MARINA - Man's World (Official Music Video)

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5 days ago

MARINA - Man's World (Official Music Video)
"Man's World", available now! Download/stream:
Written by MARINA
Directed by Alexandra Gavillet
Creative Direction & Story by MARINA
Song Produced by Jennifer Decilveo, Co-Produced by MARINA
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Paramore Parks
Paramore Parks Minute ago
I stand with you... beautiful soul.
Yegra 2 minutes ago
This is so pleasing to my eyes wow
Yeison Agudelo
Yeison Agudelo 5 minutes ago
why aren't the lyrics on apple musicccc
Keks Platte
Keks Platte 6 minutes ago
sry i dont like it
Flor 6 minutes ago
This has a lot of Froot/TFJ vibes on music the video is more of L+F vibes And lyrics are kind EH
Emily T
Emily T 14 minutes ago
Reppin for Ireland, I love her voice and her lyrics are always so poignant. Fucking love her.
Hannah Sophia Pokorny
Hannah Sophia Pokorny 18 minutes ago
So beautiful
Juan Chirinos
Juan Chirinos 21 minute ago
Esto esta MUY NICE OK
༺ eva ༻
༺ eva ༻ 23 minutes ago
0:44 FROOT
Robert Nester
Robert Nester 26 minutes ago
Marina deserve must atention this Song is amazing
G. Allen
G. Allen 49 minutes ago
marina is a humble queen with her iphone 11 LEGENDS ONLY
Katerine Ermishova
Katerine Ermishova 53 minutes ago
This song is everything! So powerful!
Stella Maria Hole Klyve
Stella Maria Hole Klyve 57 minutes ago
We really wanted you to write a feminist anthem
Juliette Verdier
Juliette Verdier Hour ago
this is beautiful
Natalia Hour ago
@ Polish government
Jam Life
Jam Life Hour ago
Beautiful voice
Laura Bratisax
Laura Bratisax Hour ago
Captain Man Of Emmerdale
Captain Man Of Emmerdale Hour ago
Marina doesn’t want to live in a Man’s World anymore... That’s why she moved to the Moon 😁
lisafx Hour ago
"Don't underestimate the making of life, the planet has a funny way of stopping a fight"…talk about a wake up call these days… That spark of life, from Mother Nature to Woman...self awareness! Wow, Marina ❤️️ ...thank you for making great pop music with a message!
Raul Victor
Raul Victor Hour ago
Me arrepiei tanto q achei q minha pele fosse rasgar 💜
miloradvlaovic Hour ago
2020: And now I'm gonna end you all without a single good thing in this year. ATTAAAAACK!!!! (•̀ᴗ•́ )و ̑̑ Marina: [looking smug and confident] Is that so? Reveal trap; Mirror force!!! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Louis de rul
Louis de rul Hour ago
Guess you did write a feminist anthem in the end 💕 love it so much
Mood Ring
Mood Ring Hour ago
Carolina A.
Carolina A. Hour ago
Hugo DaFe
Hugo DaFe 2 hours ago
Já ouvi ess música umas 300 vezes e vou ouvir mais 300
Natalany 2 hours ago
I am listening to this song for the entire day on repeat and I cannot stop! Everything about it is so beautiful, so sincere. I literally have goosebumps from the lyrics and the voice!
Nora Ristic
Nora Ristic 2 hours ago
Tati Mejia
Tati Mejia 2 hours ago
this needs to go viral now!
Zoe Gregory
Zoe Gregory 2 hours ago
Take me back to Seattle 19 😭 best concert ever. And I love how she's embracing her beautiful silver hair
Patrick Parmesan
Patrick Parmesan 2 hours ago
These Legs...stunningly beautiful! She is lively, cultural, SAFE and very varied.
Isabelle Curran
Isabelle Curran 2 hours ago
I saw her live in 2015 for a FROOT stage, times were so simple back then
Weißtag Vanessa
Weißtag Vanessa 2 hours ago
Queen 👑
Gustavo Da Silva
Gustavo Da Silva 2 hours ago
Arkeyah 3 hours ago
This reminds me of "Sleeping beauties" by Stephen King ! I picture the women to be like that in the book
Enzo Sosa
Enzo Sosa 3 hours ago
I support this feminist anthem ❤️
kdlel kdlelf
kdlel kdlelf 3 hours ago
The music, the meanig of it, everything 'bout her is stunning
Cecilia Gonzalez
Cecilia Gonzalez 3 hours ago
The vibes are inmaculated
Magdalicious 3 hours ago
fucking iconic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stephen Drysdale
Stephen Drysdale 3 hours ago
A Stereophonic Tonic
ChomChomちよみ 3 hours ago
Omg i love her, the lyrics is sooo great that makes me sad for not being able to choose our gender before we born ;--;
•Mar. Sea•
•Mar. Sea• 3 hours ago
What a goddess!! Marina always proving that she is the best singer of the Earth 👁️👄👁️👌 ¿Can someone explain me what does it mean from the Minute 0:55 until the minute 1:13 ? Please, if someone know what does she mean in that part, explain me uvu
Ikaro Xavier
Ikaro Xavier 3 hours ago
Such a Nice song, good job!
