Vocal Coach Reacts to BLACKPINK - How You Like That

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Tristan Paredes

Tristan Paredes

10 days ago

Vocal coach Tristan Paredes reacts to BLACKPINK's comeback song & music video How You Like That mv from YG entertainment record label

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Tristan Paredes
Tristan Paredes 8 days ago
Hey! I'm sorry for not including more of Lisa. I promise, it's nothing against her! I just wanted to focus on the vocalists of the song and I didn't think I had anything interesting to say during Lisa's rap section. Hope you understand! I really enjoyed every member and their contribution, though!
GANADA News 6 hours ago
Chloe Chow
Chloe Chow Day ago
Can you please please react to jisoo's cover of clarity? like if you agree!
Elle Dio
Elle Dio 3 days ago
I get it..your channel, your reactions but my opinion...I can honestly say; I can’t fully appreciate this or this reaction 🤷🏻‍♀️
Aica Gtrrz
Aica Gtrrz 3 days ago
Pls react to Blackpink's HYLT encore. They sang live 😅 I think. Hehe😂😂😂
Masoumeh jadidi Nejad
Masoumeh jadidi Nejad 3 days ago
No problem.... There are people that dont understand but you dont attend them
Muhammad Rezky Zulkarnain
Muhammad Rezky Zulkarnain 3 hours ago
M Namjon
M Namjon 4 hours ago
reaction to kill this love to
mariatortilla 4 hours ago
Heather P
Heather P 5 hours ago
Omg you look like Wybie from the movie Coraline with that hair 🤣
Joey Cagara
Joey Cagara 7 hours ago
Pls react To their hope not audio lyrics
Kenji Futakuchi
Kenji Futakuchi 8 hours ago
React to Maria by Hwa Sa please!!! >
Jannelle Nierves
Jannelle Nierves 8 hours ago
Why skipping??
박지훈이 10 hours ago
Ooofff i smell jisoo stan coming and i love it
Peep1 2
Peep1 2 13 hours ago
Am I the only one who got offended when he skipped Lisa's rap lol
Anonymous Duh
Anonymous Duh 13 hours ago
U DO NOT skip over Lisa's Rap😒.....!
Ralf Dietrich
Ralf Dietrich 13 hours ago
Why no comment on lisas amazing rap D: to me lisa has the most unique voice (she was the first one that I could seperate just by listening)
Saloni 14 hours ago
Ikr, jisoo is the best vocalist ik in kpop😭 I swear it makes me jump out of happiness when people truly appreciate her natural dark voice. I swear, you are just like me, ddu du ddu du had me bias her, cause at first listen, her voice was the only one I could tell apart, the other 3 had kinda same voice, (when I heard them for the 1st time) I WAS SO INTRIGUED, I was looking for her in the rest of mv, yes that's how I found my bias in the 1st look. People say, jisoo can't be noticed at the first impression and this experience of mine which is true in all sense, proves them wrong. She has a unique voice plus so versatile. She can add a whole different flavour to the song😭🥰
Andrea Gonzales
Andrea Gonzales 15 hours ago
No one: Literally no one: Tristan: Yo ThAtS StANkY!
Ileana 16 hours ago
The song is so iconic, thank u for reacting to it Could you react to Play by Chungha? I would love to hear what you have to say about her voice usshow.info/watch/UsvoDgmfUwc/video.html
MomoStoleMyHeart 17 hours ago
I'm probably late but who else thinks he should a reaction video to Hwasa's Maria and Chungha's Play or Irene and Seulgi Monster?? 🤔
Cereal Is A Soup
Cereal Is A Soup 17 hours ago
Try Listening to More and More by Twice :D
A Window
A Window 17 hours ago
TRISTAN! Please react to Meg Myers and AURORA!!
ningen 18 hours ago
day 1 of me asking tristan to react to still love you by lee hong gi and yoo hwe seung
Azril Adhika
Azril Adhika 19 hours ago
listen to 'hope not' by blackpink plss
Kpopfan’s Life
Kpopfan’s Life 20 hours ago
I’m shook he didn’t talk too much about Lisa cuz other reactors be praising her and shit. I LOVE Lisa But it’s just annoying how people praise her in all MV’s and sleeps on the other members ( jisoo especially). But i freakin LOVE Lisa and we gotta admit that she be spittin bars🔥💜
matregs recarro
matregs recarro 20 hours ago
You look like Anthony Padilla with a little bit of Willie Wanka
Jaotay T
Jaotay T 20 hours ago
Blackpink Live show 'SURE THING (Miguel) cover usshow.info/watch/_7TMluHVx4Y/video.html
linda 21 hour ago
try hope not!
jilliansandwich 22 hours ago
I love your hair like this!
Moni Love
Moni Love 22 hours ago
Jisoo voice is chief kiss 🥰🥰😘
Beth lewis
Beth lewis 23 hours ago
Okay but I stan you as a jisoo bias I know her vocals are underrated and many people say she "can't sing"
GleamingMonster Day ago
“Their making me feel very self conscious.” That was my exact thoughts 😪👏
Jess Jess Row Row
Jess Jess Row Row Day ago
Jess Jess Row Row
Jess Jess Row Row Day ago
Jess Jess Row Row
