D&D Story: Desert Rumble

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Puffin Forest

2 years ago

I tell the story from my Dungeons and Dragons game where the group decided to split up the party and explore the dungeons, leaving me behind. It did not go well for me. . . .
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georgianne taylor
georgianne taylor 3 days ago
This is very sick
nikos731 6 days ago
My group was found in the same situation after a battle with a Lamia. The Minotaur Barbarian was tied with ropes from the rest of the party while still under the Geas effect. He was like "You can untie me. I am ok now. I am a loyal companion of yours!" while planning to chop everyone to pieces after setting him free. He ALMOST succeeded to that subterfuge check.....
Its Ok
Its Ok 22 days ago
Tim Woods
Tim Woods 24 days ago
So, what you're saying is that the wizard should have shot the fireball into the temple and you should have explored the runis.
DFC/ Double fudge cookiees
DFC/ Double fudge cookiees Month ago
In other videos: catia is the smart and responsible one in our group In this video: I CAST FIREBALL
ROL64 Month ago
I hate to be a dummy but I counted every thri-kreen in that room exept the one already there Ben said 9 but there where 10 others
Dendé Hehr
Dendé Hehr Month ago
Lamias are half snakes, aren’t they?
Selene Eldritch
Selene Eldritch Month ago
Around 3:20 reminds me of Dragon Shrine from Dark Souls 2 sotfs. Lol.
20000plus Rpm
20000plus Rpm Month ago
Fun fact: multiattack specifically says that you cant use that action for an attack of opportunity, which must be one single melee attack.
Gindranis 2 months ago
I thought your villain was Tar Hogar, and Garathor was your ally.
Quaerere 2 months ago
I wanna play dnd sometime But you need friends to play it- and the few I have couldn’t care less-
itzybitzyspyder tv
itzybitzyspyder tv 3 months ago
I know it's been 2 years but I have to point out that opportunity attacks are just one attack and not an attack action so multiattack does not apply.
nem tudom
nem tudom 3 months ago
I love how Ben draws the lamia as a centaur instead of a half serpent lady
Coolio 3 months ago
was this part of the campaign you played as Aligaros
Dusk Shλde
Dusk Shλde 3 months ago
I thought Lamias were snake women?
SageofStars 3 months ago
You know, we never did hear how this campaign ended, for the 5 videos he did on it. I'm curious if they ever stop Tar-Hogar.
Levi Nunya
Levi Nunya 3 months ago
Lolol 😂 I loved the sound effects for the “perfectly safe” room
aimless dude
aimless dude 3 months ago
I saw that obelisk 1:11
Leonardo Raele
Leonardo Raele 3 months ago
Creatures can only attack obce with their attack of opportunity.
gbg reviews
gbg reviews 3 months ago
What was her logic of blasting the tower like that? Mabey that some big monster at the top so would kill it?
Marie Parisi
Marie Parisi 4 months ago
Randy Lees
Randy Lees 4 months ago
btw, you drew 11 thrkis instead of 10
Akis A
Akis A 4 months ago
2:41 Zoinks! A-a lamia!
Sojourner&Tenebris Games
Sojourner&Tenebris Games 5 months ago
1:40 why does it eat humans/dwarves/halflings/etc?
Sojourner&Tenebris Games
Sojourner&Tenebris Games 5 months ago
why did garithor want to end the world?
Tach 5 months ago
"When we say 'How stupid can you be?' that's a question not a challenge" - Blue Marble Science
Boopernaut Ap'adams
Boopernaut Ap'adams 5 months ago
Was this character Absurd?
Ender wish
Ender wish 5 months ago
0:08 that entity 303 if know him! (And I do(
omg ronny
omg ronny 5 months ago
Please make a discord so we can play with you
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment 5 months ago
Is this when you were eviiil
Snow 5 months ago
4:29 I told yooooooooou...
Orion Blevins
Orion Blevins 6 months ago
What campaign is this?
Jefferson DeMott
Jefferson DeMott 6 months ago
Says "9 other companies" animated 10 extra mobs for a total of 11 mobs
Cullen Latham
Cullen Latham 7 months ago
why did i not catch that before? "lamia used a domination spell" shows creature that more resembles a sphinx than a snake-tailed lady...
Tristan DENT
Tristan DENT 7 months ago
You realise there are 11 in the frame. Not trying to be nasty but I like your work
Thomas Campisi
Thomas Campisi 7 months ago
2:24 So the rest of the group fuh explored farther down into the ruins This is driving me crazy
TheOffkilter 7 months ago
Clearly that DM was punishing him and the party for taking his advice lol
mutantmaster1 8 months ago
Tower: I am an ancient ruin that holds untold knowledge Wizard: bold talk for someone within fireball range
Doubting Thomas
Doubting Thomas 8 months ago
Wow your DM was a dick allowing multi-attack for an opportunity attack!
