D&D Story: “Whoops! Guess EVERYONE has to die now.”

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Puffin Forest

Year ago

This animated Dungeons and Dragons story comes from when I ran a mission for the first time in Adventurer's League. I accidentally misread the adventure and turned out I made some crucial mistakes when running it.
End song: "Bluebird" from the USshow Audio Library

Flameshark55 8 hours ago
you know hesnot wrong, ive tried it, and even though i ended up in tge hospital, the brick wall id tumble down(on to me when i ha a concussion, one of the reasons i was inthe hospital)
ericb31 3 days ago
"meat paste against the walls"...reminds me of a John Ringo novel where some poor guy EXPLODED from a malfunctioning artificial gravity system, and they said: "he painted the walls".
Trock Bronze
Trock Bronze 3 days ago
I find it really hard to understand this module type stuff, it seems more like playing a video game than Roleplay.
alan smithee
alan smithee 4 days ago
This module just seems really one dimensional to me. "This is how you're going to get through this one right, no questions GOOD!"
Faint366 7 days ago
I feel like this scenario would actually be ok if you were just honest like “no I don’t know but if they wanna give me a minute I can try to rush one.” And then “hey guys I’m actually just volunteering cuz no one was ready with this module so if you’ll be patient and we work together I think it’ll work out, please understand.”
Peterowsky 10 days ago
One MAJOR gripe that I have with most DnD channels is they tell me that the monster or dark lord or whatever was a "thing" but don't tell me how that thing is spelled (and I can't check their pronunciation since I don't know what it IS to begin with), so I have to search for a dozen possible spellings of cyrax, seerach, Cerach, Serak, "You get the idea"-ach, and I don't even know if tht's a specific monster, a class, a title, a monster with player classes, or whatever the ever-living frick that might BE. English is ALREADY a terrible language for things not to include the actual spelling since it doesn't follow a phonetic alphabet, or rather it follows one of a dozen whenever it feels like it. Add made-up-fantasy-names to it and it's a nightmare. AND what bothers me the most is that you put text in those parts where you put the indecipherable name. The "" that puffin insisted on pronouncing nafishnee/nalfeeshnee in that one video was an easy example to deal with because papa Google KNOWS. But this one? I don't have a clue. It's just the lord was a thing. What is that thing?
DM Stantastic
DM Stantastic 11 days ago
I tried running AL but got in trouble for going sandbox acapella...
2randomcrap3 18 days ago
Either Ben Scott lied really hard, and/or that coordinator is fucking shitty. Who just throws somebody who says "I think I might want to DM/GM" at a table without so much as guidelines for that group system? When I started GMing for Paizo Organized Play, I got guidance, and I'm pretty sure none of the others there would have let me without thinking I could handle it. the Venture Captain (organizer for a certain fairly small region, in this case northeastern Washington (the state) and Northern Idaho) actually sat nearby for my first Organized Play game I ran. Afterwards, we went to Wendy's and talked about it over lunch.
Just Form
Just Form 19 days ago
We are playing ToA right now and my Barbarian/Paladin Lizardfolk actually just added Ras Nsi's head to his belt of kills. His head makes for a pretty cool accessory.
johj doj
johj doj 27 days ago
That honestly sounds like a fun game
BlueEngland Month ago
When this guy derails the story: Oh no! Anyway.
Art Smith
Art Smith Month ago
Fighter mvp?
Dallen Eldredge
Dallen Eldredge Month ago
Anyone else prefer "DM" to GM?
Yaniv Rubin
Yaniv Rubin Month ago
My players went in as prisoners, and tried to brute force there way out. They went in the sleeping quarters. ... First time I had to run a TPK
butts mcgee
butts mcgee Month ago
Sounds like a terrible prewrit
Isaac Anderson
Isaac Anderson Month ago
I play a barbarian in this module I’ve killed som many yuan-ti that I have etched myself in their history as a god of death.
joshua key
joshua key Month ago
I have followed your stories, either your players suck or you are a bad omen, either way this is all comedy gold.
Joseph Mort
Joseph Mort Month ago
Even a level five party is going to get torn apart in Fane of the Night Serpent...
