Justin Bieber - Holy ft. Chance The Rapper

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2 days ago

Holy out now: JustinBieber.lnk.to/Holy
The new era has begun for Justin Bieber with his first single HOLY featuring Chance the Rapper. So much more to come.
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Director - Colin Tilley
Producers - Scooter Braun, Allison Kaye, Jamee Ranta, Whitney Jackson
Management - SB Projects
Cinematographer - Elias Talbot
Production Designer - Brandon Mendez
Colorist - Bryan Smaller
Editor - Vinnie Hobbs

Starring: Ryan Destiny, Wilmer Valderrama

#Holy #JustinBieber #ChanceTheRapper

SB - 12DL 620977 Port Credit SS
SB - 12DL 620977 Port Credit SS 34 minutes ago
Check foreignsui out He’s the best at warzone
wana banana
wana banana 34 minutes ago
"I know I ain't leaving you like I know He ain't leaving us. I know we believe in God and I know God believes in us." 💕💕💕💕💕
Assassin Dave
Assassin Dave 34 minutes ago
Chí Nguyên
Chí Nguyên 34 minutes ago
The King 💖💖
Skreepaz 34 minutes ago
Some life
Be You
Be You 34 minutes ago
Two songs on Dj khaled channel and justin channel woww Justin . . . . . .•○• •○• ♡
5 Minutes or Less : Essential Finance
5 Minutes or Less : Essential Finance 34 minutes ago
Wonder how haylee be feeling about this. Doesn't seem too holy to me
Nghĩa Phan Đức
Nghĩa Phan Đức 34 minutes ago
holy holy yeahhhhh
Cristina Mejía
Cristina Mejía 35 minutes ago
this song really makes me want to be a better person. I love it
Rajendra Kumar
Rajendra Kumar 35 minutes ago
I am your big fan you are the best
HOLY BIEBER 35 minutes ago
JUSTIN BIEBER Prince of pop
Mauricio López
Mauricio López 35 minutes ago
On God
Stay Together
Stay Together 35 minutes ago
I'm so proud of him
SAMS GAMING தமிழ் FF. 35 minutes ago
You logo
Victor Sparrow
Victor Sparrow 35 minutes ago
3K subs before September 2020
3K subs before September 2020 35 minutes ago
*People say Justin Bieber has only American fans* *Like If you aren't an American*
Sreedev As
Sreedev As 35 minutes ago
2010 :- BABY, BABY, BABY 2020 :- YUMMY ,YUMMY ,YUMMY 2020 :-HOLY, HOLY, HOLY LIKE IF YOU ARE HARD FAN OF Justin biber🙄😉😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘
HOLY BIEBER 35 minutes ago
Amy Campling
Amy Campling 35 minutes ago
Love this his amazing ♥️
Ángela Gómez Calderón
Ángela Gómez Calderón 35 minutes ago
Alguna mexicana haciendo stream????
Isna Muflikhatul Umami
Isna Muflikhatul Umami 35 minutes ago
We Love Justin
Siti Nurhidayah
Siti Nurhidayah 35 minutes ago
love you justin as your fan no matter what
Valentina Fuertes
Valentina Fuertes 35 minutes ago
wow 😭
dff gg
dff gg 35 minutes ago
Nur Nissa
Nur Nissa 35 minutes ago
I am literally CRYIN!
5k Subs Without Video
5k Subs Without Video 35 minutes ago
After this I can say something good happen in 2020
Tiki Media
Tiki Media 35 minutes ago
Wow. Just wow.
destri sofhani
destri sofhani 35 minutes ago
i love u justin
5k Subs Without Video
5k Subs Without Video 35 minutes ago
After this I can say something good happen in 2020
Alex King
Alex King 35 minutes ago
Goverment Faild to help people But we stand with people Who don't have food , water, and money
Suresh Bishnoi
Suresh Bishnoi 35 minutes ago
How is the only fan of Justin Bieber
Anisha Brisonette
Anisha Brisonette 36 minutes ago
Here for Ryan Destiny 🌟✨
stanley otura melli
stanley otura melli 36 minutes ago
wow this song just got me back to my country cuba i mees my people there and family but i dont lose the fe
NeekaRae29 36 minutes ago
THIS 😍😍😍 literally everything about this video and song just hits different 😭❤️❤️❤️ I’m so happy this exist! 🙌🏾❤️
Silnthip Abeaw
Silnthip Abeaw 36 minutes ago
คนไทยอยู่ไหนกัน #ติ่งจัสติน🦋❣️
nawres bk
nawres bk 36 minutes ago
Amazing song
Rob Brant
Rob Brant 36 minutes ago
People can say bad things and hate on JB, but you can’t deny he’s got some really good music. ❤️
Barca Uncharted
Barca Uncharted 36 minutes ago
Stiven_Dzekok 36 minutes ago
Amo amo amo
Marcelo Lopes
Marcelo Lopes 36 minutes ago
Gospel music now?
さけドラゴン 36 minutes ago
I long for such a warm and happy family 👍
alex salazar
alex salazar 36 minutes ago
I love this 💜
Yunus Khaji
Yunus Khaji 36 minutes ago
No no no no no....
Alexis Janay
Alexis Janay 36 minutes ago
I love you 😭😭💜🙏
clívia 36 minutes ago
Ángela Gómez Calderón
Ángela Gómez Calderón 36 minutes ago
Justin no se cansa de hacerme llorar.
Jorge Olivos
Jorge Olivos 36 minutes ago
this is Amazing grace !
ALL SONG 36 minutes ago
People Justin Bieber is Just American💖💞😍🥰💖 1+ likes if you,re not American
karina hernandez