Aditya Norbert
Aditya Norbert 8 months ago
3:31 Ranger: "you're useless" they said "You can't fight" they said
Gormathius Nightstrider
Gormathius Nightstrider 8 months ago
I thought lamias were snake people.
shreddherring 8 months ago
Did they ever go after the lamia? Will we ever find out what happened next? Will Puffin accept a chocolate bar as a bribe to continue telling us about this campaign? Stay tuned!
Razar Campbell
Razar Campbell 8 months ago
In Eye Of The Beholder, Thri-Kreen attacks would also cause paralysis (sometimes).
Doyle Malcolm
Doyle Malcolm 9 months ago
I would've let the ranger go and follow them to the lamia and kill it.
nikos731 9 months ago
In a similar situation,my party's Minotaur Barbarian was charmed by the Lamia's geas and went unconcious/tied up by the rest of the party after a great battle. When he woke up he was like "I'm fine now. Thank you all. You can untie me now comrades", planning to slaughter them all as soon as they set him free. Almost got'em too.....
Murloc Master
Murloc Master 9 months ago
Thatcreature also tried to mind control me, how3ver i killed it before the transformation, sense there was no reason for an elf to be down there anyways. When in doubt stab first, ask questions later
DJ Wise Pariah
DJ Wise Pariah 9 months ago
I just realized, you can't multiattack on a reaction like attack of opportunity
PidgeonKappa 9 months ago
Dude I don't see Thri-Keen enough
Spartan Gaming
Spartan Gaming 10 months ago
You said the creature had 9 others hiding in the room but you drew 11 total of them. Where did the extra one come from?
Average Fish
Average Fish 10 months ago
Says nine other companions, shows ten others. Then shows 11 weapons but says 10. Then shows 11 more weapons but says 10. Hey at least you're consistent.
operation phantom
operation phantom 10 months ago
You guys can go down there it looks safe has 100000000000000000000000 white dragons
whade62000 10 months ago
4:25 about our RANGEROUS SITUATION eyyyyy
Amazing Games
Amazing Games 10 months ago
you call them black crystals, i'm referring it to as the dark crystal
Mark Dowse
Mark Dowse 10 months ago
Is your Party really so hilariously inept?!? 🤪😂 I love these stories!! ❤👍😍😍 But I think I'd like a drink now...... 🍻😊
Pincurchin pal
Pincurchin pal 11 months ago
Honestly it’s stupid that the wizard blew up the tower. Because I found the guide book for that game and it turns out there is a whole lot of good loot in that tower. And by blowing it up, all that loot broke and exploded
Nolan Wolf
Nolan Wolf 11 months ago
NEVER SPLIT THE PARTY usshow.info/watch/k6y4XYxhA-o/video.html
Elon Mollusk
Elon Mollusk 11 months ago
Wait wait wait, that tower looked like the obelisk for a second there... (1:12)
Mel A
Mel A 11 months ago
Mel A
Mel A 11 months ago
*******”QUESTION. Did ANYTHING end up happening because of the fact you didn’t kill that thing?...************😢please answer me😢😢😢😢😢😢🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 PS- then I also have I told you how much I love your videos and how amazing you are how handsome your avatar looks. like it’s the most handsome cartoon I ever saw in my whole life and also you’re the best if you answer my little question my curiosity won’t let me sleep! I NEED TO KNOW! (Lol) (A little brown nosing never hurt nobody especially when it’s mostly true) 🤫😋😘
lonewolf2399 Year ago
ArEn't opportunity attacks only a single melee hit in 5e, not a full turn?
gamerx956 Year ago
What level do you have to be to survive 10 opportunity attacks and then continue to fight two other enemies after? I respectfully call bs
Jyrow Year ago
I am currently playing a Thri-Kreen Monk that doesn't know how to spell his name (Cricky, Crickey, Kricky, or Krickey). He doesn't speak and he just loves to punch things. A lot. Flurry of blows is devastating with him as typically at starting levels you get 2 punches. With a Thrikreen with 4 arms, the DM is allowing me 4 punches. As I level up to do a potential 8 punches... that's actually 16. Krickey He recently got bracers that gave him another 2 arms. 6 arms... End game I'll be doing 24 punches in a turn... wtf!?