Polo Month ago
With respect, a lot of your GMing videos where things go wrong seem to be due to not reading the scenario first haha
princecharon Month ago
It's been long enough that I don't recall the first time I ran a game, but I'm more than 90% certain that it was much less stressful than that. Kudos to you for managing to pull that off. Also, that seems like a badly-written module.
Don't Censor
Don't Censor Month ago
Why couldn't they just make her a level five character?
Troy Cole
Troy Cole Month ago
1:16 You almost went sounding like Ryan from achievement hunter
Fenrir#8842 Month ago
I bet that was one of the most satisfying victories those players had ever had to that point and possibly still!
Malte Almroth
Malte Almroth Month ago
Stealth optional
ericb31 Month ago
"in a brilliant move, one of the player says: 'let's split the party!'" "brilliant"...wow, grade A sarcasm there! made me laugh so hard i got tears in my eyes!
steven color
steven color Month ago
Remember it still counts as a successful stealth mission if nobody lives to report the bodies.
Deuce Sommerfeld
Deuce Sommerfeld Month ago
This poor wizard can’t teleport to the intended designation for the life of him.
Ira Lee
Ira Lee Month ago
I fail to see how this is your fault. it makes no sense. it requires railroading
Lux Magus20
Lux Magus20 Month ago
What happened to the new player
Chris Ramos
Chris Ramos Month ago
When I ran the module, I just made it so that the snake dudes found the party while they were sleeping and then forced them to slavery bc I know no one wants to willingly become a slave unprompted
xXTheBl4ckC4tXx Month ago
adventurer league seems like magic, I don´t think something like this is in germany
Daniel Knapp
Daniel Knapp Month ago
sounds like a great module to test how op their combat-focused characters are. i can see an all barbarian party at level 6+ maybe standing a chance.
NightBlado Month ago
Are all pre-made campaigns this badly written from a flexible plot point and can't the GM adjust the amount of enemies on the fly to make the campaign experience better for all? Maybe level-up the lowbie to 5th as-well?
Theboredone Month ago
What happened to the lvl.1 wizlord :D?
Spencer Sonnefeld
Spencer Sonnefeld 2 months ago
Did the dominoes have the numbers of dots indicating the characters' levels?
Tomasz Skowroński
Tomasz Skowroński 2 months ago
3:39 Behold, the historic Keyleth's Cliff.
The Dumb Gamer
The Dumb Gamer 2 months ago
if he just said he didn't have the module prepared at that moment none of this would've ever happened
Mairid Berz
Mairid Berz 2 months ago
soo becoming snake slaves for entire session vs having epic bloody fight
Al Pudding
Al Pudding 2 months ago
As I always say when I’m playing a stealth mission in d&d (p.s I’m a warlock that mostly heals and summons things, mostly explosions and monsters) Never tell me it’s mandatory to be quiet, because there is nothing a good explosion and summoning and crystal dragon can’t solve. This goes well when the mission is to kill someone, if the mission is to kill then im going to kill every single npc in the area if they don’t comply Basically if I have to kill something I’m going to go full out no matter what, and with this plan I see innocents as acceptable casualties
Skaitan 2 months ago
What happened to the wizlord!!?? That's an important plot point, you can't just skip over it. Did she come back or was the baptism by hell fire too much?
WexMajor82 2 months ago
It's always fun to do the level 5 stealth missions at 12. It becomes really faster too.
Test Subjection
Test Subjection 2 months ago
🎶dont you know, you never split the party. Clerics in the back to keep those fighters hale and hearty! The wizard in the middle, where he can shed some light And you never let that damn thief out of sight Ok sorry i think about that song whenever dnd pops up
Mika McDonald
Mika McDonald 3 months ago
Those were the good campaigns?!?!
James Landholm
James Landholm 3 months ago
My players did this, i just said they got captured as slaves.
Energetic Creeper
Energetic Creeper 3 months ago
So this is *that* type of stealth mission. The one where stealth is just "there are no witnesses" and killing every potential witness is a perfectly viable option.=.
Ethan Warren
Ethan Warren 3 months ago
Blood for the blood god
AlexanderTF 3 months ago
Screw it if the module doesn't work... make shit up, place the players in as prisoner slaves and use that to run the low lvl players through a grueling training regime to get them up as quickly as possible ...
