way😍😍😍
Starr Azzure
Starr Azzure 2 days ago
Natalie you know dam well that you aren't gay. You know deep within your soul that you are straight and will ultimately marry and have kids with a man.
Lucille Wilson
Lucille Wilson 2 days ago
Pause at 15:25. Nat is serving yall Face. 😊😉
LaTanya Heath
LaTanya Heath 2 days ago
This is wonderful I wish ya'll the best in your relationship. Friendship is important, the key to any relationship. Being honest with yourself and your partner. Love is in the air💞
Lylynn Theodore
Lylynn Theodore 2 days ago
i really really like Ezee ok but i was skeptical about your feeling for her but now i just knew your friendship to her was genuine. I have confidence now that you're ready to be open up...don't worry Nat be yourself and i'm happy for you ... i love you
Yanina Salazar
Yanina Salazar 2 days ago
You are so Beautiful
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 2 days ago
momo dadonvu
momo dadonvu 2 days ago
love you 💓💓
Sos'Kat production
Sos'Kat production 3 days ago
Okay what is *GRWM*? now
Sos'Kat production
Sos'Kat production 2 days ago
@Renee Williams that makes sense
Renee Williams
Renee Williams 2 days ago
Get Ready With Me
Wicked1 2 days ago
I think Grown Woman
Teem BenjiGang
Teem BenjiGang 3 days ago
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 2 days ago
now that I saw yall first kiss, that wasnt the case for ezee 😩😝 lmaoo
Fresh n sweet
Fresh n sweet 3 days ago
Natalie you will have an amazing life with Ezee down the road. U don’t have to worry about if it won’t work out because it will. True love will bring u far
charlotte dodd
charlotte dodd 3 days ago
Nat Nat so beautiful 😍💋🥰
Courtney Evans
Courtney Evans 3 days ago
Communicate communicate communicate and always seek to understand and assume best intentions. Commit to developing the tools to make your relationship grow through the changes and challenges. Keep the fact that y’all are friends at the forefront and it’ll be the best journey. Y’all got it. Love y’all and congrats. Oh and forget the noise, we as supporters are rooting for you be we don’t know you so don’t let the peanut gallery influence the most sacred parts of your relationship. Also, I’m a huge proponent for couples therapy, even at the early stages. ❤️
Chanele Profit
Chanele Profit 3 days ago
First and foremost, i want to say that i'm excited to join this baddie Channel that you have going on. I am already admiring what you are making it about and enforcing that you're only excepting positive vibes ONLY. With that being said, great video girl, you put it together so well especially considering the conversation at stake. Like many others, I agree that you have become a lot more open with your subscribers (baddies), and that's awesome. It's always a better feeling of belonging and sense of being understood when you can be open with people. Now, in regards to everything you spoke about (which was a lot of good stuff); i'll keep it short and give you this advice: "Don't worry about how others view you; you are your own critic and that's all that matters. In other words if you're happy with yourself and don't see anything wrong with the choses you make, then by all means LIVE YOUR LIFE girl. Its like you said, you only live ONCE, don't wait for the right time. Sometimes, you got to just let life run itself. Also, try thinking positive thoughts before negative; manifest the things you want. Whatever is meant to be; will be. I'm actually dating someone i've been through LITERALLY so much with, and ya many may say we don't belong together or they don't like her; however, they weren't the ones in the relationship and don't know all that went on. So, at the end of the day, the idea is to not let outsiders run you heart and mind. You make your own decisions, and HAPPINESS. I love that you're giving it a try (being open-minded), and seeing if it's really for you. Trust me, sometimes we have to leave our comfort zone to reach our full happiness and where we really belong. *stay strong; and spread love*
shira Day ago
well said queen
Euredice Hoepel
Euredice Hoepel 3 days ago
You 2 born to be together, so it's gonna be ok👌👌❤️
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 3 days ago
Look how GOOD Natalie’s skin looks 👀😍. Drop the skin care routine ma’am!
Kim Castillo
Kim Castillo 3 days ago
Dammm Natalie trynnna settle down and tie Ezee down 😂
angela martinez
angela martinez 3 days ago
yall remember were nat was Jealous were ezee for Introducing her fake CRUSH To her bestfriend(girlfriend)
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 3 days ago
Ayeeee gossip girl time!!!!!
Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor 3 days ago
New subscriber from London 🇬🇧
Tae Tae
Tae Tae 3 days ago
I love how Nat is becoming more comfortable. The glow is real💖🥰💪🏾🖤🌹
Kima Eaddy
Kima Eaddy 3 days ago
I am back after there first kiss and I was thinking of how she was nervous about the first kiss wow that's crazy but I love and support you guys on ever thing!
