How to Replace Control Arms and Bushings to Fix a Bouncy Suspension

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9 days ago

Learn how to replace control arms and bushings to fix a car with a bouncy suspension. I show you how to figure out what is causing the bounce (shocks or bushings) and then I show you how to replace the upper and lower trailing arms and install new poly bushings. Then we take the DriftStang to the track and test her out!
How to Replace Struts:
How to Replace Shocks:
How to Install Coilovers:
Tools and Products I used:
Upper and Lower Trailing Arms:
Torque Wrench:
Extendable Ratchet:
Rubber Mallet:
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Junior Ward
Junior Ward 12 hours ago
Where is the hummer I am still waiting
JBHALT JBHALT 12 hours ago
18:00 - 18:05 the rim seems beaten you might need to change it
Sagar Mahey
Sagar Mahey 13 hours ago
hey chris can you make a video on how to maintain matt colour?
Arvin Pilapil
Arvin Pilapil 13 hours ago
i remember this car after 2years old video
Abbey Tomlinson
Abbey Tomlinson 14 hours ago
coils brake "AGH GOD DANGIT" Chrisfix comes "Oh hello can you help me fix me coils?"
Aghyad Hakki
Aghyad Hakki 14 hours ago
chrisfix I always wanted to be a mechanic but i never knew how until i saw your vids please keep up the great work
FBI Agent 1
FBI Agent 1 14 hours ago
Mustang: hey don't be too harsh on fixing me ChrisFix: don't worry im just gonna lightly tap it in Mustang: phew ChrisFix: *grabs sledge hammer* Mustang: da heck?
jonnofan Playz
jonnofan Playz 14 hours ago
jonnofan Playz
jonnofan Playz 14 hours ago
When are you going to install that V8 in the garage 1.24
jonnofan Playz
jonnofan Playz 15 hours ago
I watch him and I'm only ten 😂 Chris thank you for helping me understand cars
Keyler Doñé
Keyler Doñé 15 hours ago
how do you manage to record under the car?
TTV GXD CLAN BOI 16 hours ago
I’m going to buy chrises merch
Chad Riddle
Chad Riddle 16 hours ago
15:22 that’s what she said.
wolf f
wolf f 16 hours ago
man: im going in women: ok... ah! ah! ah! ah!
Tim Hegeman
Tim Hegeman 16 hours ago
Why dont u install a performance exhaust manifold
G.Bhanu Pratap Reddy
G.Bhanu Pratap Reddy 16 hours ago
Hey Chris I have a Chevrolet aveo uva the left rear sensor of abs in India is costing me 70 dollars, can you help me with a generic a most common sensor I can use to replace it at lower cost . Please help me in this with you experience and expertise. Love your videos whatched almost all.
Nichols gunness
Nichols gunness 16 hours ago
0:03 what is that under the tarp
The_Normal_ Username
The_Normal_ Username 17 hours ago
Anyone see the difference in chrisfix`s arm in 17:43 and 18:30
Trevor Byers
Trevor Byers 17 hours ago
Chrisfix I was wonderinh why does Jeep hum when in reverse but not forward gear is that normal?
TheEmanuel 17 hours ago
I own two brand new cars and don't need to do these things yet but I literally watch all these, it's like therapy
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez 17 hours ago
Can you show how to install a cam step by step ?
Adrian Cruz
Adrian Cruz 17 hours ago
If you look at his video he made a year ago were he replace the transmission, you can see he had done this already. Did he wait a year to post this video?
Tyler Chestnut
Tyler Chestnut 18 hours ago
Hey whats the best disposable gloves for working on your car?
Behrad YT
Behrad YT 19 hours ago
You should get a quick release steering wheel!
jay ketrel
jay ketrel 19 hours ago
Subframe connectors!!! Most important sn95 mod
مشــاهيــر العـــرب Celebrities
مشــاهيــر العـــرب Celebrities 19 hours ago
You are awesome in everything👌👍.. Keep it up ♥️
Matthew Garcia
Matthew Garcia 20 hours ago
Those are the most beautiful drifts!!!!!
COASTER NERD 20 hours ago
I’m planning to get a mustang thank you for showing how to get rid of BOUNCE
Nate Parton
Nate Parton 21 hour ago
When is there going to be more drifting vids
HABIBI ALI 21 hour ago
lLuxeryos _SWE
lLuxeryos _SWE 22 hours ago
Hi i hope you can help me i have a volvo 940-1990 that kills The sparkplugs after 3 starts engine is b230fd IF that helps
Nathan Gehl
Nathan Gehl 22 hours ago
Jesus lord. I dont think ive ever seen a car jacked up that high lmao.
J K 23 hours ago
Can You show how to install a turbo
Smoke Stack
Smoke Stack 23 hours ago
had to slap that HMMWV in there huh?