Pohaku Mayo
Pohaku Mayo 3 months ago
How to derail the entire campaign of regular adventurers by forcing them into murderhobo lifestyles and then somehow managing to recover the storyline into success. That one lvl 1 new player must have been like "this is stressful af man"
Tom B
Tom B 3 months ago
So his first DM job, he turned his group into a bunch of murder hobos. Yeah Ben, this sounds like something you'd do. xD
Sean Marchant
Sean Marchant 3 months ago
Anyone else love how DMs are drawn as lakitu's in Puffin's videos?
nope 3 months ago
Sounds a lot like when I tried to play Hitman. "It would be a LOT easier to sneak past all these guards if they were dead..."
james jones
james jones 3 months ago
10 years later the level 1 wizlord PC is asked. “So, how did you get started in dnd?” Her eyes just glaze over with PTSD. “Sit down, I’ll tell you a story.”
D-Man 3 months ago
You should have made a new Priestess to replace the one they killed then have them be caught and become slaves
mscout1 3 months ago
Module: "Your charactors will all submit themselves as slaves and be fine with that" me: My players would not sit still for that for one single minute. They would abandon the table before they did that. The new mission for the module would become "free the slaves at all costs".
Michel Veilleux
Michel Veilleux 29 days ago
Good too know I'm not the only one thinking that. 😅
bluemew22 3 months ago
Did the FIRST LEVEL NEW PLAYER Wizlord survive?
Jay Berry
Jay Berry 3 months ago
I have a feeling i would hate playing with you.
Emperor Kraglint
Emperor Kraglint 3 months ago
So i don't do Adventure league stuff. But from what i"m hearing from Puffinforest, it sounds like there are a bunch of these dumbass coordinators. does anyone have good experiences with them?
Justin Buergi
Justin Buergi 3 months ago
Now that I think about it there’s an easy solution here After they killed the head priest, he could’ve just made up an assistant head priest who hated the head priest and wants to help them for his own evil reasons
jerlstif 3 months ago
Would’ve been nice to hear some post fight reactions of the players and the people in charge there
The Mad Mystic
The Mad Mystic 3 months ago
Yeah, but as long as they enjoyed it. My DM is going to have us do something similar, becase it just doesnt make sense for any of us to stealth it by slaves..
Bthsr71 3 months ago
So I assume the got loads of XP for this. And loot. Did they?
Ryan the nightguard
Ryan the nightguard 3 months ago
A huge army defending the main villain Defective sword of warning: I WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAERNDED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blond Izzle
Blond Izzle 3 months ago
okay so i have a short story kind of the opposite of this. we were playing through Hoard of the Dragon Queen in 5e. we chased the wizard through the magic gate and got to the lodge, where we proceeded to talk our way through every fucking enemy. an entire chapter of a book campaign. we had the retard power to not realize we were actually supposed to fight, and the DM was pretty impressed so he only made us fight one fire guy. a whole chapter of a carefully crafted campaign was defeated through sheer lack of intelligence.
Syke Unsent
Syke Unsent 3 months ago
I've seen this vid several times and I'm left thinking the party really managed to push the boundaries and wiped out the temple despite not being supposed to. It definitely sounds like it turned out to be a great session for "the battle" and I hope the new player stuck around. It does make me wonder though how possible it would be for Puffin Forest to break other written campaigns like that.
ChBrahm 3 months ago
Yes I also hate when _Diplomatic Immunity_ goes south. Those Thalmor in the courtyard will fuck you up if you are playing a wizard
Small Guy
Small Guy 3 months ago
pfffffffffffff HA HA HA HAA im at the begining
Madeline Brackus
Madeline Brackus 3 months ago
Actually I have a sort of similar story; I had been playing D&D for 6 weeks, was very new to the game at that point. My sister and her friend's D&D group (separate from mine) fell apart and through process of elimination, I got picked to be the new DM. I had a week to figure out what I was going to do. 8^) Though in the end I ran a homebrew campaign that lasted a year, and it was an overall rewarding experience X^)
RaggleRock 4 months ago
That module sounds like it fucking sucks
Christopher Michaelson
Christopher Michaelson 4 months ago
I LOVED this vid!