Jess Jess Row Row Day ago
Jess Jess Row Row
Jess Jess Row Row Day ago
Jess Jess Row Row
Jess Jess Row Row Day ago
Ariana Day ago
Please listen to nct I recommend time less from nct u and kick it
Maggie Shannon
Maggie Shannon Day ago
Xaviera Dobson
Xaviera Dobson Day ago
I really really hope you'll react to a recent txt song soon... they had another comeback recently.
- Joshua -
- Joshua - Day ago
When you try to get the long jungkook's hair, but you actually look like chase from Zoey101. (just a joke) i follow him since 2017-18
Fatua Storm
Fatua Storm Day ago
Tristan, you should react to Hwa Sa's (from Mamamoo) new solo single called Maria i'm js
BTS Army
BTS Army Day ago
Plss. React to their Mini Album SQUARE UP and KILL THIS LOVE.
Yun Park
Yun Park Day ago
His face throughout the vid: oHhAHhmOoCHsTaNKYyEsYeSeUH lol I love him so much
Cairan Spencer
Cairan Spencer Day ago
Hair wise: a lot of trial and error - go nuts and see what works for you. I dont have curls but generally: comb in general style you want; add product (mousse/gel etc) to your fingers and finger-brush in whatever direction your hair is going; then grab a hairdryer set to warm and hairspray the fuck out of it 👍
Tayden Reilman
Tayden Reilman Day ago
BRO YOU LOOK SO GOOD how did you tone and lose weight that fast?
Garima Vishwakarma
Garima Vishwakarma Day ago
Love how Tristan is wearing a BLACK tee and using a PINK headphone
Monica Rodriguez
Monica Rodriguez Day ago
Just turn it ponytail since u kinda have long hair or maybe a mini bun
Mina farooqi
Mina farooqi Day ago
Could u pls react to afreen afreen coke studio
Moarmy Stayteezen
Moarmy Stayteezen Day ago
I thought I'd never say it but His hair looks good on him
mixio hili
mixio hili Day ago
hey umm what about
mixio hili
mixio hili Day ago
I love his reaction it went from😬 to😲🥰 XD
Sanny Balicuatro Jr
Sanny Balicuatro Jr Day ago
partypiano0 Day ago
Leave the hair.
musicfan1107 Day ago
I felt that hair breakdown
Smiti Yadla
Smiti Yadla Day ago
Tristan:That stinks Everyone:*YUP* Literally Everyone: That came out the wrong way lmmaoo
Mwelase Lugogwana
Mwelase Lugogwana Day ago
omg no mention of Lisa 😢
How You Like That
How You Like That Day ago
Please react to Hope Not, Stay, Kick it And Don't know what to do i think it's more on the vocal side.
Bangtanhg _
Bangtanhg _ Day ago
Him: *skips Lisa’s rap* Me: *TRIGGERED*
Matt Steer
Matt Steer 6 hours ago
He’s a *vocal* coach not a *rap* coach
How You Like That
How You Like That Day ago
Please react to SB19 it's a Filipino Boy Group!
V Jisoo
V Jisoo Day ago
Jisoo’s voice is perfect
Bla•nka / Zaleska
Bla•nka / Zaleska Day ago
He forget about Lisa? :(
Beth Christa
Beth Christa Day ago
Has anyone made the comparison between him and the kid off Matilda that had to eat the chocolate cake on stage? They look the same lol
Aynur K
Aynur K Day ago
omg your hair is soo cute i’ m gonna die
Yannic k
Yannic k Day ago
I really like "whistle" by blackpink (also jisoo always was my fave so that reaction was really cool)
The blink Army
The blink Army Day ago
Can't wait for you to react to "don't know what to do" and "hope not" by blackpink
Daniela Castro
Daniela Castro Day ago
React to exhale by kenzie ft sia
Jinny Kim
Jinny Kim Day ago
Love this 7 minutes of Tristan being a Jisoo stan 😂😂
James Patatag
James Patatag Day ago
I love his reaction it went from😬 to😲🥰 XD
Ash G
Ash G Day ago
When Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things grows up.. dope
Regina Arias
Regina Arias Day ago
STRAY KIDS!!!!!!!!! GODS MENU!!!! you wont be disappointed !!!
Mona Hanna
Mona Hanna Day ago
I love how at 1:42 he started to lowkey bop lmaooo he was shook
Laura Kamdem
Laura Kamdem Day ago
Was that a mirror or a whole ass Mac??
Chloe Chow
Chloe Chow Day ago
Intro: Breathes into the mic Me(Who can't even do one): WOW! thats a great intro! I have a yt channel!
Rozina N
Rozina N Day ago
Tristannn!! Try a CURL CREME in your damp hair!
Danielle s
Danielle s Day ago
I love your hair super short:)))))
Flora Liu
Flora Liu Day ago
when he was talking about his hair i honestly thought that he looked like a triangle gimbap 😂
InsTanT Day ago
So we’re not gonna talk about the glow up
iamabeautylover Day ago
As if it’s your last
Sarah Garcia
Sarah Garcia Day ago
FAISALM _Q8 Day ago
Do twice more and more
Mscotchie90 2 days ago
Edna Mode got a perm yall
monika laosi
monika laosi 2 days ago
monika laosi
monika laosi 2 days ago
Why cut clips?
Faiz Hakim
Faiz Hakim 2 days ago
Why did you skip rosé's part...in sour candy too
Ayuma 2 days ago
Please react to Secret Number “Who Dis” 🙏 thank you
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