Philip Li
Philip Li 23 hours ago
What is the model of the floor jack? Seems to lift cars to higher than norma heights
Jason Ax
Jason Ax 23 hours ago
Can you find a 2016 Odyssey Minivan and redo the suspension on that? I want to replace mine. It is terrible. Great videos.
Robloxplayer9000 23 hours ago
If chrisfix likes this comment i will literally *breathe air*
Aaron Young
Aaron Young 23 hours ago
Chris can you please do a video on how to fix a squeeky clutch pedal? It's driving me crazy!!
Andy Zeng
Andy Zeng 23 hours ago
Can you do a fix for smelly AC? I've done the spray down with Lysol but it comes back everytime.
Nisse0906 23 hours ago
15:45 . Thats what she said
Kowalzkis Day ago
Pengladiator 35
Pengladiator 35 Day ago
Could you show us the process of line-X ing your truck bed? thanks for considering
YorgunGaming Day ago
Me:Oh my shocks are rusty lets change them! Meanswhile ChrisFix:My shocks are rusty let me install a full bugatti chasis on my car!
sosajon :.
sosajon :. Day ago
Mommy the neighbor is outside talking to himself again
Gorgeous Barney
Gorgeous Barney Day ago
Now only if you had a white racing suit....
FanGirl Day ago
Is this a voice over? The audio is so good
Blue the Wolf
Blue the Wolf Day ago
I jack up my 3/4 ton truck with a 1 ton jack and call it a day after I get under it 😂
Nick Lord
Nick Lord Day ago
Been watching since you started the driftstang build. Congrats on 6 mill man
The American Trooper
The American Trooper Day ago
“Soapy wooder”
PathsOfSage Day ago
Hey Chris have you heard of the mystichrome cobra color. Its worth 35k just for a paint job! Insanity
Tomtrim04 Day ago
Supercharger why not turbo
przemo235 235
przemo235 235 Day ago
Bouncing around, christmass tree...
casper lindén
casper lindén Day ago
please change to a aftermarket steering wheel it helps so much
Xiii Prince
Xiii Prince Day ago
Im late but im ready for the super charger video
Mofoco 1432
Mofoco 1432 Day ago
I don't have a mustang. I don't plan on buying one. I have no interest in drifting either. In fact, I am currently restoring a '70 VW Beetle. I am currently working on the rear of the frame (transmission, trailing arms, bushings, brakes, bearings etc.) Still, I watched this video and picked out some good general information about the importance of installing new bushings and installing them correctly. Thanks Chris.
Mark Ghrayeb
Mark Ghrayeb Day ago
Waiting for the Hummer fixes. like if you agree so chris can see the comment
Cameron Murphy
Cameron Murphy Day ago
have you been doing work on the honda del sol
Did your channel name used to be Paintball007??
M.Dawood Rishi
M.Dawood Rishi Day ago
Bro how to remove tea colour from van carpet Plz bro
donutdoode69 Day ago
When are you supercharging your mustang? I remember you said you were
Abbey Sager
Abbey Sager Day ago
Hey i deleted all my social media so no way to send out message. You ever buy cars off copart to fix up
Tek Legion
Tek Legion Day ago
love the stickers. do you guys sell them as well as shirts?
Davin Hunt
Davin Hunt Day ago
Love the videos keep up the good work have been watching since before 100k subs
Oneil W.
Oneil W. Day ago
Hey chris as always I really appreciate your videos and keep it up. Oh yes I'm wondering if you can do an video on the process on changing gearbox. Meaning changing from automatic transmission to an manual /stick shift transmission. I hear it can be very hard process and just wondering again how would you go about it.
\ /\ /
\ /\ / Day ago
How would you know it the part would fit in the car, and how you know it won’t be off or not the same size
Shadow TheSniper
Shadow TheSniper Day ago
19:24 well we know the next episode
AndyUnicorn387 Day ago
it’s fun
Magee 4069
Magee 4069 Day ago
next video “How to Install a supercharger”
Димитър Желязков
Димитър Желязков Day ago
Chris, very informative video! Once again thank you. But please check the rear wheel because it is bent. You could see it at the 18th minute mark.
Man Day ago
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy Day ago
Aww I love this new intro!
רועי שוחט
רועי שוחט Day ago
when you gonna show us your face??
Therude lad
Therude lad Day ago
Maybe this would help a snap oversteering car like an mr2
Kenan Orellana
Kenan Orellana Day ago
who ever dislikes this vid... I am gonna be mad
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy Day ago
"Lightly tap it" procedes to pund it in with a hammer
Drew Griffie
Drew Griffie Day ago
Hey guys Chrisfix here today we will be building a rocket for NASA with only common handtools
JC Super
JC Super Day ago
when is the supercharger or turbo coming?
BWFL NZ Day ago
I really love the camera angles u can see everything you are doing.
Sefaw GT
Sefaw GT Day ago
You should make some drift videos next
Eddie Bonilla
Eddie Bonilla Day ago
Turbos are meant for imports, supers are for American cars.
ALLGames&Tech Day ago
You should fully paint the bottom of the car!
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