karina hernandez 36 minutes ago
U saved me i live for you😩💙
Jhandry Loja
Jhandry Loja 36 minutes ago
You´re Amazing!
alex 36 minutes ago
caralho essa música e a mensagem dela são tão ruins e tão errados em tantas instâncias mas não tem um comentário notando isso aqui como é possível
Ángela Gómez Calderón
Ángela Gómez Calderón 36 minutes ago
Lo mejor de mi 2020
Christian Yohuno
Christian Yohuno 36 minutes ago
Nice song
Aanchal Middha
Aanchal Middha 36 minutes ago
Krish Bhatt
Krish Bhatt 36 minutes ago
Awesome song 👍👍
Mitzi Yustis
Mitzi Yustis 36 minutes ago
Justin te amooo Eres el mejor💜
Jenny Gerard Palma
Jenny Gerard Palma 36 minutes ago
Mike Ambrosio
Mike Ambrosio 36 minutes ago
No sabia que Don Ramon sea tan sentimental 🤔
Lexi Senzell
Lexi Senzell 36 minutes ago
I’ve missed jb, happy he seems happy and happy he’s back ❤️ great job j
Virtual Radie
Virtual Radie 36 minutes ago
I thought popstar was a singer exchange program buy drake is not in this video.........btw the song is good
Neha Kumari
Neha Kumari 37 minutes ago
I love You 💓💓
Ankit Chand
Ankit Chand 37 minutes ago
Bro your purpose album has set some high records and we expect a lot from you.. probably that's why I didn't like the song.. rapper was too bad his voice was cracking dude, I don't know how u fit him in this music video
Neudson Parga
Neudson Parga 37 minutes ago
Imagina um filme baseado nesse filme sobre uma Black girl cuidadora que conhece um homem desempregado por causa da pandemia, e eles acabam superando as dificuldades juntos? Amaria!
clívia 37 minutes ago
Hanin Madhaji
Hanin Madhaji 37 minutes ago
this is so cute omg i love him
Lanamyrt 37 minutes ago
Bangtan Honey
Bangtan Honey 37 minutes ago
I love the aesthetic vibe
Riar Art
Riar Art 37 minutes ago
Love from Punjab.india ❤️
Gr8skits 37 minutes ago
Such a powerful song. Thank you
Khant Nyein Maung
Khant Nyein Maung 37 minutes ago
nice songs ever
Devita Maharani
Devita Maharani 37 minutes ago
Any Indonesian here?
Immaculee Vihumbira
Immaculee Vihumbira 37 minutes ago
“I can’t stand it being fake” that part👌🏽
Mr Deadpool
Mr Deadpool 37 minutes ago
This video tells you that u shouldnt live on p2p cheque system
David Jones
David Jones 37 minutes ago
CARDI B featuring Anitta - Me Gusta
Kayleigh Saunders
Kayleigh Saunders 37 minutes ago
I like this
Bernz 07
Bernz 07 37 minutes ago
"The first step pleases the Father, might be the hardest to take" ❤️
GM 37 minutes ago
Can I get some likes
Tober Tobias
Tober Tobias 37 minutes ago
God this is trash
lxcedbeats 37 minutes ago
ON GOD!!!!❤️❤️❤️🖤🖤🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️❤️🖤❤️❤️
Kandie 37 minutes ago
Lame sauce. Jkjk
Kandie 35 minutes ago
Okay I'm like 30 secs in & I think I really like this. 💗 Wouldn't play it on a daily but it's definitely one of those feel good ones & I know will be 2020 nostalgia in the future.
Uriel Campos
Uriel Campos 37 minutes ago
Shoutout the one and only Jon Bellion. This song would not exist without him. BEAUTIFUL MIND
Caly Valdez
Caly Valdez 37 minutes ago
George Dervishi
George Dervishi 37 minutes ago
Hold up did Justin become a Christian Singer??
Sokiya Stha
Sokiya Stha 37 minutes ago
We love you
Dakota Wiechman
Dakota Wiechman 37 minutes ago
Why was the girl not his wife
Krubskaia Araujo
Krubskaia Araujo 38 minutes ago
At least this song went out in this pandemic!
Miss Edith
Miss Edith 38 minutes ago
John Tern
John Tern 38 minutes ago
It's okay if you don't like him, but you have no right to let go of insults on him
Jc Plus
Jc Plus 38 minutes ago
Varun 38 minutes ago
Wow, what a beautiful morning surprise !!
the BASKETBALL BUDDY TV 38 minutes ago
Mr Deadpool
Mr Deadpool 38 minutes ago
Mediocre at best
Kevin O'G
Kevin O'G 38 minutes ago
ASM R U OK? 513
ASM R U OK? 513 38 minutes ago
Lmao! this is ridiculous!
Esat Gündüz
Esat Gündüz 38 minutes ago
*People "Justin Bieber is just AMERICAN fans* 1 + likes if you're not American
Stellarkwan 38 minutes ago
Mah Boy Fez made it ! He’s no longer a lonely pervert, this mans got a whole Fam!!
Javier Alvarado
Javier Alvarado 38 minutes ago
Now everything has to do with politics...
Leidy Vanessa Hitas Balanta
Leidy Vanessa Hitas Balanta 38 minutes ago
Coca Cola no Deserto
Coca Cola no Deserto 38 minutes ago
IT'S NICE? usshow.info/watch/JMBmQ0IekcM/video.html
eugenio 38 minutes ago
Se vc for humilde faz esse comentário chegar a 1.000 likes 🙏🏻🙏🏻🇺🇸🇧🇷 👇🏻
Brianna B
Brianna B 38 minutes ago
this is the love and positivity 2020 needed... 🤍
Coca Cola no Deserto
Coca Cola no Deserto 38 minutes ago
IT'S NICE? usshow.info/watch/JMBmQ0IekcM/video.html