Will Charli & Dixie D’Amelio Have Beef From This Episode of Expensive Taste Test?! | Cosmopolitan

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5 days ago

Dixie and Charli D'Amelio aka TikTok Royalty, took on Cosmopolitan's 'Expensive Taste Test' to see if they had * the * bougie eye.💁‍♀️Watch more Expensive Taste Test usshow.info/watch/obZld44OS7E/video.html 💅
We had the iconic sisters eat potato chips, check out bucket hats, and study some scrunchies just to determine their fancy knowledge. Let's just say that Charli may be better at this than Dixie...👀
Tiktok Challenge Challenge usshow.info/watch/jqCxDk0qQvE/video.html 🕺
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Amirah Choudhury
Amirah Choudhury 34 minutes ago
There's no energy or personality, maybe you should get real fun celebrities?
amy hoyos
amy hoyos Hour ago
dixie can you stop begin mean to charli she is your youngest try to be littler nine pleases.
Marie Blomeley
Marie Blomeley 3 hours ago
WhAt In ThE wOrLd Is ThAt PoSeSseD dEmOn ElEpHaNt ThInG iN tHe BaCkRoUnD???
random randomness
random randomness 5 hours ago
Nope...this definitely lacked some spice
Annemarie Vasilache
Annemarie Vasilache 7 hours ago
I have high cholesterol too
The Great gamers
The Great gamers 7 hours ago
Well this was dry
Sam G
Sam G 9 hours ago
Dixie nagging at charli for 5 minutes straight
Nikisha Taj
Nikisha Taj 10 hours ago
I hate how charli literally acts like she doesnt want to be there
Satvika Reddy
Satvika Reddy 10 hours ago
Is it just or did she say butterflower for butterfly 😂 3:39
Moon Light
Moon Light 10 hours ago
Dixie D’Amelio
Dixie D’Amelio 11 hours ago
Sara Gul
Sara Gul 12 hours ago
I just think that charli is better looking than Dixie no offense Dixie
Angela A
Angela A 13 hours ago
isn't this for celebrities
Roman Hurtado
Roman Hurtado 15 hours ago
When girls get into a “fight” vs boys 😂
Olivia K
Olivia K 15 hours ago
Why were they whispering
Jahnicka David
Jahnicka David 15 hours ago
U can tell Dixie is not in the mood 😂💀
Anna 16 hours ago
When dixie said "Can you stop" i was like QUEEN-
Divine Watermelon
Divine Watermelon 16 hours ago
Now that I see it man Dixie hates lossing
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 16 hours ago
I felt like there would be more excitement watching a 10 hour documentary on the history of Coat Hangers. I’m sorry but there’s literally zero effort or energy in this video
DoodleBunny 17 hours ago
poor charli. dixie is so mean sometimes :( also this was so boring. they looked so bored and not funny or interesting at all.
Arnie Shayne Bodino
Arnie Shayne Bodino 17 hours ago
Dexie have a expensive taste
ariana grande
ariana grande 18 hours ago
i love them but honestly they could've put a lot more energy into this... just my opinion though
AvezLynn 18 hours ago
So boring
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 16 hours ago
Soooo boring so i did not watch it halfway
Sophia Yarborough
Sophia Yarborough 20 hours ago
Oh my gah if I see another comment saying that this vid is boring I’m gonna scream!! ( this video is boring and I personally don’t like Dixie and Charli but that’s my opinion)
Isabella Gomez
Isabella Gomez 21 hour ago
I love Dixie
Andrea Cadena
Andrea Cadena 22 hours ago
they have no type of energy
Jane M
Jane M 22 hours ago
They kinda should have been more enthusiastic 😂
mary 22 hours ago
dixie annoyed tf out of me
Jana Hindi
Jana Hindi 23 hours ago
Dixie is honestly so mean to charli...
Amina Alrawi
Amina Alrawi Day ago
I was the 16th k like !!!!!!!!!!!!!🙌😮
Myleigha Newport
Myleigha Newport Day ago
Why does Dixie have To be like THAT!!
Maëlle Tatnga
Maëlle Tatnga Day ago
They look boring af
RockMe1994 Day ago
They’re pretty and I don’t have nothing against them but they have NO PERSONALITY
Prarthana Paul
Prarthana Paul Day ago
This video is just so boring. I normally love these videos.
ᴡʜᴀᴛ Day ago
Imagine this video with out sound effects it will be hella boring. No hate I love Charli and Dixie, Just facts.
Maryjoe Orji
Maryjoe Orji Day ago
-_- I thought this one was gonna be like iggy or like carti but I guess not-
Rahena begum
Rahena begum Day ago
Soooo boring so i did not watch it halfway
Lyndorix Day ago
I thought i was the only one who thought this was boring but then I saw the comments...
Jenny Northover
Jenny Northover Day ago
does anyone els think they dont have a personality
anuradha chakraborty
anuradha chakraborty Day ago
Dixie iw so done with Charli lmao