Confinement Ep3: The Robot

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Lord Bung

3 years ago

The anomalies in this video (in order) were inspired by SCP-093 (,
SCP-1360 (,
SCP-2306 (,
and the Anderson Robotics Hub (
Special guest TheVolgun who voiced Mr Anderson, he makes SCP stuff too so check him out!
Music in order:
In the Pines - Danny Farrant (Opening)
Come a Little Bit Closer - Jay & the Americans
Hunter of Stars - Sebalter
I Love to Conspire - Leon Lush & Lord Bung
Torture - Kris Jensen
Take a Slice - Glass Animals
The Weight - The Band
Everything else was written, drawn, voiced and edited/animated by me... I crave death.
Characters and locations are directly from/inspired by the SCP Foundation Wiki, please check it out for spooky stuff (this is a non-canonical story) This video is licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0
Twitter: Lord_Bung

Lord Bung
Lord Bung 3 years ago
Episode 4 is still being made, don't worry, it might take a little longer because I'm travelling this month but rest assured I am working hard on it.
Mynameiskfcu 19 days ago
Even though his was made 2 years ago nice video.
AZyAzy lol
AZyAzy lol 20 days ago
Where is SCP 049 682 096 106 939 and 999
tablet hiper exe
tablet hiper exe 21 day ago
@M a yeah please
tablet hiper exe
tablet hiper exe 21 day ago
6:46 .......................................
Bushbeat Month ago
@Lord Bung Are you a sailor, or why does this robot have the Hallberg Rassy Logo on his chest?
Japsterman 34 minutes ago
What SCP is Connor
Emily Simon
Emily Simon 9 hours ago
I have found my new favorite USshow series
blackholebjb 21 hour ago
Where's the muffin man
1getbettertoday 21 hour ago
That scp at the start....can we see a whole episode dedicated to that or something? I think that would be pretty cool.
Doggaraffe Day ago
General Kenobi
General Kenobi 2 days ago
As soon as I saw the barn I knew what it was
yanira guzman
yanira guzman 3 days ago
6:09 Can one explain to me what the HELL IS GOING ON?
Epitychís Productions
Epitychís Productions 5 days ago
“Dude, no A” is by far one of the funniest endings to a gag I have ever heard.
Monster Tube
Monster Tube 5 days ago
Jesus Christ I love these
Thomas Croutch
Thomas Croutch 6 days ago
Dig. dig . Diggity dog. My little hot dog
Thomas Croutch
Thomas Croutch 6 days ago
Diggity dog the beetle went over the moon
lolpp 7 days ago
I noticed that Conner has keep inventory on.
The BossDrummer
The BossDrummer 7 days ago
I was expecting him to actually be SCP-079 but ok
The BossDrummer
The BossDrummer 7 days ago
Fucking Bureaucrats
Thorben Dreßler
Thorben Dreßler 7 days ago
Damn,I just love this. The animation is well done, the plot is interesting, the characters are all super likable and the scp's are being well used as to how they behave and the sounds they make. And he even managed to get a few laughs outta me.
RealJoeCool 8 days ago
lord bung has a good taste in music
FinnRBLX 10 days ago
ウージー 10 days ago
I love the music you play in the background
22Isaac Montes
22Isaac Montes 12 days ago
dude no way
Epitaph 12 days ago
At 8:10 the music playing was the the weight i think and that song is.. A JOJO REFERENCE
useless videos
useless videos 12 days ago
I think that Connor is the player
Kasey Jenkins
Kasey Jenkins 13 days ago
It's really interesting that Connor has scp 093 turn blue for him and it raises some questions.
NoBody 14 days ago
So theres a second 079 which is friendly
Gustave Soucy-Breton
Gustave Soucy-Breton 14 days ago
6:07 what scp is this?
Mr. Night
Mr. Night 14 days ago
I like how he respawns with his clothes on. And in the first scene, he respawned with his note on him, too
Connor O’Hagan
Connor O’Hagan 15 days ago
i know nothing about spc but this is really entertaining
Amelia Szakatits
Amelia Szakatits 15 days ago
Is this a hint to Detroit become human because the main robot in that game is named Connor
Adolfo Castro
Adolfo Castro 15 days ago
That old knick knack paddy whack joke fucking got me
erona ahmetaj
erona ahmetaj 18 days ago
Ogga Chaka
Ogga Chaka 18 days ago
Jennifer Elmore
Jennifer Elmore 18 days ago
I am going to comment every cuss word in the series so far fuck fuck fuck shit fuck shit shit fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck shit shit fuck fuck fuck
jesse wolford
jesse wolford 19 days ago
If he don’t lay the pipe on his therapist I’m gonna be mad
Massimo Pericolo Ciro Esposito
Massimo Pericolo Ciro Esposito 20 days ago
Dude no a haahahahahahahah Best Pun Ever
AZyAzy lol
AZyAzy lol 20 days ago
What is MPC Foundation hmmmm
K9 Italian
K9 Italian 21 day ago
I'm confused to exactly what happened to the Dr guy
LordVader 117
LordVader 117 22 days ago
Conner vs./meets Joe Schmo
ramon hernandez
ramon hernandez 23 days ago
This is sick
Some Idiot
Some Idiot 23 days ago
This may be the first case of nick nack patty wack is probably the best thing in this series
Kayky Da Guarda Barreto
Kayky Da Guarda Barreto 24 days ago
Finalmente em portugues pha
khayal ebrahim
khayal ebrahim 25 days ago
What is the song called at the end
Jack Sand
Jack Sand 26 days ago
Sorry I only have champagne 😂
syre 26 days ago
2:49: "Dude, no way." 3:10: "Dude, Norway?" 8:59: "Dude no 'A'."