Vlad Temes
Vlad Temes 3 hours ago
She already got me on “I don’t wanna live”
Stephanie Davis
Stephanie Davis 4 hours ago
FYI cloth mask do not prevent you from spreading or getting covid19. only a N95 mask and goggles that completely cover your eyes will prevent contagion... follow the science.
RAER 4 hours ago
I like James Brown version more but this slaps too.
Murillo Félix
Murillo Félix 4 hours ago
Marina save me again !
Wow Poops
Wow Poops 4 hours ago
there are so many songs that were released this year and this one is my favorite.
cosmic trail
cosmic trail 4 hours ago
Just Luis
Just Luis 4 hours ago
I will never forgive the world for letting this masterpiece flop, it’s awesome, extraordinary, beautiful.
Eve 4 hours ago
Todo bien menos el maquillaje de Marina D: por queeeeee
Ευφροσύνη Αλ Γιούσεφ
Ευφροσύνη Αλ Γιούσεφ 4 hours ago
olivia menin
olivia menin 4 hours ago
i see no lie
Nicole Christine Fuentealba
Nicole Christine Fuentealba 4 hours ago
En Venezuela a esta canción se le diría que es ARRECHISIMA!!!
Hi Carllos
Hi Carllos 4 hours ago
Tommaso Bailo
Tommaso Bailo 4 hours ago
Marina is not a Greek god, she is THE Greek God.
mel m
mel m 4 hours ago
whyyyy am i crying
Angelus Rufus
Angelus Rufus 4 hours ago
Hmmm... so now being a man is a problem? Not being a greedy boss and politician?
WhatIS Love?
WhatIS Love? 4 hours ago
Remember kids, Nancy Pelosi, Bettsy Devos, and Amy Coney Barret, and Candace Owens don't exist. it's a man's world remember.
Leonardo Bonamigo
Leonardo Bonamigo 4 hours ago
Sounds like froot vibes
Biaki Chhakchhuak
Biaki Chhakchhuak 4 hours ago
Marina is a beautiful greek goddess.
iago miranda
iago miranda 5 hours ago
amei o comercial da riachuelo
Abdullah Gaga
Abdullah Gaga 5 hours ago
The verse & story about gay men really made me sad 💔 we live in monstrous world
Zachary Hosein
Zachary Hosein 5 hours ago
abdullah OS
abdullah OS 5 hours ago
Even though i mostly disagree with a lot of what she stands for, but i have to say she is a class lyricist.
Italo Anatércio
Italo Anatércio 5 hours ago
I don't wanna live in a man's world anymore
Italo Anatércio
Italo Anatércio 5 hours ago
Razzy B
Razzy B 5 hours ago
Marina proves that God is a woman!!!!
ollivier luc
ollivier luc 5 hours ago
pourquoi le son est en mono?
Joao Victor Cairo
Joao Victor Cairo 6 hours ago
krl ela serviu aos Deuses nessa
Nicole Gusmão Paiva
Nicole Gusmão Paiva 6 hours ago
The melody of this chorus but mainly the post chorus is one of the BEST things of my 2020
Thunder Shot
Thunder Shot 6 hours ago
She's back 😍 🙌 ❤
Patrick van Steijn
Patrick van Steijn 6 hours ago
I think she dont like men.. :-/
Yohany Montenegro Muñoz
Yohany Montenegro Muñoz 4 hours ago
Who likes men today? xDD
Soda Cushion
Soda Cushion 6 hours ago
I think Patrick has poor comprehension...
L T 6 hours ago
The makeup in this is so cool!
Megan 6 hours ago
ethereal as ever
Wombat Chelsea
Wombat Chelsea 6 hours ago
So Sultan is with Donald powerful people are cleaning that swamp
Wombat Chelsea
Wombat Chelsea 6 hours ago
Top song 2020,hassanal-bolkiah-sultan-brunei-wprowadzil-kamienowanie-homoseksualistow# and lot more in this video
Briannajadexo 6 hours ago
Ive never heard of her until this. She’s fucking amazing. I especially love the beginning.