Bruna Zamp
Bruna Zamp 4 days ago
Hahahahah thats so cute she was trying to win ur heart ❤️🥰
idev_king 4 days ago
PERIOD GIRL. Ur amazing ❤️⭐️✌🏾
Patrice New New
Patrice New New 4 days ago
My advice to you is: Live your life for you. Do what makes you happy. People are going to find SOMETHING to talk about regardless so might as well just enjoy yourself. For Ezee to wait this long to get you she must really love you. Love like that is hard to find so enjoy it! The best relationships start as friendships because you both already know so much about each other. Being with a female can be tough because of all the emotions involved but that also makes it more intense and fun! 💕🥰
Janiah Jones
Janiah Jones 4 days ago
now that I saw yall first kiss, that wasnt the case for ezee 😩😝 lmaoo
Cressia E.
Cressia E. 2 days ago
Oh yeah there was definitely a lot or romance behind that one. She went right for it! 😁😁
Amanda Ali
Amanda Ali 4 days ago
Happy for u both.... ❤💯 straight from Trini🇹🇹
Stacey Lowrey
Stacey Lowrey 4 days ago
Ain't you beautiful I love your videos xxxxx
Adrianna Martin
Adrianna Martin 4 days ago
does no one notice shes in her room at ezees house?
Wicked1 2 days ago
We noticed
Janay Barrett
Janay Barrett 3 days ago
Did you not read the message at the beginning of the video? This was pre-recorded before she went to Miami
Latesha Wilson
Latesha Wilson 4 days ago
It’s funny I’m in the same boat as u
DaVante Curry
DaVante Curry 4 days ago
Why are you putting make up on? 😭😭 you don’t need it 😍😍
Denise Tompkins
Denise Tompkins 4 days ago
If somebody showed up at my house with champagne and candy knowing I got somebody else in my life I'm automatically going to thank you after me just saying
NookBestLife 4 days ago
Symone Jackson
Symone Jackson 4 days ago
Ayeeee gossip girl time!!!!!
TylerShades 4 days ago
im obsessed with her intros song. Does anyone know the name of it?
Stephanie Martin
Stephanie Martin 4 days ago
true love what could be better i think yall doing things rights friends first is def the way to go through out all yall vids you could tell glad you kept an open mind
Rob Shaw
Rob Shaw 4 days ago
Just go with it Natalie. But go at your own pace. And will happen the way it suppose to
Chloe Jones
Chloe Jones 4 days ago
Take yalls time. Take things slow. Something I wish I would have done. Y’all are so cute together. I absolutely love y’all! And no matter what. Both of y’all have my support!
LaDajah Finney
LaDajah Finney 4 days ago
it is going to be tough and you will have second thoughts about a lot 3 years ago i was just like you girl worried about what others think until it dawned to me that this girl really love me and i really love her so idc what anyone else think i miss the feeling so much me and my fl broke up like 4 months ago 💔 but the best part for you is that you’re dating your bestfriend the person who knows everything about you, caring about what others think will block that love connection and that’s not what you want
Bex Garcia
Bex Garcia 4 days ago
If it doesn’t work out and it’s mutual, the friendship will definitely be there. But if things do work out, then you got nothing to worry about! You both love each other and I’m sure you have had your arguments as bestfriends, everyone does, and I don’t think you’re gonna let irrelevant things get in the way. If it ain’t gonna matter in 5 years, it shouldn’t matter at the moment. Keep doin be what you’re doing and don’t let others judgment interfere. That’s a big thing people tend to let control their relationships and then things don’t end well. So just stay true to yourselves 💗🙏🏼🏳️‍🌈
ARA 4 days ago
I just hope everything's genuine. I've wanted them together from the start, but something feels weird and I hate to admit that. That either way, I support this and I wish them the best, always.
Dajahworld Dajah
Dajahworld Dajah 4 days ago
Oh all date
Titus Aprato
Titus Aprato 4 days ago
Cupcakes_01 4 days ago
I wish i had more friends to have girl time with. 😭😭😭😔 live your life girl!
Jessica Blessedly
Jessica Blessedly 4 days ago
That red lipstick looks so cuteeee on you & keep smiling don’t worry about what anyone thinks about your decision it’s your life and live it to the fullest❤️
Compilation Johnson
Compilation Johnson 5 days ago
Your gorgeous by the way and I hope you and Ezze work out.
Monica Gatica
Monica Gatica 5 days ago
I'm happy for yall. I can tell like I'm new to this channel just watching you talk about your new relationship especially with a woman and not just any woman rite but I just want to say you look very very happy I see ur smile is 👂 to 👂 I can see y'all's relationship going far. And u being scared that is so normal.
pq nena
pq nena 5 days ago
I love ya together Can u do a tutorial on ur makeup bc u look fierce
Linda Mienzer
Linda Mienzer 5 days ago
I still think you guys are faking this whole script for the gram but I did find your honesty here refreshing. I’m would like you if I didn’t think you guys are playing on people emotions to make money....
