Building THE SKELD (Among Us) with cardboard & clay - Part 2

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6 days ago

We are continuing our Among Us Map The Skelds and are building the Rooms Storage, Communication, Admin and Shields with cardboard and clay!
► This is PART 1 of The Skeld Map
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RAWR Hour ago
The boxes are filled with toilet paper and hand sanitizer
Katia Lizbeth Perez Rojas
Katia Lizbeth Perez Rojas Hour ago
i like how the places of the nabe de among us look like
Joshua Crampain
Joshua Crampain Hour ago
Whe; he finishes we are all going to be like “make Mira hq the polus “
JB 4204
JB 4204 Hour ago
6 year old me building a lego set with stickers then sees your sticker skill 😯
Karel Ermit
Karel Ermit Hour ago
Next time cafeteria Medbay and upper engine
bayu wirawan
bayu wirawan 2 hours ago
Serios leee??? 2000 yers
bayu wirawan
bayu wirawan 2 hours ago
Med bay?????
You should make characters and put them on the map
Ranjit Jillapalli
Ranjit Jillapalli 2 hours ago
Can you do shadow Midas in fortnite as a clay figure
Tgs9 2 hours ago
I think dead bodies are in the boxes.if you argree like this comment
진흙COCO 2 hours ago
The boxes are filled with... cat litter
Desert Sandfly
Desert Sandfly 2 hours ago
It would be sick if you made a ventilation map under the floor.
Little Lady
Little Lady 2 hours ago
How long do I put polymer clay in the oven for
S13Piotr 2 hours ago
for the next fortnite thing you should do the entire upstate new york or all the smaller rift pois like ant manor and the collectors museum
Makayla /Chloe Wolf
Makayla /Chloe Wolf 2 hours ago
You should check out Discord you will have alot of people to talk lol
Viviana Mamani
Viviana Mamani 3 hours ago
Quiero que mandes la parte _ 3
Mercedes Orantes
Mercedes Orantes 3 hours ago
Yo quisiera a la figura de claro clam
Wonane Jamela
Wonane Jamela 3 hours ago
You can do the charaters from rogue company it eill be really funny please see this comment
Lacey Douglass
Lacey Douglass 3 hours ago
in the boxes are the dead bodies
Liwka Śliwka
Liwka Śliwka 3 hours ago
And in 5 part cafeteria and maybe the outside of the skeld?
PumpkinBRO 3 hours ago
То чувство когда ты русский и некто не поймёт что я написал
Liwka Śliwka
Liwka Śliwka 3 hours ago
When will be te 3 part? you can make elecrtical, lower engine and reactor and in 4 part uper engine, Security and medbay :)
GG Playzz
GG Playzz 3 hours ago
Yo that is dope
Marica Jukić
Marica Jukić 3 hours ago
The wrong thing subscribe on laptopXD
Kellan McQueen
Kellan McQueen 4 hours ago
Maybe the boxes contain spare parts
By Puffin
By Puffin 4 hours ago
Bişe anlamadım ama neyse
Genesis Wojcicchon
Genesis Wojcicchon 4 hours ago
cant wait for part 3
Marica Jukić
Marica Jukić 4 hours ago
Why not make a dead body on the map?
Marica Jukić
Marica Jukić 4 hours ago
I love when i need to swipe the card and fix comms
Gleb Gordon
Gleb Gordon 4 hours ago
dude it's a real possibility every canister, barrel and containment unit is filled with milk in storage and if thats true it proves the engines run on milk as in the game there is a task fuel engines and you take a liquid from the red gas can/jerry can and fill the engines with it and if that fluid in the red jerry can\gas can is milk too then the engines are milk powered.
Gleb Gordon
Gleb Gordon 4 hours ago
Isn't it obvious the floating box in storage contains a time bender because if you knew gravity is nit a force its just bent time and space because of an object usually large but can be small and still generate time bends though that hasn't been achieved by humans in the real world yet.
Noob 4 hours ago
i think inside the boxes are gas
Marc Aguilar
Marc Aguilar 4 hours ago
Get well soon!
Danny Gil
Danny Gil 4 hours ago
And lower end in reactor upper engine and security in med bay in the hole
Danny Gil
Danny Gil 4 hours ago
Cafeteria among us
Priyoti Islam
Priyoti Islam 4 hours ago
I want part 3
Jayden Huang
Jayden Huang 5 hours ago
u shall put in a venting imposter
Quinton Laughlin
Quinton Laughlin 5 hours ago
All the bodies are in the boxes
Derek Morelli
Derek Morelli 5 hours ago
Aien Yk
Aien Yk 5 hours ago
I think theres different parts of planets in the dark green boxs
Richard Cheese
Richard Cheese 5 hours ago
Like for respect for this man's determination to make skeld.
Ahmad Jamil Balisi
Ahmad Jamil Balisi 5 hours ago
You could do the base of Mobile Legends that's my favorite mobile game. Just the base if you can, you could do tge whole ML map HAHAHAH
Матвей Кричевский
Матвей Кричевский 5 hours ago
Part 3!!!!!!
Alessandro 5 hours ago
Can you please make Galactus from Fortnite
Shiny diamond 242
Shiny diamond 242 5 hours ago
How did you make the rooms empty? Edit:this map should be a set
elias silva
elias silva 6 hours ago
part 2 pls part 2 pls
John Watson
John Watson 6 hours ago
Humans are in the boxes and you may be asking why humans ...well for food duh
Jessica Wilhite
Jessica Wilhite 6 hours ago
Or the other maps
Jazz S
Jazz S 6 hours ago
cookies!!! Red Milk from Mars and Cookies from Pluto!!