Ummm Help
Ummm Help Year ago
aren't those bug things just bloodsuckers from s.t.a.l.k.e.r and the lynx thing just a controler from s.t.a.l.k.e.r
Joker Year ago
what WAS in that tower?
AWorldOfInkAndPaper Year ago
When the fighter doesn't realize you have other friends *laughs in thri-kreen*
Chronoa Year ago
turns out there were no windows
mslayer122 richardson
mslayer122 richardson Year ago
3:09 he drew one too many
Richard Adam
Richard Adam Year ago
You can't take multi attacks on attacks of opportunity.
Funtimefoxy121 Productions
Funtimefoxy121 Productions Year ago
Managed to get the 4 black crystals? More like helped get the 4 black crystals
Deadite Year ago
that's a sphynx, a lamia is a snake mermaid thing
Simon Heneghan
Simon Heneghan Year ago
“His nine companions.” Draws 10 more creatures.
Patrick van Baarle
Patrick van Baarle 7 months ago
And 11 weapons....
Steph Beach
Steph Beach Year ago
i hate attacks of opportunity
Patrick Smith
Patrick Smith Year ago
Isn't a lamia a half women half serpent
Brandyn Elliott
Brandyn Elliott Year ago
“As well as his 9 other companions.” PF: *draws 10 more instead of 9* Edit: there’s also 11 spears when he says 10 lol
SleepyDandelion Year ago
RRRRRRRRRRRR-Rumble in the Waste!
Owllet •v• le birb
Owllet •v• le birb Year ago
When he said the end I thought dose he wanna fight the Ender dragon..?
Roman TheGambler
Roman TheGambler Year ago
Badlands rumble?
Joshua Ciardelli
Joshua Ciardelli Year ago
That's right it's got a taste for elves, we're fuckin delicious.
Necessities Year ago
I've been running through the entirety of Puffin Forest's videos and one question keeps coming up: What the hell 'Int' score do you give all your characters?!!! XD
Bear_in_a_ Suit
Bear_in_a_ Suit Year ago
*smacks lips* I was dming a campaign once It was a one person campaign It started of where the player was a little dazed and confused He was in a tavern This guy was a dwarf with a hunkin warhammer Oh should I mention he was lawful good? He started murdering everybody in his path I had to move the whole plot line over
Nahid Ahmed
Nahid Ahmed Year ago
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Icy Butterfly Queen
Icy Butterfly Queen Year ago
I had a friend try playing the bug thing
apple jhon
apple jhon Year ago
What spell did that lamia use on your party member? Dominate person can only last for up to 8 hours at most. Its also concentration so the lamia would have to pass a check each time it took a hit. I'm looking for a long term mindcontrol spell for my gane so I'm pretty curious
Red TheK1d
Red TheK1d Year ago
Question is your sword broken are reverse
88Spint Year ago
y-you dont know what a lamia is do you? It... it's a snake person, no legs.
Hellokev 6
Hellokev 6 Year ago
I...genuinely can't tell if you like playing fighter in this stupid way, or if this is just how you are. But after watching your other videos, I'm *Hoping* it's option 1.
ClickBaitMeGames __
ClickBaitMeGames __ Year ago
StormtrooperC-000 Year ago
Has anyone noticed that he said there were TEN ant-things but counted ELEVEN?
Karthus Year ago
>"lamia" >shows a sphinx instead of a snake person
Donuttheturtle 2.0
Donuttheturtle 2.0 Year ago
U never continued this story Man U should
Cian Abroad
Cian Abroad Year ago
The creature you drew was more akin to a sphinx than a lamia.
Nimoot Year ago
Not sure how you got multi-attacked AoO'd... you only get to swing ONCE.
pheflin526 Year ago
How do you make it permanent?
sleepys time
sleepys time Year ago
ben you added too many bugs
anAlarmingAlarm Year ago
2:59 you said 9 others but there are 10 in the animation
Darren Reed
Darren Reed Year ago
You guys are the insane versions of "LEEEERRRROOOOOOYYYYYYYY JENKINSSSSSSS" 🤣 Best. Epic. Fail. Cascade. Ever!
Le Noir TNB
Le Noir TNB Year ago
Garathor casted darkness...
Don Lino
Don Lino Year ago
That song at the end just brought up a deep memory and I don't remember what that song is
LordDboy Year ago
How did you guys beat garathor, you have brought up many videos with that group but never made a video on how you beat him
Skakir Year ago
02:00 that's a single Edged blade, I'd be much more efficient if you slashed, seeing as silage edged weapons are almost always designed for slanshilg rather than stabbing
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