Joenetta Malone
Joenetta Malone 5 days ago
Happy for both you 🥰❤️
MILLIE x MILLIE 5 days ago
But I’m soooooo happy for you guys ♾🤞🏾♥️✨✨✨ please give it a try this reminds me of my old best friend that I should’ve appreciated cause we were the same person damn there just always had droughts about and now I feel like complete ishhh and wish she was here now lol this reminds me of my life so much GO GUYS cause some people are scared and never really know what their dreams are 😅 okay I’m done WUVYOUUUUU ! Woooo 🥳🥳🥳🥳🤪🤩🤩🤩 and my friend reminds me so much of ezzy and I’m youuu lol
MILLIE x MILLIE 5 days ago
And I have checked them out hunty , 💯🅿️ let’s gooo babe yasss you only live once and you never know what could possibly happen ♾🤞🏾🤷🏾‍♀️ and I pretty sure you guys will forever love on rather it worked God makes no mistakes you guys were brought together for a reason relationship or friendship you guys a ship if that makes sense 🤪 do you babygirl y’all gone be good regardless period Pooh f the haters it’s for y’all to understand not us 😫💯🅿️🔥🔥🔥✨
A1a2a3 Abc123
A1a2a3 Abc123 5 days ago
So... Natalie Odell is bi-curious. She not lesbian or bisexual.
Sym Taylor
Sym Taylor 5 days ago
Neither! She fell in love with E who happens to be a woman. Don't put a label on her.
Laurie Otero
Laurie Otero 5 days ago
Ya have a great chemistry I peep it from the beginning ❤Love ya
Alexandria Dinkins
Alexandria Dinkins 5 days ago
I LOVE ur honesty lol 💕😍
Rachel Stinnett
Rachel Stinnett 5 days ago
You can't help who you fall in love with. You'll be o.k.
Newlife 2016
Newlife 2016 5 days ago
My sister I am old enough to be both of your mothers and I can really tell from here that you both really love one another. Pray about it and follow your heart :O)
Jocey Walters
Jocey Walters 5 days ago
I love your makeup mama! I need a tutorial for this look! I would love to see a tutorial or recs for soft everyday makeup for us baddies that don't always need MU. Also Miss Nat, keep following your heart! love is beautiful & God is great!
Relly Rell
Relly Rell 5 days ago
Intro song is a bop... what's the name of the song?
Malika Moore
Malika Moore 5 days ago
I'm so happy for yall!
Tauvia Whitlock
Tauvia Whitlock 5 days ago
Ezee definitely knew what she was doing lol😅 I don’t blame her I am so happy for you both 😊n y’all most definitely have good chemistry 😌n I been shipping y’all together 🥰I love y’all together 💙🤍#neezygang🤟I can listen to you talk about you n ezee all day I’m here for it ☺️your skin looks 😍you look 🥵🤤don’t worry about peoples judgements cuh they gone judge you either way it go
Destinee Gregg
Destinee Gregg 5 days ago
Follow your heart!!! Fuck what others have to say!!!
Alfa Nika
Alfa Nika 5 days ago
First off you two are two beautiful amazing talented beings. Who established a unbreakable bond and friendship first. Which I think is very important. You guys should continue to move slow and just enjoy each other. Don't worry about what anybody else thinks or say. Always follow your own mind and heart. Keep the good vibes but just remember every couple have their bad moments just get thru them. Love y'all 🦋💜💙🤞🏾
Dumebi Umemba
Dumebi Umemba 5 days ago
Go with the flow love ❤️❤️
Qyshah 5 days ago
Love u n Ezee so much
Abiola Douglas
Abiola Douglas 5 days ago
I love u guys so much 😩🥺❤️🏳️‍🌈
Amia Mitchell
Amia Mitchell 5 days ago
@ 4:42 I thought she going to be like ‘ but baddies... ezee is soooo fine ‘ 😂😍
Trina 5 days ago
Andrea Parksel
Andrea Parksel 5 days ago
I am soooooooo happy that you to are trying to work things out. You guys gave me quite a scar. I am rooting for you guys. No matter what the tolls, and haters have to say. You guys keep spreading the love and positive energy, keep making people laugh. Thank you for being so open and honest with us. I know whe have no clue what goes on with you in real life beside the content that you guys give. Continue to be real with you first, and your partner. Don't feel pressured to share everything because we ain't gotta know everything 😂😂. Stay encouraged and you guys got this. Many blessings to you.
Chekinnah mcdougle
Chekinnah mcdougle 5 days ago
Don't think negative about it keep positive energy and let yall souls and love make the path🤷🏾‍♀️ just remember it only works if u both want to walk that path and things will be great 🥰 u prolly won't see that but Nezzy gang is just my favorite love yall to death and yall so inspirational like if i ever meet yall i would cry
Nelly KAGG
Nelly KAGG 5 days ago
Loved this chat natalie i'm a baddie now 😘
Annie David
Annie David 5 days ago
You look like Ayesha curry in thumbnail
Ricky Fontaine
Ricky Fontaine 5 days ago
Yea i got no business here i just seen those eyes and had to stop by 😏
Nelly KAGG
Nelly KAGG 5 days ago
Stunning right!?
sister gang
sister gang 5 days ago
Bryan Bluez
Bryan Bluez 5 days ago
You look like a man
Nelly KAGG
Nelly KAGG 5 days ago
That's ridiculous 😂😂😂in fact you're ridiculous 😂
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