Dark Jason X
Dark Jason X 6 hours ago
Please create the ruins from the fortnitemares
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 6 hours ago
Inside the box is the dead body that imposter killed
Ahmad Jamil Balisi
Ahmad Jamil Balisi 6 hours ago
Respect!! He did this for us
Aaron Beesley
Aaron Beesley 7 hours ago
part 3 plz
Mel's Crafts & More
Mel's Crafts & More 7 hours ago
I wish everyone here visits my Among Us content too 😔
Nooby 7 hours ago
if the cord for the lights is long enough, what if you put the battery pack for the lights in electrical?
Nooby 6 hours ago
@yasio bolo I don't think I remember you, did you reply to me somewhere else?
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 6 hours ago
great to see you
Azizah Siantya
Azizah Siantya 7 hours ago
Part 3 = Room electric, lower engine, security, reactor
MAS2 6PRIB 7 hours ago
Where did you get those pictures from the start of the video as a background?
Black phanter gaming
Black phanter gaming 7 hours ago
among us tik teks
jose mauricio sanchez barragan
jose mauricio sanchez barragan 7 hours ago
wow, you have on talent espechial...
Phong Hoàng Gia
Phong Hoàng Gia 7 hours ago
Part 3 : A cafeteria + electric .
Nina Dorothy
Nina Dorothy 7 hours ago
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . (0_)= . . . . . . . Player was an impostor . . . . .
Nikzie Playz
Nikzie Playz 7 hours ago
Who else hate the way Minecraft and Roblox stole Among us to be rich, ay? They are monsters . . . I do play both games especially Adopt me but that is so uncool.
Nikzie Playz
Nikzie Playz 7 hours ago
Who else hate the way Minecraft and Roblox stole Among us to be rich, ay? They are monsters . . . I do play both games especially Adopt me but that is so uncool.
Nikzie Playz
Nikzie Playz 7 hours ago
I'm feeling like I don't have talent because of him 😅 he's so talented. He's art is 3D, he's a father of among us art, don't you agree?
among us
among us 7 hours ago
Reactor please
the beautiful nugget
the beautiful nugget 7 hours ago
Knife breaking.exe xdddd
Ayah0926 Evangi
Ayah0926 Evangi 8 hours ago
Ohh and make all of the players that you now at the last part in that episode
Crawfords Gamer
Crawfords Gamer 8 hours ago
Clay in the box
waluigi m3m3s
waluigi m3m3s 8 hours ago
great to see you
Healthbars battle vídeo
Healthbars battle vídeo 9 hours ago
Making groot forinte polymer clay tutorial
Yamilé Lover
Yamilé Lover 9 hours ago
wow that was amazing when you could get part 3 out?
agentkreeper12 9 hours ago
Can you do jäger from rainbow six siege? Like putting his item on the wall. Can you do bandit as well.
Gaming FOOLS
Gaming FOOLS 9 hours ago
Make a stark industries
Morganne O'Keefe
Morganne O'Keefe 9 hours ago
In the box’s are body’s the imposter murdered
Gert Van Der Straeten
Gert Van Der Straeten 9 hours ago
electical cafetaria and bedbay
jose pereznieto
jose pereznieto 9 hours ago
Jake Dose Stuff
Jake Dose Stuff 10 hours ago
Clay claim “this would be a good way to kill some on” me “WTF”
G Kohli
G Kohli 10 hours ago
I want to see the vent plsssss
G Kohli
G Kohli 10 hours ago
Why you not makeing the vent
Chrisboy 10 hours ago
Pls do Salty at next😁
Rickey Sanchez
Rickey Sanchez 10 hours ago
How do you get the layout floor ?
Najwan Nadindra
Najwan Nadindra 10 hours ago
Please make the electrical, lower engine, reactor, and security :D
KreeperKing Luis
KreeperKing Luis 10 hours ago
Try to make medbay
ali hamidi
ali hamidi 10 hours ago
Azidah Ismail
Azidah Ismail 10 hours ago
part 3
Azidah Ismail
Azidah Ismail 10 hours ago
Cramberry-leemon Cola
Cramberry-leemon Cola 10 hours ago
The WiFi is for the upload download task
shubhang srinivasan
shubhang srinivasan 11 hours ago
But could u make the new fortnite midas
shubhang srinivasan
shubhang srinivasan 11 hours ago
Love your videos and creations u are truly blessed by god
Sophie Solter
Sophie Solter 11 hours ago
Drill everytime it has to drill a hole into the hot glue: SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
gamer4life Garcia
gamer4life Garcia 11 hours ago
Make the party trooper
Caden Castro-Kudler
Caden Castro-Kudler 11 hours ago
the random dude06
the random dude06 11 hours ago
Can you make a shadow from fortnightmares
Anntallex Gamer
Anntallex Gamer 11 hours ago
dogplaysYT! Plays
dogplaysYT! Plays 11 hours ago
Dang nice
Ottergirl 11 hours ago
Anyone else need a part 3?
Alfred Mukarker
Alfred Mukarker 11 hours ago
Make Mira hq from among us
Mikaylah Wilson
Mikaylah Wilson 11 hours ago
Awesome I loved it but it was 10:35pm and I was tired as heck
Yfébo Anvakenss
Yfébo Anvakenss 12 hours ago
About the subreddit, you should do a section in a tutorial for the "creation of the day" with what you think is the best in the sub, not the most upvoted, but what is the best to you
Xpansiblast 12 hours ago
What are you hiding in the boxes, Clay Claim? Milk Whats in the cannister, ClayClaim Umm... ClayClaim was The Imposter
Ike Waipouri
Ike Waipouri 12 hours ago
Can you make the ruins please with Midas inside pls from fortnitemares with the fog as well
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