Vincent Escolano
Vincent Escolano 6 hours ago
She is an amazing artist check out all her other music she's been on the scene since 2008
Filipinophile 7 hours ago
This is the first time I've heard a song from Marina, and good gods I love it! Recommending her to my Filipino friends back home.
Vincent Escolano
Vincent Escolano 5 hours ago
She is an amazing artist check out all her other music she's been on the scene since 2008 :)
nonono nonono
nonono nonono 7 hours ago
Jacob Sed
Jacob Sed 7 hours ago
I’m kind of dissatisfied with the lyrics. I understand what she’s trying to say but ‘mother nature’s dying, nobody’s keeping score, I don’t want to live in a mans world anymore’. So is it all men’s fault for the worlds problems? But this is just a ‘blame all men’ song? Female homophobes do exist. Females blamed other females for being witches. If she had a verse or even a line talking about the male allies or something then that would’ve been cool. This is just saying ‘all men are bad’. I loved Taylor Swift’s ‘The Man’ a lot. I think she did a good job of talking about the specific type of men in the industry and the double standards that occur.
Jacob Sed
Jacob Sed 7 hours ago
This is kind of awkward since she made a song with the lines ‘I’m gonna be a bubblegum bword’
Jacob Sed
Jacob Sed 4 hours ago
@denisa dinu so, it’s still perpetuating that it’s okay to call a women that 😌
denisa dinu
denisa dinu 5 hours ago
yes, that was on the electra heart album. she explained several times that electra heart was a fictional character, so it wasn't actually Marina saying that lmao
Natalie Harrison
Natalie Harrison 7 hours ago
Rui Caridade
Rui Caridade 7 hours ago
Fom a Christian (referring the witch part) perspective this shoudn't be a "man's world". Mary was a human who carried the child of god and for that is celebrated, and has appeared to young kids, young girls. We shouldn't be having this sort of arguments in this day and age but violence keeps winning over love and respect.
Iced coffee
Iced coffee 4 hours ago
Just a Christian female chiming in here to say I appreciate what you’ve added. The song hits a string in me (I think due to the innate femininity) that brings a lot of emotions. But in all, the lyrics make me feel so sad how women view men and men view women. Even though it’s not a blanket statement, it has become cloaked per se in general public opinion. I just wish men would come to find their love for the woman and the woman would come to find their adoration for the man again. I think 1 Peter 5:9 suits me in this.
Saba Mahdavi
Saba Mahdavi 7 hours ago
Love you Marina
Alfredo Norambuena
Alfredo Norambuena 8 hours ago
Voice magic! 😚💗
guy gavriel
guy gavriel 8 hours ago
I dont really like the corus
Frimann 8 hours ago
This is great!
Mirella Mirla
Mirella Mirla 8 hours ago
Bom dia diamantes STREAM MANS WORLDS
Olga S.
Olga S. 9 hours ago
while her new songs are quite catchy and meaningful, the videos have become quite lazy and boring ... overall voice, music and lyrics used to be more interesting/personal/unique ... but that goes for every artist ever I guess
Kris Does Art
Kris Does Art 9 hours ago
I swear she had never made a bad song
Oded Bratt
Oded Bratt 9 hours ago
I thank my Spotify recommendations for introducing Marina to me, of all places while I was traveling in Greece
Vincent Escolano
Vincent Escolano 7 hours ago
Check out all her work if you haven't already!
Luccas Galliano Bernini
Luccas Galliano Bernini 9 hours ago
Marina, Brazil loves you 🧡
Luccas Galliano Bernini
Luccas Galliano Bernini 9 hours ago
You should take my soul for yourself, then you could live more
Luccas Galliano Bernini
Luccas Galliano Bernini 9 hours ago
Great art
Luccas Galliano Bernini
Luccas Galliano Bernini 9 hours ago
Love you MARINA
Liv 9 hours ago
Missed you queen👏🏼💗
xXmlgamingXx 9 hours ago
1.3 million views in 4 days? Is marina finally getting the acclaim she so truly deserves?!
Alessandro Baroli
Alessandro Baroli 9 hours ago
for me, a femminine gay boy, this song is a national anthem
OMP 9 hours ago
I think the Brussels bureaucratic, social-democratic, technocratic, dictatorship will approve this song, good job sister, future will come, and Trump can NOT stop it, in 22 century all countries will be like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, you know what I mean, future is coming!
Sbro Castil
Sbro Castil 9 hours ago
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