Jessica Caron
Jessica Caron 26 days ago
The ending was kinda sweet
Epic Name
Epic Name 27 days ago
2:35 connor's face
the Boi
the Boi 27 days ago
I never understood this, like why don't they think about using a dead Connor body. Shouldn't his bodies have a immortal effect too? Or is Connors immortality tied to their concious?
Zuhala Hussien
Zuhala Hussien 28 days ago
Conner and his psychiatrist are relationship goals
Zuhala Hussien
Zuhala Hussien 28 days ago
Def-con 4
Def-con 4 28 days ago
This moment is just perfect 7:00
Unknown E
Unknown E 29 days ago
Hey my name is Ean with a E :D
Английский с Полиглотом
Английский с Полиглотом 29 days ago
🤙 Determinism is Freedom 🤙
William Keith
William Keith Month ago
They can give you a lot of info with just "no way"
raczek79 Month ago
Dude no wayyy
Jessica Frost
Jessica Frost Month ago
I thought by now robots would know better than to try to cheat death and change their fate by killing someone named Connor.
A Mysterious Gamer Approaches
A Mysterious Gamer Approaches Month ago
I hate the no a
Thighs And Lies
Thighs And Lies Month ago
Why did the guy turn into a wall of flesh?
The Conductor Esplin
The Conductor Esplin Month ago
What's the thing hes running from at the start?
THePaleoGamer Month ago
Bro I love this
Benjamin Pirosha
Benjamin Pirosha Month ago
Ngl Connor sounds like Dream
thebrotherkiller17 Month ago
Dude noway
Puppet Master309
Puppet Master309 Month ago
7:11 weee
null Month ago
my man tried to choke out a robot
Riley Chapman
Riley Chapman Month ago
dude noway
Reuben Bailey
Reuben Bailey Month ago
This is personally my favourite atm
i know how this works
i know how this works Month ago
I really like how the doctor try helping Connor by trying to open door
Luca Vazon
Luca Vazon Month ago
Rumore di penetrazione. Mi ha fatto scassare
Aura_Dastler Tv
Aura_Dastler Tv Month ago
can we talk about how the Robot basically wanted to do what Ennard did?
Aura_Dastler Tv YES.
Brittany Homan
Brittany Homan Month ago
dude no way
Silvana Selvi
Silvana Selvi Month ago
Pasti anda bisa buat!
This is a useless comment
This is a useless comment Month ago
butter melted is the best
butter melted is the best Month ago
Lord bung can you do Scp 001 please i wonder what will be connors reactio
FBI Month ago
Meep morp Zorp
Cooper gerrish
Cooper gerrish Month ago
God his music choice is amazing
Bo Spoonson
Bo Spoonson Month ago
2:07-2:25, “It appears the escaped child SCP known for her insatiable appetite for porcelain trinkets, has just been apprehended after using a teapot to murder Patterson Valmer, the owner of the third floor 99-cent store. Yes this is the first documented case of a Knick-knack paddy-wack. Oh for god’s sake!” Edit: also 5:33, “thought you could outsmart the biggest dingus in the room?”
Kucklow Music
Kucklow Music Month ago
Hv soo many questions like why did 031helped connor, how was he able to physically damage the scp and why did nobody see him ? Like the robot saw connor in context to the speech as if he is the real anderson. Soo confused !!!
elias banez
elias banez Month ago
wtf did i just watch
XxUnkown32xXYT Month ago
That intro man I love it
Ganchala Erick
Ganchala Erick Month ago
hola vengo de latino america y solo vengo por una cosa... DONDE ESTA EL EPISODIO 8
Riceasaurus • 9 years ago
Riceasaurus • 9 years ago Month ago
7:33 Not even hiding the matrix references eh?
Aaron Brent Abundo
Aaron Brent Abundo Month ago
dude no *A*
BaconBoi Gaming
BaconBoi Gaming Month ago
Rip robot 2017-2017
Kepler The Martian
Kepler The Martian Month ago
Imagine being hanged with your own intestines
Barbaro Month ago
Which scp is at the beginning ?
Good boys Channel
Good boys Channel Month ago
#Scp2306 IS NOT A GOOD
Good boys Channel
Good boys Channel Month ago
WOW #SCP1360
Hunter Farrar
Hunter Farrar Month ago
Is there a full version of that SCP “we didn’t start the fire” song in the background
22Isaac Montes
22Isaac Montes Month ago
the music in the beganing is great
Dr. Harold Pontiff Coomer
Dr. Harold Pontiff Coomer Month ago
*Fucking bureaucrats.*
supernovasuper Plays
supernovasuper Plays Month ago
Country next to Sweden. As a Finnish i think it's Finland because many people don't know it exists so they just say that country next to Sweden or Norway
Magellanic Month ago
as a finn, i can tell you it's norway based on the pun
Chip Month ago
this could be a netflix series
Vincenzo Mazzarella
Vincenzo Mazzarella Month ago
0:31 But it's the house of lion and the slut-sniffing dog isn't it?
Dark Inferno
Dark Inferno Month ago
The song in the background at the beginning
Oh yea i forgot he revives
Ramses XVI
Ramses XVI Month ago
That scene where he gets hanged then he smashes the robot's face is the most action we'll see in the entire series
Slump Senju
Slump Senju Month ago
AND YOU PUT THE LOAD RIGHT ON- RIGHT ON MEE😭 I can’t believe he got the rights to this song😭
Calvin W.
Calvin W. Month ago
Man I've rewatched this series like 5 times, I still love it
Charlie Bray
Charlie Bray Month ago
Incredible 👊🔥
Swedy Month ago
RydWolf Month ago
These are amazing!
Omri Month ago
Who was the volgun?
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