Sealgair 4 months ago
every mission is a stealth mission if no one lives to tell the story...
theomega616 4 months ago
Wait, is this just tomb of annihilation but skipping the port and the hex crawl?
WitherLord888 4 months ago
TheOdd1sOut: D&D Edition
human being
human being 3 months ago
stop saying that all animation channels are the same
Nicholas lynn
Nicholas lynn 4 months ago
I remember getting ras nsi’s flametounge greatsword to use against Acererack the Demi lich
PHaZe_llamalord 5 months ago
Über late to the party but I really like that this story had a moral at the end
Chocobitties 5 months ago
Bastardly Joe
Bastardly Joe 5 months ago
I wonder if the level 1 Wizlord survived?
Tach 5 months ago
Is there a game system where 99% of the damage is self inflicted?
Sojourner&Tenebris Games
Sojourner&Tenebris Games 5 months ago
I like how this was supposed to be a stealth mission but the players just murdered everything instead.
Bruhboss31 5 months ago
Angelo Matulac
Angelo Matulac 5 months ago
Geez that was some goblin Slayer shit they went through
YoloNerd 5 months ago
I'm just wondering how much they leveled up, especially that new player. You know... if she survived
Mike Bliss
Mike Bliss 5 months ago
Sounds like you made a more fun campaign.
Narthiirian 5 months ago
“His dark lord Acererak* promised him a cure...” *Acererak’s Simulacrum
Mad max Slayer56
Mad max Slayer56 6 months ago
Does this tie into the tomb of annihilation ?
Gascan146 6 months ago
They must have roled very lucky
Drake Vegas!!
Drake Vegas!! 6 months ago
I'm sure this is all answered to some extent in the module, but why are the players somehow expected to submit themselves as slaves, giving up all their stuff, to enter the temple? Shouldn't the module START with them already having been captured, maybe reclaiming their stuff, then fighting in the temple? Again, I don't know the module, and my DM experience is pretty light, but I can't imagine a group saying "Good idea! We should get captured on purpose!"
Toby Harrison
Toby Harrison 6 months ago
What module is this anyway? Is it the tomb of annihilation??
Mauren 6 months ago
I love how they don’t just let her be a level appropriate for the campaign and throw her into a much higher-level campaign (I’m not too sure about Adventure’s League rules but nonetheless)
LeChevalierduLys 6 months ago
Puffin? Can you be my DM? Please?...
nmartinez18 6 months ago
I just like the idea of a young wizard going into there first adventure a fresh faced newbie, and coming out of the viscous battle that ensued a freshly blooded warrior ready to take on whatever tried to stop them. That would be a cool story.
KINFIN123 6 months ago
Also, apparently, this module can be completed without any combat at all of you submit to capture, answer the spymaster’s questions a certain way to get an audience with Ras Nsi, and then tell Ras you’re trying to stop the Death Curse. He even returns the MacGuffin you need. It’s really weird
KINFIN123 6 months ago
You know Ben, you could have been upfront and they probably would have understood.
Emily Gibson
Emily Gibson 6 months ago
Its DM not GM
The Viewer
The Viewer 6 months ago
Both work since GM is for any tabletop game and DM is specifically DnD.
Iván Novák
Iván Novák 6 months ago
That module seems the epitome of shitty railroad writing You basically have 1 totally non-intuitive and freedom-less "right" option and if you don't notice or reject it you die.
Winterborn5 7 months ago
I don’t even play D&D. But I love the stories.
T Hutch
T Hutch 7 months ago
Was the sword raz nzi uses flame tongue
KingPopinLockin 7 months ago
That's actually really cool imo. You're telling me everyone else that ran this campaign snuck through this keep except for ours which killed every last one of them? Guess who's table has the most xp now!
Dark Phantom
Dark Phantom 7 months ago
Moral of the story read everything
Tanner Connel
Tanner Connel 7 months ago
Well, Ras Nsi is suffering from the curse so the book basically says "Hey, if your players tell Ras Nsi that they're looking for a way to end the... sickness, and they think it's in the... place, Ras Nsi gives them the 'treasure' to get in. So that's plan C.
Pincurchin pal
Pincurchin pal 7 months ago
I’m wondering what happened to the first lv new player
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