This gas on Venus could be a new sign of life

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Verge Science

4 days ago

Astronomers have detected a gas on Venus called phosphine, and weirdly enough, it could be a sign of alien life in the planet’s clouds. It’s still too early to say for sure that Venus hosts life forms, but the discovery opens up a lot of questions about what’s happening on Earth’s neighbor. Here’s what we know.
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Here’s the 2019 paper about phosphine as a biosignature:
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Verge Science
Verge Science 3 days ago
Do you think there’s life elsewhere in our solar system?
Paul Ch52
Paul Ch52 15 minutes ago
Doesn’t matter what I think except as part of a consensus that other worlds of life in our own solar system are a slim but increasingly likely probability. Life has been on this planet over 4 billion years. We’ve had plenty of time to sprinkle (potentially extremophile) germs all over our backyard which may include Venus, Europa, Enceladus, others. What we are also learning is that abiogenic pathways, though still elusive, are hypothesized to possess certain characteristics that the worlds mentioned above share with a life-giving Earth. If that is so then of course it is possible that one of these bodies sparked its own genesis. Whether sprinkled or homegrown there is a small but growing probability that these other worlds harbor life. Let’s go find out.
Markos 5 hours ago
Wanda Alexander
Wanda Alexander 6 hours ago
@Erick Urias They already did that thousands of years ago. They know who we are They are called NEPHILIM. They are mentioned in the Bible....the book of Genesis . They taught humans how to be civilized, how to farm, how to do metal work, they domesticated our farm animals, they manipulated our DNA.
F James
F James 6 hours ago
@Wanda Alexander really, that's cool...may go to Hollywood
Wanda Alexander
Wanda Alexander 6 hours ago
I think that they come from farther away, but they have bases here on the far-side of the moon and other places, and they probably have space stations in orbit
Yusuf Hidayat
Yusuf Hidayat 10 minutes ago
"I KNEW IT!" ALIENS EXIST!!!" -tom delonge
Mohammad Hamza
Mohammad Hamza Hour ago
Wait am i watching this video so the lady might say that aliens are living there..? Never has been..
Coty Embry
Coty Embry Hour ago
Thats pretty cool. I wonder if its from Earth though through like comets passing close by taking it there
Noor Elahi
Noor Elahi 2 hours ago
I can't tell if she's 25 or 45.
Geordie Star
Geordie Star 2 hours ago
we already knew this like two yeas ago im sure
Ted Thomas
Ted Thomas 2 hours ago
Good job failing to mention Cardiff University who lead the research, very classy 👌
Dirly A.B
Dirly A.B 3 hours ago
If a lot of people migrate to Venus, I think I'll stay on earth
Kuayin Al-kadir
Kuayin Al-kadir 3 hours ago
The ALH meteorite is still a mystery.
marko milicevic
marko milicevic 6 hours ago
Didnt russians land there a fee decades ago? Could it be that the russian pod left behind some organic matter from which bacteria could evolve
hannah 8 hours ago
ok so this is my highlight of 2020
Caleb Doane
Caleb Doane 8 hours ago
For the people who think we are alone in the universe: you clearly have no idea how big the universe actually is
robinson raphael
robinson raphael 8 hours ago
The Sun is LOOSING ITS GRAVITY, Planets Loosing Gravity moving away from the SUN... Possibly favorable for Lifeforms...
Ashok Porwal
Ashok Porwal 13 hours ago
Imagine going there and coming with a zombie disease by alien bacteria
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 14 hours ago
Extra terrestrials life is just like graphene batteries in phones - we MAY get it one day...
bluenu 16 hours ago
njnxra njnxra gur fcvevgf unir abg orra erirnyrq
Gusti Panji Widodo
Gusti Panji Widodo 17 hours ago
time to colonize the Venusian skies.
Gusti Panji Widodo
Gusti Panji Widodo 10 hours ago
@bouytt guyt what are you doing, stepplanet?
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 14 hours ago
venus is just earth's hot sister guys chill.
Charly sosa
Charly sosa 21 hour ago
Too late for earth has ten years left to reach the point of no return for human extinction
MM TAPEZ 22 hours ago
This is our god
Torian Cromar
Torian Cromar 22 hours ago
Hey Verge science why don’t you make an entire video breaking down the Movie unacknowledged with Steven Greer and see if he’s lying.
F James
F James 23 hours ago
WE ARE NOT ALONE...That will be cool, aliens on venus
std provider
std provider 22 hours ago
F James
F James 23 hours ago
Evidence is right, we have life somewhere guys don't know
F James
F James 23 hours ago
When we are find out
F James
F James 23 hours ago
Then, it's life on venus..we got it go there
F James
F James 21 hour ago
@TurtleTheThing yes we know
TurtleTheThing 22 hours ago
issue is for venus the surface temperature is nearly 430 Celcius. making even a probe stay there for long would be extremely difficult.
Alex White
Alex White Day ago
I'm really really hoping that this can be proven true, it would be such an immensely incredible discovery!
Vyas Chady
Vyas Chady Day ago
Wow, you got evidence of life on Venus??? Meanwhile David Fravor was chasing alien ship a while ago.
erepsekahs Day ago
So all in all, according to her, nothing to get excited about.
F.B.I. Day ago
i wonder what the guy that farted in space is thinking right now
NitroCorn Day ago
We can only hope it's true. How exciting would that be!
rvpstudioscanada Day ago
That is *SO* COOL!
Karen Whitehead
Karen Whitehead Day ago
This means it is possible to live on Venus
TurtleTheThing 22 hours ago
literally no that is not what it means
Nick. C
Nick. C Day ago
venus is just earth's hot sister guys chill.
Wouter Vokar
Wouter Vokar Day ago
No they aren't off our pH scale, that's not how the pH scale work.
Kerweba Yerlota
Kerweba Yerlota Day ago
Proving life in venus would greatly impact religions here on earth.
gaming creates worlddd 24
gaming creates worlddd 24 16 hours ago
@std provider so called fallen demons are also fairy tale right
std provider
std provider 22 hours ago
too bad aliens are fairytale creatures 🙊
Dr. Zoidberg
Dr. Zoidberg Day ago
I guess it would impact some religions & some religious people... but mostly just literalists. For instance, I can't imagine a Daoist or a Buddhist having their whole worldview turned upside down from the news of life on other planets.
[Insert Name]
[Insert Name] Day ago
Considering 2020, we got aliens.
Dr. Zoidberg
Dr. Zoidberg Day ago
Tbh, this is _way_ better than the aliens I thought we were gonna get. With the way this year was going, I figured it was about to get Omicronian up in here, if you know what I mean.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Day ago
This is proof there’s Taco Bell on Venus
RandomGoatOnTheInternet Day ago
Gimmie them alien cheeks!!
Achyut Arjun
Achyut Arjun Day ago
We only look for carbon based life forms in extraterrestrial planets....but what if it's based on something else? What if we are searching in the wrong places? Maybe other environments gave rise to other forms of life? How are we going to search for them? And SHOULD we be searching for them in the first place?
gaming creates worlddd 24
gaming creates worlddd 24 15 hours ago
@Achyut Arjun some dog breeds do enjoy chocolate
Achyut Arjun
Achyut Arjun Day ago
@qopoy dnon yeah...maybe some life forms might need the "toxic" gas for's toxic to us...just like chocolate is toxic to dogs...but it's pretty popular among humans...
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Day ago
To be fair, even if the air is too "toxic" in venus, like what Ian Malcolm said "Life uh.... finds a way"
Sheik Jayaluddeen
Sheik Jayaluddeen Day ago
Another Earth
Satch Flight
Satch Flight Day ago
Flying Spaghetti Monster...All Hail!!!